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My wife and I were staying in one of the truly beautiful hotels in the world's most beautiful city, the Hong Kong Regent, and it was a wonderful romantic time. Everything about the city and the people is romantic and sexy.

One morning, she had showered and was putting on her makeup at the dressing table in the very spacious mirrored bathroom while we were waiting for the breakfast that I had ordered from room service. I heard a knock on the door and went to answer it. As I walked down the hall, I noticed that the bathroom door was open, and apparently she had not heard the knock. The whole bathroom was mirrored and I could clearly see her sitting at the vanity with a towel wrapped around her waist. Her breasts were bare and beautiful. I considered closing the bathroom door for about one second, but then I realized that she were on full view and the thought of the Bellman seeing her nude excited me tremendously.

I quietly opened the door, greeted the Bellman and then ushered him into our room. He was pushing a food cart so it was a simple matter for me to stand in his way as he passed the open bathroom door. As he walked by, he glanced into the bath and saw my lovely wife. Obviously startled, he immediately stopped, stood up straight and took in the beautiful sight of her, bare-breasted and putting on her makeup.

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Composing himself, the Bellman quickly turned away and then looked directly at me blocking his way. I smiled and winked at him, and he suddenly realized that the situation was friendly and deliberate. He smiled back, relaxed, and then turned and looked back at you. He watched you for a full two minutes or longer, and then looked back at me. With a huge grin on his face gave me a big OK sign. Finally, I moved out of his way and allowed him to finish his job of serving our breakfast.

When he finished, I gave him a nice tip, and he thanked me profusely. "My name's Walter, and if you need anything else, please call and ask for me."

On his way out, Walter stopped again at the bathroom door and studied my wife some more, before throwing me another of his OK signs and nodding his head vigorously. Finally, with a big smile and a wink, he left, quietly closing the door.

I couldn't believe how excited this made me. When my wife came out of the bathroom and saw the food there, she realized what had happened, and knew immediately that the Bellman had seen her. She put on a little show of embarrassment, but I knew she was pleased at what had happened.

My problem now was, "How do I repeat this again tomorrow?" I was very excited about it and I wanted very much to do it again. Could I get her to come out of the bath while he was there, and show her great tits to him? How about you being totally nude? I thought about several scenarios, but nothing was working, so I decided to wait and see how things developed the following morning.

The rest of the day, we played sexy games and had a great time in the hot tub. At dinner she dressed in an outrageously sexy outfit, and we had a wonderful night of love making.

The next morning, we were playing in bed and decided on Room Service breakfast again. I called in our order, and asked if Walter was on duty. "Yes sir, he'll be up with your order in about fifteen minutes. I lay there playing with you, and thinking about how great it was going to be to have the Bellman deliver breakfast while she was in bed nude. I was about to tell her of my plan when she jumped up and headed for the shower, closing the door behind her.

We had a lovely all-glass shower stall that was located immediately inside of the giant bath. It was the first thing you would see when you opened the bathroom door. Hearing her in the shower, I quietly opened the door and looked in. The situation was incredible. My wife looked gorgeous in the shower. Her back was to me, but I could see her clearly, even though the stall was fogging up from the hot water. The shower and bathroom lights were very bright and lighted her completely. I turned out the hallway lights so that, even if she looked directly at me she would not be able to see through the brightly lighted, foggy shower stall. Then I pushed the bathroom door wide open.

Just as I finished these preparations there was a soft knock on the door. When I opened the door the was not one, but two Bellmen; Walter, with a huge grin on his face and a second guy. "This is Henry. He's new and I'm showing him around." Obviously, Walter had told a friend about yesterday's show, and had invited him along to see if there might be a rerun.

"Come in, please." They both wheeled the cart into the room and as they reached the bathroom door, they both turned and looked in. I could see the startled looks on their faces as they took in that lovely sight of my lovely wife, nude in that shower.

The three of us stood there watching her. Once she turned around and looked directly at us, and when she did that both of the Bellmen jumped and started to push the cart into the room. I knew she couldn't see us in the darkened hallway, so I put my hand up to stop them, then pointed back at you.

My wife was now facing us with her head tilted back, arms high above her head, rinsing her hair. Her breasts looked lovely, nipples hard and pointed, and her whole body was clearly on display for the three of us to enjoy.

I looked at the Walter and Henry. They were not smiling now; instead they were studying you with intent, mouth open stares. Both of them with obvious large erections.

I thought I might be pushing my luck so I motioned to them to come forward with the cart. Henry pushed the cart into the room but our Walter never budged. He stayed anchored in his viewing spot, and in fact, moved closer to the bathroom so that he was partway inside. He was now no more than two feet from the shower, and for a minute, I thought he was going to climb right into the shower with her. But instead he stayed anchored in that spot watching her intently as she washed her hair. Henry, wanting to get back to the viewing as quickly as possible, didn't waste any time setting out our breakfast and soon he joined Walter watching her again.

Startled by her shutting off the water, they both made a hasty retreat. Now smiling and giving me vigorous nods of their heads they left quietly, but not before catching one more glance of my lovely wife coming out of the shower.

That was one of the most incredibly sexy experiences of my life - and with her I've had some very notable sexy experiences. When she realized what had happened, she was a good sport about it, as I knew she would be, Being very turned on, we played and fucked all day.

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