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Can't Buy Me Love

Another great wife turned slut story.

By Rick L.

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Franklin Parker was a high school student living in the rural community of Glendale. He always got straight A's and he was a real wizard at science and math. Most people considered him a nerd, particularly since he wore wire frame glasses, taped at the bridge of his nose, and always had some kind of electronic device handy. Franklin didn't like sports or socializing. He pretty much kept to himself, studying and working with his computer.

Wendy Miller lived next door to Franklin. She was a high school cheerleader and a knockout blonde. Wendy has that perfectly proportioned body that always makes men look twice. She was very sexy and she knew it. She liked to tease the boys at school by wearing short skirts and tight fitting blouses. She especially liked to tease her next door neighbor, Franklin.

Wendy knew that Franklin had this huge crush on her, which made the teasing all the more satisfying. Sometimes she would sit next to him on the bus ride home from school, purposely letting her skirt ride up until just a hint of her white panties was showing. If she really felt wicked, on any particular day, she would make sure that a few of her blonde hairs were peeking out of the sides of the narrow fabric. She loved to drive the class nerd crazy with desire and then let him down hard. Wendy treated him ruthlessly, and she loved doing it.

Franklin couldn't really help himself. He worshiped his next door neighbor. Her outrageously gorgeous appearance, sexy smile, and beautiful full blonde hair were making the poor boy lovesick. Wendy knew it, and she knew just how to tease and humiliate him. She would squirm in the seat next to him causing her skirt to ride up and letting him get a good look at her little panties. Wendy would keep it up, wiggling and bouncing on the bus seat and forcing her short skirt higher, until she noticed a small tent forming in Franklin's trousers. When she was certain that he was totally engrossed in his voyeurism, Wendy would call everyone's attention to the fact that he was looking at her.

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"Franklin!" Wendy would shriek "Are you trying to look up my skirt again? What are you some kind of pervert!" She would feign modesty while she tugged at the hem of her dress in mocking disrespect.

Franklin would be startled and humiliated. "N-N-No … I … I… w-w-wasn't!" He would stammer his face flush with embarrassment.

Wendy would get up and go sit with some other boy, usually an underclassman, making sure that her skirt rode up really high when she sat down, just to purposely torment Franklin. Wendy made sure that the new boy had a real good view of her underpants and that Franklin could see it all happening. If she really felt naughty, she would rest her hand on the other boy's thigh, give Franklin a smile, and make her skirt ride up higher. She was very cruel indeed.

Wendy would repeat this scene two or three times every month. It never failed to produce the same humiliating effect on Franklin. She would even tease him during the school day. Wendy would take every opportunity to flash the boy and then scold him, in front of everyone, when she "caught him looking at her."

Nonetheless, Franklin adored her. He found her enchanting and captivating. It was not unusual for him to sit in his bedroom window, staring reverently over the short distance to Wendy's house, yearning for just a glimpse of the angelic object of his affection. Of course Wendy was well aware of his habit, and she would parade around the house in just her bra and panties, when no one else was at home, making certain that from time to time, Franklin got a little peeks at her in her underwear.

Sometimes, on a Friday or Saturday night, Wendy's parents would go out and she would have a boyfriend over. She would always sit her guest in this big overstuffed living room chair that faced Franklin's bedroom window. Next, she would sit on the arm of the chair, lean over, and start kissing her boyfriend. Wendy was tickled when she knew Franklin was watching her boyfriend slide his hand up her skirt or reach in under her sweater. She just knew that it was driving Franklin insane and she loved every wicked minute of it.

Eventually, graduation day arrived and Franklin left home for college. Wendy stayed behind and ultimately got married. As always, Franklin maintained a very high grade point average all throughout school. He majored in computer sciences and was able to land a high paying computer-programming job with an Internet startup company. He worked day and night for the next four years trying to make the firm a success. He did.

By the time two more years had gone by the once nerd boy had amassed a huge pile of stock options and was a key figure in a massive Internet empire. Franklin was RICH! His stock options were worth over five million dollars and he was being paid well into the six-figure range. His on-line programming position allowed him to work anywhere in the world as long as he could plug in a computer and tie into the company software.

Franklin decided to move back to his hometown and built a big beautiful home with a fantastic view just outside of Glendale center. He had special communications lines installed and built a state-of-the-art computer room. He added on a nice three-car garage for his sports car collection. It was a palace unlike the little town had ever seen. Just ten years after leaving Glendale, Franklin Parker the nerd had returned in style, as the richest man in town.

Franklin had not forgotten about his beloved Wendy Miller. He longed to see the gorgeous creature that had once been his neighbor. Franklin learned that she had been divorced and was living with her parents. He sent her a huge bouquet of flowers and followed it up with a phone call to ask her out. The two began dating. For Franklin everything was going along well. He was enamored with Wendy and vowed to himself that he would do anything to keep her.

Wendy was not unhappy with the situation either. After all, Franklin was rich and was giving her gifts of anything she wanted. After a very brief courtship, the two were married and moved into Franklin's big house. Wendy took full advantage of the situation and of Franklin's kindness to her. She had diamonds, money and furs. All of it easily coaxed from Franklin the nerd, who adored her.

Still, Wendy had that mean streak, and couldn't resist teasing and humiliating him. In spite of their marriage, Wendy continued to date other men. Franklin disapproved quite adamantly, but Wendy made it a condition of their marriage. She was very frank about the situation and was not about to back down. She made no secret of the fact that she was sexually active with these other men. Perhaps even more than she was with Franklin. It was apparent that she still loved to torture him and he was powerless to resist her.

"Unless you want a messy divorce" she told him bluntly "then you have to let me date other men. A woman needs to be sexually satisfied and your tiny little pecker just doesn't do it for me! I'll stay with you but you have to understand that I have other needs too! Sometimes I need a big cock to fuck me."

It seems that Franklin had this little four-inch penis. Wendy laughed when she first saw it, on their honeymoon, and she calls it his "little wanker." Franklin is only allowed to fuck her with it once a month and even then he has to wear a condom. The rest of the time he must satisfy her orally, then, if he's been good, he can look at her naked while he masturbates into his rubber. Sometimes, if he buys her something real nice, he is allowed to fondle her beautiful breasts. Otherwise, No Touching!

Franklin reluctantly agreed to these conditions. He would do absolutely anything to keep her happy. He would even service Wendy orally after she had been out on one of her "dates." He hated the taste of warm cum that he was forced to lick out of his wife's freshly fucked pussy but he was too sheepish to oppose Wendy's demands. Wendy of course loved the wickedness of it all.

Wendy would go out on these dates dressed in a translucent blouse often accompanied by a short leather skirt slit way up her thigh. She was always dressed for action. Everyone in town was well aware of her sexual escapades and most of the single guys in the small rural community easily had their way with her. Except for Franklin who had to practically beg for sex from his wife.

Poor nerdy Franklin was ecstatic to have any kind of sex she offered! He loved and worshiped her so much. He thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world and couldn't imagine a life without her. He refused to see her as a gold-digger and ignored the fact that she ridiculed him constantly and used any excuse to scold him or to withhold sexual favors.

From time to time in the evening Wendy would parade around the house in a skimpy nightgown to purposely tease her husband. This would, of course, get Franklin all worked up and sexually aroused. Sometimes he would come up behind her, give her a big hug, and begin kissing her neck while purposely rubbing his hands up over his wife's sexy breasts and brushing his crotch up against Wendy's ass. Wendy would act all upset over this little show of affection and totally humiliate her poor sexually deprived husband.

"Franklin! You pervert!" Wendy would shriek "Is your little wanker hard AGAIN? I told you NO ERECTIONS and NO TOUCHING without my permission! Now go take a cold shower. You can go empty your perverted little wanker in the bathroom if you can't control yourself around me!"

Wendy was very wicked indeed and loved every moment of it.

During the daytime, Wendy became quite a flasher. Because Franklin worked right there in the house, he sometimes had salesmen come by to review various software products with him. On these frequent occasions, the young wife made it a point to lounge around the house wearing only a flimsy loose fitting robe or a thin white tank top that caused her nipples to show through with shorts that were tighter than her skin. Wendy would offer the guests coffee or soft drinks and flash them her tits and ass while serving them.

On one occasion she was parading around in this tiny little see-thru top and a pair of thong panties. She served them coffee and spilled some on the floor, which of course required immediate cleaning. The salesman got quite a good long look at Franklin's sexy wife that day. Wendy was on her hands and knees cleaning the mess while all her sexy parts jiggled playfully, openly on display, in front of the guy. Franklin was completely humiliated and Wendy, of course, relished every single second of her naughtiness.

All this exhibitionism was fun for Wendy but it was getting a little dull, so she stepped up her dating schedule and made Franklin satisfy her orally after every encounter. After a while she began to bring home her "dates" at all hours of the night. Wendy would wake her husband from his sleep and force him to eat the cum out of her freshly fucked pussy while her date watched the whole thing. Then she would get Franklin to masturbate into his little rubber while the "date" fondled his wife's tits right there in front of him. Wendy was very, very nasty.

Before too long Wendy began to tire of this routine and she longed for something more intense to torture Franklin. As luck would have it Wendy's ex-husband Paul was back in town for the weekend. The young wife bumped into her ex at the local convenience store and asked him over for dinner. She knew that Franklin would be especially jealous of Paul, particularly since she had told him about Paul's huge cock and how he used to fuck her almost every night. She smiled to herself as she considered numerous possibilities designed to torment her nerdy husband.

Franklin reluctantly agreed to the awkward dinner engagement. That evening his wife wore a sexy summer sundress. The dress was way too short. The hemline fell just bellow Wendy's butt. The front was loose fitting and had these thin straps that went over her shoulders. When she bent over you could see right inside her top revealing her silver dollar sized pink nipples, not to mention that her tight panty covered ass was almost always on display.

Paul arrived on time and Wendy greeted him at the door with a big kiss. She introduced him to Franklin and served them drinks. Wendy made sure that she was flashing her ex at every opportunity. She also made sure that Franklin was watching. At dinner, she was all bubbly and bouncing in her seat. This would make one of the straps of her sundress fall off her shoulder partially exposing one breast. Franklin could clearly see a hint of her nipple peek over the top of the fabric. He was totally humiliated with his wife's behavior but said nothing.

After dinner Wendy made a special request to her ex-husband. She spoke to him using her well-practiced seductive voice.

"Paul, the reason I asked you over is that Franklin was wondering if you could do us a favor… You know that Franklin and I have been married for eighteen months now, and well… this is a little awkward … Franklin is having a little trouble in the sex department."

Wendy looked over to Franklin and put her finger to her lips signaling him to keep quiet while she finished talking.

"I thought that, … well … maybe you could teach Franklin about some of the sexual positions that we used back when we were married."

Paul looked more than a little surprised "Well, I'm not sure I can explain them too well but I can try for you" He answered honestly.

Wendy walked over and stood in front of Paul. "Well, Franklin wanted me to ask if you could demonstrate for him." She said as she looked back at her husband with a devilish grin.

"Franklin really thinks the best way is if you could demonstrate the positions. Won't you do it please, for old times sake? I promise it won't hurt a bit." Wendy wined.

Wendy reached under her dress, pulled off her panties, and cast them on the floor. She moved closer to Paul, took his hand and placed it on the inside of her thigh. "Please oh please can't you help us out, Paul"

How could he turn down such and inviting offer? Paul's hand instinctively slid up to touch the softness of her slit. He slipped his finger inside her soft wet fold and began stroking. Wendy didn't flinch one bit at the intrusion. She bit on her lower lip as she nonchalantly raised the hem of her dress to be sure that Franklin had a clear view of the illicit activity, taking place in his presence.

Wendy removed Paul's hand and led him to the master bedroom, while signaling Franklin to follow along. Wendy told Paul to disrobe and lie on the bed. She seated Franklin in a chair and turned to face him. Wendy dropped the straps off her shoulders causing her dress to fall to the floor. She picked it up handed it to Franklin and stood there naked while she firmly laid out the rules.

"Now pay attention Franklin." Wendy instructed. "You know that I am only doing this for your sake. You need to learn the things that satisfy a woman and Paul is only going to show you each position once tonight!"

"If you want." She continued. "You can put a rubber on your little wanker and rub it while you watch us. But no cumming … and don't forget to pay attention!"

Paul was lying on the bed when Wendy joined him. She took his big cock in her hands and started to stroke it gently. Franklin had a clear view of his sexy wife with her tight desirable body, lying next to her ex husband with his huge cock. It was clear that the cruel teasing wife was ready to put on quite a show.

Franklin just sat there watching the whole event unfold. His mind was trying to estimate the length and girth of Paul's huge manhood. He guessed it was about ten or eleven inches long and about three inches in diameter. He felt ashamed over his miniature under powered penis and his inability to satisfy his lovely wife.

"Oh Paul I've missed your big cock." Wendy whispered to her ex husband "Franklin only has this little tiny thing and I need a big one like yours to satisfy me." She leaned over, took the huge cock into her mouth and began making loud sucking sounds as her head bobbed up and down on the stiff shaft.

Franklin was beside himself with embarrassment. He sat there suffering in silence while his lovely wife was practically worshiping her ex-husband's monster cock. Wendy had never once favored him with oral sex and he wondered how many other men had enjoyed this pleasure with her. Wendy's sucking sounds tormented him heartlessly.

Wendy changed position and began kissing Paul on the lips while he freely fondled the delightful warm flesh of her breasts. She offered one of her tits to his mouth and he happily stretched the nipple with his sucking. He began kissing and sucking Wendy's tits more aggressively causing large discoloring hickeys to mar the perfect white breast skin of Franklin's young wife.

Franklin quietly sat there in his chair unable to believe the events unfolding right in front of him. Here was his drop dead gorgeous wife, who constantly denied him sexual relations, giving herself freely to a man she had divorced. The whole sight was extremely painful to him. He wanted to vomit.

Wendy rolled over on the bed to lay on her stomach. She arched her back and rotated her hips slightly. She spread her legs, shamelessly exposing her long wet pussy lips to Franklin and Paul. This made an inviting target for her ex-husband to fuck her from behind. Paul knew his cue and moved into position rubbing the big pink head of his cock against Wendy's slit. Wendy turned her head to face Franklin, to make sure he was paying attention. At the same time Paul penetrated her with one searing stroke and began pumping wildly in and out of Franklin's beautiful wife. His wrinkled ball sack was slamming against her with every bold stroke. Wendy was fucking him back and softly whimpering.

Franklin had never seen live sex before, not even in movies. He watched in awe as the two were locked in an animalistic fuck dance. He was totally unprepared to view his beautiful young wife being taken so forcefully. Worse than that, he was surprised to see his wife writhing in arousal at every stroke and shocked to hear her constant moaning at the pleasure she was receiving. He was dumbfounded to hear her begging for the needed release and blown away as he watched her reach a mind cracking orgasm right in front of him.

The two changed positions. Paul lay aside of Wendy, lifted her leg and entered her from the side. He had his arm under her folded leg as his hand molested her breasts and he pumped Franklin's wife mercilessly. Wendy's large tits jiggled in time with her ex-husband's strokes. Franklin was overcome with jealousy having never had the opportunity to enjoy intense sex with his wife.

This was all too much for him to stand. He stood up and moved into the other room. All the while he could hear his wife moaning and encouraging her mating partner. "Fuck me Paul. Make me cum again and again with your big cock, it feels so good baby!" Wendy was truly relentless in her torture of her husband.

Franklin wondered how much of this was for Paul and how much was for his own benefit, just to humiliate him further. Suddenly he realized that he wasn't humiliated at all. He was disgusted. He was disgusted with his slutty wife and her mistreatment of him. He realized that she didn't care for him at all. Why should he care for her anyway? He came to the realization that she was nothing but a gold digging fuck slut who didn't give a shit about him or their marriage.

Franklin remembered something he had learned in his psychology classes. Once you stop loving someone, you stop. There is no going back. He realized that he had stopped loving Wendy somewhere along the line and really didn't care anymore about her tormenting him. He realized that his whole fantasy life of being with his beloved Wendy could never come true. It could never come true because she didn't love him back. She was only using him for her own wants and needs. She was using him as a victim of her cruel exhibitionist mean hearted fetish. His dislike for her was stronger than his previous obsession.

He raced to his study for his camera and returned to the bedroom for a few X-rated shots of Wendy and her ex doing it doggy style. Wendy was so bold as to even smile for the pictures. The next morning Franklin hired the best divorce lawyer in the state, got a restraining order and tossed Wendy's sorry ass out of his house.

Franklin got off real cheap in the divorce and Wendy ended up living as a whore in misery. Franklin would send all his business associates over to fuck her, at his own expense! Wendy gets absolutely no respect from him whatsoever.

Franklin met a pretty young nerd girl, got married and lived happily ever after. They currently live in Glendale raising a fine family that is the pride of the community.

On sunny Saturdays Franklin can be seen shining one of his classic sports cars while he happily whistles that old Beatles tune "Can't Buy Me Love", over and over again, just as a reminder of his previous foolishness.


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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.