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Bonnie's First Coupon

Another great wife turned slut story.


Timing is everything. This time Mother Nature cooperated beautifully. It was Super Bowl weekend. My wife, Bonnie, is not big on football, but I seldom miss a good game. Our compromise is that I get to stay home and watch the game with a couple of my friends while Bonnie and a couple of her friends go shopping. All in all, not a bad arrangement.

For the Super Bowl I had invited a recently separated friend of ours from Manassas - Stan - to come spend the weekend with us. And, of course our next-door neighbor, Frank. Bonnie elected to go out to meet two of her friends at the mall. Since that left their husbands, Mark and Greg, with nothing to do, I invited them, too.

The guys started arriving around three-thirty. Bonnie was meeting her friends at five-thirty at the mall for dinner and shopping. Well, we live in Virginia. You may remember that on that particular Sunday we were just beginning to get hit with a big ice storm. Around four o'clock we got hit with a world-class ice storm. The streets iced over, the malls closed, and it became obvious that the girls were not going to get to go shopping that day. Bonnie was stuck at home with us.

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Then the unthinkable happened: the electricity went out. I did find a battery-run radio, but it just wasn't the same. We decided to make the most of the situation - as if we had a choice. No one was going anywhere in that storm! At least we had plenty of beer and snacks, and a nice fire was burning in the fireplace with plenty of fire wood to keep us warm. We closed the doors to the family room to keep the heat in, and it made a nice haven from the storm. While we were waiting for kickoff we were talking about what to do and where to go around Richmond. I mentioned the Melting Pot, where I took Bonnie on our last outing (see "Bonnie Looses A Bet"). With Bonnie out of the room, and under the influence of the raging testosterone, the beer, and the camaraderie, I told more about that evening than I had intended. I did not go into what transpired at the house after we came home, but I did give a fairly explicit description of having Bonnie show her tits to our waiter. My story met with overwhelming disbelief.

One of the byproducts of that evening was the gift to me of six "anything" coupons, redeemable upon demand. I slipped out into the kitchen where Bonnie was getting munchies and beer. I grabbed a bowl of chips in one hand, and as I reached for a cooler of beer with my other, I said "Would you take this for me, please?" and handed her one of the coupons. Of course she took it, and by the time she realized what it was, I was out the door and back into the family room.

According to the rules of the arrangement, I have total control from the moment she receives the coupon. Bonnie has to do whatever I tell her to, when I tell her to do it, with no argument and no hesitation. The idea that she has no control over what she does releases her from any responsibility for her actions (at least that's the was she explained it to me). She hibernated in the kitchen for a while, until I called out for her to join us. She came into the family room and sat beside me on the couch, with Stan on her other side. Since we were no longer watching the game on TV, we had arranged ourselves in a loose circle around the coffee table and the food. Bonnie didn't say anything; she just sat there looking nervous.

As the game went on and the beer flowed she relaxed. Near the end of the first quarter she got up to go to the bathroom. I pulled her back down and whispered in her ear that she was to take off her bra before she came back. After she was out of the room, I said to those in the group who were skeptical of my account of the evening at The Melting Pot, "When Bonnie comes back, notice that she has remover her bra." When she returned with that telltale bounce under her button-down shirt they began to wonder of I might be telling the truth. At the end of the quarter, someone - Greg, I think - said he had an anniversary coming up and wanted to go out somewhere nice. Had Bonnie ever been there?

"Tell him the truth, Honey" I said. "Yes," she replied, "We went out to dinner there a couple of months ago." "Did you enjoy it?" "Yes, it was an interesting evening." He persisted, "Why did you enjoy it? What was so special about it?" She hesitated and looked at me. "Tell him what happened." "Everything?" "Yes, everything. There are friends. It's OK for them to know." "But Tom," she argued, "it's embarrassing, and they'll think I'm a terrible person!"

"Bonnie," I said, "you're arguing and hesitating. You have earned a punishment to remind you that you have to do what I say, when I say, with no argument and no hesitation. Now either you tell them or I will, and it will me much less embarrassing for you if you tell them." She hung her head and said, "He made me show my breasts to our waiter."

Shouts of "No Way! Outstanding! All right!" echoed around the room. When the noise died down I said "Thank you, Bonnie. I'm proud of you. Now, about your reminder: instead of just telling them, you are going to show them what you did. Unbutton your blouse just like you did in the restaurant." "But Honey, not in front of all these people! I just CAN'T!" "You are arguing again, Bonnie. Than, too, will cost you. Now do what I told you to do. Unbutton your blouse."

You could have heard a pin drop as she reached up to unbutton the top button. Then the second one. The third (now we could see the inside curve of her breasts). The fourth (and a hint of aureola), and finally, the last button. Her blouse was now open to her waist, but covering her breasts. "Good. Now, Bonnie, show them how you showed yourself to our waiter." Still looking at the floor, her hands slowly rose to grip the sides of her blouse. She looked at me and shook her head. "I'm sorry, Tom. I'm just too embarrassed." "Bonnie, you have to do this. No more hesitation. Do it right now."

Slowly, she pulled apart the sides of her blouse, allowing an unobstructed view of her magnificent breasts. Holding her blouse wide open, she asked me "Is this what you wanted me to do?" "Yes, my love. As I said, I am very, very proud of you. As warm as it is in here, let me take that for you," I said, sliding it off her arms. She allowed me to take it with only token resistance. So there she sat, topless, in front of five guys. But she sat up straight and didn't try to cover up. All of us were admiring and complimenting her on her breasts. She seemed embarrassed, but pleased.

"I'm afraid you're not quite done yet, Bonnie. You argued with me twice. Do you remember what I threatened to do in the restaurant if you argued or hesitated after that first time?" "Yes," she replied. "Tell them what your punishment will be" "You told me you would show the waiter my pussy," she said softly. "Yes. I think that is what we will do now. Please stand up." Slowly she stood up in front of the couch. "Bonnie," I said, "take off your jeans." You could tell she was absolutely dying of embarrassment, but she slowly unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans, and worked them down over her hips and onto the floor. She tried to sit down, but I said, "Not yet, Honey.

Now, the panties." She took a deep breath (which did wonderful things for her breasts), hooked her thumbs into the waist band, and removed her last skimp of cover. She was now totally, completely naked in front of five men. There was a round of spontaneous applause, and a whole series of heartfelt compliments. Totally embarrassed, she sat back down of the couch. "No, Bonnie, you're not quite done yet. Since you're already naked, I want to prove a point to you. We're all fairly typical males, and I want to be sure each guy here gets a good long look at your body -- all of your body. I want you to see how much we admire and love looking at your body. I want you to know in your heart how much an average guy appreciates it when he gets a chance to see your body. Go around the circle and stand in front of each guy. Let him look at you, front and back, and have a chance to appreciate you -- even touch or caress you if he wants to. Then maybe you'll understand what a favor you are doing for men when we get a chance to see your body."

She didn't say a word, just went over and stood in front of Mark, whom she probably knew least well of any of us. She slowly turned in a complete circle. When she was facing him again, he shyly reached out and stroked the side of her breast. "Beautiful," he said. Bonnie walked on to stand in front of Greg. He was less shy. He reached out and cupped both breasts, weighing them in his hands. As she turned, he let his hands slide over her ass, and when she was once again facing him, his hand was on her vagina, cupping her sex. "I can feel her wetness," he said. That is SO SEXY! She was breathing hard as she moved on to Frank. Frank, of course, was intimately familiar with her body, and immediately thrust two fingers up inside her while he sucked her nipple. A groan escaped from her lips, and she tilted her head back to enjoy the sensation. "Hurry up over there!" Stan said. He was next in line. Bonnie smiled, did a quick turn in front of Frank, and came to stand in front of Stan. Stan ran his hands down her sides and reached around to cup her ass. He pulled her toward him and planted a kiss directly on her vagina. Judging from her reaction, his tongue was busy stroking her clit. She moaned again. She turned around for him and was back where she started.

"Thank you, Bonnie. You have made this a very special night for all of us. It's only fair, now, that it is special for you, too. Sit down on the couch here." I pulled one leg over my leg and Stan, catching on quickly, did the same on the other side. Bonnie was now wide open to their gaze, her most intimate parts clearly revealed. "You have been very good tonight. I know you are very turned on, and you have earned the right to reach a climax. Please go ahead and bring yourself off."

And that's how it happened that Mother Nature made possible the most exciting night of our lives to date. It was a wonderful experience for both Bonnie and me, and the best part is that I still have five more coupons!

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