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Another great wife turned slut story.


My first experience witnessing a wife cockholding her husband happened twenty summers ago on a nude beach in Long Island (about a mile east of Jone's Beach). I love to go to nude beaches. The best is to see the proverbial "girl next door" walk onto the beach and without and prompting, casually undress. I always found this to be the most exciting moment. No matter what you think a woman is going to look like without her clothes, it is always a surprise when you see her naked for the first time.

On this particular Friday morning, I arrived at the beach early so that I could enjoy as many woman undressing as possible. Each time I saw an interesting woman arrive, I would mosey in that direction to get a better view of the unveiling. There was a tremendous variety of women, three in particular caught my eve.

The first woman to catch my attention was pregnant. At age 19 I had never seen a naked pregnant woman (not even in pictures). As she began to undress I was not sure that I wanted to watch; but when she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal incredible breasts in a six snap bra, I just had to see those breasts. Next she took off her pants and panties. Rather than being turned-off, I was strangely interested. Then she slowly unsnapped that bra. Those areolas and nipples! Those enormous areolas and erect nipples! Without my even realizing it, my dick sprang to attention. I had to quickly sit down to avoid embarrassment; but I could not take my eyes off of those breasts. When she started to apply suntan lotion to those swollen nipples, I felt pre-cum leak out of my dick. I had to jump in the water to calm down. I did not even notice her scrawny husband sitting next to her.

After I composed myself, I came out of the water to take one more peek at those amazing breasts. Before I could get there I noticed another couple arriving. She was a redhead. A real redhead, with thick red hair in a braid, light freckles, and pale skin. She sat down and took off her clothes and immediately laid on her stomach (not much of a show). I was about to leave when I saw her gently snap her fingers. Her husband scurried for the suntan lotion and began to lotion her back, ass, and legs. I decided to watch the show.

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When he was finished, she turned over and extended her left arm. It was the way she extended her arm that intrigued me. She expected him to be there. She knew he would be waiting for her. I continued to watch. He did her left and then right arm; then her shoulders and face. Apparently without being told he moved to her feet (he spent a lot of time on her feet), then her legs, which she held close together. She was motionless, like he wasn't there. He then moved to her chest. Unlike the pregnant woman, the redhead had virtually no areolas or nipples. She was translucent. He applied lotion to her chest and stomach then sat back on his heels and waited. Ever so slowly she spread her legs, showing her perfect red haired pussy. The man began to tremble slightly and became erect. He then applied suntan lotion to her lower stomach and inner thighs, all the time his hard cock dancing on her hip. I saw her giggle. She was enjoying his servitude. I needed another swim.

I decided to gather up my things and move in the vicinity of the pregnant woman and redhead. When I found my new spot, along came an interesting group. There were two couples. The first couple obviously attended nude beaches often. The tall blonde woman was removing her clothes before they even put down their towels. She and one man quickly jumped in the ocean. The other woman just sat there, without looking at anyone. A first timer! Just knowing that she was shy gave my dick another jolt.

She had a pretty face, long brown hair, and was wearing a long, baggy sweatshirt. She tentatively removed the sweatshirt, just to reveal a conservative two piece bathing suit. Her husband, a body builder type, stripped and was obviously trying to convince her to do the same. I could hear snippets of the conversation, "Come on Cecil... show everyone your great tits and ass...make me proud...maybe you'll give Ben a hard on." [Ben, I assume, was the other guy with them].

After this not so subtle coaxing, Cecil discreetly removed her bathing suit. He was right. She had a perfect little body. She was petite, with breasts that hung at just the right angle, then stood straight out with long brown nipples (more great nipples, I love nipples). She had an incredible little ass in the shape of a heart. I could not believe this was the same girl in the baggy sweatshirt. Her husband looked around to see if anyone was watching. He seemed downright proud. Cecil quickly laid down on her stomach.

For the rest of the afternoon I kept in the area and watched the pregnant woman, the redhead and Cecil. At one point I was in the water when I heard someone fall behind me. The pregnant woman had been knocked down by a wave. I rushed to her side to help her get up. In the process my arm rubbed across her nipples, which responded in appreciation. My dick also brushed against her side and stomach. When she was stable, she said, "Thanks. My name is Maureen."

"Hi Maureen. I'm Gregg," I responded.

"Well Gregg, you are a gentleman for helping an awkward pregnant lady." I did not feel like a gentleman. Being so close, I was staring at her breasts jutting out over her stomach.

I looked up and smiled, "It's was my pleasure." She saw that I had been staring. She smiled the looked directly at my cock for one second, two seconds, three seconds; it twitched slightly.

She looked up, "Yes, apparently it was your pleasure. Thanks for the compliment. See you later." I watched her ass waddle away. I couldn't believe I was attracted to her. But I was. I went back in the water.

The rest of the afternoon proceeded without incident until around 6 pm. Most everyone had left, including the other couple that had been with Cecil and Freddie (I had heard his name). During the afternoon, it was obvious that Freddie loved to show off Cecil's perfect little body. When he walked with her he would tweak her nipple; or he would speak loudly, calling attention to them. Was it my imagination, or did Cecil seem to begin to enjoy the attention? Just as I was pondering this question, Cecil's head went into Freddie's lap. And what did Freddie do? He looked around to make sure that people were watching. I know I was. Cecil's mouth lingered over his half hard cock then slowly swallowed him whole. When she rose, his cock was hard. Cecil continued to discretely suck his cock. I was looking. I saw Maureen was looking (her nipples getting hard again).

I saw the redhead looking too. She poked her husband, and motioned for him to sit up and watch. While her hubby watched, the redhead laid back down and began to gently tease his cock and balls. For the first time, I heard the redhead's voice, "I bet you would like me to do that to your cock, wouldn't you Phil?"

He only nodded.

"It must feel awesome to have your cock in someone's mouth. Of course, I would never put your little cock in my precious mouth."

She continued, "I guess you'll just have to dream about it." With that she removed her hand. Phil continued to rock as if he were in someone's mouth.

When I turned to see Cecil again, I was taken aback. She was standing right in front of me. I had no chance to hide my excitement.

"You seem to be enjoying the ... view." Cecil said, looking directly at my half erect penis. Then looking me in the eye, she continued, "I'm Cecil. My husband, Freddie, would like to watch me give head to another guy. Are you interested?"

Holly shit! Was I!! I thought. Yet I said, in my most composed voice,"Freddie just wants to watch? I don't know, I would like to, but Freddie seems like the macho type. How do I know he won't get jealous and go crazy?"

"I'm not sure," she answered, "we've never done this before."

"How about if we tie his hands behind his back? That would make me feel more at ease."

"I'll ask him," she said.

As Cecil turned to go, I turned around. More than anything in the world, I wanted to stroke my penis, just a few short strokes. But as I turned, there stood Maureen. "What are they up to?" She asked pointing at Cecil and Freddie. Without thinking I answered truthfully, "He wants to watch her give me a blow job."

"Cool, " Maureen said. "Can I watch too? Ever since I became pregnant my husband won't look at me, let alone have sex." She pointed to her oblivious husband, "I could use some excitement."

Cecil returned and said, "Freddie says 'what the hell', he'll try anything once."

"Cecil, this is Maureen. She wants to watch too. She can keep an eye on Freddie for me. O.K.?"

"It's O.K. with me. Shall we go?"

We all put on our suits and headed for the dunes. When we got there, introductions were made and I said, "Freddie, you know the rules, hands behind your back." With that Freddie smiled and put his hands behind his back. I moved behind Cecil and said, "I'll need your top to tie his hands. May I?" She was facing Freddie. I undid her top. Her exposed nipples pointed straight out at Freddie. She looked directly at her husband as I removed her top and gave her nipple a quick touch. As I moved around to tie Freddie's hands, I saw a pup tent in his shorts. I also saw that Maureen was removing her bathing suit and her nipples were growing rapidly. I did not know where this was going, but I knew it was going to be fun.

After tying his hands, I started to move around Freddie, expecting a quick blow job from Cecil. However, Maureen interrupted, "You know Freddie, I think we should give them a chance to warm up, not just jump right into it. It will make for a better show. In fact, let's give than a little privacy." And with that she covered Freddie's head with her large bathing suit. "Don't worry," Maureen said, "I'll tell you what's happening."

I moved to Cecil and whispered, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Absolutely," she answered. And with that she kissed me and her hand sought out my dick through my bathing suit. Rather than just a quick blow job, Cecil and I began to make love. We moved a towel a few feet in front of Freddie and removed each other's bottoms. After a few minutes I was overwhelmed with the need to taste Cecil. She gladly obliged, spreading her legs. First I caressed and kissed her calves, thighs, then her outer lips. By the time I reached her clit, she was already having her first orgasm.

Maureen described it all to Freddie. "Oh Freddie, can you hear her moan. He has his face buried in her little cunt. Her arms are thrashing. I can see how wet she is. Her cum is dripping down her ass. Does she always cum so hard?" Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Maureen had her hand in Freddie's shorts and was jerking him off. With her other hand, she fondled her breast and then raised it to her mouth and tenderly licked and sucked her nipple as she continued to speak to Freddie, "I'm going to cum just watching them. How about you Freddie, wanna' cum?"

With all of this going on, it suddenly occurred to me that we were making a lot of noise...and we were outside, 100 feet away from a public, albeit nude, beach. That made me even hotter. Cecil came again, in a gush. Drowning my face. Now I needed relief.

Just then I heard a woman's voice. It was the redhead with Phil in tow. "I knew there was sex somewhere. Can we join you?" We all stopped, except for Maureen who kept jerking off Freddie, whose hard cock was now out of his bathing suit. Maureen said, "Sure. Come on over and lets figure out how to do this." She then made the introductions and explained that Freddie wanted to see his wife give me a blow job, but we were just warming up. Maureen kept jerking off the blindfolded Freddie.

The redhead, Nicki, removed her suit and instructed her husband Phil to do the same. He was already hard. Maureen never stopped stroking Freddie, who was now whimpering. Then Freddie moaned, "Please, please let me see what's going on." Nicki responded, "Not yet." Nicki then sat down on the other side of Freddie and removed his shorts. He had a thick cock, no so long, but fat with a bulbus purple head. His cock was wet and slippery with pre-cum. Nicki began to roll his balls. Then she began to squeeze them. More pre-cum oozed from his cock head. Nicki said, "Phil, watch this." She leaned over and gently placed her lips on the tip of Freddie's dick. She then gently pulled her head away, and a string of pre-cum stretched from her mouth to his purple head. Cecil, who was standing next to me swooned and went to her knees, falling against my leg. She looked up at me and said, "Oh, please, fuck my face."

Nicki said, "Hold on. Freddie, do you want to fuck my mouth while your wife sucks Gregg?" Freddie groaned a "Yes" through the suit over his head. Nicki was now jerking him off. Nicki continued, "Every man should have his cock sucked, don't you agree Freddie?"

Again, a muffled "Yes."

"Good," Nicki said. "Freddie, I am going to uncover your head. You can watch Cecil give Gregg a blow job, O.K.?"

"O.K." he answered.

"But first you have to promise to be a good boy, O.K. Everyone here is sucking something, you have to help. Right Maureen?"

Maureen, confused, answered, "Right."

"Freddie," Nicki continued, "if I take the suit off your head you have to do exactly as we say. If you don't, then I'll stop sucking your cock and Cecil will stop too. You understand."

Maureen added, "Anything, understand Freddie?"

"Yes, anything, please," he answered.

"First, lets see if you are a good tit sucker." With that she pulled the suit up a little and put her tit in Freddie's mouth. He sucked like he never had a tit before. Cecil, who had been leaning against my leg and idly playing with my cock this entire time, looked amazed and excited. Here was her macho guy being bossed around by two strange woman. Cecil's other hand was stroking her wet pussy.

"O.K. Freddie, remember our deal." She removed Maureen's bathing suit from over his head. I expected him to immediately look for Cecil, but he did not. He looked for Nicki, to find out what to do next. Nicki said "Let's get started," and she began sucking Freddie's cock and Cecil began to suck my dick. Nicki asked Maureen if she wanted to help Cecil. Maureen waddled over, got to her knees and side by side she and Cecil began to alternate sucking my cock. Their breasts mashed and their dueling nipples poked into each other. I was in heaven.

Then Nicki motioned for Phil. Nicki said, "Freddie, do you like to watch Cecil give head? Do you like to fuck my mouth? Remember you have to do your part." Freddie was nodding vigorously. She was squeezing his balls.

"You have to do your part," said Nicki. "Freddie, suck Phil's cock." Phil moved forward.

"No way!" Freddie yelled.

"Everyone stop!" Nicki commanded. She took her mouth and hand away from Freddie and Cecil and Maureen stopped (hey wait a minute, I thought). "You promised," Nicki snapped. "You said you would do exactly what I said. You want your wife to give public blow jobs, but you won't even keep your promise. If you do not start to suck Phil's cock in five seconds, I'll put the suit back over your head and no one will touch your cock for the rest of the day!"

Maureen moved on her knees over to Phil and grabbed his cock. "Like this, Freddie, do it like this." She lovingly licked and nibbled on Phil's cock head, then pushed it into Freddie's face. Cecil, having forgot about my cock (damn) was now openly and furiously masturbating. Freddie accepted Phil's cock into his mouth; as he did, Nicki said, "That's a good boy. You suck his dick, I'll suck yours," and Nicki quickly resumed sucking Freddie's dick.

Maureen returned to me and joined Cecil sucking my cock. Maureen and Cecil were facing each other, with my dick in the middle. Maureen then said to Cecil, "Come on, let's put on a show for your cocksucking husband." I assumed I was in for even more fun (if that was possible); but I never expected Maureen to take her mouth off my dick and start to french kiss Cecil. Cecil did not seem to mind. Within seconds their hands were caressing each other and then they were masturbating each other. When they got into a rhythm, their mouths returned to my dick.

After a few minutes, Nicki called out, "O.K. boys, cum! Not you Phil." And I saw her slip a finger up Freddie's asshole. Freddie spilled his load. Maureen and Cecil stopped sucking me to enjoy the show. Nicki was a pro, swallowing it all. Amazingly, after Freddie he kept sucking Phil. He loved it!! He wanted Phil to come in his mouth! Nicki stopped sucking his cock, but continued to fuck his ass with her finger. Nicki then ordered Phil to move and said, "Freddie, watch Cecil."

Cecil went crazy, she moved Maureen out of the way and attacked my dick. Like a jackhammer, my cock pounded against the back of her throat. When I came, Cecil sucked me dry. Without saying a word she went to Freddie and kissed him deeply. I could see my seaman pass from Cecil to Freddie. When she broke the kiss, she said "Is that what you wanted? It that what you wanted from Phil. Isn't seaman delicious, my little cocksucking husband?" Freddie did not answer, but his face turned beet red and his dick started to get hard again. Nicki was still finger fucking his ass, and she was laughing.

Nicki then got up and said, "So Freddie, I hope you enjoyed watching your wife. But you are all typical men, you've had all the fun and the pussies have been neglected. It's time to fuck. Freddie, would you like to fuck your wife now?"

"Yes," then he added, "please."

"Maureen do you want to get fucked?" Nicki asked.

"If Gregg is up for it, I'd love to get fucked."

"Absolutely," I replied.

"Phil get me my bag. Maureen, what's your most comfortable position?"

"Doggie style."

"O.K. girls, on your hands and knees."

Cecil and Maureen got on their hands and knees next to one another. Maureen's large breasts and swollen nipples looked even better hanging straight down. Freddie lined up behind Cecil and I behind Maureen. We started to fuck. Then I heard Nicki say, "Phil, you heard what I said, it is time for all of the pussies to get fucked. Open up." And with that Nicki pulled out a large dildo from her bag and Phil got on his hands and knees like the other girls. In front of his face, Nicki slowly applied jelly to the dildo. Without further comment, she held the dildo next to Phil's rectum and said "Go ahead and fuck yourself." Phil grabbed the dildo and began to do so. Nick said, "That's my good sissy boy."

While I was watching this, I missed the fact that Maureen and Cecil were going at it again. While Freddie and I fucked them from behind, they were kissing and pulling on each others engorged nipples. What a sight. In addition, Nicki had moved and was sitting facing Cecil with her legs spread, rubbing her exposed clit. That amazing red haired pussy was pointed right at Cecil. After a few minutes, Nicki said, "Cecil, why don't you lick my cunt, it will drive your husband crazy," and she spread her pussy lips with her fingers. Cecil dove right in.

Nicki called to Phil, "Come over here and learn how to eat pussy. Don't stop fucking yourself."

Then Nicki said, "Freddie, stop." He stopped and waited. "Maureen, can Freddie fuck you for a few minutes?" Maureen just groaned.

I moved and without hesitation Freddie left his wife and took my place in Maureen's pussy. I was disappointed, but I was also anxious to watch the show. It was unbelievable. Shy Cecil feasting from a red haired pussy like her life depended on it. Freddie humping pregnant Maureen. And Phil fucking himself in the ass watching Nicki with another woman.

Nicki said, "Gregg, why don't you fuck Cecil in the ass?"

With my cock wet and all of the juices that had run down to her ass, I slid right in (I had never done this before). Cecil was hot. After a few strokes, she was banging her ass into me so hard that it hurt. I started to slap her ass to make her slow down. This did not help. She began to buck even harder. Her ass was pounding into me while her face was grinding into Nicki's cunt.

Nicki, panting now, said, "Freddie, do you want to fuck your wife in the ass?"

Freddie screamed, "Yes!"

"Say yes, please."

"Yes please!"

"If I let you, from now on she's the boss, got that?"

"Yes, yes, yes," he grunted. Freddie switched back to his wife, pushing me away. Like a madman, he began to fuck Cecil's little asshole. Cecil lifted her head and moaned, "Come on you cocksucker, come on, fuck my ass." I started to fuck Maureen's pussy again.

Cecil lifted her head again and said, "Cum all over my ass, now Freddie, now." Freddie did as he was told, he pulled his cock out and came all over Cecil's ass.

This was all too much for me. I came like crazy in Maureen's incredible pussy. She just swallowed me whole. I heard her groan and I saw her frantically pulling on her nipples. Then I felt her orgasm and it shook me.

Phil did not get to cum. Nicki, always the leader, announced "Phil, Maureen is a mess, go clean her up. Freddie, since you seem to enjoy seaman, lick yours off your wife's ass."

As Maureen rolled over on her back and spread her legs to give Phil access, I could not believe how large her pussy was. There seemed to be layers upon lawyers of juicy lips. Phil went right to work. Cecil stayed on her hands and knees and said "Hurry up Freddie, lick my ass." Freddie hesitated, then lowered his face into her cum drenched ass. Within seconds he was lapping away like a well trained dog. Nicki said, "That's good Freddie, make sure to clean her asshole too."

I moved to where Nicki was seated. She winked and then said, "Phil, don't look up but I want you to listen. Gregg here has such a nice cock. If you had a nice cock like this, I would be your slave." She laughed, then continued, "Master, may I make your cock hard again." She put me in her mouth. Between slurps, she would say things like "Master, it tastes so good, please let me keep sucking you." Her words (and the thought that she was tasting Cecil's ass and Maureen's pussy) made me hard again (it was good to be 19!).

She whispered for me to lie down and when I did she said, "Phil, look up and see how a man fucks." And she sat down on my renewed hard on. "Maureen, jerk him off with your feet. I'll tell him when to cum." Maureen started to rub Phil's dick with her foot and jab at his balls with her toes. Nicki continued to ride me until I felt her orgasm explode. For the first time she was out of control and yelled to Phil, "Now, Phil, cum on her feet." Phil's face was contorted, he spurted a gallon of seaman all over Maureen's feet. Now Maureen was laughing at him.

"Clean her Phil," Nicki commanded, and he licked his seaman off of Maureen's feet, while Nicki sat motionless on my cock and watched him. I felt her have a gentle orgasm. Freddie was still worshiping Cecil's ass.

Nicki got off me (I had not come, but I don't think she cared). She gave general thanks, reminded Freddie that he was now Cecil's "love toy" and led Phil away. When Cecil calmed down, she gave me a goodbye kiss (I could taste Nicki on her lips). She then gave Maureen a long kiss and hug, and said it had been an "eye opener." Then petite Cecil and macho Freddie began to walk away. I heard her say, "Freddie, my little pet, I can't wait to show you off to my girlfriends... and their husbands." Then she gave his bottom a smack. Freddie never said a word.

I smiled at Maureen. "So, how do you feel." I asked.

"Fabulous. I really, really missed sex. My husband and I have an open relationship. He doesn't have much of a sex drive, so he know I get a little on the side. But since I started to show, I haven't felt comfortable trying to find a man. But when we were on the beach I saw that you got excited just looking at my swollen nipples, I knew I had to have you." She raised her hands and started to roll her nipples between her fingers.

"I really wanted you to suck on these. I love to have my nipples sucked. Do you have a few more minutes?" How could I say no?

I suckled on Maureen's breasts until it was almost dark. While I sucked, she occasionally rubbed my dick, "Just to keep you interested," she said. Then she said it was time to go and asked for one more favor. She knelt before me and began to jerk me off. Then said, "Cum on my tits, maybe I can get my husband to eat cum like Freddie." I did. Whether or not her husband ate it, I do not know.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.