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Camp Encounter "Camping Gangbang"

"by Allen Fuller"

My wife still looks good as she approaches 50 years of age. While slightly overweight, she has been fortunate to have most of the excess weight go to her chest. With a 38D-27-38 figure she attracts attention but seems not to notice. She manages the payroll for a logging company and a lot of the men come to her office to get their paycheques. I have suggested to her a number of times that she should undo the top buttons on her blouse and watch the men stumble all over themselves trying to get a better look. She has denied that she would attract any attention.

I stopped at her office to take her out to lunch one day and found her boss, Quint, in her office massaging her shoulders. Quint said hi to me and left the office quickly. While we were out at lunch, I teased her about giving her boss a hardon as he touched her and stared down her blouse. Kris denied that Quint was attracted to her as he had plenty of younger women willing to date him. Quint is about 30, single tall thin and good looking. I told Kris that while Quint may like women his own age, Quint's cock sure seemed to like her. Kris laughed it off and we didn't discuss it further.

Several weeks later I noticed Kris wearing a blouse with a lower neckline to work. One that she had only worn when we went out. That evening I mentioned it to her and asked who she gave hardons to. She got red in the face but denied teasing anyone. Later that night as we began to make love, Kris was not interested in very much foreplay and wanted to be fucked. When I entered her, she was much wetter than normal and I slid in up to my balls without any effort. Now that I had her pinned to the bed, I told her that I wouldn't fuck her until she told me who she wore the blouse for. She had admitted that she had worn the blouse for Quint and had arranged for him to massage her shoulders. She denied that anything had happened but was proud that he left her office with an obvious erection. We fucked to a better than average orgasm.

Over the next several months, Kris would come home from work about once a week very horny from massaging or being massaged by Quint. On those days we would make love as soon as we got home from work.

One afternoon Kris phoned me and told me that one of the camp cooks had quit with out notice. She had volunteered to go in to the bush and cook for a few days until another cook was hired. When she got back several days later, she was tired and went to bed immediately. The next day I teased her about getting laid in camp and not being horny when she got home. She answered that she had been working too hard to be interested in cock, mine or anyone else's.

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The new cook lasted about a week before Quint fired her. Kris agreed to cook in the camp starting at the beginning of long change when all but a skeleton crew went home from camp. Quint was to drive her into camp and was going to do a camp inspection before leaving. I teased Kris about getting the chance to find out how big his hardon was. Kris responded by saying that if she did that she and Quint would probably end up having sex. I told her to go ahead and fuck him as long as she gave me a stroke by stroke description of what happened when she got home.

Kris got out of the bush yesterday after a week in camp. She was both tired and horny. After a gentle fuck she told me what happened.

Kris did not have time to change before leaving the office but managed to take off her suit jacket and panty hose. She wore her blouse and skirt during the trip to camp. Throughout the trip Quint kept glancing at her legs and chest.

When they got to camp the remaining cook briefed Kris and left with the last truck. Kris finished preparing supper for the crew. Quint didn't show up for supper until after the rest of the men had finished and left the kitchen. After eating he began to massage Kris's shoulders. This time he reached down, undid 2 buttons and pulled her blouse off of her shoulders. When his hands moved lower Kris did not object and began to wonder what it would be like with Quint. He gently pulled her breasts out of her bra and stroked them as he began kissing her neck. Kris put her hand on Quint's leg and slowly rubbed upwards until she found his erection. As she rubbed and squeezed it through his pants, she realized that he was built differently than I was and wondered if he would feel different inside her. She stood up, took Quint's hand and walked into the cooks room.

Kris pulled Quint's head to her breasts then reached for his pants. After she unzipped him and let his pants fall to the floor, Kris released Quint's cock from his underwear. Her panties came off next. Then Kris took Quint in hand gently stroking his cock. She directed him to lie on the bed and Knelt over his waist. She lowered her breasts until his face was surrounded and moaned as he sucked and fondled them. His hand slowly worked it's way up her thigh until he was stroking her pussy. Quint's finger worked it's way between her pussy lips and penetrated her. Kris couldn't wait. She had to have Quint inside her now. Sliding down his body, Kris grasped his cock and rubbed it against her pussy, lubricating the head. Then she started to sit , slowly engulfing his cock. It felt wonderful going in as it slid past her labia. It kept going in until she could feel his pubic hair. Kris began raising and lowering herself on his cock enjoying the ease of movement. It took several strokes before she could accurately gauge it's length. Then she began to fuck him in earnest, pulling up until only the head was inside and pushing down until he was buried to the balls. Kris marveled at the different feelings his cock caused as it went in and out. As her orgasm approached she picked up speed and began fucking as fast as she could. Kris felt Quint surge up into her and pushed down hard burying his cock in her as he ejaculated. When he was done she resumed fucking him and reached orgasm before he lost his erection.

After a rest, Kris put her blouse and skirt on and went to finish cleaning up the kitchen. Quint followed her a short time later wearing an unbuttoned shirt and unzipped pants. His partially erect cock bobbed around as he walked toward her. She told him to put his cock away before he hurt it on something. When he refused, Kris tried to do it for him which only helped to make him fully erect. She ignored him and went back to her cleaning. As she leaned over to wipe down a table, Kris felt Quint's hands under her skirt. They were followed by his cock rubbing against her ass. She stopped cleaning and reached between her legs, grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy. She held on to the table as Quint fucked her hard and fast. Her orgasm hit just before he pushed in hard and held himself buried in her as he ejaculated. After resting, Quint went to the bunkhouse while Kris slept in the cooks room.

Quint came to the kitchen several times the next morning but was never alone with Kris. He finally caught her alone just as he was about to leave for town. He kissed her and fondled her breasts before pulling her into the cooks room. Kris knew that he was pressed for time and settled for playing with the cock that had given her so much pleasure. She pulled down Quint's pants and underwear and began fondling his cock. As he became erect, Kris realized why he felt different. Quint's cock was thin, less than 1 1/2 inches across. But it was long, about 10 or 11 inches. She began stroking his cock with both hands while she licked it's head. Then Kris began sucking on Quint's cock, pulling it in until it touched the back of her throat and pushing it out until only the head was in her mouth. When she felt Quint stiffen, she pulled his cock out of her mouth and held the head against her breasts. She stroked it until Quint finished ejaculating. Tucking his limp cock back in his pants, Kris sent him on his way. Quint did not return to the camp for the rest of Kris's stay.

Kris does not return to the office until tomorrow. Both of us are waiting to see what happens when both of them are together at the office. Kris wants to feel Quint inside her again but has agreed to keep their encounters at once or twice a month. From the way that she described their sexual encounters, I believe that if she was allowed unlimited access to Quint, Kris would fuck him almost every day.

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