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"Viet Cong Captive"

      by A. G. Thomas

      (kidnap nc rape drugged oral anal torture multiple beast)

As she slowly regained consciousness she heard the laughter of the enemy solders and the whimpering sobs of a tortured soul. In trying to stand she found that her arms and legs were stretched widely apart, each member fastened to four stakes that had been driven into the ground. In panic she turned her head seeking her fellow nurse that had just three days earlier entered country. She saw the naked body of the blond nurse surrounded by several of their VC captors. A fleeting glimpse before the bodies of the enemy gathered tighter about what was happening had been enough to freeze Regina's heart. Ropes stretched from each of the blond girls hands and feet and tied high into four widely separated trees. Her fellow American was suspended face down three feet off the ground in a spread eagle fashion and two pajama clad Viet Cong were using her simultaneously.

Turning her face from the awful scene and into the fading light of the jungle sky she silently prayed for their rescue though she knew it probably would never happen. She guessed that about four hours had gone by since the American base had been attacked and then the memory of how her and Barbara had been captured drifted to the forefront. She remembered being in the hospital bunker taking care of the wounded and then just as another GI had entered several Viet Cong rushed in. For a fleeting moment she pushed the horrid scene of the bunker from her mind as she dully wondered how long the rape of Barbara how been going on. But the memory was too strong and again she found herself back in the bunker screaming as Charlie bayoneted the wounded Americans. They had dragged her kicking and screaming from the bunker only to run into Barbara and so as war prizes they now had two American nurses instead of one. She had heard stories of what the VC did to captured nurses and from the moment they had been taken she had hoped and prayed the stories weren't true. She remembered the mad headlong rush of Charlie to leave the American camp behind and how they had been poked and prodded as they were led at almost a running pace through the jungle until both had finally collapsed from exhaustion. To her horror Regina's worst fears had been realized; the sordid stories she had heard were true for now she was witnessing it first hand. Death was better then enduring being raped endlessly and as she prayed for her own end she also prayed that Barbara would die.

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She wished she could understand what they were saying, but the laughter of the men only made it harder to understand the few words she did know. A dark figure blotted out the sky and fingers twisted into her matted hair turning her face once more toward the scene of the rape. The figure shouted something and the men surrounding Barbara parted giving Regina an unobstructed view of her fellow American and the duel rape being inflicted upon her. She could see the sweat soaked body of the girl hanging limply from her ropes as a VC used her mouth while another stood between her widely splayed legs. She saw what could only be cum coating the poor girls thighs and buttocks from the men who had used her. But the most horrible sight Regina was Barbara's upper body. The blondes breasts were laced with red welts and though small because of her petite size they swayed to and for as the men buffeted her between them. Her nipples were distended because of the large silver rings piercing them and a musical tingling sounded each time Barbara's tits swayed. Her lips were swollen and cracked and the cum coating her pretty face had matted her eyes shut. Her hair too was plastered to her head from globs of drying sperm. The man holding Regina's face toward the awful scene bent down and started talking to her in excited broken English. "Pretty soon be you turn. ------ Yellow hair fuck ten, twenty soldier and suck much dick, but many soldier want fuck, so now you too join to make comrades happy ------ Much happiness for Vietnamese soldier to have American as troop whore. ------ Make good reward for soldier who fight and kill American pigs ---- Get American pussy for killing American GI, that be good thing, yes. ----- You, she get plenty more dick in future, much fuck and suck our brave peoples soldiers."

As he talked the pajama clad figure fucking the poor girls mouth locked his hands behind her head and ground his pelvis against her face shouting something in Vietnamese. For what seemed an eternity he pressed tightly against her face making Regina think that he would surely suffocate Barbara but then he slowly pulled back and as his cock slipped from between the blondes lips a string of milkish colored cum joined them together until Barbara's tongue flicked out and licked the head of his cock clean. As the blondes tongue licked the bulbous head clean before traveling along its length Regina could hear soft purring sounds of what could only be pleasure from the girls swollen lips. When the soldier finally stepped away, the girls head swayed limply and her tongue flicked over her cum smeared lips and her mouth opened and closed as if she were a fish out of water. With unmistakable sounds of pleasure coming from the blond nurses throat Regina wondered what could have done to Barbara to make her act so sluttish.

She was brought back to her own plight just as another pajama clad figure dropped his pants and stepped in front of Barbara. A sharp stinging pain pierced her arm and as she looked for the source she was horrified to see a hypo being pressed into her forearm. Within minutes a warm feeling of lightness flowed through her easing the tense fear tightened muscles of her body. Not until the last remnant of her soiled and torn uniform was stripped away and her nipples were pinched was she aware of the hands roaming freely over her body and with a childish like giggle she gazed down the length of her body silently imploring them to explore every curve and swell. "Many other soldier want fuck so like other American whore you make happy, but first you too feel pain." She watched as her hands and feet were cut free and then she was jerked to her feet and led toward a makeshift cross. Her hands and feet tingled as the blood rushed into her extremities and she had difficulty walking but within minutes she was splayed out like before only this time in an upright position. In a dreamlike state she watched as a long slender bamboo shot played teasingly over her stomach and breasts tickling her with its light feather like touch. But her trance was short lived as the VC Major suddenly gripped one of her nipples pulling it taunt and then with disbelieving eyes she watched as he pushed the sharpened bamboo shot through her nipple. The pain, greater then any she had ever thought possible, brought a scream from deep in her chest, and then through tear-filled eyes she watched as a silver ring was clamped to her pierced nipple. Numb from shock she watched his fingers pinch her other nipple, stretching her tit as if to pull it from her body. With choking sobs she begged him to stop but only a savage hiss of hate and uttered obscenities answered her pleas. Unable to tear her eyes from her distended nipple she watched the bamboo shot pierce her flesh twisting slowly and methodically until it was completely through. Again a ring was clamped through the hole left by the bamboo shot and then both rings were pulled tearing a scream of pain from her now dry throat. Slobber drooled from her slack lips and her screams faded to soft whimpering of mercy bringing riotous laughter from the Viet Cong watching her torture.

Dully she looked around at the smiling faces of the gibbering Viet Cong as they gathered about her and she silently prayed for death before she too was turned into a mindless fuck toy for their pleasure. In an attempt to avert her eyes as the men surrounding her dropped their black pajama bottoms exposing their dicks, she glanced at Barbara and the two VC that were still using her. Suddenly her head was rocked from a vicious slap and when the broken English command for her to look at the dicks that were going to give her much pleasure she complied. She could see the men's excitement as their cocks stood out from their bellies and she knew that only minutes remained before she too would endure the same fate as her fellow American. In her fright she didn't hear the first crack of the leather whip; only its searing pain, but as the next dozen or so blows raised stinging welts across her sore tits and firm flat belly each crack of the whip sounded like a drum inside her head. Her screams rose and fell before fading into horse whimpers and her tongue lolled from her mouth as her chest heaved from trying to replenish her tortured lungs. Hands reached between her splayed legs to pull the curly wisps of reddish hair and pinch her pussy lips, and as the whip continued to lash across her breasts fingers dug between her pussy lips and deep into her cunt. Two fingers, three, and then four worked their way between her pussy lips until she thought that maybe a whole hand would be shoved between her legs.



Their laughter at her torture as well as the discomfort of the many fingers moving relentlessly in an age-old fucking motion seared her mind. Whimpering pleas for mercy issued from her slack lips but went unheeded. She felt something probing against her anus ring and then stretching them apart as it began it's relentless way into her ass. She felt she would surely be ripped in two as the unseen large object worked deeper and deeper. Suddenly it stopped. The fingers fucking her pussy withdrew only to be replaced by the leather whip handle and now the two hard objects worked almost as one. At first both pushed into her simultaneously, but then gradually one would probe deep as the other withdrew. Over and over each would lunge deep into her body until and in spite of her torment her body responded. Her hips began to sway pushing against whichever one was sinking deep into her and soon her lower body was dancing back and forth and moans of pleasure and spittle issued from her lips. Orgasm after unwanted orgasm rippled through her slender white body and then the whip handle that had been defiling her cunt was suddenly pulled out and crammed into her gasping mouth. Instinctively her lips closed around the cum stained leather handle and her tongue lashed in small swiping circles and she sucked on the invader as if it had been Sgt. Anderson's cock which she had so lovingly sucked only twenty four hours earlier. Her cheeks hollowed and the cords of her neck vibrated in her effort to draw cum from the inanimate object while the lower half of her body pushed back at the four inch thick bamboo rod fucking her rectum each time it lunged forward. The drug had now invaded every pore of her being and as she hung from her makeshift cross with the two invading hard objects piercing her ass and mouth she gave a final long soulful moan as her body began to twitch and vibrate uncontrollably and then she passed into unconsciousness un-heedful of the smirking laughter or degrading remarks of the Viet Cong. Water splashed over her bringing her slowly back to consciousness and as her body was untied she dropped limply to the jungle floor to lie in a semi-stupor as an eager VC crawled between her legs shoving his cock into her vagina.

When she showed no sign of movement he jumped up and started screaming at her, and then grabbing an AK-47 from one of the men he pushed the barrel between her legs roughly pushing it between her pussy lips before cocking it. In desperation she locked her hands around the short barrel hoping somehow to die quickly even though this VC was not going to shot her in the head or heart. And then she realized that from the angle of his rifle the bullet would not kill her, at least not right away. Yes she would die but only after long and painful suffering and the loss of blood. Another prick of a needle almost made her loose her grip on the barrel as an intense feeling of detachment overtook her. The hot itch that had been dulled somewhat from her duel impalement now intensified to a roaring inferno. Her abdomen rippled as the searing heat flared upward from her pelvis and with her hands still gripped tightly to the barrel she pushed her hips upward from the jungle floor while at the same time pulling on the barrel. She tried to think, to reason why she was responding to their cruel abuse, had she been drugged, a narcotic, or maybe an aphrodisiac? She didn't care which, her only hope was that before it made her a mindless zombie she could make the gun go off and that the bullet would travel straight through her body to explode through the top of her head killing her instantly. Above her the voices grew excited and when the rifle angle lessened she again shifted making it look as if she were willingly fucking the cold steel barrel. She felt the barrel push deeper into her pussy and she arched her back but then the barrel was almost yanked from her grasp as it was withdrawn leaving only the front sight between her pussy lips. With a cry of panic and helplessness her ass lunged from the matted jungle floor and with almost inhuman strength she pulled the rifle barrel deep into her pussy not caring that the front sight might tear her pussy lip or even scratch her cuntial passage. And then to the surprise of the pajama clad enemy she began working her hips slowly in a circle while trying to draw the rifle deeper into her body. As she worked her cunt over the barrel of the rifle small traces of her womanly juices glistened on the gun and the excited voices of the enemy grew louder.

A part of her somehow knew that she wasn't going to die, at least not yet. The drug was making it harder to concentrate, to reason why she was fucking the rifle and then her mind screamed silently in anguish just as the drug burst throughout her curvaceous body. As the drug kicked in a smothering cloud engulfed her brain bloating out her past life. Her mind was like a blank slate waiting for something to be printed upon it, something, anything no matter how vile would be welcomed. She began making small gasping moans deep in her throat as the gun traveled in and out of her cunt. Her mind cleared for a second, maybe, just maybe, if she put on a show for these black clad VC their guard would be dropped even more and maybe the Rangers that hopefully had survived the attack would arrive and rescue her and Barbara from the horrible fate being inflicted on them. Her body began to shudder and electric like shocks rippled from her gun-stuffed pussy and then to the delight of the enemy she screamed out in lustful pleasure. Their excited clamoring as they jockeyed around in an attempt to be the first to fuck this red headed American beauty was almost comical, but then a shot rang out and the VC Major shouted that he would be the first.

As he dropped between her legs and rammed his cock into her pussy she wrapped her legs around his lunging hips melding herself to him and screaming out in lustful joy. But her scream was muffled as one of the others twisted his fingers into her hair and pressed his semi-hard cock to her slack lips painting them with drops of pre-cum. Meowing sounds of pleasure escaped from her parted lips as she concentrated on the cock working in and out of her cunt. Her eyes, that had until now been vacant unseeing orbs suddenly focused as the tingly feeling on her lips increased to a maddening sensation, and she found herself staring at a hairy groin and thick brownish length of masculine organ. Her addled mind marveled at its eagerness and hard length as well as the drops of pre-cum oozing from it's dancing head. Her mouth opened letting out a groan of sexual pleasure from the cock pounding deep in her cuntial passage and her tongue licked over her lips lapping away the pre cum coating them. The musty odor of his unwashed body had a totally unexpected effect on her. Instead of making her sick or lessening her sexual drive it intensified her cravings. Again her tongue flicked out as if searching and then it lovingly swiped across the head of the eager cock waiting to fuck her mouth before pushing eagerly against his piss hole to lap up its offering of pre cum. Suddenly the Viet Cong Major grasped her buttocks and ground his groin to hers and in ecstasy her body arched from the ground. Her mouth opened and a long pleading wail of "Yyyeeeeessssssss" issued from her throat while also allowing the eagerly waiting cock to enter. Her lips tightened around the throbbing hunk of male flesh just as the Major flooded her cunt with his sperm. Her mind soared unbidden as she too climaxed and then the Major was replaced by another unseen VC. It was only a matter of moments before the new cock in her cunt began to keep pace with the one in her mouth. As her hips bucked upward to met the eager thrust of this new VC her tongue flayed over the torrid length in her mouth She did not bite the cock in her mouth though her teeth did scrape along it's pulsing length making him ejaculate prematurely, flooding her mouth and throat with cum almost choking her.

As he climbed from her chest only to be replaced by another she saw movement from the corner of her eye, the Rangers, thank God. But when nothing happened, when no shots rang out she thought she had only been seeing things. The new cock slipped between her slack lips and within a matter of moments was pushing against her tonsils and then the VC soldier grasped her ears pulling her face into his groin. With savage cruelty he mashed his pelvis against her face and with one swift stroke entered her throat causing her to gag and bringing laughter from the two dozen enemy soldiers at her plight. Her eyes rolled as the deep thrust of the rigid organ entered her throat and began to match the hard thrust of the cock penetrating her cunt. Barbara who had been cut loose was now kneeling atop one VC while at the same time two others were sinking their cocks into her mouth and ass hole. The poor girl was now servicing three of the enemy at one time and as one or another of them emptied his sperm into one of her cavities he was replaced by another until the ravaged girl fell into an exhausted stupor of unconsciousness.



Unknown to Regina or even Charlie there were indeed Rangers looking on, but their orders had been to track this group of VC to their headquarters and then to wait for reinforcements from another Ranger Company as well as teams of Green Berets and Seals. As much as the eight Rangers wanted to rush in and save the two American nurses from further rape, their training and discipline forbade it, but more then one of them made a silent vow to make the sons of a bitch pay dearly for their cruelty. Pay back would be a mother fucker, you could be sure. Regina knew nothing of this and as the man emptied his load into her cunt and stepped away he was replaced by another. Again and again they took her two at a time and by the fifth duel penetration she was like a mindlessly animal begging for another cock to fuck her, but that wasn't enough for the VC.

Since Barbara who had long ago lost consciousness and was of no further use to them every man of the three squads of VC now concentrated their attention on Regina. Barbara who had been left to lay in the cum stained dirt after her multiple defilement was not aware that she had been the lucky one. Several of the sixteen VC that had soiled her lithe young body with their seed now joined the comrades surrounding Regina. Though she had already sucked or fucked ten of them there remained twenty seven pajama clad VC who now jostled amongst themselves in their eagerness to be the next to vent his hatred as well as his sexual depravity upon the redheaded American nurse. Another shot was administered to the already sex-drugged redhead and boast of fucking the American slut until she died was heard by the helpless Rangers as the VC descended upon her. Again and again the redheaded nurse was used simultaneously by three and even four at a time as sometimes two cocks at once were forced into her cunt, mouth and even her anus while her other holes were occupied. Cum flowed from her three orifices as man after man emptied his sperm into her as her pale body twitched and undulated under their assault. Her cunt and ass hole were stretched leaving little pleasure for her assailants, but still they used her, affirming at least in their minds that they, not the Americans, were superior.

Because of the three shots Regina had received she was now a mindless nymphomaniac pleading eagerly for each new cock. As each cock sent its wad into her it was replaced by another until it too would send its seed to mix with the others and her whimpering beseeching for still more cock amused the Vietnamese. As the soldiers became satiated they drifted away looking for someplace to sleep leaving Regina's still twitching cum covered body laying upon the ground. Weakly she crawled across the matted jungle carpet where her and Barbara's rape had taken place seeking to arouse at least one man to fuck her and then her hand came in contact with the four inch thick bamboo rod that had been used to rape her ass hole. Laying on her back she splayed her legs and almost savagely inserted it into her cum filled loose cunt moaning in drugged induced pleasure. Because of its girth and length it fit tightly in her distended cunt almost like the first cock so many hours earlier and as she weakly worked it in and out of her puffed swollen pussy lips a smile of contentment and pleasure fleeted across her face before she finally slipped into unconsciousness.

At first light a noose was tied about each nurses neck and they were forced to march naked through the jungle toward a fate each now knew was inevitable. The stories had been true, they would be used as whores by Charlie and no matter how the war ended they would never see America again. Because of how savagely Regina had been used she slowed their pace a great deal and even slumped to the jungle trail several times. Barbara though weak herself tried to help her fellow nurse and though the pace was slow whenever one of them fell they were whipped with bamboo shots until they managed to stand and continue. After several hours the VC stopped allowing the abused nurses to rest and to even eat and drink something and then they were forced to their feet and pushed forward. As dusk fell Charlie posted guards but everyone's attention was on the American nurses and not their back trail. From their capture and each night during their forced march deep into enemy territory the women were raped a multitude of times though after the first night Charlie seemed satisfied simply to take each of the women one at a time. For the next six days they were led deeper into the forest canopy and whenever they stopped for the night both Regina and Barbara were used for the sexual pleasure of several of the men. Each night the women were given to an equal number of men and now willingly sought to please their every demand no matter how depraved or degrading for they had learned the lesson of disobedience after the first night when they were beaten for failing to satisfy their captors. An hour or so before dawn on their seventh day of capture the two American nurses were awakened and led to a small river where they were allowed to wash the dried dirt and cum from their soiled bodies. As they climbed from the river they felt refreshed and except for their nakedness they felt better then they had since their capture, but they were in for another surprise.

The Major began shouting in Vietnamese and suddenly two VC stepped forward thrusting a small package at each American nurse With a evil grin on his face the Major motioned for them to open the packages and when they did so they found not only a hair brush and some lipstick but also a skirt and blouse. "You dress now, comb hair and put on lipstick so glorious peoples army see American nurses for what they are." As they fixed their hair and applied the lipstick the Major joked about the skimpy skirts and translucent blouses saying that now they would look like the sluts they were. There were no panties or bras and as Regina and Barbara slipped the skin tight skirts up over their hips they found that the micro minis barely covered their crotch. Reaching for the blouses the Major pulled them from their hands and then cut the buttons off before giving them back. With no buttons the blouses which were too small in the first place now hung open and with each movement their tits were exposed leaving nothing to the imagination. The Major then allowed them to eat their daily bowl of rice and monkey meat informing them that within hours they would be at Battalion Headquarters deep inside Cambodia and that any hope they might have of rescue was useless. Only a few stupid Americans might enter but no large force and it made little difference anyway for Battalion Headquarters was heavily defended. As he spoke in broken English about the brave Vietnamese fighting the American's he fondled Barbara's breasts playfully twisting a nipple ring. As he continued to talk about their lives as troop whores he placed his hands upon Barbara's shoulders and with just that slight touch she dropped to her knees and reached to undo his pants. There in a jungle clearing only hours away from the VC Headquarters Barbara eagerly sucked on the Major's cock while listening to his ranting. Smiling down at this once proud American nurse he marveled at the change since the first day of capture and then suddenly he pulled free and peered into the jungle and only after long minutes did he slowly shake his head and yell for his men to break. Pulling up his pants he motioned for Barbara to stand and then he smiled broadly at the two nurses telling them that he was sure they would make many soldier's happy by willingly giving themselves as rewards to every Vietnamese who ambushed and killed American GI's, and then they were marched slowly into the jungle.

True to his word the sluttish looking captives were led within hours into a mass camp and paraded before what must have been at least two battalions. The two American women looked more like Vietnamese whores or common street walkers from some American city back home than nurses, but that was the effect that the Major and his superior's wanted. Their complete servility as troop whores was laid before them saying that even if the war ended tomorrow they would never see America again and that what they had endured with his men was only the beginning. At first the many women of the camp both fighters and camp followers were resentful and tried to harm the white women but when told by the Major and other officers that the American nurses were to be used as rewards for killing their fellow Americans. The women thought that just and left them alone. As Regina and Barbara were displayed before the proud fighters of the peoples liberation army it was announced that the two American nurses would be given as a reward each night to whichever platoon killed the most Americans. The assembled troops were told that even now a platoon of their countrymen awaited the use of these American nurses as reward for killing nine GI's. And then the two women were led toward a cave and the first platoon of soldiers awaiting their reward for a job well done.



Unknown to Regina and Barbara or the Viet Cong, the original platoon of Rangers had been joined by a company as well as several Green Berets and Seals and now lay in hiding only yards outside the camp perimeter. Even now a squad of Seals was making it's way toward the cave where the nurses had been led. The Air Cav was fast approaching with additional troops as well as Cobra gun ships, followed closely by two C130 Puff the Magic Dragoons. This was what the brass had long wanted, to strike the VC a deadly blow on their own ground and hopefully destroy a large contingent at one time. The original plan had only called for the use of a company of ground troops but when HQ was appraised of the size of the enemy as well as word about the two American nurses who had been captured they quickly changed their attack plans. Word leaked out of the two nurses and how they had been brutalized and raped multiple times and it seemed the whole American fighting machine wanted to be in on the kill. It made little difference that the enemy strength was estimated at three battalions and deep inside Cambodia. Hatred of Charlie for what had been done to the two nurses boiled the blood of even the most seasoned Americans and as the troops rushed toward the impending battle each vowed to inflict untold suffering upon the enemy. As the company of Rangers, as well as the Seals and Green Berets surrounding the VC Headquarters awaited their orders to attack they could only watch as the nurses were displayed before the assembled VC before being led toward the cave.

The scantly clad American nurses entered the cave knowing that like so many times before while they were being led deep into Cambodia they would be used as mindless fuck toys by the VC. As they entered the dim cave at least forty men appeared from the shadows and in the dim light hands groped at them before tearing away their flimsy blouses and skimpy micro mini's. A stifled groan escaped each girls throat as they were led deeper into the cave by the rings fastened to their nipples. A pile of straw and blankets had been laid out and before they sank upon the makeshift alter of their impending gang rape lips sought theirs as hands cruelly pinched and twisted their breasts while other hands roamed over their buttocks and thighs before probing between their legs seeking their womanhood. All hope of rescue had been dashed as they had been displayed before the multitude of VC in this Cambodian stronghold but maybe, just maybe, sometime in the future they might escape. With that faint ray of hope they let the men poke and prod their bodies without struggling and though each was frightened at the prospect of being used by so many men they accepted their fate. As they were forced to their knees and made to straddle an eager soldier the American nurses were again reminded of their fate. To their surprise several of the VC spoke very good English and delighted in describing in great detail how the nurses would service the VC soldiers until they were good for nothing but animals. Their boastful voices went on to say that even if the war was to end tomorrow they would never go home and that their only joy would be in giving pleasure to any Vietnamese that cared to fuck them. The men upon who the nurses sat gripped each girls waist forcing them onto their cocks and as each soldier began to fuck upwards other men milled about each girls face and ass in an effort to be the first to sink their dicks into their other orifices. Barbara was the first to feel the now familiar multiple penetration of three cocks but only by a couple of heartbeats. As the man below her arched his back and begin to grind his pelvis into hers the one kneeling behind her splayed her ass cheeks apart and then without lubrication of any kind forced the first couple of inches of his dick into her rectum. Fingers pulled at her lips prying her mouth open and before she could scream from the pain of anal penetration a thick sausage of male flesh slipped between her lips and began a rhythmic fucking of her face. Regina's fate was the same as Barbara's, together they knelt side by side being ravaged by three cock's simultaneously while surrounded by men eagerly awaiting their turn. As the soldiers using Barbara emptied their cum into her orifices they stepped aside leaving her alone momentarily as they and the other VC concentrated on Regina's bucking body. But her relief was short lived as suddenly several dogs were led from the depths of the cave and toward her prone form. The squad of Seals that had snuck to the cave entrance could plainly hear the sounds of the women being used as the grunts and shouted commands of the men built to a fever pitch. Suddenly a commanding voice echoed in the cave and then eager barking of dogs as the disbelieving Seals made ready to enter.

They could not see what was happening but from the plaintive wail and the excited yelping of the dogs as well as boisterous laughter from the enemy within they knew that the VC had turned dogs loose on at least one of the American nurses. They did not know that Barbara had been made to get to her hands and knees or that cum as well as her own juices had been smeared over her face and ass and that two of the dogs that had been led toward her had mounted her from both ends. Regina who was being used by three VC simultaneously watched in shock as the animals humped against her fellow American and then the soul rending wail of Barbara was smothered as each dog found the cavity it was seeking. With jackhammer like thrust the two dogs pounded the frail girl between them drawing the attention of every VC not busy with Regina allowing the Seals to enter the cave undetected.

As the Seals crawled to the rear of the cave they saw what was happening and as one they rose from the cave floor and opened fire killing the Vietnamese as well as the dogs. As the noise of gunfire erupted from the cave the Green Berets and Rangers surrounding the camp opened fire catching the VC totally by surprise. The VC mustered their defenses laying down a withering fire to this unexpected attack from what they thought was a few foolish Americans and their Montiard stooges but then the whoop, whoop, whoop of what seemed to be at least fifty gun ships drowned out the small arms fire. Within seconds twenty Cobra Attack Helicopters appeared over the jungle canopy letting loose their deadly rain of rockets and fifty caliber machine gun fire upon the totally surprised Viet Cong. Troop carriers followed landing behind the American lines and disgorging another hundred or so troops. As the Cobras made their first pass over the enemy encampment small arms fire laced upwards and two gun ships and a troop carrier went down but luckily landed behind the Special Forces who were pouring small arms fire into the camp.

The squad that had entered the cave gathered up the women and as they tried to exit the cave the closest VC laid down a deadly barrage of fire hoping to at least kill these Americans they could see. As they dragged the frightened nurses toward the American lines two Seals went down and Regina was struck by two bullets. Just as the nurses and their rescuers thought they might be overrun a platoon of Rangers arrived giving them cover fire. As the Seals carried their dead and the badly wounded Regina from the VC encampment a sudden ripping sound was heard and the ground and jungle canopy seemed to explode and merge together. Puff had arrived, and the deadly fire of her multiple barrel Gatling guns had began laying a fire so dense their deadly bullets struck every square foot of the Viet Cong encampment. The screams of the wounded and dying VC could be heard above the horrible ripping sound and even the Americans on the ground ceased fire as they watched cold eyed at the slaughter. Just as the first C 130 made it's fly by and before the sounds of the jungle could awaken another C 130 appeared adding it's rain of death to the one that had gone before. Some VC threw down their arms while others clasped them tightly as the armed and unarmed ran seeking the safety of the jungle. But the worse was yet to come because six planes from the carrier on Yankee station now swooped over the killing field dropping their deadly tanks of napalm from one end of the Viet Cong camp to the other. It was as if the sun had erupted in all it's magnificence over the enemy camp and in so doing, what were once black pajama clad figures melted in the terrible heat and fire storm. The Rangers and other Special Forces faded into the jungle leaving the stench of burnt flesh and the screams of the dying VC behind. Their sole purpose now was to carry the rescued nurses as well as their dead and wounded out of Cambodia and into Viet Nam. The Americans had lost two Cobras and seventy eight men but Charlie had suffered much worse. They had lost almost two battalions. When word of the battle leaked to the press they made it sound as if the army had attacked a village of Cambodian women and children possibly widening the war. What really happened remained unknown until now. Perhaps if the brass had told of the two American nurses who had been held captive by the VC, and of how they had been brutalized and made to endure multiple rape, not once, but several times the American press and public would have supported their military instead of calling them baby killers and spitting on them when they returned from the front lines. But I know and you do too if you served any time in country; it wouldn't have made a damn bit of difference.

- The End -

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