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Another great wife turned slut story.


It was a nice Saturday afternoon, and I was sitting around being bored when the phone rang. It was my old friend Linda, she said that she was just hanging around and wanted to know if I wanted to join her for a Saturaday night adventure. Her husband and kids were gone to a spend the night party and she had a really wet spot that needed some attention. From past expeiences with Linda I can assure you that when she gets ready for attention, I'm going to have a wild time. Linda told me that a freind of hers had told her about a biker bar where about ten or fifteen bikers hang out on weekends, "Well they call themselves bikers, but they're just regular guys that like getting away from they're real lives." she said. "My friend Denise said she'd gone there a few months back and it was a lot of fun."

I go there first and parked my BMW in the next door lot. At last she arrived at the bar parked her car and walked up to where Id parked. Outside there were ten bikes, "must be ten of them in there," I thought to myself. It was good to see Linda again, the entire time I waited, I couldn't help to think of her big tit's and the way she'd sudked my big black cock the last time I saw her. Well, we exchanged greetings, and I told her how good her ass looked in her tight shorts. We finally made our way inside the flimsy door on the side of the building that was lit up only by an old Budweiser sign. It was dar inside and she stood by me at the door as we waited for our eyes to adjust.

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Finally, we could see, quickly counting she confirmed the presence of ten men and one bar-tender. Could she handle them all? They hadn't seen her yet, they were all standing around the pool table talking and laughing.

As our eyes fully adjusted to the darkness we could see that this was just what I'd envisioned a biker bar to be. Old tables and chairs mended several times, no doubt as a result of fights. The walls were stained and dirty, dozens of pictures of naked women adorning them. Along one wall was an old beat up bar with a TV above it, and in the back of the room were two pool tables. On the very back wall she could see several pairs of panties and a sign Gang Bang Wall of Fame. Well here we were a black man with a horny white woman in a biker bar.

We walked on over to the bar and asked for a couple of drinks, but were quikly informed that we had a choice of straight tequila, scotch, or beer, so I got a beer and Linda started with a scotch. She whispered to me, "Kirk, I think I'm going to cum right now, just thinking about all you guys doing me." I looked back toward the pool tables and what a mixed bunch, some were tall, some short, a couple were overweight. They all wore jeans, and boots, most wore vests over T-shirts. All needed a shave and most had very hairy arms and chests. At last she was noticed, silence filled the room as the ten men stopped talking and laughing.

"Check the hot looking bitch out!" We heard one of them, as all their lust filled eyes were focused on her. "What'cha want in here, bitch." a biker asked her. "Yeah, bitch, what'cha you doing in a men's bar?" Several crude sexists remarks were directed at her. Finally, Butch ordered them silent. He motioned for her to come to him. Linda, her legs shaking, crept toward Butch till she stoood in front of him. "Ignore my rude friends, honey, they don't know how to treat a lady. Are you broke down or lost?" Butch asked. "No, I am not lost or broke down, I'm Linda and my friend is Kirk, a girl friend of mine told me about you guys.

"I want to join the Gang Bang Club." Linda said nervously, as she felt Butch squeezing her ass. Shouts of excited anticipation and approval of Linda's fantasy echoed from each man present. Butch slipped around behind her, with his strong arms he pulled her body tightly against his. She could feel his breath on her neck and his hardening cock pressing against her ass.

"Linda," Butch said softy, "Once a gang bang begins it doesn't stop until the Gang Bang Bitch sucks and fucks every man in here. Are you sure you can handle ten hard cocks, well twelve counting your friend and the bar-tender?" Butch was now fondling her big tits with one hand and kneading her cunt with the other. Linda's legs felt weak as Butch held her and felt her up. Then I saw Butch pulling her shirt and bra up together, exposing her big-nippled tities . Then, as he held her by her tits another guy unzipped her shorts, and yanked them down over her nice ass, all the way to the floor.

"Boys, I think this bitch wants it, her pussy has already soaked her panties." Then with all her strength she tensed her body and turned about dropping to her knees in front of Butch. She reached for his belt and as she held on to it she looked up at him panting, her face flushed in excitement. "Well I guess you've made your decision." Butch said as he put his finger into her mouth. Linda unfastened his belt buckle, unsnapped his jeans, and pulled the zipper down. Butch pushed the jeans and shorts down over his hips exposing his seven inch cock. Linda stared at it and slowly she brought her lips to the tip and with her soft pink tongue she licked the pre- cum fluid from the tip of his cock. Everyone watched in silence as she took his cock and balls into her hands,then slowly she guided his cock through her full red puckered lips till it reach the back of her mouth. Linda's mouth slid up and down Butch's shaft, his musky scent was intoxicating to her. Then Butch grabbed her head and began fucking her mouth. Deeper and deeper he thrusted his cock into her sucking mouth, till he forced it down her throat. Linda gagged, and Butch thrusted his cock down her throat again causing huge amounts of saliva to stream from her mouth. Suddenly she was aware of the other men standing around her, watching their leader fuck her mouth. She pulled Butch's cock out of her mouth with a nasty slurp. As she did she turned to see nine naked men stroking their cocks in eager anticipation.

"Go ahead, bitch," Butch said, "introduce that sweet mouth of yours to everyone's cock." Linda turned to the first man and wasting no time she put his cock into her mouth and began sucking. The second man was uncircumcised, she smiled and said, "I Love them uncut." She stroked him and played with the foreskin.

Then she put it in her mouth and played with it with her tongue. She continued going from man to man sucking and being mouth fucked by each, till she came to the biggest cock I'd had ever seen. Big Joe was the bikers name, he stood six foot six and weighed 285. His cock however earned him his nick name. Linda took his huge member into her hands in amazement. Big Joe was fourteen inches. She tried, but she couldn't fit more than the tip into her mouth. Then she gasped in horror as she realized he would want to fuck her cunt with this pole.

"OK, bitch, stand up and let us get a good feel of you." Big Joe ordered. Linda stood, her nipples were hard and dark. Joe grabbed her and began fondling her tits, he passed her off to the next man who likewise squeezed and pinched her titties. Each man took a turn. Then Jake reached down betweeen Linda's legs with his hand cupping her wet cunt he lifted her and carried her brusquely toward the back pool table. "On the table, bitch, " Butch instructed. Linda laid on her back her feet flat on the table, knees up, lifting her ass up Joe ripped her panties off, and handed them to Butch. "If you satisfy everyone, Linda, these will be put on our wall of fame." Butch informed her as he held the crumpled wet panties to his face so he could smell her scent. Linda glanced over at the wall, at least twenty pairs of panties hung there and then she saw Denise's name above a flimsy red pair.

Suddenly, she was grabbed by the ankles and pulled to the edge of the table. Sam opened and pushed her legs back, exposing her wet gooey cunt. He slid his hands down her inner thighs and with his fingers he pulled her cunt lips apart. Next, he lowered his mouth to her and began licking and sucking her sweet cunt juices. "Eat her out good, Sam, make the bitch scream with pleasure before we all fuck her." another biker yelled. Sam enjoyed eating pussy and it showed, Linda was quickly approaching orgasm. Her breathing was heavy as she ground her cunt into Sam's mouth. Then her body stiffened, her toes curled and she let out a loud scream of pleasure.

"OK, lets fuck this bitch!" Bill cried out as he pulled her by the wrists back to the center of the table. Sam crawled up first. Linda, happily, pulled her legs back and apart for him. Sam positioned himself, and began rubbing his hard throbbing cock between her wet slit. Then every one began chanting. "Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!!!" Sam positioned himself over her, Linda looked up at him knowing that in another few seconds his cock would thrust into her horny cunt. "Fuck her, Sam!! Fuck the, bitch!!!" Sam then lowered his weight upon her and thrusted his cock into her juicy fuck hole. "OHHHH!!!. Linda cried, YEAH! FUCK MEE!! FUCK ME LIKE A BITCH!!" Sam began thrusting hard and deep into her, Linda's legs wrapped around his waist. Linda turned her head to see a biker kneelng on the table next to her head. She reached for his cock and pulled it to her mouth. Then Sam pulled out and the next biker got into position. One after one they took turns fucking Linda's wet cunt.

As the seventh biker finished his turn between her legs, she raised her head up to see who would be fucking her next. Linda froze, she closed her knees together in embarrassment as he climbed up onto the table. She didn't know one of her husband's friends hung out at a biker bar, and now he was about to fuck her. Pushing her legs apart he positioned himself between her sexy legs, her face was flushed, panic was in her eyes as he guided his throbbing cock between her wet cunt lips. "Relax, I don't kiss and tell, but I'll never have to say to the other guys, that I wish I could fuck her...Will I?" He said to her as he began to fuck her.

Then L:inda felt his cock penetrating her as he lowered his weight upon her nude body. With his eyes closed and his face buried in her tangled hair, he began thrusting his cock deep and hard into her cunt. With her legs locked around his waist, and with squeals and moans Linda lost herself in carnal pleasure climaxing again.

Then it was Big Joe's turn. Linda gasped as he crawled up onto the table and between her legs. "You can take it, Bitch," he reassured her. "I' ve never failed to get in a woman's cunt yet." Big Joe coated his cock with some mineral oil and every one watched as he positioned himself. Linda held her breath as Big Joe slowly inserted his monster cock into her wet hole. "Ahhhhhhh, feels sooo good." Linda exclaimed as she felt her cunt being stuffed. Linda's cunt was being stretched further than ever before and it sent waves of pleasure through her body she never felt. As Big Joe dismounted her, too soon for Linda's liking. The last stage of the gang bang was about to begin.

Big Joe laid down on the floor and two men pulled her roughly to the floor. "Get down there Bitch, and set on that cock!" Linda knelt down, her cunt resting on the head of Big Joes cock.. She felt a knee in her back push her down the length of his giant dick and two hands pulling her head back by her hair. "Open your mouth, bitch!!" She did as she was told. She watched as they came around one at a time stuffing their cocks in and out of her mouth and roughly grabbing her big nipple and pulling and pinching them.. Then one by one they approached her rear and all took turns knealling down behind her and rubbing their cocks on her asshole. "Hey Kirk, get over here and let you're bitch get some of that black dick." I walked around behind Linda and got a close up of her dripping cunt lips, stretched around the fatest cock I'd ever seen. She looked up at me and said, "God, Kirk, I need to taste that big black cock of yours." I gave it to her and she bagan licking and sucking it hard and deep. She started a rhythm with her fucking and sucking, then occasionally she'd hold my cock up and run her tongue down around my balls and lick the tender spot between my balls and my asshole. I watched as another of the bikers began to mount her from behind, I knew he was about get some of Linda's sweet little ass, when she screamed out, "NO,NO,NO, it won't fit, stop, stop, stoooooop, God, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOD !!!!! " "Yeah, Jim, that's the way to stretch a cunt, it's always good to stick two cocks in a cunt at once." Now Linda had collapsed on Big Joe, leaving my hard cock wanting more, but she had been stunned with what they had done, and now both men where pumping in and out of her cunt in rhythm. Soon Big Joe was close to cumming and told another guy to hold her up, "I want to suck those big tits while I cum." he said. So as they held Linda's body upright he sucked a big blue spot on her left tit as he unloaded deep inside he stretched pussy.

Butch said, "Looks like you got the biggest dick between the rest of us." Looking at me, "So you get on the floor and she'll fuck you with that stretched cunt."

Next thing I knew was Linda's hot, dripping cunt was covering my cock, and her lips latched on to another guys cock as he stood over my face. She was worn out already, having cum for a third time when she was stretched by the two cocks a minute ago. As she sucked she didn't move much, then I felt her cunt tightn up, I leaned over a bit to see another biker, Butch, had mounted Linda from the rear and had bagan to butt-fuck her. Her cunt felt great, almost as if she had a big hard tongue inside her pussy licking up and down my cock. Butch didn't last long though, as he reached around and squeezed her tits and thrust deeply inside her ass. I felt hte hard squirts of his cum against the walls of her cunt as butch unloaded in her. Then I felt wet drops hitting my shoulder, looked up and cum was dripping from Linda's lips as two cocks at once were unloading in her mouth.

As soon as Butch left her used asshole another biker stuffed his cock in her, then another and another and another. All the time they were drinking beer, and from time to time would reach down and play with her big nipples, sometimes pulling on them to the extreme leaving black and blue marks all over her tits. By the time the bartender entered her ass I had already cum twice and was thinkng that this had to be the sloppiest cunt I'd ever stuck my cock into. I could feel more and more cum, leaking from her ass and running down my balls, with each additional cock that stuffed her asshole.

"OK !." said Butch, Everybody's got to cum at least once, now bend the bitch over the pool table boys and help your selve's to seconds." Linda was now laying over the side of the pool table, her ass exposed for anybody and everybody. "And take these ropes and tie her hands across the table like we always do." Big Joe said as he handed a couple of the guys some nylon straps. Butch guided his cock into her sloppy, used, cunt and with a firm grip on her round hips, he began humping her ass. Smack, smack, smack, the sound of Butch's body slapping against sweaty, cum-covered ass filled the room, along with gushing noises as loads of cum squirted from her dark cunt-lips with every stroke . Then Butch let out a loud groan as he set his cock deep in her fuck hole and he filled her full of cum. I went over to the bar to get another beer and looked back to see four guys standing behind her taking turns pumping her cunt, they had made a game out of it, seeing which one could chug-a-lug the most beers while they fucked Linda's ass. Finally the bikers had gotten all of her they wanted, and they all cheered Linda as they tacked her panties to the wall. I helped Linda put her shirt back on and pull it down over her blue and red, hicky-covered tities. She was a little unsteady as I helped her pull her shorts up, white cum dripping steadily from both of her cum-filled holes. Bare footed and hardly able to walk I helped my little gangbanger to her car.

She sat in the car for a moment, dazed. Then she said, "I bet my husband is going to love it when he comes home to my cum-filled pussy today."

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.