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Church Wife

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I am a 34 year old wife of a sexual prude! Although it is my fault and I can blame no body but myself. We have been married 13 years and amazingly have 2 children. My husband's father is a minister in our local Methodist church. My husband is a Lay lead in the church. His ideals were formed a lot different than mine. When I stop and think back of the difference between his child hood and mine, its a wonder we even hit it off to begin with.

I am 5'7" 124 Lbs. Auburn hair and blue eyes. My breasts are proportionate to my body at 34C. I have been told by many that my legs are the most shapely they have ever seen. That compliment of course has never come from my husband. We dated for almost 18 months before marriage. He did not believe in intercourse before marriage, so some light petting and occasional mutual masturbation was all he offered until our wedding night. Then from then on if it wasn't the missionary position it way laying on our sides facing each other with his head buried in my shoulder until he shoots off. I have never had an orgasm with him. I was his first and only pussy. He detests oral sex and says its the filthiest thing a woman and man can do and is the devil's doorway. So you might ask why am I still here? I've asked myself that so many times its not funny! I guess because of our kids would be the only answer I could offer.

For 12 years I remained as faithful as ever, but last year I guess I finally opened the door for the devil. But first let me tell you a little about when I was brought up. I began my period when I was barely 13. Right after my first period I became keenly aware of that itchy and burning sensation between my legs from time to time. I soon learned how to satisfy it with my fingers now and then. My mother's older brother had 2 girls my age and we quite often went to my uncle's cabin at a local lake for the weekend. He loved to fish and canoe while my Aunt did the barbqueing and swimming in the lake. They used to always call for me to go with them, since I had 2 brothers that were always gone somewhere and we lived kind of in the country with no close playmates.

My mother had bought me a 2 piece swim suit that was a little too big in the bottoms so I could grow into them. The top fit a little snug due to the bumps I had on my chest before I had my period, growing like wild fire once I menstruated. So I had to be kind of careful when I sat down, with the leg bands of the suit. They would kind of gape and you could see my developing pussy with its dark hair sprouting like weeds also.

One Sunday we were at the lake and Uncle Jeff wanted us to go for a canoe ride up one of the rivers that ran into the lake. My two cousins didn't want to go and My Aunt was busy preparing supper. So Uncle Jeff and I started up the river. I was sitting in the front of the canoe and he was in the back paddling. Once we got up the river a little, he told me to turn around and sit facing him, that it would be for better balance of the canoe. Well it didn't really make sense to me but what did I know. Once I had turned around and sat on the seat, I became aware of my Uncle's eyes on my crotch quite a bit. Him looking at me down there kind of worried me a little but also caused that burning and I felt myself moisten some. I also noticed a growing bulge in his cutoffs. I had seen my Father and my brothers Penises accidentally but never erect. I was curious to say the least.

So being curious and also getting the itchy feeling in my young pussy, I purposely turned slightly causing my legs to spread and offering a side view up the leg band. It didn't take too many of those turns and there seemed to be a huge lump in my Uncle's pants. We reached a secluded part of the river with a little alcove, where my Uncle beached the canoe and announced he was going to pee.

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He stepped out of the canoe, but instead of walking into the brush, like I expected him to do, he unzipped and took out his huge cock right in front of me. I had never seen anything so big in my life. I shivered with fear because I was old enough to know that men put their hard things into a girl's vagina during sex. I couldn't imagine anything that huge not hurting a lot. But I was also excited at the same time, as I watched. It took a long time before there finally appeared a strong stream of piss. When he was done, instead of putting it away, he looked at me and asked if I had ever seen a hard penis. I just shook my head no as I watched him begin to slowly stroke it. He was uncircumcised and I was fascinated by him being able to cover and uncover the purple head with the skin.

"I'm showing you mine, why don't you show me what's between your legs"? I knew what he wanted and after a little more talking to I agreed and slid the bottoms of my suit down until they were around my ankles. My Uncle groaned and his stroking sped up some. "Take the top off also". I slid the top off and exposed my growing buds to his gaze. I could really feel the itch now and the moisture in my vagina. I spread my legs and lowered my finger to my slit. "Yes oh God yesssss Play with it for me"? I did exactly that as my eyes never left his pumping hand and listening to my Uncle explain that soon he would be shooting out a white cream that made babies. I had heard about that and was most anxious to witness it. My Uncle stepped into the water and came up to the side of the canoe, until he was only about 3 feet from me and he was knee deep in the water. I could feel that familiar feeling in my pussy and knew the "Good" Feeling was going to happen shortly.

My Uncle let out a low moan and suddenly I gasped as the piss hole in his cock seemed to expand and a huge thick stream shot out and splashed against my arm and neck. Then a second on my legs and a third and fourth on my belly and even on the back of the hand that was fingering my pussy. That was it, the dam broke and I gasped for breath and thrust my hips up as my orgasm hit me. We swam in the alcove to wash his sperm off of me and he made me promise never to tell anyone about our little "Secret".

To keep this short, that day later lead to mutual masturbation and oral sex. but my Uncle never penetrated my vagina with his cock. I learned to love sucking cock and swallowing his discharge. And he licked me to many, many orgasms that I loved dearly. That went on for over a year now and then until he moved to another state. And now to this date neither of us ever mention it to each other.

So the ground work was laid, I went through high school jerking and sucking my dates off mostly. When I was 17 I gave my cherry to a senior who I really adored and had thoughts of marrying, but it didn't work out and we broke up.

I went on to college and studied various office courses and that is where I met my husband. So that brings you u p to date. As I said I never cheated on my husband until a year ago, and that was kind of by circumstance rather than design. I worked for a large insurance carrier. There were 6 women and a couple of guys in the office. We also had a young black boy named Arty. He ran errands, stocked the office and cleaned it in the evenings after we went home. He was barely 18 and out of high school. He was a very friendly kid and we all liked him. His hormones must have been always rushing also. He was always trying to get a glimpse up the girl's skirts. And quite often you would see the tell tail bulge of excitement.

I always wore a skirt or dress to work. I also hated panty hose and quite often during the winter wore stockings and garter belt, or thigh highs. I had on stockings the day I had to stay late with a few of the others to finish up some claims work. Arty had begun cleaning the office since it was basically deserted. he came into my cubicle with a dust mop and I was going to swing around so he could get under my desk. As I swung my chair my skirt caught on my desk drawer handle, and pulled it complete up over my thighs. Exposing my bare thighs and panty crotch with its tufts of dark hair to Arty. I quickly pulled the skirt down and apologized. But the brief show had its effect as I saw the beginning of a nice bulge in the front of his pants. By the time he emptied my waste basket and finished dust mopping, he was sporting a long thick shaft that ran down along his thigh.

I had some copies to make so I went to the back where our copy room was. Just as I turned the corner I observed Arty going into the copy room and closing the door. I went up to the door just as he locked it from inside. I was suspicious of his motives and went back to my desk and retrieved the key. I quietly put the key into the lock and turned the door knob and slowly opened the door. I subconsciously knew that Arty was up to something. As I got the door open enough to peek in, I almost gasped out loud. He was sitting on some boxes of copying paper with his hand wrapped around his huge black cock. It was very long but not as thick as some I've seen.

I kept opening the door and moving inside slowly. Arty had his eyes shut and his head thrown back as he stroked the monster cock. I carefully pushed the lock button in the door and walked up to within about 4 ft. from where he was sitting. Suddenly he opened his eyes and nearly jumped off of the boxes. he quickly tried to put himself away, but it was like trying to stuff a hoagie sandwich into a small sandwich bag.

I broke the silence with, "Don't stop, I want to watch you" He got a surprised look on his face, and then one of relief as he settled back down onto the boxes and looked down at my legs and again began his hand action. I could feel my pussy juices running down the inside of my thighs, having already thoroughly wetted my panties. As he looked on I lifted my skirt, causing him to groan loudly as my garters and white thighs came into his view. I pulled my panties down and kicked them off of my ankles. He immediately reached down and picked them up and held them to his face and began stroking faster. I raised my skirt and bunched it around my waist and began to finger my exposed slit while watching him jerk off. I knew we had to hurry or we might get caught, so without a word, I moved for ward and dropped to my knees and wrapped my hand around his shaft. God he was hard as steel. I quickly leaned forward and slid my mouth down over the head of his cock. I was in heaven to be sure. I had not had a cock in my mouth for over 13 1/2 years and it was wonderful. I only got to swirl my tongue and had just started bobbing my head on him when I had a very intense orgasm, without even touching my pussy. My one hand was stroking his shaft while the other had fished his nut sack out and was massaging it.

It was too much for him also as his legs went straight out and with a groan shot the first stream down my throat. The strong splash caused fireworks to go off in my pussy. I expelled gusts of air and gasped for breath around the beautiful shaft as I went into a violent orgasm as I began to swallow spurt after spurt of his delicious fluid. It was like a man stranded in the dessert for weeks on end and finally getting his first drink of water. I continued to suck him as the spurts subsided and he began to ooze and then I milked his shaft for even more. Finally I relented and stood up. I picked up my panties and told him we better go before someone comes. He managed to get his still hard cock back into his pants and we went out into the hall. knowing that there were no men staying late, I quickly grabbed him by the hand and took him into the men's room. I raised my skirt over my buttocks and leaned on the sinks as he slid his cock into my waiting pussy from behind. As he bottomed out I began to cum and cum and cum. Finally I felt his cock swell and felt his release deep in me, bringing me to yet another climax.

His cock went down to a semi erect state and finally he moved back and it plopped out of me. His cum began to immediately run down the backs of my thighs. I turned and squatted in front of him and sucked him to another orgasm before we left the wash room.

For 2 glorious months I had that black snake in my mouth or pussy every chance I got. We would go to a neighboring town and get a motel room, where I also got my first pussy licking in many a year. It didn't last as long as I would have wanted though. Arty moved abruptly to South Carolina to work for his Grand father. So once again, I was left with my own devices for sexual gratification.

It was about a year later and actually only a month ago that the next encounter happened. I stopped on the way home to pick up some groceries for supper. I was in the process of loading them into my car, when a movement in the car next to me caught my eye. I carefully kept loading the bags in my car but also watched without being obvious. There was a young boy in the car next to me. I was sure that he was masturbating from the movements I observed. When I finished loading the car. I took the cart to the corral behind my car and carefully approached his car from the passenger side. There was another woman in the lane ahead of him that was also loading her groceries and he seemed busy watching her. As I approached, my suspicions were confirmed. He had his hard cock out and was jerking off, while watching the woman bend over.

The passenger side window was open as I watched, and felt my pussy immediately get wet. Suddenly he turned and saw me. He tried to hide his cock. "NO Don't I want to watch you do it" His face slackened and then he smiled as he uncovered his cock and once again began jerking off as he was looking at me. I opened the door an got in with him. He slowly stroked as I asked him questions and found out that he did this a lot, and found it very stimulating to watch women with nice legs bending over into their cars. I was wearing a skirt and blouse with thigh highs and heels. As he complemented me on my legs, I pulled my skirt up and removed my panties. Then I sat with my back against the door and spread my legs for him and slid my finger along my wet slit. He groaned and began to stroke faster. Suddenly he erupted spurt after spurt up onto the dash and all over the steering wheel. I gasped and moaned as my own climax over took me while watching that cock spew its load.

As the spurts subsided, I moved over and took his still oozing cock into my mouth. he groaned and his hands went to my head and he began to thrust up to meet my bobbing head. I was fingering my pussy at the same time. I stopped sucking him long enough to have him drive to and isolated corner of the lot, where we exchanged places with him in the passenger seat and me straddling him with his hard cock thrusting up into my horny pussy. He shot off as I began to climax. When I cam down, I again sucked him until he rewarded me with another load of sweet sperm. We talked for a little while and then I gave him my Phone number at work and I left.

But sadly he hasn't contacted me at all. I've gone back to that store several times looking for him, but never saw him again. If you are him and you read this Pleeeeeease call. I NEED YOUR COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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