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"Wife Barbara's Superbowl Show"

      by Poppa 1

      (MMM+F, anal, cons, wife)

Since "My Wife Barbara Gets Fucked" she did some fucking at a campground now this.

Superbowl Sunday, Feb. 5. I have 5 of my buddies over. I'd expected more of them but anyhow we were watching the game. Barbara was serving beers and bantering around with us. She didn't really know all the guys real well and paid attention to the ones she knew. Near half time she went upstairs as the guys were getting rowdy and talking about the lewd things they'd do to the cheerleaders the TV put on occasionally. My buddies are all big guys. We all average 250+ Lbs and I'm the shortest at 6'2". They were saying I had a good spread of food but some pussy would be nice.

I went upstairs to go to the bathroom and found Barbara sitting in the kitchen listening to the guys talk. She thought the pussy comment was brought on by me telling them about her recent activities. "So you told your buddies about the motel and the campground? I guess you're up here to tell me to go let them fuck me? Is that it?" I couldn't speak quick enough she was on me again. "Fine, you like to see me fucked by guys so much.." She stormed off toward the bedroom. I quickly went to the bathroom and went to the bedroom but all that was there were her clothes on the floor. That's when I heard the guys downstairs "Alright!". I went to the stairs and as I went down them I saw Barbara in a red thong and nothing else in the middle of the room.

My buddies were all around her feeling her. For her part Barbara had a serious face on and one of my buddies said to me "Your wife just told us you want to share her with us!" With that, Barbara pulled a bean bag out into the middle of the room and pulled her tong off and reached back with her hands and spread her ass to show her smooth asshole to the guys. She has the kind of butthole that gapes just slightly open when she spreads her ass as if to say "Fuck my asshole". It is a beautiful ass and asshole. She then laid belly down over the top of the bean bag chair with her knees on down out on the floor and her head over the edge on the other side. Her hands still had here ass spread and she was saying nothing. The first to drop trousers was Ken and he went between her legs and put some spit on her ass and pushed in to Barbara. Her feet bobbed and squirmed. She was grunting as Ken shoved his cock up her asshole. We all got into position to see his cock in her ass. and he began to pump her butt. Her head was bobbing up and down, her feet and legs were stretched out bobbing to the rythm, and she was grunting with each shove of his cock into her butthole. The other guys were now naked and all had hard-ons, Ken gave an unmistakable groan and shoved one last time up my wife's ass and unloaded his cum. He pulled out and her butthole was slightly agape. Her hands still held her ass open as the next guy began fucking her in the ass. He was real aggressive and was slamming her butt pushing her middle body into the soft bag chair while at the same time it forced her head and feet up in the air. He was fucking her butt fast and furious. She was grunting right along. I went to the front of her and she looked up at me while he was fucking her. " unggh...butt...ungghh...hard..." She talked in the rythm of her ass being fucked and the guy groaned and he came in her butt. "You enjoying seeing me getting...unggh..."

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Another guy was up her ass and not wasting any time slamming her. The phone rang and I answered it. It was my other buddies calling to say they'd be there for second half. I didn't tell Barbara but there was 4 more guys coming over. By the time I got off the phone the fourth man was now on Barbara's butt and well on his way while she grunted and panted away. The door bell rang and I let my friends in and we went downstairs. There in all her glory with the fifth man in her ass my wife saw me bring in more men. Her first words I heard were "You guys better hurry if you're going to get some of this because second half is coming up and I'll be gone." After the ninth guy finished fucking her in the ass she got to her feet picked up her thong and said "Enjoy the game guys!" and she went upstairs. I followed and in the bedroom "did you like seeing them fuck my ass? I noticed you haven't fucked my ass." I turned her around pulled my cock out and rammed it in her loaded butt and fucked her. After I came I said "You did that one on your own. You enjoyed that yourself. Do you like being treated like a slut?" "I do sometimes. That was dirty, nasty sex. The next time any of them are over and I have an itch they'll be ready to scratch it for me. My butt loves being fucked now."

And that was our halftime at Superbowl XL.

- The End -

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