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"The Secretary"

      by A. G. Thomas

      (cuckold coersion blackmail oral anal MMMMMMMMF)

Julia Richards had been as surprised as her husband when Donald had asked if she would like the job as his secretary. Of course the company had rules about husbands and wives working in the same office, but they could get around that by using her maiden name, Franklin. That way the big shots wouldn't know that she and Reggie were married. Donald told them to think about it because his secretary was leaving at the end of the month.

Reggie was more dumbfounded than surprised, since the night of their sixth month anniversary Donald had seemed a little distant at work, while at other times he couldn't be reached because he was out of the office. But Julia was floating on air, now she would be with him every day not just a couple of hours three times a week. Of course, she still loved her husband but, since that night with Donald and the other two, Tom and Paul, she couldn't stop thinking about sex. Even her dreams were filled with visions of the three men with her small body sandwiched between them.

Since that night each of them had visited her several times at home while her husband was working and she had been like a kid in a candy store. She had even bought several very sexy negligees that left very little to the imagination. Reggie finally agreed that taking the job might be a good idea, more money, as well as the chance to be close to him. He could stop by every so often, maybe even go out to lunch sometimes.

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As she dressed for her first day at the office she tried on several of her miniskirts, even the one she had worn the night of the celebration, the night her husband had passed out and Donald, Phil and George had fucked her. But they weren't what a young woman would wear to her new job so instead she wore the light gray business suit her husband had picked out. The jacket was form fitting, giving it a tailored look, the skirt came three inches above her knees with a two inch slit an the left side allowing her easy leg movement while at the same time highlighting her petite figure.

Arriving at the office she went through the usual paper work and forms for new employees and then to her surprise she was told to come back the next day for a three day indoctrination course. She would be paid for the full week but she wouldn't start her job till the next week. For the rest of the week she sat through the classes pretending to pay attention but really daydreaming. Julia wasn't too happy, she radiated sex and nobody was around to appreciate it but the overweight Employment Director Mr. Wills and a couple of new female employees. And she doubted if the ugly man even noticed her body even after she had flashed him a couple of times.

On Friday the Director dismissed everyone early but asked her to stay because he wanted to talk to her about something important. As the last person left he walked to the door and locked it, and turning to her began removing his coat and tie.

"My dear Julia I think you ought to know that Donald has admitted to me about his affair with you. Ms. Franklin, or should I say Mrs. Richards, wife of Reggie Richards who is the Assistant Manager of our Engineering Department. You see my dear, Donald, well not just Donald, but his two flunkies Tom and Paul just couldn't keep their mouths shut. They talked just one time too many about their work day meetings with you and I overheard them. And now my sweet little pet Donald has been transferred and Tom and Paul have been fired. But what do we do with you. let's see, we can always say that the new man wanted someone else for the position. Someone more mature, or we can say we discovered that you were really Reggie's wife. Of course that would mean you wouldn't have a job and that we would have to let Reggie go, or, help me out here would you, Julia."

His pudgy hands rested on her small shoulders and began softly caressing them as he spoke. Then, just as he had gotten to the part about helping him out, his hand slipped from her shoulder and into her blouse to fondle a tea cup sized tit. Julia knew what he meant and knew what she had to do to keep her husband from being fired. She was old enough, even if only 18, to understand that not only would her husband be fired, but that when he found out the reason was because she had been fucking his boss and co-workers, he would leave her and she would have no where to go.

Smiling up into the ugly face of Mr. Wills as he told her to get naked Julia stood and slowly removed her jacket and blouse, and then with a seductive wiggle of her hips, slid her skirt down followed by her white bikini panties. Watching as she removed her clothes, Mr. Wills could hardly believe how easily she had given in, his hands roamed over her before pulling her young delicate body into his, kissing her deeply. Her tongue pushed against his as she kissed him back willingly melting her body against him accepting what was about to happen.

As he pushed on her shoulders she dropped to her knees, knowing instinctively what he wanted and began undoing his belt, letting his pants fall around his feet. Her hand reached into his underwear freeing his limp penis and began rubbing it over her firm little tits watching it harden and then licking along its length before taking it into her mouth and lovingly sucking it. His hands brushed through her hair as she sucked and nibbled on his pecker and when she touched his nuts he felt them harden and release the pent up load of cum into her willing mouth.

Her eyes never left his as she sucked him to full bone hardness and then swallowed his cum. Her small hands caressed him, trying to make him hard again, because she knew he wanted to also fuck her, and when finally Mr. Wills fell between her legs sinking his 5 inch cock into her she moaned and thrashed about as if she was loving his dick. As the man climaxed Julia faked her own orgasm, knowing that this man would think he was a stud satisfying a young 18 year old girl. Pulling his limp cum covered organ from her he told her to lick him clean, and as he watched her kneel between his legs and lick along the sides and over the knob of his cock he fantasized about his new sex toy. Putting her clothes on as the door was unlocked he told her she had the job and would see her Monday morning. And then laughing at his own joke told her that from now on she would be doing a lot of "DICK TAKING".



That night she and Reggie talked about Donald being transferred. He asked where she was going to work. Telling him Mr. Wills had asked for her, he was surprised because there were rumors about sexual harassment against him, telling her that if the fat, ugly prick tried anything to let him know. During the next few weeks Julia was called into the office daily and with only a nod of his head she would drop to her knees, sucking him till he got hard. And then she would lean over his desk as he raised her skirt and fucked her. She did her best to accept her fate knowing that she was saving her husbands job but also sparing him from humiliation.

She did not know that video cameras had shot her willingly suck his dick and fuck him until the day he bent her over his chair and pushed his cock into her virgin anus. At first the pain had been almost unbearable but as he bent over her small petite form squeezing her firm titties and pinching her nipples while whispering how tight her ass hole was for a slut, something happened that she couldn't explain. At first it was only a slight movement around his hardness as she shifted her legs trying to ease the pain, but as his fat belly continued to pound against her widely splayed buttocks she began pushing back, rotating her ass and moaning for him to fuck her. Her movements became more wanton and her body glistened as if misted by a light spring shower as she bucked and twisted against his thrust, impaling herself as she screamed out her need.

His whispers urging her on while calling her a whore, and a cock hungry slut who liked having her ass hole fucked made her want his cock all the more, and then as her climax reached the bursting point and her whole body began writhing in ecstasy, he told her that she was being video taped. Blackmailing her had been easy from the start, and now that he not only had tapes of her sucking his cock and fucking him, but of her going crazy as he fucked her ass. She was his to do with as he pleased. With only his word before, he was surprised that she hadn't resisted, but now, now he had tapes, and there was no way she could fight or resist him for fear of him showing her husband the tapes.

Yes, this young auburn hair slut would set things right for him, from now on he would not just be an ugly fat man that people laughed at behind his back. He would still be fat and ugly but now he would have a young auburn hair beauty that men stared at with lust, hanging onto him as if he were the greatest lover in the world. Pulling his soft cock from her tightly clinging asshole he twisted her around and pushed her to her knees shoving his cock against her lips telling her to lick his cock clean. Julia at first hesitated but then opened her lips and began licking the cock clean that had just been in her ass as the thought of video tapes surfaced. This was even better then he had hoped for as he watched her tongue lick his cock clean of her body juices and his cum. What she was now doing was not helping her as she might think, but him, the video cameras were getting everything, pictures as well as sound, showing how much of a slut she was by willingly licking his cock clean and then sucking it into her mouth after he had fucked her asshole.

As his body shuddered with another climax, his cock was like an unmanned fire hose filling her mouth and throat with cum. Swallowing every last drop of his sperm and licking her lips she slowly rose to her feet. Watching the tape that evening he started fantasizing about her wearing micro minis with only a garter belt, stockings and heels. He pictured her pert little breasts lightly hidden under the translucent blouses she would wear, walking beside him as he moved about in public, going to places where he had seldom gone.

Turning his computer on he scanned the openings his company had, first within North America and then world wide. At last he found what he was looking for. The new offices in Saudi Arabia needed a drafting engineer as dept. head, and pulling up Reggie's personal files he saw that with just slight embellishment, Reggie would be just the man they were looking for. The only problem was he could not take any family, wasn't that a shame. And then laughing until his sides hurt he forwarded Mr. Reggie Richards personal file to the CEO with the recommendation that he be given the job with a salary of $110,000 yearly. An increase of only $30,000 but with the understanding that the $110,000 was tax free and that his families medical insurance would be paid by the company bringing a total outlay of $129,000 saving the company over $40,000 that it could put to use elsewhere.

The next day he got a call from the CEO telling him that Mr. Richards file appeared very good and thanked him for saving the company money. Telling him to make all travel and housing arrangements for the young man and that he would start in two weeks as the new Dept. Head in Saudi Arabia. Calling Julia into his office he asked her to get with the Saudi branch and make sure that their was housing for the new Dept. Head of engineering that would be taking over in two weeks, and then to book him a flight no later then 10 days. Smiling to himself at the thought of the young stupid cunt making arrangements to send her own husband away he picked up his phone and dialed the Engineering Dept., asking for Mr. Richards.

That evening when Reggie told her of his promotion she gushed with pride and love as well as relief at the knowledge that she would be out of the reaches of that horrible ugly fat man that had been using her body and was slowly destroying her will to fight him. Asking what she should pack as she hugged him, he told her that she could not go, and then Julia remembered that she had only booked passage for one person.

Feeling like she had just slapped her she sank slowly to the couch and in a soft whisper asked how he had gotten the job. When he told her that Mr. Wills had recommended him, she burst into tears. She was trapped, alone and utterly trapped Mr. Wills had gotten him the job and she had made the arrangements to send him away. As she continued to cry Reggie, thinking she was worried for his safety, told her not to worry.



As Reggie's plane took off his wife was laying across Mr. Wills desk naked with his huge body covering hers as he slavishly once more fucked into her ass calling her a slut and whore, a cock sucker that would never get enough dick to satisfy her. He had told her husband that something had come up and that his wife was needed and then congratulated him on his promotion wishing him well.

Within a week the young wife began wearing miniskirts, and within three weeks was seen with Mr. Wills in restaurants and night spots. Of course people did not know that she was the wife of Reggie Richards who had been transferred with Mr. Wills help, they only knew that this beautiful young girl was his secretary and they found it strange that such a pretty girl of only 18 would be seen in public with him after work, but yet there they were almost every night. Her skirts were now micro mini's leaving very little to the imagination and several men knew that she wore nothing under her skirts except garter belts because they had seen the wispy hairs of her snatch as they had sat across from her.

She was ashamed of what Mr. Wills was making her do but with the video tapes she had no choice. The first time she had closed her legs to keep someone from seeing under her micro mini he had driven into the ghetto telling her that if she ever kept men from looking at her cunt again he would bring her here and give her to any and all black men that wanted her. Several men began stopping by her bosses office and by the end of the fifth week her life had changed so much that she knew that her husband would never take her in his arms again.

They were in a night club with her almost sitting on his lap kissing him when four men from work asked if they could join them. Mr. Wills chest swelled as they praised him for having such a hot young thing as his sex toy as they slid into the booth and as the evening wore on they would dance with her running their hands over her firm tight ass and even slipping their fingers under her skirts as they danced feeling her pussy. When they offered him money to fuck her he told them only if he could tape it.

In disbelief Julia listened as the price was agreed to and the men handed him their money, and then leaving the club went to his home. That evening young Julia Richards was video taped as the four men sank their cock's into her mouth, cunt and asshole some times alone but more often simultaneously. Despite her fear and dread at being used by these four men her body responded to them and before the last foot of film was shoot she was begging the tired, spent men for their cocks.

What little will and self esteem she had remaining up until that evening was now gone and Mr. Wills knew almost the exact moment it happened. He had stepped up to her head twisting his fingers into her hair as two of the men were fucking her cunt and ass hole simultaneously. Turning her face to the video camera he asked if she wanted him to sell her body so that she could fuck man after man and let them enjoy her. "Do you want me to sell you like a common whore? Tell me, slut. Tell me to sell your body, and I'll see to it you get all the cock you want." As she had moaned yes he yelled at her that he hadn't heard her answer. "Tell me Mrs. Richards, do you want me to sell you like a cheap slut." "YES Oh Goddddd YEEESSSSS. Sell me to whoever you want, I'll be your whore. Sell me to as many men as you want. I don't care as long as they want to fuck meeeeeeee."

Still holding her hair he motioned a third man to her head and then forced her face forward, allowing the 7 inch cock to sink into her throat in one swift lunge. Watching as her hands gripped the mans buttocks, pulling him hard against her face until her lips clasped tightly around the base of his cock.

Mr. Wills was proud of himself. He had turned a young housewife into a common slut who was willing to let him sell her body. Answering the knock on his door he smiled at the five men, telling them to join the fun, and as he listened to Mrs. Richards soulfully moaning around the dick stuffed into her throat, he pictured many more nights like this, of her taking cock after cock as men paid. Yes, oh yes, there would be many nights were she would fuck and suck as many as six to ten men at a time he would make sure of that. And then he pictured the look on her husbands face when he got this video tape, and he laughed with glee.

- The End -

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