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Alison - Part 1

Another great wife turned slut story.

While reading recent stories, I was surprised by how many husbands enjoy watching their wives being fucked by other men, especially if the husband has a tiny cock. It seemed that the bigger the lover's cock, the bigger the turn-on for the husband and obviously the wife as well. I was amazed that men like to jack off while watching this, and I was also amazed by how many wives take the chance of being made pregnant by their lovers. I also found out how common it is for husbands to enjoy eating their wives pussies after they have been filled with their lovers' semen. This is nothing new to me as my husband steve has been giving me that service with his tongue for the past 10 years, and he loves every minute of it. By the way, I am 33 years old, and I will always remember the first time it happened to me.

I was 22 at the time. Technically I wasn't a virgin, but I had never been truly fucked. steve was my boyfriend then. He was 25. We had often come close to fucking, but he had never actually penetrated me. He would just rub his hard little 4" cock up and down my slit and all over my clitoris and then after only minutes he would spunk over my tummy or thighs. Since this was the first cock I ever saw, I thought it of normal size. Soon enoughI learned just how "small" it was. Mostly steve liked to lick me to climax while jerking himself off, and I liked that pretty much the best too. I had a damn good figure then, being 34a-22-34 with long shapely legs, and I had my choice of the boys -- they were all after me. My legs are still great, but I've put a few inches on here and there. I'm now 34-25-35, but I can still turn a few young men's heads.

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That summer we spent a weekend at a camp with a group of our friends. steve's friend kevin came with us. He was 20 and a bit of a stud. I didn't like him much because he had made one of the girls pregnant and then refused to have anything to do with her. But it was to be him who took my virginity and start a sex life that steve and I have enjoyed ever since. I wasn't on the pill at the time, so if I had sex, it would have to be with a rubber, which I would have to trust my lover to use.

The first night I got quite drunk, and on the way back to my cabin kevin was groping me quite openly. I must admit I teased and flirted with him to try to make steve jealous, and I must also admit that I did have thoughts about kevin's alleged nine and a half inch penis -- very naughty thoughts.

As soon as we went into the cabin, steve went for a piss. kevin pulled me down onto his lap and began to feel me up. I could feel his penis harden as I wriggled about. It pressed hard against my thigh, and I reached down and played with it, rubbing it lightly through his pants with just the tips of my fingers. kevin pushed his hand up my skirt and between my legs, then ran his fingers up and around my fleshy thighs. Then he rubbed me through the front of my panties I didn't stop him, I wanted him to touch me,he pushed the silky material into my slit,and I wanted more. I parted my legs to give him better access I felt his middle finger push down inside my panties and then slip deep into my wet gash,It felt just like steve's little cock when hard. He rubbed between my cunt lips and up to my clitoris. I couldn't help but involuntary gasp and sigh as he started to bring me off, somthing steve had never managed to do.

Just then steve returned and said, "What's going on?" With that, kevin lifted my skirt up around my waist exposing everything to steve's gaze. steve's eyes widened, and his mouth hung open as he watched his friend's fingers inside my panties, slipping in and out of my puss, which was now lubricating freely. The heat of the moment was incredible, so much being said without a word actually being said. steve's hand dropped to his fly as he smiled and nodded at both kevin and me, he took his little penis out and began to work it. I came off with a shudder and a low moan. This 22 year old "virgin" was lusting for cock, and I didn't mind whose it was. I watched steve kneel in front of me as he started to jerk off his pathetic little boy size cock,his eyes still on kevins's fingers in my panties, I told steve that kevins finger gave me much more pleasure than his puney cock.

kevin said: "Take her panties off steve." I lifted my ass to enable steve to pull them down. I was now fully exposed. I opened my legs wide to allow kevins's fingers to go deeper into me. He stopped and fumbled with his trousers, he lifted me and stood up as he tried to pull them down. He said: "Hurry steve, pull my pants down," which steve dutifully did. I looked down, Brian's cock, now freed of restraint it stood up long and hard. The rumors about its size were definitely true. It dwarfed steve's 4 inches, and I knew I was going to get well fucked by it. And I also knew I wanted it more than I had everwanted steve's puney little cock.

I reached down to stroke and fondle his huge erection. He was not circumcised. I rolled his foreskin down to expose his shinny red knob, and then I started to jerk him off, but that was not what he wanted. He pulled me down and guided his lovely cock between my parted cunt lips. I shook as I felt him push into my pussy. He then lowered me a few inches, his cock sinking deeper into my eager cunt. I remember crying with pleasure as he thrust up and down letting me sink an inch at a time until I felt I couldn't take any more -- and, if I did, I felt I would surely burst. I was in heaven as his thick cock stretched me. He pushed deeper making me gasp. I held myself up, my hands resting on his thighs for support, and looked down. I was shocked: there was still about 3" to go. I licked my lips in anticipation knowing that I was going to have to take it all eventually.

My arms weakened, and I sunk down. There was a feeling of resistance, but then it was gone, and I slid down until I was fully impaled on this huge cock. It felt delicious as he rocked up and down with the end of his cock churning into me. I writhed about on him and felt faint as I came off, my orgasms were so powerful they were out of this world. Now I wanted more movement, so I pushed myself up and down, still supporting myself on his thighs, but It was too awkward. I needed something nearer and easier to grip, and there it was right in front of me. steve had moved in closer, his head only a few inches away from kevins's cock as it squelched in and out of my love tube. He was staring at the sight of his best friend's cock fucking his girlfriend's willing cunt. I reached out and gripped his head to push myself up. As I pushed, his head went down, and his face buried itself into my gash. As I lowered myself back down, I felt steve's tongue flick at my clitoris. Oh the glorious feeling that shot through my body! That made me squeal with pleasure as another wonderful orgasm hit me.

(To be continued)

A Very Kinky Couple - Part 2

I pulled steve tighter into me as I rode kevin's cock harder and faster. Moving towards my ultimate cum, I bit my lip from the pleasure I was getting. kevin panted and was breathing heavily. He thrust hard up into me. I could feel his cock swelling and then felt great pleasure. He was cumming. I could feel him spurting and squirting his sperm inside me. I vaguely remember squeaking and shouting as I had the most wonderful orgasm. I turned my head to kevin, and we kissed with our tongues entwining. All the time steve was frantically licking up and down my cunt. I sighed as I orgasmed yet again and thought to myself: "Well girl, you've done it this time. You're no longer a virgin. And you'll probably get pregnant too."

I felt kevin's' cock softening inside me. He then lifted me and let his long limp cock slip from my gapping pussy. I pulled steve's head back to my oozing cunt and ground it into his face while thrusting my hips up and down. I looked down at him as he tossed himself off and watched him shoot his load. When I finally let him go, he lay there between my thighs, panting with his friend's sperm all over his face.

I watched steve's head sink lower between my legs until it was resting on kevin's thigh. I couldn't see what he was up to, but I had a good idea. kevin groaned. I turned to my lover, and we kissed again long and hard, his tongue probing around my mouth. He reached around, held my cunt lips wide apart, and then fingered me. I looked down, and my suspicions were confirmed as I watched steve's head bobbing up and down. I pulled him away and looked at kevins's fresh erection, his cock glistening red and wet. I reached down and pulled his foreskin up and over the huge knob that had given me so much happiness, then pulled it down making the eye of his cock open wide. A few drops of spunk oozed from it. I guided him back towards my wet and willing cunt that was steaming love juice for him. kevin held my pussy open as I sank down onto him again. It was so marvelous to feel a real cock filling my love tube again.

kevin pulled out then laid me back on the bed with my legs splayed wide apart. He moved between my thighs and drove his lovely long thick cock deep into me. I bucked and squirmed as he thrust into me. He pulled my legs over his shoulders and humped harder and faster. I was in a daze and lost track of time, and all the while I was laughing at little tiny cocked steve. Some time later he came again, and I felt his sperm shooting into my receptive pussy. My cunt throbbed and pulsated around his jerking cock. As he moved away steve went down on me, pushing his head between my damp thighs,andI felt his tongue lap at me.

Well, fortunately I didn't become pregnant from this experience, which is amazing when you consider the amount of sperm pumped deep into me. Maybe steve sucking it out helped. Soon afterwards, steve begged me to marry him. I agreed, mainly because while I could easily find a cock to fuck, I didn't think I could find some one who would suck me afterwards. And as long as steve didn't mind my having lovers, what did I have to loose? Of course I've had many lovers over the years, and steve always enjoys eating me out after they have cum in me. I've never kept score, but after thinking about it, I must have had well over 30 men -- black, white and brown -- and many of them I fuck regularly. Their cocks vary greatly size. The smallest was just 5.5" long, and I soon got rid of him! The longest belonged to a African immigrant and was nearly 14". I thought it was coming up my throat. However, most of my lovers had average size cocks between 7 and 8 inches long, and were much more filling than steve's,I could never feel his in me.

At 36, it's nice to know I can still easily find young studs to fuck. They find my full figure alluring -- my breast are nice and firm, and my body is still curvy. The young lads say I'm a better fuck than their girlfriends as I'm much more responsive and my cunt really sucks the sperm from their cocks. I love fucking them because they can cum over and over again and never get soft. And they love the fact that they can fuck me over and over again, because their girlfriends always seem to want to stop after the first time. They also find it amusing to watch steve dive down between my legs and push his face into my well-used, spunk-filled pussy. They sure enjoy coming back for more.

Most of my lovers are in the same age group as steve and me, but I've had many older men,younger as well. Some can be very satisfying, since they often last much longer than the young ones before they cum. And to see the look of amazement on their faces when my husband's eager tongue takes the place of their spent cocks is a turn on for me. I normally cum straight away while clamping my thighs tightly around his head just from the expression on their faces.

All my lovers get great satisfaction from watching my husband eat me and love to see him suck their sperm from my love tube. It gives them a feeling of superiority to observe my husband cleaning up the mess they just made. And they feel even more superior when my husband licks their cocks clean and get them hard so they can fuck me again. This is all he is good for anyway, since I can no longer feel his small cock in my pussy. And I make sure my lovers know this, because I love the arrogant attitude it gives them! Now I make steve just watch.

So as you see, I live a very full and active love life, and I feel so young and randy. It must be all that extra marital sex and sperm.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.