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"Black Into White"

      by David

      (MF cons wife interr)

Jane and I married in our home city in the north of England when we were 18. We were childhood sweethearts with no previous sexual partners. We had been through school together, and married before we moved to the south of England to start at the same University. Jane is a very beautiful woman, pretty, tall and slim with long curly ash-blond hair and the most gorgeous large, firm breasts imaginable. But in spite of her great beauty she is a shy and reserved girl.

Soon after we were married we started to buy soft porn magazines. One in particular contained sexually explicit readers' letters. We would read these letters together in bed and end up having great sex. Jane's favourite fantasy was to have sex with a complete stranger and mine was to watch her having sex with another man, so we found letters from husbands who had watched their wives with other men really exciting. But although we often discussed it, we had no intention of ever trying to turn our fantasies into reality. In the first place we had no need to, our own sex life was more than sufficient. Also we did not believe the letters were real. People just didn't do that sort of thing. But all this changed in June, on Jane's 21st birthday.

At that time Jane's mother, Helen, was staying in our flat recovering from an operation, Jane's father had to be abroad on business for a few weeks. She was still poorly, but on the birthday night she insisted we go out. So we popped next door to get a neighbor to sit with Helen. We went on a pub-crawl in the villages around the small rural town where we now live in the south of England. In each pub I bought Jane her favourite drink, a strong malt whisky. We went to three pubs, then decided to drive back home and have a last few drinks in our local inn, then we would walk home. But as we drove through an estate on the far side of town we saw a brand new pub, and decided to try it out.

We were at the bar buying drinks, and a large black man stood next to us talking to a group of men. He was about 50 years old and very good looking with a deep attractive voice; he was very likeable. And he was really large; well over six feet tall, and weighing at least 20 stones, but with the build to carry it off. He was moaning good-naturedly about the state of his sex life. His wife had died nearly 2 years before and he had not felt like sex since. Now his much younger brother was visiting him with his wife and daughter, and the presence of two attractive women was making him desperate for a good shag.

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Jane and I sat down alone with our drinks. I think it was the man constantly staring at Jane, who was dressed in a sexy strapless black mini-dress, and black lacy stay-up stockings, that set me off, and the fact that I'd had too much to drink. Anyway, I told Jane that she should give the man what he wanted. I only said it as a joke, and expected her to laugh, but when she said, "Do you mean it?" I became very excited, and wanted to talk to her about whether she was serious, but I saw that another couple weas moving in our direction and were going to sit down next to us. With a flash of inspiration I said "Think about it for a few minutes. I'll ask you if you want another drink. If you say no, we leave. If you say yes, I'll talk to him." When I asked her if she wanted another drink she looked me straight in the eye and said, "Do you want me to?"

At this stage my thoughts were in turmoil. I felt very jealous, that it would be wrong. But I knew I wanted to see Jane with this man and I could not get the vision of his huge black bulk squashing my wife with just her slim white arms and legs visible, out of my mind. I thought that, no matter what I did it would come to nothing, so I walked over to him. How I dragged myself across the floor I shall never know as my legs had turned to jelly, and I thought I had lost control of my bowels. Luckily the man was now standing alone. With my throat dry and a croaky voice I told him that we had overheard him at the bar and my wife wanted to try sex with a black man. I asked if he was interested. He was stunned. For a long time he just stood there muttering to himself, his glance rapidly switching between Jane and myself. He took so long that I thought, Oh no! How embarrassing. He's going to refuse, but at last he smiled and said, "Yes, please."

Because of Jane's mum, and his brother's family, we could not go to his place or ours. I told him to wait five minutes after we left, then join us in the car park. Our car is an estate wagon, and the back seats go down to make a large area. We had sleeping bags, pillows and blankets there from when we picked Helen up; they could use this as their bed. I told him that if he said nothing about this, and if he gave Jane a good seeing to, we could do it again. I even whispered some tips on how to please her in bed, explaining how important foreplay was to her.

I expected Jane to cry off when I told her the man had agreed; but no, she seemed excited; the drink had obviously given her courage. However in the car, when I told Jane what was planned, she did object. Even after 5 whiskies' she would not have sex in the pub car park or anywhere public where she could be discovered. So I had to come up with plan B.

I worked some twenty miles away in a large office that is isolated, standing in 150 acres of wooded grounds, and with a high security fence all around it. As I had a key to the gate we could drive to the site, which would be empty. Just in case anyone checked the site I could park in a clearing in the woods.

Jane agreed to this plan, and when Tony arrived she joined him on the back seat. This surprised me as I had expected her to be too embarrassed to do anything when he arrived. I finally realised that we had passed the point of no return. Jane had lost her inhibitions; she was actually going to have sex with this stranger and there was now little I could do about it.

As we set off the conversation in the car was mainly between Tony and myself. Gradually Jane joined in and before long they were talking to each other. I watched my rear-view mirror and saw Tony take Jane's hand. Then a few minutes later he moved closer to her and put an arm around her as they cuddled together. Just before we drove off the main road onto unlit country roads, I saw them kiss, after that I could see nothing although the sounds told me things were developing nicely.

It took another 15 minutes to get to my works, open the gate and drive into the woods. A full moon had appeared, and I saw that Jane was wearing only her bra, briefs, stockings and shoes, and Tony was down to his trousers. They were locked in an embrace and to my amazement I saw that Jane had her hand inside Tony's pants. I pushed them out of the car and asked them to help me turn the back of the car into a bed but they were too busy with each other. Jane was leaning against a tree and Tony had his arms around her. They were kissing whilst Jane's hand worked overtime inside Tony's trousers.



As I turned the back of the car into a bed, Tony removed his own trousers. Then he removed Jane's bra and panties, leaving her in just stockings and shoes. He knelt on the ground in front of Jane. She opened her legs and thrust her pelvis forward, allowing him to bury his head in her pussy. When she started moaning he inserted a finger in her cunt and Jane squealed. Before long he was finger frigging her.

With his fingers still in Jane's cunt, Tony used his great strength to lift her bodily into the car and onto the bed I had made, then lay beside her. Still finger-fucking her he sucked on Jane's tits and she had a noisy orgasm. I decided that we would definitely repeat this experience.

After the orgasm, they adopted the 69 position with Jane on top and I saw what had so interested her in Tony's trousers. In keeping with the rest of him his prick was enormous, about twice the size of mine. When Jane and I make love we sometimes need Vaseline before I can get my modest (6 inches) tool inside her. I thought, there's no way she can take that monster. She just stared at his massive cock for a long time before going to work on it. She nibbled it, sucked it and his balls, wanked it and rubbed her face with it. She also rubbed her breasts with it, and flicked its tip across her nipples. She was fascinated by it.

After what seemed an eternity Jane rolled onto her back and begged Tony to mount her. Instead he took her hand and guided it between her legs, then, taking one of her fingers, showed her that he wanted her to frig her clitoris. After some hesitation she started to do so, and Tony inserted two fingers in her cunt. Soon Jane brought herself to another climax, at the same time drawing her legs up until her knees were nearly touching her shoulders. Tony's fingers made squelchy sounds in Jane's cunt as her love juices flowed, and he seized this moment to swing himself into the missionary position, push down on Jane's legs, and put his cock into her sopping cunt.

He pushed fully home with one brutal thrust. As he rammed home Jane gave a load scream, then she lay open-mouthed, gasping loudly as if short of breath. Once inside her, Tony knelt up, and as he still had his cock in her cunt, this action lifted Jane's bum off the car floor; at the same time she wrapped her long legs tightly around his buttocks. Tony asked my wife to play with her breasts and she did so, fondling them, squeezing them and rubbing them with her hands and forearms as he watched. After some time he fell forward on to Jane and began to hump her and I realised that I was seeing the vision I'd had in the pub of my wife being squashed by this huge black body. All I could see of her was her arms and legs wrapped around her black lover.

As he moved his cock in and out Jane pummelled his buttocks with her clenched fists and moaned quietly. I was standing just outside the back of the car watching them. It was the first time I had seen a man fuck a woman and I expected to see his ass jerking up and down, but instead it looked as if he was rhythmically clenching his bum muscles. I then noticed that most movement of his bum was circular as he moved it in a figure of eight. He fucked Jane gently for a long time before he dropped his load into her, groaning loudly as he did so.

It was now nearly 11:00pm and we had to get back for our neighbor, but I first went for a walk in the woods. I wanted to check the car park to make sure that the coast was clear. I also wanted to give the two lovers a few minutes to themselves, to have a quick kiss and cuddle before getting dressed. Above all I needed some time to myself, as my own feelings were confused as well as excited. I walked all round the grounds, but there was no one there so I returned. As I approached the car I could see it rocking violently. Inside Tony was fucking Jane with gusto. The first fuck had been gentle but this time I could see his bottom move up and down vigorously. He is a big man and was really pounding her; so much so that the car was bouncing around.

Throughout this fuck Jane squealed and screamed. I thought that if anyone was nearby they couldn't help hearing either the car springs or Jane's cries of ecstasy. She clawed at Tony's back and he ended up with large scratch marks all along it. His mouth was stuck to her left breast like a limpet. In thrashing around Jane managed to push his head away and as she did so she squealed in pain – he'd clamped her nipple between his teeth; then within seconds his mouth was back on her other breast. When he had shot his semen into my wife for a second time I said that we had to be going, but instead of getting dressed Tony pulled a blanket over the pair of them and said they would stay in the back.

As we approached Tony's home I saw a movement in the mirror, it was Jane's face and body coming in to view as she straddled Tony, they were fucking again. It did not bother Jane that anyone outside could see her large, firm breasts jigging up and down, or being held by big black hands, as she bounced on Tony. So I parked in a lane behind Tony's house, turned around in the driver's seat and watched until they had finished. At first I was worried that Jane's screams would bring someone to investigate, but every time she started moaning Tony moved a hand from her breasts to her mouth and kept it there until she became quiet; he would then move the hand back to her breasts. After he had shot a third load of spunk inside my wife he dressed and left and we headed home.

The next day Jane was tearful, and blamed me for what had happened. But when I told her how much I had enjoyed it she admitted it was a great birthday present. She would like to repeat it, only next time she wanted to be sober.

So, two weeks later, on the day that her dad took her mum back to the north of England, she put on the same outfit, and we headed for the same pub. Tony was there, and we took him back to our place. This time he shagged my wife all night. For a man of fifty he has remarkable stamina. Since then the three of us have become very close. By choice Tony has no phone in his home, so two or three times a month Jane and I head for his local pub and take him home. I either watch them fucking or join in with them, then the two of them go to bed for the night.

- The End -

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