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"by Joe the Cuckold"

I am out one friday night with friends, we are in a dark hotel bar

with a live band and a dance floor.  There are several couples

dancing on the poorly lit floor.  I see you and your wife are one of

them.  I intently watch you dance with her, a stirring begins in my

loins.  Cindy is lovely.  She is wearing a simple sleeveless crepe

dress, black, form fitting with wide white satin lapels framing a

nice view of the swell of her breasts.  She has a single strand of

pearls around her neck and matching pearl ear studs.  Her wedding

rings glow in the dim light.  I am attracted to her.  I want her.  I

know you are her husband, but I think what the fuck?

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I make my way through the couples, watching you both. I come up from behind you, my eyes meet Cindy's, I smile. Questioningly, she smiles back. I tap you on the shoulder, "cutting in." You look at me then to Cindy then back to me. You see I am an older gent, salt and pepper hair but with gleaming blue eyes. You hand your wife over to me saying, "ok, be my guest." I take your wife in my arms and dance off with her, she looks at you with disbelief and at me with uncertainty. I hold Cindy close but not too close. We dance, I introduce myself. I tell her I was struck by her exceptional beauty and out of character for me I just had to dance with her. The music ends and I lead your wife to the edge of the dance floor where you are waiting. I give Cindy back to you thanking you for the dance. I kiss her hand saying, "thank you dear lady, you have made my day." For the next hour you and your wife drink and dance, I watch from my seat at the bar. From time to time I again cut in to dance with Cindy. The third time I cut in she smiles but not with uncertainty. Again I hold her close, each dance closer than the one before. I compliment her on her beauty, on her skillful dancing, telling her you are a lucky man to have such a lovely sexy wife. She blushes but smiles and rests her head on my shoulder, her ear by my lips. You cannot hear but you see me whispering in her ear. Her head snaps back, she looks me in the face, then looks over at you, laughs softly then smiles at me. You wonder what did I just say to her? When a slow song starts up Cindy seeks me out at the bar and asks me to dance. We dance and laugh. You watch us from your table wondering what your wife is doing? After the fifth dance Cindy leads me back to your table and she tells you that she has invited me to join and sit with you both. She introduces us. We shake hands. I smile. You don't. I order a round of drinks. The fifth for Cindy. We chat about generalities, and laugh at jokes and anecdotes from our lives. We dance again, "You don't mind old man do you if I dance with your wife?" On the floor I hold Cindy very close, her body conforms to mine. We dance sensuously, my hands move over her body, you can barely make out what I am doing, but you know your wife isn't objecting. I whisper in her ear, she tilts her head back, I kiss her lips. Several times. When we return Cindy sits next to me, I put my arm around her shoulders. She smiles at you. You are uneasy, not knowing what is going on, but you find you are turned on by what ever it is. Your cock is hard in your trousers. You think to yourself, what is Cindy doing with this guy? Why is she letting him come on to her and why is she responding, kissing him? Surely she can't be thinking of.....? Without warning, Cindy leans over to me, kisses my mouth, her tongue darting in for a second. She looks at you and smiles seeing the look of bewilderment upon your face. "Yes darling," she inquires? You see her with an odd look in her eyes. One you'd never seen before. Cindy says she is cold and asks you to go to the car for her wrap. You look at us with uncertainty in your eyes. The room doesn't feel cold or even cool to you. You say ok, but still sit there. Cindy says, "Don! Please get my wrap." You leave and look back frrm the door. You see me kissing your wife again and her arm is around my neck. Its cold at the car and you hurry back into the hotel bar and to your table. We are gone. You look for us on the dance floor. Not there either. Fear grabs your heart. Your mind races, where are they, what is going on? You ask the waitress, the bartender. Neither saw us leave. You wander into the lobby, see the main desk. On a hunch you ask if Mr. CJ B_______ is registered here. The night clerk says I am and asks if you are Mr. Don Baker? You admit you are, he gives you an envelope with your name on it. The inside message, written in Cindy's hand, days, "Darling, I have a surprise for you in room 1369." You inquire where 1369 is, the clerk directs you. You hurry to the elevator and take it to the 3rd floor, rushing down the hall you find the room. Stopping to catch your breath you listen next to the door. No sounds come from the room. You check the note....1369. You have no key. You try the door. It opens to your hand. You enter and find us sitting on the couch. My arm is around your wife's shoulders, her hand is resting on my upper thigh, we are holding champagne glasses in our hands, and laughing easily at some private joke. "Oh hi darling," Cindy says, "Thank you for getting my wrap. But I dont need it now. CJ brought me here to warm up." You are exasperated. You blurt out, "Just what the hell is going on?" We both laugh and Cindy says, "Fantasy fulfilment Darling." Your wife continues, "You know what we ALWAYS talk about while we are making love? Well, tonight its not going to be a fantasy." Cindy gets up and leads you to a chair facing the bed which you notice is turned down. "Sit here darling. Be still and watch, like in your fantasy." You are bewildered, but remember what she is referring to..."but" you start to say. "Be still darling," she says. With you in the chair and me on the couch, Cindy moves near the bed. With no sense of embarassment she nonchantly removes her dress, revealing a black lace bra and black lace panties and garter belt. She is stunning in her near nudity. She faces you and removes her bra, her breasts falling free. You look over at me, to find me gazing at your wife's lovely naked tits. I am smiling. You feel your cock hard in your trousers. You are thinking "My God! My wife is stripping for him. Is she really going to do this?" Cindy smiles at you then sits on the bed and slowly sensuously removes her shoes and nylons. Standing up she takes off the garter belt, then quickly removes her black lace panties, but puts her highheels back on. You are in awe, your wife has now stripped totally naked before us. I wolf whistle. This is the very first time since you married Cindy that anyone other than you has seen your wife naked. Your cock is now rock hard, bulging in your trousers. Your ! wife walks over to you, leans over, her breasts hang down and she kisses you. "This is for you my darling." Cindy Gets Even - Part 2 You stutter, "f..f..for me?" Cindy smiles and says, "yes, for you darling and because of you." You immediately turn red knowing and remembering why you and she separated for a while. Your wife smiles again at your embarassment, she looks over at me then back at you. She sweetly says, "this may be YOUR fantasy, but you cheated on me with Monica and now this is where I get even Don." You note the emphasis in her voice on the words YOUR and I. You stare at her in disbelief, your mind recoils at her words, but you know your wife of 9 years. You know she means what she says. Even though you have fantasized, even verbalized it with her while making love to your wife about just this very thing, you thought it was her fantasy too. Never in your wildest dreams did you ever think it would be anything more than a fantasy. Now, slowly understanding, you know it wasn't her fantasy too, only yours and yours alone. AND to make things worse, Cindy knows of your liasons with Monica. ! You thought you had covered your tracks but Cindy Knows! A Gordian sized knot forms in the pit of your stomach, your eyes blur with tears. You belatedly and to your intense dismay realize it was ONLY a fantasy. You don't want her to go through with it. You try to speak but your voice only croaks... "Cindy, p..p.. please ..d..d..dont.. p..please..." Your wife shushes you, "Don, sit here, watch, be still and it ends in this room. Otherwise....." her voice trails off with the implied threat of further infidelity. Looking into Cindy's face you see reflected in her eyes the seriousness of her intent. Defeated, you fall back in the chair, resigned to the fact your wife is going to make you witness your own cuckolding. Cindy smiles at the defeat in your eyes, kisses you once more and pats you lightly on the cheek. "That's a good boy," she says. The tears in your eyes blur your vison, you can hardly make out the details of her face, but you see a look of satisfaction, which un-nerves you even more. You watch with trepidation as Cindy brazenly in her nakedness walks over to me on the couch. She stands before me, my lustful gaze taking in the delectable view before me. "Like what you see?" she huskily asks. "Very much." Nodding toward you I ask, "sure he won't mind?" Your wife looks over her shoulder at you and then she smiles and says, "like it or not, he won't be a problem." Cindy stands on her tip toes and kisses me softly and taking my hand she leads me to the bed. As we pass your chair, we both look at you. Your eyes plead with us to stop. You start to say something but a stern look from Cindy cuts it off in your throat. She laughs softly. You wipe the tears from your eyes. By the bed Cindy slowy unbuttons my shirt, then slips it off, throwing it on the couch. Your wife, taking hold of my belt, unfastens and unzips my trousers. Stepping out of them, I take your naked wife in my arms, drawing her to me I kiss her deeply, passionately. My hands explore your wife's body, roving from her back onto her ass, and thighs, up to her head though her hair and onto her shoulders. Breaking the clinch for air, we gasp for breath, our bodies move apart. My hard cock slips through the fly of my silk boxers the head brushing against your wife's belly. Cindy looks down and sees my erection, a smile forms on her lips. She looks over at you still smiling. From where you sit you cannot see clearly but you can tell her hand grasps my manhood and strokes it lovingly. Your jealousy is raging, the tears well up in your eyes again. Placing my hands on the sides of Cindy's breasts I run my thumbs over her hardening nipples. She lifts her head back exposing her neck to me. I kiss her throat, working around ot her ears. Your wife turns in my arms til she has her back to me. My hands glide over her torso coming to rest upon her firm breasts. My huge hands cover them completely. You see my fingers gently squeezing the whole of Cindy's breasts, her head tilted back rests on my shoulder, my lips nibble on her ear, my tongue flicking in the canal. "MMmmm," your wife moans softly. With nimble fingers I pinch and manipulate her nipples, pulling on them til her whole breast is conical. Cindy opens her eyes and looks at you, "Don, look at CJ's hands on my breasts. Doesn't he play with them so hotly? Is this the way you played with Monica's tits?" Cindy laughs softly, "no?" You look at me and I impassively look back. "I love the way CJ feels up my tits. LOOK AT HIM DON! See CJ playing with your wife's! tits?" Your wife smiles almost vindictively at you. You wilt under her gaze. You look away to get the vision out of your sight but you inexorably look again. Turning toward me again Cindy kneels before me and pulls my silkies off, taking my shoes and socks with them. Your wife turns me toward you and for the first time you clearly see my cock jutting out proudly before me. Your wife speaking in a condescending tone says, "Don, look at CJ's cock. Isn't it lovely? See how big it is? Its so much bigger than yours isn't it darling? So long and so thick. Can you imagine this huge monster in me darling? Look at the head, my its large." As your wife was talking you watched her stroking my shaft, slowly running her hand up and down its length, her small hand just able to wrap around its girth, her other hand fondling and manipulating my nut sack. A sickly look comes over your face, knowing what was sure to be next. I placed my hand on Cindy's head, stroking her hair and smiling at her, then at you. Our eyes locked. Yours begged me not to..... Mine blazed with desire for your wife. Your wife coos sweetly, "Don darling, did Monica suck your prick? Did she want to take your dick into her mouth as much as I want to take CJ's Cock into mine?" Cindy's eyes were focused on my cock just inches from her face, her mouth slowly opened, as her hand pumped me, her tongue poked from between her teeth, licking her lips. The look on your wife's face was trance like, kind of like a small bird frozen before a cobra. A pin dropping in the room could be heard in the silence as your wife masturbated my cock for my excitement, her pleasure and your torment. Suck it, baby," I murmurmed, breaking the silence. Cindy's mouth opened wide, she leaned forward slowly, the reddish purple of the head disappearing into her mouth. Taking a few inches she closed her lips around the cockhead. You could see her mouth working on my cock, her hands still fondling my balls and stroking the shaft. I moaned softly, "mmmmmmm. That's it baby, suck me." Cindy took more of me into her mouth then bobbed her head back and forth along the shaft taking all she could deep into her throat until her gag reflex forced her to stop. Licking and sucking she swirled her tongue around my cock, scraping her teeth around the underside of the cockhead. Slurping and sliding her mouth along my manhood she coated it with her saliva. Sounds of obvious pleasure emanated from Cindy's throat, muffled by my cock in her mouth. Your gut wrenched seeing your wife sucking my cock and taking unmistakeable delight from it. Your mind was shouting NO! Your hands gripped the padded arms of the easy chair, you leaned forward in your concentration. "Jesus," I cried, "Don, your wife is one helluva cocksucker. Did you know that?" You cringed at my calling your wife a cocksucker. But you could feel the stiffness of your hard cock pressing against your belly. You wondered at the paradox of your hardon and the tears in your eyes as you watched Cindy sucking my blood engorged cock, getting her face fucked before you. "Oh God, Don, I love CJ's cock," Cindy groaned loudly, "his cock tastes so good, much better than yours. Your eyes take in your wife rubbing my cock over her face, along her rosy cheeks up beside her nose and over her forehead, down by her ear and back to her lips. You close your eyes but they are forced open by your unreasonable desire to see your wife making a slut of herself. Cindy closely inspects my rock hard manhood and cheerfully declares, "its hard enough now!" Standing, Cindy backs onto the bed, working herself into the center. She lays on her back, propping her head up with a large pillow. Spreading her legs wide she presents to us an unobstructed view of her shaven pussy, the lips reddening with engorging blood, the clit poking out slightly from under its hood. Her breasts flatten somewhat but her nipples jut upward like pillars. Cindy is a vision of loveliness, her lush tanned body in the soft light is that of a wife and mother, not the slut she is making herself out to be. The love you have for your wife makes you smile at her not out of lust but out of pride for the woman you married. Cindy returns your smile with a hot lustful look in her eyes as well as a hard vengeful look that makes your heart freeze as if an icy hand had grabbed it. You know she is going to let me fuck her. You realize there is nothing in the world you can really do to prevent it. Even if you were to bodily drag her away right now, you know she would only do it behind your back with me or someone else. Understanding this your eyes flow with tears, but you can feel the hardness of your cock in your pants. Cindy, your wife of 9 years, the mother of your son and daughter, is going to get Fucked! Cindy Gets Even - Part 3 "God, Cindy you're a hot piece," I spit out. "I'm going to love fucking you." My cock is standing rock hard at attention, as I move onto the bed, "get between my legs but make sure Don can see," your wife murmurs softly. We arrange ourselves so your view is unobstructed. Cindy wants you to see what is going to happen. Then she begins stroking my cock as I kneel between her wide spread thighs. "Don, look at CJ's cock. He is hard in anticipation of fucking me. See the precum glisten on its head? I want his cock darling. I want his cock deep in my pussy. The pussy you fuck Don." You watch your wife stroking my cock as she talks to you. Her small hands glide up and down its length, caressing it making it grow even longer and harder. I lean forward and kiss your wife passionately. "I want to fuck you Cindy," I tell her. I say it softly but loud enough for you to hear. I want you to hear me talking dirty to your wife. "I want to fuck you and cum in you Cindy. You'd like me to cum in you wouldn't you?" Your wife nods her head and whispers, barely audible, "Yes, I want you to cum in me." "Don darling CJ is going to fuck me and cum in my pussy. Isn't that nice dear?" Cindy then looks directly at you and in a soft cooing voice tells you, " I want you to ask CJ to fuck me Don. Very politely ask CJ to fuck your wife." You can't believe your ears. Your wife is actually asking you to beg me to fuck her, your wife! Sternly, Cindy barks out, "DO IT, Don!" You shake your head not trusting your voice, but Cindy's stern look makes you start to comply with her demand. You try to talk her out of it but your arguments don't sway her. Finally she says, "if you don't do it now Don, then this is only the beginning." Realizing she is intent on humiliating you, you clear your throat, and in a quiet tone, ask me, "CJ, I..I want..I want you to fu...fuck my wife Cindy. Please." I nod my head then say, "thanks Don. I intend to fuck Cindy. I am going to fuck your wife and make her squeal." Positioning my cock at her slit I slide the head up and down her soft wet shining twat. Her wetness has coated her labia and the insides of her shimmering thighs. Cindy moans, "OH CJ, don't tease me, give it to me. Fuck me for my husband." Not wanting to disappoint your wife, I thrust my hips forward and my cock slides easily into her cunt. As the head of my manhood penetrates your wife, she turns her head and looks at you. Your eyes lock and smiling she murmurs, "OH. Oh, yes. Mmmmm, that's it, CJ." You cringed as you saw my cock invade your wifes cunt and bury itself to the hilt. You thought, "My God she's done it! I didn't think she would but she's done it!" Cindy sees your shoulders hunching and the brightness in her eyes is like diamonds. I steadily thrust in and out in long slow strokes, taking my time giving full attention to your wife's tightness around my blood filled shaft. You try not to look at my cock fucking Cindy and try valiantly to maintain your eyes locked on hers. Try as you will, your eyes waiver, sneaking looks at my manly spear impaling your cheating wife's pussy, the lips grabbing my shaft, caressing it on its downward travel and again on its return outward. Cindy sees the pain in your eyes as you watch me fuck your wife. She smiles, then says "Don, darling. Do you see CJ's cock in me? Do you see CJ's cock fucking me Don?" You fear to speak, not trusting your voice, you merely nod. You ache, your pain is real. Your wife is being fucked and she is forcing you to witness it, to participate if you will in your own cuckolding. It is monstrous or would be but for the raging hardon you feel in your trousers. You grab yourself and are amazed to find your cock is as hard as its ever been. You are torn by the thoughts that race through your brain. They are in conflict. You are in pain seeing me fuck your wife. But simultaneously you are turned on by her adulterous act. Your humongous erection is undeniable proof of your arousal. Cindy's voice rings out, "fuck me CJ, pound that cock into me," bringing you back from your thoughts, your eyes have been seeing but you were lost in the thoughts of betrayal and arousal. Now you realize I am furiously fucking your wife. My cock is ramming in and out of Cindy's pussy with a rapidity beyond your belief. Your wife's legs with her feet in her black highheels are raised straight up and spread wide. I am laying on your wife, her naked tits pressing against my bare chest, her hardened nipples poking erotically into my skin, my knees locked close up under the back of your wife's thighs, and my cock thrusting like a jack hammer straight down into your wife's wet willing wifely cunt. Cindy's pleas ring in your ears, "give it to me CJ. Fuck me. Show Don how his wife can cheat and fuck and whore, just like Monica!" You hear but disbelief is your thought. Only your eyes prove your disbelief is false. Your wife is whoring for me. She is fucking me, and she is loving! it. "Jesus, I love your cock CJ, its so much bigger and goes so much deeper than Don's. Fuck me CJ. Give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me." You hear your wife's dirty language and it turns you on like you couldn't believe. Part of your mind recoils in her self debasement but another part is loving it. Your cock is still rock hard and you squeeze yourself tightly. You fight the urge but it is building as you witness your loving wife being fucked wildly and wantonly. As I fuck your wife I tell her what a great piece of ass she is and how much I like fucking her and having you, her husband, watch me fucking his wife. Your humiliation builds when you hear her tell me, "I have dreamed of making my husband see me fucking another man. I love having Don see you fuck me CJ. Fuck me harder CJ. Fuck me." You can't take it any longer, your blood is boiling, in a rage you jump up and run over by the bed. screaming, you yell, "Yes fuck her CJ. Fuck my wife. Fuck her cheating cunt. Ram your huge cock deep in my wife. Fuck her silly, fuck her CJ. Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her! FUCK HER!" Spent you fall to your knees and rest your head on the bed by your wife. You feel her hand wrap around the back of your head and lovingly caress you. For what seems hours you feel the bed violently shaking as I fuck your wife. You look up and see my cock ramming with fury into her cunt, the juices from her pussy shining on my shaft, my large balls slapping against your wife's ass. Then you see my nut sack tighten and you know I am cumming in her. I am spewing my seed in your wife. You know Cindy is receiving my sperm in her cunt. You see Cindy's hands grab my ass and pull me into her cunt holding me tight to her as my cum, jism, semen and sperm is deposited deep in her womb. Cindy moans softly, "yes my lover, fill me with your seed. Give me your baby CJ. Impregnate me." Cindy and I lay together exhausted in our coupling, our sweat soaked bodies intertwined, her legs wrapped around mine, my arms up under hers, cradling her head in my hands, my lips kissing your wife softly. Cindy looks at you and smiles and says triumphantly, "Don, I know this has hurt you but I was hurt too. Monica is a slut and I couldn't live with the knowledge you had fucked her and I let you get away with it. I've had my revenge. We're even now. This is the end of it as far as I am concerned." You hear her but do not believe your wife. "C.C...Cindy," you gulp and swallow. "I know you wanted to get even. I can even understand it. But you, you let him fuck you unprotected. He might have...might have gotten you pregnant. Your wife looks you in the eyes and sweetly smiles, "why do you think this happened tonight darling? Don, I planned this. If it wasn't CJ it would have been someone else. I told you when I found out about you and that slut. I told you you would pay for fucking Monica. Now Don you will pay and for a long long time." You remember to earlier in the evening at home when you were getting dressed to go out. Cindy told you it was her prime time of the month, she was ovulating tonight. Cindy has been fucked. My seed has been planted in her fertile womb. Now your humiliation is complete. She has made you a cuckold in the most flagrant way. No test in the world could prove it at this point, but you know. Deep in your heart you know. Cindy is pregnant with my baby! The End....?
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