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Watching The Dog Part 2 " Wife and dog" 12/29/99

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"Zoo" is short for zoophelia/zoosexual. For those not familiar with the term, zoosexuality is an orientation, in the same category as hetero-, homo-, and bisexuality. It has long been called zoophilia, but that term has come to mean a mental aberration or sickness, and so it has no place in the zoosexual world. We are not sick at all. For the purposes of this page, a zoosexual is a person who has a profound emotional and/or physical attraction to animals. This attraction is manifested in many ways, including sexual contact with animals. The term bestiality is also used to describe sexual contact between humans and animals, and 'bestialist' and 'zoosexual' are similar terms. Within the zoo community, it is becoming a convention that zoosexual refers to someone who has an emotional attraction for their animal partner(s), while a bestialist is only interested in the sexual aspects of such practices.
BESTIAL RECREATIONS ARE COMPLETELY NATURAL AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY HEALTHY (the alligator, dog, and human inside each of us) Why are so many people strongly attracted to bestial recreations? In this letter to all lovers of beasts, we will explain the "inter-species" basis of the human being's powerful sexual attraction to animals - whether in actuality or fantasy. This explanation leads to the conclusion that bestial pursuits are not in any way perverted, but are in fact psychologically healthy. We hope you enjoy the artwork along the way. The Obvious Connections Between Animals and Humans The obvious thing that dawns on most people about their sexual attraction to animals is that humans too are animals. Humans and other animals have similar bodies, sex organs, and similar sexual behavior. And, the brains of animals contain all of the same sexual centers that people's brains have. Deep in the brains of animals and humans are oral and genital centers that are closely knitted together with the olfactory (smell) center. Oral and genital sex are tied together in the brain through their common connection with the sense of smell that is involved in both feeding and mating. This connection is why oral sex and genital sex occur spontaneously together, and why it is completely natural for them to do so. Way Beyond the Obvious: The Human Brain Contains an Alligator Brain and a Dog Brain But far more profound than these similarities, the human brain is actually made up of two animal brains and one human brain. The three brains of the human being are the result of the millions of years of the evolution of the brain. During the long process of evolution newer forms of animal brains were built on top of older forms, and the older forms were retained inside. Therefore, inside every human brain is a complete REPITIAN BRAIN (similar to that of an alligator), an OLD MAMMAL BRAIN (like that of dogs and horses), and a NEW MAMMAL BRAIN (the thinking portion unique to humans). In all daily human activities each of these three brains continuously makes a contribution to thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Illustration of the three-part brain of humans* When humans have sex with other humans, all three of these brains are involved in the desires, the oral and genital responses, and the climax. The reptile brain, the dog brain and the human brain are all there playing their role in the animal-human movements, sounds, and the production of the fluids of sexual activity. The second and third illustrations show the "three animals" inside the brain of human beings having sex. These illustrations include strands of connection running down from the reptile, dog, and human brains and enwrapping the penis and vagina. These two illustrations characterize the way we feel the healthy person should think about humans having sex with other humans. All sex among humans actually involves two animals and one human being, and it is extremely important for us to come to sense this friendly and passionate animal world within ourselves. Is Sex With Animals In Any Way Perverted? Because of the three-animal make-up of the human brain, it is completely natural for humans to be curious about animal sex, and to wish to have sex with animals. In fact, it would be unnatural for a human NOT to have these inclinations. The only thing that makes some people think otherwise is the tradition of their particular culture. When we understand the three animals that make up our brain, we realize that the dog part of our brain for example, can have more direct sex with an actual dog. We humans are fortunate to have all three types of brain, because by having sex with animals we can experience pure reptile sex, pure dog sex, pure human sex, or portions of all three at onceóif not actual, in fantasy. Since sex with animals or "inter-species" sex is more direct sex for the particular animal part of the brain that is involved, it is actually healthy for the expression of the overall brain. Sex with animals allows greater expression of the three animals of the human brain and thus allows them to also work in greater harmony. In this manner, the direct and complete expression of the older parts (reptile and dog) of the human brain has immense therapeutic value. For example, abnormal aggressive (harmful) behavior stems from pent up or blocked animal drives in the human brain. Sex with animals, real or imagined, helps reduce these aggressive feelings and tendencies. Therefore, the really healthy, fully functioning person is most at peace through sex with animals AND humans - preferably, we think, in a single session - whether it be in fantasy or fact. A note about fantasies of reptilian sex The three-animal make up of the human brain also tells us why it is intriguing to think about and see artwork showing sex with reptiles and reptile-like animals. Fantasies about reptilian sex are normal, healthy desires that emanate from the oldest, deepest part of the human brainónamely, its reptilian core.

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