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He likes watching her get fucked...

"Darlene - Bahamas Vacation - 1st time"


My wife and I have been married for 4 years. Great marriage, great sex, and great friends. However I have a thing for watching her get fucked...the harder the better.

For the longest time I've been dropping hints about my Interest, but I never really pushed the issue. I would talk dirty to her in bed, and she would occasionally talk back, which would make me climax in seconds. Whenever we talked it was about some well hung stud fucking her until she couldn't walk, and she would mention black men giving it to her, this turned me on like nothing else.

So after years of this talk,we finally did the walk. We went on vacation to the Bahamas for a week. We had no plan on doing anything kinky until our 1st night of sex.. She kept mentioning this young black man who I assume was the entertainment and recreation director at the resort where we stayed. The next day at the pool, he was instructing a pool aerobics class that I talked her into talking. She gave me a hesitant look but gladly went.

I saw her flirting and laughing, and I was getting so turned on. He was definitely interested in my wife, she received the most attention from the class. They were getting very close in the pool. So after the afternoon at the pool we went to eat, I kept bringing up the pool, and she kept down playing it and changing the subject. So we went to our room and decided to get massages before we went out for the evening.

We left the same time for two different locations, when we came back we showered and got ready to go out. We went out for an evening of dining and dancing. While dancing she told me that she received the massage from the young black man from the pool. She had to feel the rise coming in my pants. but she told me nothing at all happened, except that he gave her his phone number and expressed his interest. She said she told him she was married, but he still offered the number.

So I excitedly asked if she took it, and she said no. The air in my balloon quickly fell out. So anyway we continued to drink and dance,and have a good time.. We got home about 1:30am and of course started to have sex and I quickly brought up the topic. She amused me a little and stopped. I asked what was wrong, and she got up went to her purse and gave me a piece of paper with a name and number on it that I knew was his.

She came back on top, looking a bit unsure, but as we made love I could see she was getting more and more into it. I asked if she would call, but she wasn't sure about it yet. We finished sex, went to sleep, woke up and did the pool thing again. This time they acted as they knew each other, more flirting and contact than before. When we got back to the room without me mentioning it she said she was ready to meet with him - I almost came on myself.

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So she called his room and they set up a date to go to a nightclub. I thought it was just gonna be sex, but she said she'll be more comfortable like this. I picked out the sexiest outfit I could, a light, short sundress, hi heels and the sexiest lingerie she had, of course a thong. She was hesitant to wear it, but you know she did. She met him downstairs without me, I stayed at the resort for awhile, but couldn't sit still so I got dressed and went to the club.

When I got there she was one of the only girls on the dance floor, and she was the sexiest girl in the place, I had no idea she could move like that. Thes guys were all over her, and she was loving it. She had no idea I was there and was having a great time. She had to dance with 15 guys all night. I just stood on a balcony and watched with a hardon. Finally when the place closed she left with her date and went back to the hotel, I waited and went back also. When I got back I went to the pool figuring she would be in the room. But when I got there I saw from afar that there was a couple in the jacuzzi. Hoping it was them I snuck up and saw that it was.

I had a great view, and could here everything, I could see their clothes on the ground next to them, they were laughing and kissing for about 20 minutes, but no sex, I was harder than shit. Stroking it and trying to be quiet. When suddenly he stood up with what had to be a ten inch hardon. He put it right in her face and she knew exactly what to do with it. She could always swallow all my cock, but when I saw how much of his she could take, I squirted all over the place. I continued to watch as she sucked his cock and balls for a good 15 minutes. She was loving it moaning like she was being fucked. Then he pulled her up turned her around and stuck it in her without a condom. I heard her ask if he had one on, but she quickly forgot.

I was hard again in seconds. He fucked from behind like a maniac, she made so much noise that I'm surprised the whole resort didn't wake up, and I know I'm not the only one who saw this. He took it out ready to cum, and to my surprise she turned around and took it all in her face and mouth sucking it for about 5 minutes after he came. When they were done they laughed and joked some more.

I ran to the room and pretended to be asleep. When she got in I asked if she had fun, and she said "loads." The next morning our sex was great, she told all the details as I replayed them in my head, hearing her version of the story turned me on just as much as seeing it. It gets hotter and better every time. I kept pressing the issue of me watching her in our room, but she was unsure. She had no idea I saw the first episode.

She seemed as though she was afraid for me to watch, probably because of the size of his cock. She said no for awhile, everyday after this I would watch the aerobics from my balcony and stroke it. Finally the night before we left, after refusing to let me watch, she said she had a surprise for me. When I asked what it was, she said room service would bring it up. When the doorbell rang I opened the door, and it was him. He was a nice guy, he shook my hand and told me how lucky I was. When I turned around my wife was standing there naked. My dick got hard faster the I could imagine. As I dimmed the lights he walked over and they started to kiss like they knew each other.

She was like a lady I've never seen. She laid him on the bed, put her cheek on his stomach looked me in the eye and sucked his dick. He held her head and moaned as did she. With one hand on his balls and one on his cock she sucked his cock like she was an artist. After it was hard and wet enough she surprised me by sitting on it and fitting it all into her tight white pussy. She kept turning around to look at me as if she was excited just to have me watch. They fucked in every position and she watched me the whole time except when her eyes were rolled back in her head.

When he came I came for the 3rd time. He laid on his back and she put it in her mouth, watched me and as he sighed for relief she swallowed it all, sucked it clean, and went in the shower. Before she got out I had walked him out, we thanked each other and never met again.

When we got back home during our first night of sex she told me she fucked a total of 5 times that week but was afraid to tell me. Once again I came instantly.

Until this day she still has the piece of paper with his number on it.......


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