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My Wife Fucks The Bartender

Another great wife turned slut story.


My wife jody works as a waitress in a topless bar, her long black hair is shoulder length she has a pixie face and her tits are twin beauties so round and firm with large brown niples, she wears g-string panties and stay up thy high fancy stockings and black high stuff tips down the top of her g-string sneaking a feel of her jet black pussy hair.

She has a shapley ass so firm and rounded she has dark pussy lips surounded by her thick vertible forest of jet black hair

Big Jake the bar tender is a very large black man. .and is known to most ladies as a stud My wife and Jake were very good friend or so it seemed .much later I found out they were realy more then friends,I often watched her brush her tits against him and he feeling of her tits and ass.he always had a smile on his face when he was aroun my wife.

It would be late at night when my wife would get home from her job she would go shower first thing.One night after we had fucked I went to the bathroom and saw my wifes panties laying on top of the soiled cloths hamper. I picked the up and discovered the cum filled crotch. she had just been freshly fucked,

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The next day I removed the coil wire from her car .I took her to work in my truck .she told me not to waite up as she would get Jake to drive her home. Things seemed to be going as I planned.

I watched the clock and the timedraged on finaly at two a.m a car puled up in the drive way .the lites were off and I huried to bed and prtended to be fast a sleep I had aranged several beer cans around the living room .giving the inpreshion that I ha been drinking.

It worked and put them in a carless mood. they lost no time they were doing a lot of feeling around and kissing.They huried and got nacked .when I saw his cock I knew why they caled him big Jake .he has a monster cock.

Jody lay back on the couch,one leg resting on the coffee table the othe leg rested up over the back of the couch,her pussy was fuly exposed. Jake nelt down and buried his face in her pussy his tongue was laping at her cunt ,Jody moaned loudly as Jake pulled hand tweaked her nipples ,Jody grabed his head heald it firmlt against her cunt as she bucked and rotated her as she was literly fucking his face. Soon she was practicaly screaming that she was cuming,her hips gave some spasyms and then she lay still and I coul hear her breathing deeply.

I heard Big Jack telling her she liked that diden't she? oh yes you are the best . Jake replyed that is what they all say.

Jake mounted her placeing her legs up over his shoulders I watched that enormous cock spread Jody's cunt lips wide as he forced it inside of her tight cunt he fucked her hard with long full strokes his hugh balls smacking against her ass hole with each stroke

he had lasting power as he brought her off again . They chainged positions several times .I watched that huge black cock plunging in and out of my wifes cunt. finly i sae gobs of white cum clinging to his black cock and I knew he was filing her cunt with cum

He wasnt quite satiasfied as he bent her over the arm of the couch and fucked he dofy stile with cum already leaking from her cunt he soon added a nother load up her already cum filled cunt.

When Jody finaly came to bed I took her and kissed her as I felt of her cum filled cunt. .I told her that I loved her and we both drifted off in a sound sleep


sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.