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Adventure With Kirk

Another great wife turned slut story.



Hi again, I just wanted to drop and let you know about my last fling with Linda. If ever there was a woman that defined HOT, it is Linda. She called me up about 8:00 AM a couple of weeks saying that she didn't have much to do till the kids got out of school and wanted me to join her at local bar for brunch. Well, knowing Linda, I should have known that she had more in mind than just a sandwich for lunch. As I drove over I didn't think much about which bar it was, or how unusual it was for a luscious white chick like Linda to call me from a bar that caters to the Brothers.

When I arrived Linda was setting at a video game in the back and seemed to be very caught up in playing. As a matter of fact, she was so caught up in playing that she hadn't noticed the four guys standing around her like dogs drooling over the same bone. I got a beer and roamed over to where they were, and gave Linda nice squeeze around the waist as I kissed her neck, she immediately turned away from the video game and gave me a nice long kiss, reaching round and grabbing my ass and squeezing. Kirk. "I was beginning to wonder if you were going to join us." Wow, was that a surprise to me, I never thought she would be so bold as to proposition a group of men in a strange bar, but sure enough she had made arrangements with four of these men to head over and get a room at the Ramada and have a cum party. All of these men looked to be between 25 and 30 yrs old and I found out that they all played basketball together for a semi-pro team. Well, I had been a frequent visitor of this particular club since I turned eighteen and the bartender called me over to ask what the hell was going on. I told Rufus what we were all going to do and he said that he would be willing to lock the place up for a while if we would let him eat her pussy, he even offered to let the drinks be on the house. UMMM, how could I resist such an offer.

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As Rufus locked the front door I went over and told Linda about our new plan, and found out that the team were taking bets on who could make her scream the loudest. Linda seamed to be intrigued with the idea of all these comparing how they were going to eat her and fuck her better than the others. Linda took my hand and I led her to the end of the bar where I helped her pull down her jeans and panties. Then I helped her step up on a stool and lay back on the bar with her thighs spread wide so we all could see her wet cunt lips spread apart, and it was clearly wet, shining with creamy juice soaking the inside of lips. Linda was just the right height for a man to lean over a bit and bury his tongue in her snatch, and that is just what happened. One by one these big studs spread her cunt wide and licked up and down, as soon as one would leave another would take his place. When I took my turn there was already a puddle of juice on the bar, from Linda's dripping snatch and I knew just how to make your little wife scream like an eighteen year old cheerleader. I had two of the bro's each hold one of her legs back on either side of the bar and I licked and sucked and tongue fucked Linda's little brown asshole over and over, as I moved back up to her clit I looked up to see each of the boys on the side of her squeezing her big tits and they were competing to see who could make her get the longest and hardest nipple, I thought they were going to pull those big nipples right oof her chest, they each had a nipple between their thumb and finger pulling them high in the air and doing a little circular motion, what looked like torture must have really felt good to Linda cause the first I stuck my finger inside her sloppy cunt she screamed out "squeeeeeezeeeeeeeiiiiiyyyyy, sqeeeeeeeze" and had major convulsions at the same time. She came so hard that she sat up and said she had to have a drink of something before she could go any more. So Rufus poured her a wine cooler and I helped her down off the bar.

As Linda sat down on a table we all got a beer and Rufus brought Linda her drink, just as he got to her he stopped and smiled, then lowered the glass and dipped his dick in it. Linda just smiled as she raised it to her lips and took a sip, then she laid back on the table and led Rufus around the table so that he could feed her his wet dick as her head hung off the table. Linda made an "UMMMMM" sound as she sucked his big thick black rod into her red lips. Meanwhile Sean had positioned himself to jam his big 8" rod into her cunt, again "UMMMMMM" came from her throat as she thrust her hips up to take the length of his rod in her cunt. Sean pounded that cunt while the rest of us took turns biting her big tits and nipples. Soon Sean had shot his wad and it was Jeremy's turn, his Dick was not quiet as big as Sean's but he could pump like a rabbit, and didn't slow at all for 15 minutes, all the while Linda's breathing was keeping time with his pumping, "UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH." Watching her suck and fuck these black dicks with her white pussy and mouth was begining to get to me and I had to replace Rufus in fucking her throat. As Jeremy shot his wad up her snatch, Rufus moved to replace him between her legs and got a loud "UUUUUUUOOOOOOHHHH" from the rest of us as he bent down and ate her cum-drenched cunt before raising up and stuffing her again with black dick. All this time Don and Rob were biting and sucking her big tits as she was holding to their crouches with really white knuckles, as if they might leave if she let go. For a little while I held both of her tits while Don and Rob sucked her nipples, I couldn't help to notice all the hickeys on her tits from the sucking and biting, guess black guys are not used to seeing these, you just don't get such results on blackgirls. It didn't take long for Ruffs to loose his load in her, all the time he kept saying he couldn't believe he was fucking a white girl.

I knew I couldn't last much longer as Linda reached around my ass and pulled me up over her chin and licked my ass, God I love that feeling and shot cum all over her tits. Next as Ruffs moved out from between her legs Don dropped his pants and told Linda to turn over, "I"m going to Dog-fuck you Bitch" he said as he drove his big 10" cock between her legs, as he started pumping her you could here the noises "SHHLLUSSHHLLUSSHHSSLLUSSHH" from behind her and "OOOOOOOOOUUUUHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOUUUUUHHHHHH" from her mouth Rob finally moved to where Linda could get his pants unzipped but she couldn't get his big dick out, it had apparently hardened down his pant leg and was so big he had to pull them down to get his monster out, see such a sight must have been a lot for Linda, being a white girl and all. She just stared in augh at the site of it, she then reached out and held it in her hand just staring and smiling. Linda couldn't even reach all the way around it, must have been about as big as a little league baseball bat. Rob moved over to let her taste the precum that was dripping from the end of it, there was no-way Linda could get her mouth over the head of so she just licked it like an ice cream cone. It was as if she had forgotten about the dick that was fucking her from the rear (and it would be considered huge by most standards, accept compared to Rob's). Don was doing a lot of pumping, and was beginning to get frustrated, "This must be the loosest cunt I've ever fucked" he said. I really think Linda had forgotten about his fucking her until;as she was admiring Robs huge rod, Don stuffed her ass full of his 9" cock, and she remembered then, screaming as it jammed in "HHUUHHHOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" SHE SCREAMED. Her scream was kind of muffled by that monster cock that was trying to squeeze between her lips.

Don didn't waist any time pumping Linda's white ass full of cum and it was pretty easy to see that Linda enjoyed every thrust as she pumped back as hard or harder than she was being pumped, she kept saying "give it to me baby, fill that ass with cock." Linda was on a tear, cause just as Don shot his wad in her ass, she jumped and told Rob to lie down on the floor. Man, it was so kool to see a good looking white bitch take such a big black cock in her cunt, and she made it look easy as she sat her juicy cunt down on him, and all that cum came squirting out as she sat there. When Linda had taken that monster in her cunt she just sat there smiling, she looked up at me and gasped, "it feels like it is in my stomach," she said, and she began to wiggle a little and turn from side to side, "I don't know if..................." as she Jeremy shoved his cock back in Linda's mouth, and Sean grabbed one of her hands and put it on his dick, she knew what to do, and started pumping and sucking. Oh, what the hell, I thought I might as well get in on the action, so I moved around and stuffed my cock in her ass, and I do mean stuffed. I have never felt anything so tight on my cock as her asshole being pushed from the inside out with that telephone stuffed in her cunt. She began to pump up and down and slurp and pump and moan and pump and slurp some more, as the sweat was flying and we all were moaning, It was like a big cluster-fuck, with this white slut in the middle as we all started cumming, there was cum squirting on her tits, in her face, on her arms, and mine was slushing out of her ass. Linda finally collapsed on Rod as he moaned and came in her.

When she raised herself up off of Rob, it looked like a half gallon of cum slushed from her cunt, all over Rob, and Linda looked like Hell, with all those bite marks all over her ass and tits. She came over to me and gave me a kiss and thanked me for joining, "I just wouldn't feel right about fucking all these strangers alone" Linda said. It was about 2:00 PM now and she had to get home before the kids got home so we didn't have much time to reminisce.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.