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2000 by Larry

All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Ian was understandably restless as he waited impatiently for their guest to arrive. He glanced at his watch every few seconds. There were only fifteen minutes to go but each minute seemed like an hour. His beautiful wife Caroline was still in the bedroom, primping in front of the mirror. He hoped that she would be ready on time. Their guest wouldn't have much time to spend with them, so every minute counted. Ian could hardly believe that Caroline had finally agreed to satisfy his fantasy of watching her with another man.

He and Caroline had a great sex life and she never gave him any reason to complain. He was ten years older than her 36 years, but he never failed to satisfy her. He got plenty of sex, probably more than most men, but, like most men, he was curious about wife-swapping and thought it would be fun to give it a try. He couldn't convince Caroline, though. She had fantasies about it just as he did, but she preferred to keep it all in her imagination. But then something happened that changed everything: their telephone stopped working. As it turned out, that trivial occurence would change their lives. He had been at work when the repairman arrived to check out the phone, but Caroline had told him every detail of the man's visit. How he had ogled her at every opportunity and flirted with her incessantly. He had repaired the phone in matter of seconds, but had dragged out the paperwork for another half hour to give him more time to try to seduce her. She found him to be physically attractive and did little to discourage him. Deep down inside, she was flattered by the attention. She new she was hot, but every woman likes confirmation, especially from strangers. She could hardly keep her eyes off the huge bulge in his pantleg. He must have noticed her furtive glances and decided to go for broke. He had dropped his pants to expose himself, and, with no underwear to impede it, his enormous cock sprang up like a striking cobra. "It was the biggest cock I've ever seen!" Caroline had told him.

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Frank, the repairman, had stood there with a big grin on his face and shamelessly masturbated in front of Ian's wife. "I'll do you right here and now, baby," he whispered. Caroline was blushing furiously. She just couldn't help it. She was tempted to take him up on his offer but she didn't know why. Ian gave her all the fucking she needed. She had never been unfaithful to him, yet she had always wondered how a really huge cock would feel in her tight pussy. Ian's sturdy cock was all she needed, but, like most women, she was curious about the small percentage of dicks that were exceptionally large, and as she stared at it, she felt herself getting horny.

"I'm faithful to my husband," she finally managed to say. "Why don't you ask him if I can fuck you in front of him. You'd be surprised how many guys go for that." Caroline wasn't sure if she intended to ask Ian or if she just wanted to get rid of Frank. "Well, I'll ask him," she had said. "I'll call you tomorrow at the same time, then," Frank answered. As he zipped up his pants, he said, "By the way, I'll have to do you on my lunch hour. My wife gets suspicious if I go out at night." Caroline was somewhat shocked, but then reasoned that if she did go through with his outrageous proposal, it would be less risky with a married man because there would be less chance that he might become infatuated with her. That evening over dinner, she told Ian about her strange encounter. Ian would have preferred a couple to initiate them into swinging, but a party with Frank would break the ice and possibly get Caroline interested in trying couples. He agreed without much discussion.

When the big day arrived, Ian called his boss and claimed to be sick. Frank had promised to be there at noon sharp, and it was already five minutes after. As Ian glanced at his watch for what must have been the thousandth time, the doorbell chimed. Ian opened the door and was stunned to see three attractive young men dressed in telephone company uniforms. The unexpected turn of events had him at a loss for words. Caroline arrived wearing a silk kimono and invited the men in. "These are my buddies, Larry and Tom," Frank said. "Do you mind if they watch?" Ian could hardly believe it. "What balls this guy has," he thought. Caroline looked at him for guidance. Ian figured that he might not feel as foolish sitting beside the bed jacking his cock if two other men were doing the same. He nodded his consent.

"Well, time's a-wasting," Frank said. "Where's the bedroom?" Caroline led the way to the spacious, tastefully furnished bedroom. All four men sucked in their breath when she dropped the robe to reveal her beautiful body. She was wearing only a frilly, white garter belt and flesh-colored nylons and she smelled as fragrant as a flower. Ian felt a surge of pride in his wife's beauty. Frank casually tossed his clothes aside. He was so at ease that Ian was sure he had done this kind of thing before. Ian could hardly believe the size of the cock swaying below Frank's belly. Caroline hadn't been exaggerating. It was huge and it wasn't even fully hard. Caroline hesitated only a few seconds before going forward and taking it in her hand. The head was still partially covered by the foreskin, but as Caroline jacked it, the head popped all the way out. "I didn't come here for a handjob," Frank said as he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed down. Caroline went to her knees and took the plum-sized cockhead into her mouth. The head and about an inch of shaft was all she could manage. Frank's cock had bloomed to it's full length of twelve inches.

Ian pulled up chairs next to the bed for Larry and Tom, then took a seat himself. All three men had bulges in their pants as they watched beautiful Caroline struggle to suck Frank's enormous cock. Larry was the first to pull out his cock and balls and start masturbating. Tom and Ian weren't far behind. Ian stroked his thick cock up and down as he watched Frank guide his petite wife to the bed and maneuver her into a sixty-nine. His feet were toward him, so he had a perfect view of his wife's head bobbing on top of the thick shaft. One of her hands stroked the base of Frank's cock and the other cradled his big balls. Caroline stared directly at him through glassy eyes. He knew that look; it meant she was very horny. She lifted her head from Frank's cock and glared at Larry and Tom. "I know you guys are here to do more than just watch, so you might as well get your asses over here."

Larry and Tom were out of their clothes in the blink of an eye. They stretched out on either side of Frank's legs with their heads at his feet and pressed their big cocks against Caroline's rosy cheeks. Ian rose to his feet for a better view, and, almost without realizing it, began to strip. He hadn't planned on participating, but the action on the bed was like a whirlpool sucking him in. He watched intently as his beautiful wife sucked Larry and then Tom. They were both nicely hung in the six to seven inch range, but they looked small alongside Frank's massive dong. Caroline had to struggle with Frank, but she took Larry and Tom all the way in until her pretty little nose was buried in their pubic bushes. "This is better than any porno flick I've ever seen," Ian thought, as he stroked his thick cock. Pre-cum dangled off the tip in long, silky strands.

Caroline was sucking the three men so passionately that Ian realized that she intended to suck them off. Three total strangers! He was shocked but more excited than he could remember. As far as he knew, Caroline had never tasted any cum but his. Without a word of warning, Larry went off first and Ian heard his wife gurgling on the copious load. She finally pulled off and swallowed hard a few times before turning to Tom. Tom groaned as Caroline's cum-slick mouth coasted up and down his cock. "HERE IT COMES, BABY!" he shouted, and Caroline was choking on her second load in less than a minute. Tom and Larry returned to their chairs as Ian crawled on the bed. He straddled Frank's thighs and lowered himself until his bloated balls were against Frank's shaved balls. The tip of his big dick touched his wife's upper lip as she gobbled Frank's cockhead. Frank's cock spasmed again and again as he shot his load. Ian felt every spasm through his own cock. There were at least ten. Caroline's little mouth was so full of cock that there was no room for the sperm and it spilled down her chin like milk boiling over on the stove. She lifted her head and looked up at her husband. Ian rubbed the head of his cock in the mess on her chin and popped it into her mouth. She hadn't had a chance to swallow, and most of Frank's spunk was still there along with remnants of Larry and Tom's loads. Ian's cock had never been immersed in anything as warm and slippery as his wife's mouth. He began to fuck it in short strokes, just as though it were her pussy. Ian's fuzzy balls sliding up and down Frank's shaft tipped him off to what was going on, and he took Caroline's head in both his big hands and held it in place. "Imagine another man holding my wife's head while I fuck her mouth!" Ian thought. The thought of it set him off, and he came harder than he could ever remember cumming. His balls emptied in thick, creamy spurts. When he was finished, Caroline swallowed hard a number of times and grinned up at him. "You outdid them all," she whispered. "I've never known you to shoot so much cum." Ian didn't find out until later that Frank's strong tongue had given Caroline three intense orgasms. She hadn't wanted them to end, and that is the reason she kept sucking everyone's cocks.

Temporarily sated and in a kind of dis-believing daze, Ian stumbled back to his chair. Larry and Tom were yanking on their cocks, trying to get them ready for the round of fucking that was sure to come. Ian figured Frank would need a rest after cumming in Caroline's mouth, so was surprised to see him put her on her back, spread her legs and mount her. Then Ian realized that Frank's cock was so big he could fuck without a hard-on. Frank's struggle to get his huge cock into Caroline's tight pussy gave Ian an idea. "Let me help you with that, Frank," he said. "Go ahead," Frank answered. It seemed appropriate that Ian be the one to introduce a strange cock to his wife's pussy. He wrapped his hand around the beer can-sized shaft, and for the first time in his life had another man's cock in his hand. It felt kind of nice, and he couldn't resist giving it a couple of strokes. He spread Caroline's pussy-lips with his other hand and placed the tip of Frank's cock against the rosy-red opening. "Push," he said. Caroline let out a long, soft moan as Frank's fucker disappeared inch-by-inch into her love tunnel. She couldn't take more than half. Both Tom and Larry were kneeling at the foot of the bed to watch the penetration. Frank, always the show-off, kept his legs wide open to give them an unobstructed view.

Ian glanced at his watch. The time had dragged when he had been waiting for the party to start. Now it was flying by. There were only twenty minutes left before their lunch hour ended and there were still two guys waiting in line to fuck Caroline. Frank noticed his concern. "Don't worry, Ian, this party is going to last until your little lady has had her fill. I'll just tell our boss that the truck broke down." Ian breathed a sigh of relief. He was having the time of his life and he didn't want it to end. Frank was fucking her good then, and with every thrust, his cock got a little harder. Ian knelt next to the bed and watched the huge cock plunge in and out of his wife's little pussy. "This guy is a fucking machine," he thought. His hand was stroking his hard-on at the same pace as Frank's thrusts.

Caroline shrieked and dug her fingernails into Frank's muscular ass. "OH YES, I'M CUMMING!" she shouted. Ian watched her cunt intently and saw her juices leak out and run down over her puckered asshole. That was just the first of a series of orgasms, or maybe it was one long orgasm. Ian couldn't be sure. Frank finally pulled his big cock out of Caroline and came to his knees between her thighs. He looked over at Ian and said, "I'm right at the edge. You want to finish me off?" Ian hesitated, then thought, "What the hell, why not?" It seemed somehow appropriate. He wrapped his hand around the huge shaft and began to pump. Larry and Tom moved to the other side of the bed to get a good look at the cum-shot. Ian only had to frig Frank's cock about ten times before it erupted. A long rope of cum shot all the way to his wife's lips. More spurts landed on her beautiful tits and belly. Larry and Tom clapped and whistled. Ian himself felt like cheering. Frank finally reached down and pulled Ian's hand away from his cock.

No sooner had Frank moved aside than Tom rushed forward for his turn. He shoved his cock in with one stroke, then lay down heavily on Caroline's soiled body. Caroline's pussy was still dilated from Frank's cock, and as Tom thrust in and out, it made wet, sucking noises. That gave Ian an idea. He asked Tom to spread his legs as wide as possible, then he sat between them. "Don't even think about fucking me in the ass," Tom warned. "I don't go that route." Ian assured him that that was not what he had in mind. "I just want to see if I can get my dick in there with yours, just to fill her up a little better." By leaning back and sliding his ass forward, Ian was able to place his cock directly beneath Tom's. He had lubed it with hand lotion while masturbating, so a good, hard thrust was all it took to bury his cock, which now was pleasantly squashed between the bottom of his wife's pussy and Tom's rock-hard cock. "Okay, go to it," Ian said. "I'm just along for the ride."

Ian couldn't get all of his thick cock into Caroline. He could only manage about half, but it was the most important half. He leaned back on his elbows and watched Tom's cock sawing in and out above his own. He was very pleased with himself. He had invented a new fuck position! "I bet I could teach some of those porno flick directors a few things," he thought. It felt incredible to have another cock rubbing against his. Tom's ass was between his thighs. It was almost as nice as Caroline's and he was tempted to feel it or even slap it a few times, but he decided that might be too forward. Tom didn't last long, but that was okay because Caroline didn't either. She grabbed Tom's ass and raked her fingernails over the round mounds, leaving eight superficial scratches. "I'm CUMMING!" she squealed. Ian nearly lost control when Tom's cum gushed out on his cock. He didn't want to cum yet and somehow managed to rein it in.

Ian moved out of the way as Tom dismounted. His hairy chest and belly glistened with Frank's load that had rubbed off on him. Larry rushed forward to take Tom's place and asked Caroline to get on top of him. As she swung her leg over him and lowered her pussy, Tom's cum poured out onto Larry's cock, lubricating it. Ian quickly reached out and guided Larry's cock into his wife's sopping pussy. As he watched his wife fuck another man, he found it even more exciting to see her on top. The way her beautiful round ass was bouncing up and down left no doubt in Ian's mind that she loved every minute of this. Ian watched them fuck for a few minutes, then slipped onto the bed. If he didn't take advantage of the opportunity, he would always regret it. He straddled Larry's thighs and pressed his cock down against Larry's cock. Holding it down with his fingertips to prevent it from slipping up, he pressed forward. Caroline's pussy muscles relaxed momentarily and his cock popped in. He pushed until his balls were against Larry's. "Oh, yes, Ian, help him fuck me," Caroline cooed.

The feeling was incredible. Ian timed his thrusts to be the opposite of Larry's. The friction against Larry's cock felt so good! Every so often, he would drive in at the same time, filling her so full of cock that she howled with delight. "Damn, this feels good!" he thought, then he realized he had said it aloud. He glanced over at Frank, who now seemed more interested in drinking as much of Ian's beer as possible than he was in having more sex. He lazily stroked his cock with one hand and sipped beer with the other. "Uh..Uh..Uh..Uh..let's CUM!" Caroline wailed. Her pussy got very sloppy as Larry flooded it with his load. Ian couldn't take it anymore and lost all control. He felt as though he would never stop cumming. Both men were furiously fucking into the mess they were making. They lay shuddering for several minutes, then Ian's weary cock slipped out.

Caroline wasn't left alone for long. Frank had decided he wanted another turn. He pulled Caroline up onto her elbows and knees and entered her doggy-style. It seemed to Ian that he was getting more of his horse-cock into her this time than he had before. "Damn, she's nice and slick," Frank said. "You guys did a good job." Frank balanced his beer-can on Caroline's ass and fucked her with a smooth, steady rhythm. He didn't last long and had what came very close to qualifying as a premature ejaculation. Ian was pleased. "Maybe he's not the stud he thinks he is," he thought.

Without a word, Frank pulled away and headed for the refrigerator to get another beer. Ian just had to get a better look at his wife's freshly-fucked pussy. Four loads of cum were dribbling out and running down her thighs, soiling her nylons. He stuck two fingers up inside, and cum ran down his hand. Incredibly, Tom and Larry wanted more of Caroline. They came forward, put her on her back, and sucked hungrily on her erect nipples. Larry slipped between her legs and began licking her pussy. He didn't seem to mind that it was a mess. In fact, he began cleaning her up with his tongue. "I could never go that far," Ian thought. "We're going to give you a proper DP," Tom said. "That's right, baby, one in the cunt and one in the tush," Larry added.

They sucked on her tits and pussy for another fifteen minutes or so until she was on the verge of another orgasm. "Let's do her," Larry said. Both men wanted to fuck her beautiful ass, since it was still, at least as far as they were concerned, virgin territory. Ian picked up a coin from the nightstand and flipped it into the air. "Call it, Larry," he said. "Tails," Larry answered. "You win," Ian said. "You get her ass." Ian tossed Larry some hand lotion for lubrication then sat on the floor at the foot of the bed where he could see every detail. His petite wife mounted Tom and slid down on his cock. Larry took his position above her and probed for her anus. Ian held his breath and kept his fingers crossed as the fat head of Larry's cock slowly disappeared through the wrinkled hole. He wanted the experiment to succeed. It worked, and the three of them were successfully mated.

Ian stroked his limber cock up and down as he watched the most incredible show he had ever seen. His favorite porno video featured Sarah Young taking a cock in each hole, but this was so much better. Ian decided that if he didn't jack off to this incredible performance, he would regret it for the rest of his life. He pumped harder, and his cock hardened. Caroline seemed to be completely lost in an orgasmic wonderland and was babbling incoherently. The threesome was ragged at first but soon smoothed out as the participants gained experience. Tom and Larry sawed their cocks in and out on alternate strokes. It reminded Ian of those animated gif loops that he had seen on the Internet where the action is repeated over and over again. Larry shouted that he was going to cum and then Ian saw his asscheeks dimple as he shot his load. Tom bucked underneath the pile and shot yet another wad into Caroline's cunt. At that instant, cum spurted out of Ian's cock and ran down his hand.

They left Caroline lying there on the bed in the middle of a wet spot, trying to catch her breath. Ian lead the three repairmen to the door and shook their hands. "I hope you guys don't get in trouble," he said. "You're two hours late for work." Frank grinned. "Gave it to her good didn't we. If we get fired it will have been worth it." As they left, Ian said, "We'll have to do this again, guys, and next time I want to get pictures." And eventually he did get his pictures, as you can see.

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