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My Wife's First Big Lover

Another great wife turned slut story.


This entire story is abosultely true. I had never heard of the work "cockhold", until two monthes ago. I stumbled upon it on the web. I thought I was weird until reading some of the other stories here and I decided to share mine.

It all started a couple of years ago. My wife had not been with very many guys before we were married, so I thought I would let her try sleeping with someone else. When I first told her the idea, she said, "No way. I'm happy with you." That night I told her what it would be like while we were having sex. She became very turned on by the thought of seeing another man and letting him have sex with her. I told her lets try it that weekend. She said ok, but she was still very nervous and unsure.

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The weekend and came and the plan was developed. She did not want me to be there, so she said she would go out with our two neighbor friends, Kelly and Tiffany. That night I treated her to a warm bath and washed every part of her body. Then I dried her off and helped her get dressed. She was so turned on already that she wanted to have sex. I knew that if she did, she would change her mind when it was over so I told her not yet. Wait until you get home and you can tell me about your experience. They left about 8:00pm and now the waiting game began. I watched t.v. and paced the floors. The time went by so slowly. I tried going to sleep, but couldn't. Finally she came home at 4:00am.

As soon as she came upstairs, I sat up in the bed and said, "Well?". She looked at me with a strange smile and said nothing at first. I couldn't wait for the details. She laid down and began telling me what happened while I rubbed her wet pussy.

They decided to go to a place called Kelly's Bar. They were having some drinks at their table when a guy came over and asked her to dance. She described him as tall, with dark brown hair, about 200 pounds, BIG muscles and very good looking. She danced with him for three songs. The last one was a slow dance and she said she cuddled against his chest and could feel herself getting wet. His chest was as solid as two boulders. She gets very turned on at the thought of nice muscles and this was her night. After the dance he started kissing her on the other side of the bar. Kelly and Tiffany ran over and broke it up. They dragged her back to the table.

At 2:00am, the bar closed and they were leaving. He went to her and asked her for a ride. She said sure of course, but she had to drop her friends off first. She dropped off our neighbors and they told her no funny stuff. By then she had already commited in her mind to doing it. They were too late.

She drove him to his apartment and they started to make-out in the car. He asked her to come inside. She said the butterflies really started churning then. Once inside, he turned on a Led Zepppelin cd and started kissing her again. He took of her blouse and bra and began kissing and fondling her breast. This made her very turned on and she had to see his muscles. She took off his shirt and rubbed her hands all over his big arms and chest. She said she felt quivers as she ran her hand down his stomach. He laid her on her back and pulled her jeans off and then her panties. Then he started kissing her stomach and then began licking her little pussy. She was sopping wet and he knew he had her. She grabbed his head and pulled him in and began squirming on his face. She said she opened her eyes and stared at this large stranger licking her private pussy. It made her cum instantly. She said she had never came that hard while being eaten. By now she had to see his cock.

He stood up and dried off his face with his shirt. She rose up and undid his pants and worked them down. The bulge in his jeans made it hard to get them off and she didn't want to hurt him. He helped her get them off. She was mesmerized by the sight of the huge bulge in his underwear. She said she just sat there and couldn't move. It was kind of embarrassing she said. He grabbed the waistband and worked them down releasing his 8" very thick cock. She said it wasn't the length that got her, it was the shear size. She has always had a very tight pussy for me. I am seven inches and well built, and she has never had bigger. The thought of it going inside her must have really turned her on. She said she really felt bad, because she knew I was the biggest she had ever had. She almost left because of it, but she was torn to knowing what his felt like.

He laid her down and starting rubbing her pussy with his dick. Then he starting to work it in. She was still very wet, but he thickness made it hard to get it in. She tried wiggling her waist around his cock and it slowly moved inside her. She said she only remembers clawing the bedsheets so tight her hands hurt. He went slow at first to stretch her out and then began really fucking her. She didn't like it so hard, but he didn't stop. She didn't say anything because he was a total stranger to her. He fucked her hard like that for 15 minutes, then turned her over doggie style and fucked her some more. She said she couldn't cum because he was so rough. She did like it when he reached around and rubbed her clit while he was fucking her. The whole time Led Zeppelin is playing in the background.

Finally she convinced him to lay down so she could straddle him. She grabbed his slick cock and guided herself on to it. She said it was her favorite part. She grabbed his two chest muscles and rode him like a horse. She came hard again, but he didn't. She couldn't believe it. I would have cum way sooner. She laid down on his chest and almost fell asleep. He started caressing her hair and she sat up and they kissed again.for awhile. The whole time she kept his thick dick inside her. She said it felt so good. She said he filled her pussy entirely. She would sway her hips side to side and could not feel movement inside of her because there was no room to move. She began giggling while experimenting with her new toy. This made her very turned on and she asked him to fuck her again. He rolled her over and climbed on top again and fucked her like crazy. This time she liked being fucked hard. She like the thought of a muscle bound man on top of her fucking her with his huge penis. She said she told him to, "Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!" She said she held his thick pelvis so she could feel his strokes better. She said she felt so feminine at that moment under his huge body. They came together. She could feel him squirt his cum inside her. Then she rubbed his sweaty back while he laid on her relaxing. She got dressed and he kissed her goodbye.

Then it finally dawned on me that she didn't use a condom. I asked why she didn't, and she said she didn't even think about it. We have not used condoms for about a year because she has had her tubes tided. Something came over me and I went down and ate her out . On my way down, I could smell his cologne on her stomach. The smell of his cum in her cunt was powerful. I could smell it before I even got there. She said she thought it was mostly gone, but traces were still there. It was surreal to be licking my wife's pussy after another man had fucked her. I felt very strange and aroused. I felt small.

I came up and layed ontop of her. She was totally aroused again from sharing her experience. I could tell she was thinking about him. I told her she could go back if she wanted. This made her very aroused. She grabbed my dick and easily put it inside her. Right away I confirmed he was bigger than me. I couldn't feel a thing between her wetness and stretched out cunt. I told her how much he had stretched her out and she came all over me. She was so tired from the royal fucking and the alcohol, that she just laid there and closed her eyes.

I pulled out and went into the bathroom and closed the door. I turned on the light and could see his white cum on my dick. I could smell it too. I started jerking off using his cum for lubrication. I came in an instant.

Since that night, she had began dating him and slept with him regularly until we moved. She even spent the night at his apartment about once a week, sometimes more. She was totally in love with having sex with him. Sex with me just wasn't the same. I asked if I could watch her having sex with him, but she refused. We are still in love with each other. That has never changed. Her pussy has returned to normal since we moved. She has seen five other guys since her first lover. None of them have been as good she said. I will tell you about the others later....

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