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Another great wife turned slut story.

Well, it looks as if she's really done it this time!!, it's and she's not home yet. You see I have been asking my wife to have a casual sex fling due to the fact that Im unable to satisfy her.

Even though I have pleaded for her to make love with other men she kept on repeating that she did not need it. Yesterday I begged her to try sex with another man as I would really get a kick from her telling me about what he did to her!!. At about 4pm she came to me and asked me if it was really what I wanted her to do as I would have to understand that once she does this there is no going back!!. I took a big swallow of my whiskey and just nodded to her, all right then im going to do it then she said, you better hope that I don't feel any different after it's over, she was grinning when she said that but all that did to me was make my feeble 3 1/2 erect cock twitch.

At 6.30 pm Allison began to get ready to go out, what do you think I should wear for my lover to take off she asked, maybe something very accessible don't you think so Steve she said. As I watched her get ready she put on a blue laced matching bra and panties followed by black hold up stockings. She wore a thin figure hugging Lycra mini dress in scarlet red and topped it off with black high heel shoes. This should do don't you think so she queried? I have to admit that she looked stunning and I went to take hold of her around the waist but she pulled away frowning at me and said, hold on you, my body is not for you tonight is it? Remember tiny dick, im having a real man tonight!!,With that she grabbed her bag and went out the door and that was some 8 hours ago.

When my wife finally walked in she was very tipsy, as she walked towards me she was pointing and laughing. Hello darling she said, I had a wonderful time tonight and do you know what? I can't wait to do it again!!.

You know you wanted me to find a lover for tonight, well I did and what's more im going out with him again tomorrow night as well. I went to a pub in town and got myself a drink, after about half an hour or so while I was looking around the room I noticed a guy looking right at me. I looked away but become aware that someone was standing over me, when I plucked up courage to look up, he was right beside me and smiling straight at me.

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The man introduced himself to me as Ken and he asked if he could sit with me. We began to talk and he asked if I was single to which I replied no! however I am free to do whatever I want. Ken laughed and asked what did I mean by that statement?

Well, tonight if I want to fuck someone I am free to do so!!. You should have seen him darling she said, he was about 5ft 10" and well built, do you know he held out his hand and I willingly took hold of it, he led me out of the pub door and into the car park. We approached his car and like a gentleman he opened the door for me and in I got. My pulse raced and my heart thumped against my chest. Ken got in and we drove off and found a deserted lane, he stopped the car and switched off the lights, lets get in the back he said. Darling I have to admit it I was very nervous but I went through with it. Ken got in beside me and put his arm around my shoulder. He looked at me and pulled me closer to him, as he did this he bent his head forward and I met his lips with mine, he began to kiss me so much better than you ever did, he put his tongue inside my mouth and I greedily accepted it.

The next thing I new was his hand was slowly making its way down towards my left breast, god I was so horny that I grabbed his hand and put it on my chest. Ken began kneading it and mauling me, I was breathing very heavy and my own hand started to roam and found its way to his zip. Steve, what a bulge there was!!, I slowly unzipped him and before I had it all the way down it sprang free, It was nothing like yours you know, How can I describe it to you? lets just say it made yours look like a little boys ......... not only that, it was much harder than yours and I didn't have to pull his underwear off to check if he was hard!!, lets face it darling, you have a hard on sometimes and im not even aware of it unless your nude she laughed.

Well, anyway darling, I took hold of his cock and began working it back and forth, he began to breath a little heavier now. I began to feel like a whore honey, this guy, this guy I just met had me wetter in minutes than you ever managed with your pathetic feeble little dick. Do you know I couldn't wait to have him inside me, I began to lower myself down and began sucking that lovely cock in my mouth, Ken began to thrust in and out as I licked him, fuck me please I said to him, I need a real cock inside me as my pathetic jerk of a husband is useless I told him, I can't even feel him when he is inside me!!. With that darling he pushed me down on the back seat of his car and tore my panties off me. Guess what honey, he put his cock in me and he was not even wearing a condom, I was so excited I just didn't even care about that, anyway I wont let you fuck me anymore so that is none of your concern anyway is it!!.

Do you know that was the first time I actually felt movement inside me, I hate you for that you know, I really thought that your cock was normal, Ken however assures me that yours is abnormal and most cocks are some 6 to 8 inches long. Well, honey I intend to find out and try a few more yet, you can watch if you like, but you can only jerk off while I enjoy myself ok!!. Anyway, he gave me two wonderful orgasms before he came, look darling she said, with that she lifted up her dress and I could see the damp stain in her gusset, have a smell she said. As I went down in front of her she raised her left leg up and placed it on my back, as I began to put my face towards her pussy, she quickly grabbed both sides of my head and forced my face in between her thighs. The smell was different to normal, then I could see why, her lovers sperm was still leaking out between her very swollen lips. She began laughing and said she was going to bed as she had a busy night tomorrow!!.

She has had many other lovers since, and I have jerked myself off while she has told me how well they screwed her and how much they satisfy her and how much of a useless little dicked jerk off I am.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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group sex gangbanging sex stories


sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.