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My Wife Fucks Old Classmates

Another great wife turned slut story.


My wife Debbie had received a invitation to her high school reunion,it was held in a small town in Florida. We thought it would be fun to see how well her old class mates were doing. The reunion went pretty well ,former class mates reliving old times . I watched Debbie geting ready to attend the reunion,she wore a short black body clinging dress, black stockings and heels black panties, garter belt and bra, Her redhair had been freshly styled.

She looked very ravishing Debbie was by far the best dressed and best looking woman there. Debbie was aproached by a well dressed black man he had a broad smile, Rember me he asked? Debbie replyed I shure do,They hugged each other tightly,his name was Terry,,Debbie and Terry talked about their senior year,recaling the senior prom.soon a nother black guy aproached and asked if he could join in , Debbie Told Terry it was ok to talk about the prom .

After the prom several had went to a lake to a beer party.Debbie and Terry had gone to Terrys car the started making out both were nacked in the back seat of the car . Terry recalled how he had enjoyed seeing her tits and redhaired pussy. he had his big black cock about half way up her cunt when some one shined a flash light through the car window it was a deputy sheriff.he made the get dressed and he took them to the sheriff's office where Debbie's parants were told about what hapened.she wasnt alowed to go out until after she graduated.

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After every thing was over Debbie envited Terry and Jeff to our motel room to talk more about their school days. Debbie took off her dress and put on a neglegee, I went to retreave a twelve pack of beer .we were relaxed. Debbie told Terry she was sorry that they diden't get to finish what they had started. Terry was surprised when I suggested a foursome. Bebbie took off her neglegee and panties and lay back on the bed .she said come on Terry lets finish it.

Terry had a pretty big cock. He fingured her pussy ,saying let me check this bootie out oh yes baby you have a nice pussy, now I am going to do something I have wanted to do every since we were just in grade school, He mounted her ,guiding his cock through her red pussy hair to the opening to her cuntI slowely worked the head inside of her cunt then with a hard thrust he was in her balls deep, his toes dug in to the sheets as he tryed to get his cock even farther up her cunt. they fucked furiusly while Jeff and I watched slowely stroking our cocks

Terry slamed into her hard making her groan as his black balls smacked against her brown ass hole Terry fucked her three times before Jeff feed her cunt nine inches of his thick black cock, they took turns fucking her hot cunt, Finaly Debbie said she was all fucked out, but Terry wanted it one more time .When he pulled his cock out the last time it left her with a gaping cunt and she was totaly exhausted. The next day Debbie said her pubic mound was sore and bruise from being slammed in to so hard her pussy was all swollen and a firey red from being fucked so hard I had been busey taking photos . I have shared the with others . I enjoy letting others see my wifes pussy


sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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group sex gangbanging sex stories


sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.