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Another great wife turned slut story.

By: Pam

This story goes back a few years, but it really starts when I was in college. I was a shy 5' 100 pound country girl with long brown hair who ventured off to the university in the big city. I was raised by my dad and brothers and the big college life was very new to me. That was when I met Joe, a handsome guy from a rich family. He did not mind my shyness nor my poor background, and in a few weeks we fell madly in love. Joe was not my first guy, but once we made love, it was not only special, but the best of my life. I moved in with him, we became engaged, but after a year of bliss,' he had to break up with me because his rich parents would never approve of me. This really hurt me, but I understood, and after he graduated, I was left alone to finish up my college.

Once I graduated, I moved back to my hometown, landed a managers job at the drug store and fell in love with a wonderful guy named Larry. Larry and I married, bought a modest home and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We were not rich, but happy and life was wonderful for us.

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Fifteen years later when I was 33, my heart did a flip flop one day when Joe walked into the store. I was glad to see him and although he told me he was married to a beautiful lady, he asked me to dinner that evening. Feeling guilty about my husband, I met Joe anyway, and my heart stopped when he asked me to his motel room. Guilty also of being married, I allowed Joe to remove my clothes and amke love to me. I felt bad afterwards, but it was so good to see Joe and have him make love to me again. That is when he told me, he and his wife were into the swinging scene and wanted to see me with other men. I told him what I did was bad enough, and with my husband, I could never do this.

A few weeks later these two tall strangers walked into my store and began flirting with me. They told me they were skiers from California, and that Joe had told them about me. They invited me to their ski condo 25 miles away, but I quickly told them I was a married woman and not interested. When Joe later phoned to ask if I was interested, I balled him out, telling him one of these men was black, and how he could wish of such a thing. I told him I was flat out not interested.

As the weeks passed, the two continued to stop and flirt with me. "I'm Ben," the tall white guy said. "And this black dude is Bob. Joe showed us a picture of you at 18, and although you have cut your long brown hair and gained 30 pounds, you still would be a real treat to us. How about it Pam?" "You guys are not only sick. but my husband and I are expecting a baby. I'm 3 months pregnant." "Congradulations," Ben said. "You're husband is a lucky man. I wish we could......." "Cut the bull," I yelled. "I want you to get out of here before I call my husband. Get out!"

Not only was I upset when I went home that night, but more upset the next day when Joe phoned to get a progress report. "Listen Joe," I screamed. "It's bad enough what I let you do, but for you to want me to be with other men is sick. Joe, one of these men was a black. My goodness, have you lost all respect for me? You must remember how my dad felt about girls even talking to black guys?"

The next few months I tried to center on my condition, and my husband was wonderful treating me like a baby myself. In my eighth month, I had another unexpected visit by these two guys. "You look as sexy showing as before," Bob said as I ignored him. "I have never had sex with a pregnant lady." "Do you want me to call my husband or police?" I asked. "If he knew of you two, he would kill you." "Here's our number in case you decide you want something you husband can't give you," Ben said.

My ninth month, I stopped work and a few days later, my husband rushed me to the hospital where I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I was home in a few days doing fine, but I had this incredible urge to have sex. Larry asked my doctor about this, and he felt my urge was normal, but that we should wait a few weeks before having intercourse. When Bob went back to work, I was still going nuts. My bra or top rubbing my sensitive breasts was drivng me crazy. When I breast fed our little daughter, I was so horny, I was touching myself. "Larry, please?" I said that evening. "Pam, you know what the doctor said," he smiled. "Honey, we will be able to make love soon."

Friday afternoon, I would have done anything for sex. I was now thinking of the two skiers and looking at the phone number they left me. A hour later, I was calling the ski lodge, and Ben was glad to hear from me. "We're in condo 219, Pam baby," he said. "I can meet you at the lodge."

When Larry came home I told him I had to go to the store and catch up on some business. As he watched our baby, I was in the car driving 25 miles north to the ski lodge. I knew I was crazy, but when Ben met me, he escorted me to their condo. Feeling like a tramp, Ben picked up the phone. "Hey Joe, you'd better get up here. Your old girl friend is here and I think she wants us. Come on."

I just stood like a willing tramp as Ben pulled off my top. When my bra went, they both stood in ahh starring at my breasts. "Would you look at those?" Ben said. "Those nipples are still full of milk." I could see their mouths watering as they both leaned down and found my milk swollen nipples. It felt awesome as they bit and actually drew milk into their mouths. Falling back on the bed my panties were removed as I saw the tall 6'5 Ben holding a long 9" penis. I let out both a cry of relief and passion as the largest penis of my life easily entered my sensitive stretched vagina.

"Hey Joe, what do you think?" I heard Bob say as Joe entered the room. "We're completely surprised. She just came up and she is hot as hell. She's only 5", but she is really sucking up a 9" cock." I was ashamed as Joe moved closer as Ben was now slamming in me like crazy. I must have orgasmed two or three times before Ben pulled and shot a hot load of sperm on my stomach.

"Man, your old girl has one nice pussy," Ben said to Joe. "You say she would never take a black. I have bucks to say she won't bat an eye." Breathing exhaustion, I just lay mum as I saw Bob holding a thick black 8" penis. As he came down on me like a dark cloud, I let out another big sigh as the first black man took my sore vagina. In a few seconds I was still hungry for sex and although I had flashes of what my dad and brothers would think, I opened my mouth to accept his hot tongue. Ten minutes of hot physical sex, I had another orgasm as my black lover covered my again in sperm. With Joe watching in shock, I grabbed my clothes as both Bob and Ben bragged about my nipples and vagina. Both men coaxed me to stay, but I dressed and ran to my car. I saw Joe calling out to me.

"Leave me alone Joe," I cried as he beat on the window. "I don't know what is wrong with me. I have shamed myself and my family. Let me go Joe, I must get home. Joe, please forgive me!"

My mind was numb with disbelief as i drove home. Luckily Larry and my baby were asleep when I came in the door. Removing my clothes in the bathroom, I was shocked to see sucker bites all over my swollen breasts in the miror. After showering, I curled up beside my husband in guilt and remorse.

Saturday, Larry insisted on staying with me, but I asked him to go to work. As I breast fed my baby not only did the bites upset me, but again drove me insane with sexual urge. I phoned my doctor and he said it was prabably hormones that caused my urge for sex and not to worry. By 4 pm instead of asking Larry for sex, my mind was again wondering to the two playboys at the ski lodge. Telling Larry i again had work at the store, I was in total confusion as I drove north to the lodge again.

"Hey Ben, look who's back," Bob said greeting me. "Come on in Pam, we're glad you came." Again, I just stood like a shy school girl as both men moved in on me. As Ben removed my top, Bob was on the phone telling Joe I was back and if he wanted to see his old girl get balled, to hurry up. As both men kissed me, my head fell back as their hungry mouths enjoyed the milk from my breasts. When Joe arrived, I was out of my mind with lust as both were on my breasts and licking my vagina.

"Joe, Pam says you never did her in the rear end," Ben laughed. "I couldn't help but notice that round pink hole between her buns last night. I know her husband does not realize what he has here, but it takes two strangers to know she has a virgin hole that needs to be tapped. Agree?" Joe said nothing as Ben rolled me over on the bed and toyed with my anus. I wanted to object, but said nothing as Ben oiled both my rear and his penis. Raising my butt in the air, I let out a yelp as Ben's knob broke into my virgin ass. Before giving birth and after, i noticed how sensitive my anus felt during bowel movements, but beyond the pain the feeling was totally wild as Ben drove his 9"s deeper in my rectum. I screamed with passion as Ben enjoyed slicing his new found hole.

"Save some asshole for me man," Bob joked as Joe observed my disgrace. "I want some pink hole too." I felt like a animal as Bob was now under me sucking my breasts again. As Ben gripped my buns, he let out a yell as I felt his hot sperm trickle in my bowels. As Ben moved away, Bob knelt behind me and pushed his black shaft in my open anus. I dropped my head again for Bob's enjoyment.

"Joe, you must have been crazy to miss this man," Bob laughed pumping his black pole in and out of me. "Her old man is home and I'm enjoying his wife's sweet asshole. Man, it's so white and tight." As Joe moved in and masterbated on my bare back, I felt Bob's wad blowing deep in my anus. As I fell in total exhaustion on my side, I could feel what seem to be gallons of sperm oozing from my ass. I told them I had to go as I reached for my bra. Both men were still stroking theirselves and asking me to shower with them in hopes I would do them both oral, but I quietly and quickly made my exit.

This time my guilt was more intense as i reached home and saw my husband asleep in bed. As my anus was still throbbing from the two hour thrashing, I knew then and there I must seek help for my sex- ual addiction. I sought a therapist and told her everyhthing. After 18 months of therapy, I was released to stand on my own. During that time both men phoned for more sex, but I declined. Even Joe tried to coax me, but I stood strong. Now after nearly 10 years, I have gone back to being a good wife and mother. In my own selfish thoughts I still recall the pleasure I received from both a strange white and black man, but that was then and my husband and family is now.


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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.