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Beth's Arrangement by Sybian

"Beth's Arrangement" by Sybian 1998 by All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

She had chosen well, he noted, watching her enter the room. Taupe thigh high

stockings, her creamy flesh just bulging above the tight elastic. She teetered

on the 6 inch stiletto heeled black patent "fuck-me" shoes she had bought for

this occasion, keeping them hid from her unknowing husband for weeks, waiting

for this night. Beth's 135 pounds were tightly corsetted in a black satin

"merry widow" corset she had found at the local mall, it's tight lacing giving

her a 22 inch waist, causing to accentuate her flaring hips and extraordinary

ass. But though dressed like a whore, Beth still had the air of a virgin about

her, Steven mused to  himself as he watched her, a 43 year old virgin, for she

truly was this night,and she was about to cross the rubicon into a darker

place where he sometimes preferred to play. Play. He was hoping she understood

the game of it, the fun, and would not be frightened. He thought he had gained

her trust by now and that she was ready to go deeper into the soft night with


She had called her husband only hours ago, to tell him that she was about to

fulfill his fantasy, that of listening to her be used as a slut by another

man, a strong domineering man. She had met Steven on-line over a year ago and

tonight was the culmination of a year of ever hotter e-mails and phone calls.

They had finally found themselves in the same city, both on business, and that

confluence of events had proved to be irresistable to them both.

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Her dark eyes suddenly grew wide at the sight of him, looming out of the

darkness as she adjusted to the half light. He stood in the middle of the room

clad in gleaming black leather riding boots and black leather gloves, the

plates of his chest muscles shining in the flickering candlelight, the sinews

now glimmering with the almond oil that covered him. Her eyes were driven to

stare at his shaved groin, for now he wore some manner of leather harness

there, a leather ring around the base of his semi-erect penis which fit under

his unusually large testicles, forcing them out in a very lewd manner.

"Pick up the phone and call your husband", he ordered.

"Yes, Steven"

He glared at her harshly.

"I'm sorry,... yes Master,.... forgive me, I'm so new at this".

Beth picked up the phone and dialed.

"It's me".

"Yes, I'm here with him now".

She listened for a moment.

"Yes, I'm sure, very sure. Are you sure?"

"Okay, I'm going to lay the phone down now. Enjoy yourself, honey".

Beth gently placed the receiver down on the nightstand, facing out, so that it

would transmit every moment of her defilement to her husband listening in

another city.

She walked towards him, the heels of her shoes clicking on the polished wood

floor. She smiled nervously and began to speak; "Oh, Steven, darling,

I.............." The words hung in the air, cutoff, as his gloved hand shot

forward and grabbed her face, pinching her cheeks together, bringing her face

to his as he hissed; "As we force this special night towards morning sweet

Beth, you will now refer to me as Master, do you understand me, bitch?" She

trembled with fear as her cunt once again began to leak down her legs.

"Master, I hope this humble bitch is

worthy of your attention, your wish is my command...." she was so smart his

Beth, such a quick learner, a perfect initiate into his world! He had taken a

chance in this game, afraid that she would misconstrue his intent, call a halt

to the playing, but his heart was glad in this evidence of her understanding

of him. As harsh and cruel as he was about to act, he needed her to understand

that it was just acting, that all the while there would be his smiling visage

behind him saying "It's just a game....."and that he would never do anything

to hurt her.

He glared down at her, the riding crop in his gloved right hand, feasting on

her form as she cleaned his boot with her mouth. Her breasts quivered from her

movements, and he noted that she had rouged her aureolas and nipples for him,

another sign of her learning.

"Stop grovelling you stupid cunt and get on your knees!" he barked at her,

pulling his boot back from her attentions.

"Yes, Master" she scrambled to a kneeling position in front of him, eager to

please, eager to play.

He walked around her, lifting one perfect tit with the crop, then the other,

inspecting her, behind her now, forcing her ass cheeks apart with it, more


He now stood in front of her, his  shaved and trussed cock and balls a bare

inch from her face, her lower lip quivering in desire and fear. "Do you like

my cock, slave?"

"Yes, I do" she answered. The riding crop whistled through the

air.......THWACK! slapped the arm of the couch next to her head. "What

did you say you stupid slut!" he screamed at her, smiling inside at her

intentional mistake. "I said I love your cock, my Master" she replied, her

voice shaking with fear, half acting, half real. "That's better, cunt" he

said, now touching the tip of his cock to her nose, rubbing it on her face by

just moving his hips. He turned and walked away and then returned holding a

black leather collar with silver studs and rings adorning it. He snapped it

into place on her alabaster neck and stood back to admire her, on her knees,

shaking, once again. "What do you think, slavegirl?" he hissed at her. "Oh,

Master, I love my new collar, I am not worthy of all you have given me, please

forgive this slut's unworthiness" she said, her pussy resuming it's flow of

liquid down her leg. He was so happy at her answer, loving her spirit, her

supplication. He snapped a long, thin, leather leash onto the collar and said,

"Come with me now slave, I have prepared both pleasure and pain for you, the

choice of which will be yours", he yanked the leash, forcing her to all fours

and she crawled this way beside him as he walked, her 38c tits swaying, her

incredible ass jutting out, across the room and then back, walking her like a

dog. "You're a good bitch, aren't you Beth" he said, leading her to a straight

back chair. "I'm a very good bitch, Master, a very good bitch" she replied,

the excitement of this new experience now overwhelming her with desire.

He sat down on the  chair and ordered her; "Get across my knee, slut, you've

been very bad tonight and need to be punished". She did as she was told,

keeping her high-heeled feet on the floor, she bent across his knee, feeling

his still hard cock nestle between her breasts. "Reach behind and spread your

ass", he barked and she quickly complied, scared at his rage. He placed his

right index finger in her mouth and ordered her to suck. When he was satisfied

at it's wetness he placed it at the entrance to her asshole and quickly thrust

it deep into her rectum, showing none of the gentleness he had before. "The

rapier like edge between pleasure and pain" he hissed as she gasped, her

breath torn from her by this new intrusion. Drip, was her

again, her cunt was betraying her fear, running again, forming a new pool of

lust beneath her bent form. He worked the finger in and out, all the while

talking; "You've been a bad girl tonight, haven't you Beth, sucking and

fucking a strange man, you need to be punished".

"Yes, Master, I've been very bad, I've been a slut. Please punish me", she

pleaded, warming up to the game.

And then he started, whipping her bottom with the crop, hard strokes expertly

mixed with soft kisses on her bountiful ass. The instrument of her punishment

whistled through the air as he held her steady across his knee by the finger

deep within her bowels.

She was sobbing now from the pain he was inflicting on her bottom, but she was

tough he noted, and seemed to want to continue the game. But he couldn't. In

the few hours he had come to know her he found himself caring for her very

much, an attachment forming with her, a fire built out of both their needs,

their wantings, that only they alone understood. He gently rubbed her bruised

bottom, feeling the welt he had raised there, writing his initials in her

blood. He lowered his head to kiss her bountiful ass, tasting the salty blood

on his tongue. His hand kneaded her breast as he licked her. Her sobbing

turned to small whimpering now as he gentled her, covering her ass with small

kisses. "Stand up", he whispered helping her to her feet. "But Master, I want

to continue, take me into your world, I beg of you".

Did the bitch know what she was asking for? The depth of the darkness he

could shroud her in? He quickly knocked her feet out from under her, bringing

her to her knees. "Okay, you stupid cunt, you asked for it!", he screamed,

grabbing both sides of her head and ramming his cock into her gasping mouth.

He pounded his sex into her, fucking her head with his steel rod, his trussed

balls slamming against her chin with every stroke. He held her head still in a

vice grip,his hands clenching her hair and ears,fucking her mouth with long,

deep, hard strokes. "You like that bitch, don't you, you like when your Master

fucks your mouth?", he sneered, enjoying the freedom she had given him. All

she could manage was a "mmmnnnppphhh" as his hips bucked violently, forcing

his meat all the way down her throat, further with every violent stroke. The

rape of her face continued this way for twenty minutes, the violence of the

act unabated, the sweat glistening on his body as he abused her exhausted

mouth. Suddenly he stopped. "Get over here you dumb slut!", he yelled, pulling

her to her feet, grabbing her arm so hard it hurt, half pulling her across the

floor, her high-heels slipping in the pool of her own wetness that had once

again formed beneath her on the polished wood floor. He threw her into the

straight back chair and commanded; "Don't you dare move,slave, not a muscle,

you hear me cunt?" "Yes, Master, not a muscle", she whispered trying to

control the violent shaking that was now engulfing her. He returned with what

appeared to be a black physicians bag and said; "You want to play, we're going

to play now, slutgirl, we're going to play hard!" He pulled out a ball gag

from the bag and affixed it around her head, watching her eyes grow wide in

terror. "I don't want to listen to you whine, bitch", he whispered in her ear

as he made sure the gag was tight and she had no trouble breathing through her

nose. He next grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her, snapping on a pair

of black handcuffs. He admired his handiwork, walking around her, feasting his

eyes on her bound and gagged form, lifting her  breasts once again with the

riding crop, examining.

He pulled a chair up in front of her and removed some items from the satchel.

A pair of latex gloves which he expertly snapped on, a sterile wrapped

surgical needle about nine inches long, a bottle of rubbing alcohol and

another of ethyl chloride. He also removed a small black velvet bag. She

started to shake and scream, but to no avail, so expertly had he immobilized

her. "Ssssshhhh, baby, this won't hurt, and it'll only take a sec", he said,

gentle now, "you wanted to play, right?", now harsher. He lifted one pendulous

breast with his gloved hand and sprayed the nipple with ethyl chloride after

he had sterilized the nipple with the alcohol. Holding the breast in his left

hand he ordered her "hold still"! for she was crying now, her whimpering deep

in her throat because of the gag. In one expert motion he passed the steel

needle laterally through the base of her nipple, piercing it through. Quickly

he repeated the performance on her other tit and was done. "See, your Master

never lies, it didn't hurt a bit", he laughed. He next removed two 22kt small

gold rings from the velvet bag and saying, "These are but tokens of my love

for you, they are the badges of your submission to me", snapped them into

place in her newly pierced nipples. He stood back to admire her again, loving

how the candlelight glinted off the gold rings, as her body slowly quivered.

"You wanted to play, right?" he asked

"Oh Master, thank you so much for these beautiful nipple rings..." He held

her chin and stared into her eyes, wondering at the depths of this women, her

mind was her most exciting and erotic feature, he mused. He got on his knees

in front of her and started to suckle her wounded nipples, first one, then the

other. The gold tinkled against his teeth as he sucked. She grabbed his head

with her now free hands and forced her big tit into his starving mouth,

passion carrying her upward again. He then put his hands on her plentiful ass

and lifting her slightly off the chair began to suck on her throbbing clit,

rolling it between his teeth, driving her nuts with his expertise. He paused

for a moment and looked up at her. As she caught her breath, he whispered, his

face shiny with her wetness; "What territory would my slave like to explore

next, her Master is very pleased and will take her where she wants to go." He

returned to his pleasuring of her while he awaited his answer.

He positioned her at the edge of the big bed again, on her knees, and

rearranged the pillows for her. Her big ass sticking up in the air like that,

her head resting on her folded arms on the pillows, made a tempting, obscene

sight that any man would sell his soul to possess. Steven considered himself

truly blessed that she had now chosen him to take the last aspect of her

virginity from her this night, this glorious night they would both remember


He knelt beside her on the bed and gently massaged her clit, softly speaking

in her ear; "I'm going to fuck your ass now, baby. I'm going to fuck your big,

tight ass, with slow, smooth strokes. I'm going to bury my big cock in your

asshole and fuck it, and you're going to love it, right, darling? That's what

you want, right? You want to finally get that gorgeous ass of yours fucked by

a man, so you can be complete, right Beth?" His words were getting her very

excited and her juice started pouring from her cunt again as his clever

fingers worked her clit.

Steven turned toward the open phone and spoke loudly; "Are you listening to

this? I'm getting ready to fuck your wife's big, gorgeous ass. She's never

allowed you to, but she's willingly giving it to me, a stranger. How does that

feel? It's what you wanted, right? Well, you should always beware of what you

wish for because wishes do come true."

He stood and positioned himself behind her, laying his strong hands on the

cheeks of her behind. He gently spread them while saying; "Reach underneath

yourself and play with your clit baby, that's it, that's my girl", he

encouraged. He paused for a moment to drizzle some baby oil onto his meat and

between her cheeks. He then positioned the bulbous head of his manhood at the

entrance to her bowels and softly whispering encouragement, began to ease

himself into her. "That's it baby, that's it, let me in, c'mon, relax, that's

it, good, good, slowly, slowly, c'mon. You want your big ass fucked, don't you

baby? That's what you want. You want to finally feel a big cock up that sweet,

tight, ass of yours, right, hon?" Suddenly her sphincter relaxed and the head

of his cock made it's way in. Slowly now. He barely pushed and the rest of him

slid into her, a low gutteral moan now escaped her mouth. He grabbed her ass

cheeks tightly now and slowly began to stroke, in and out, so slowly, enjoying

the vice-like tightness he found there.

He stroked into her slowly,staring down, enjoying the sight of his cock

disappearing and then re-emerging into her puckered asshole. He glanced to his

right and revelled in the sight reflected off the mirrored closet door there.

Beth's head resting on the gathered pillows, her eyes shut tightly, her mouth

a small "O", a mixture of pleasure and pain. She was on her knees, her perfect

breasts crushed against the bed, her left hand gripping the sheets, her right

working furiously between her legs as he stood behind her, gripping her meaty

ass, as he fucked her virgin hole.

"Go ahead, Beth, turn your head towards the phone and tell your husband what's

happening to you. I'm sure he's jerking his puny cock right now. Let's see if

your voice will cause him to shoot."

Beth turned her head towards the receiver on the nightstand and moaned;

"Honey, he's fucking me in the ass.....oooohhhh, God, fuck.......I, I,....I

had no idea it could be like this......shit, fuck..........I'm.....I can't

believe I'm going to cu, cum from this......oooooooohhhhh, shit, .........I'm

so fuckin' close......I'm rubbing my clit while he

fucks..........ooohh..........fucks my ass.....his cock is tearing me open,

but.......oh, God forgive me, I'm loving it so, darling..........are you going

to cum too, honey, is this what you wanted to hear?

Steven bent towards her now and spoke again in a stage whisper, so her husband

would hear; "That's it lover, make yourself cum for me, your Master, your

owner, you like having a cock up your ass, don't you, baby?" His right hand

released it's grip on her ass and found it's way to her pussy. He quickly

plunged three fingers into her fuck hole and started to move them in and out

of her with fast, sharp, strokes. He was able to feel his cock in her ass

through the thin wall that seperated them as he found a comfortable rhythm

now, plunging his fingers into her cunt as he withdrew his cock from her ass.

He slid his shaft in and out of her ass now with long, violent strokes, his

cum laden balls banging against her fleshy behind. "I want to cum with you

baby, let me know when you're close", he moaned now, every fiber of him

struggling to control his onrushing release. She started to shake now, his

words acting like a fuse, setting her off, her hand a blur as it rubbed her

clit, feeling his fingers in that shared space as he continued to plunge them

in and out of her cunt. "Steve, I'm close, I'm going to........", she moaned

like an animal, for that is what she had become this night. "Let's do it

together, baby, let's let him hear both of us cumming together, c'mon, cum for

me, baby, I'm so close........" his voice cracking under the strain, his hot

jism now being forced by her tightness up his shaft. Their gutteral moaning

filled the room now as they both exploded, Steven pumping his hot juice into

her bowels, never once missing a beat as his three fingers fucked her pussy,

causing yet another climax to ripple through her. He shot and shot into her

asshole, gobs of creamy hot cum juice, filling her up like she had never been

filled before as the most violent orgasm she had ever experienced tore through

her like chain lightning on a steamy summer night.

With her new lover still buried completely in her ass, the hot man juice

oozing slowly out of her ravaged sphincter from around his shaft, Beth reached

over and hung up the phone. Click.

1998 by

All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

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