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"The Long Night"

      by A. G. Thomas

      (M+F caution reluc interr group oral anal)

Horace sat nursing his beer and fuming. Fuming because his sister had not asked him to stay at her home and watch the children while she and her husband went on one of his many business trips. He had known about their going out of town for about two weeks and had been eagerly waiting for them to ask him to house sit and watch the kids, especially the daughter. Oh yeah, sweet Natalie, he couldn't wait to get the young thing in bed again after an abstinence of what seemed like years, but was really only months.

He was horny as hell and could hardly wait to pick up where he'd been so rudely interrupted two months earlier. He remembered all too well that day and how he'd damn near been caught. Natalie's mother had gone shopping. As she'd left the house she'd told Natalie,"No visitors." But the little vixen had called him saying ever so sweetly how much she missed her uncle and that since mom was going to be gone for a couple of hours why didn't he come over and keep her company.

So like a horny fool he'd thrown caution to the wind and rushed over. As the memory of how she'd greeted him at the door wearing one of her skimpy baby doll teddies floated up from his drunken mind, he smiled for the first time in hours. Her passion-hungry kisses as she'd met him at the door before taking his hand and leading him upstairs to her bedroom had damn near made him shoot his wad right there in the middle of her living room.

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But the best was yet to come. Once upstairs she almost tore his clothes off and then as he'd sat on the edge of her bed she had crawled between his legs to lovingly caress and fondle his testicles. Her sweet mouth and marvelous tongue, like so many times before brought him to the brink of ejaculation before he'd fallen backwards onto her bed and she'd climbed atop him. Just as his rock hard cock had slithered into her tight buttery soft cunt Natalie's mother had come home unexpectedly and he'd damn near broke his fool neck disengaging himself and hurriedly climbing through her window onto the roof, half expecting to be caught, if not by his sister then by some nosy ass neighbor.

But he'd been lucky. As he'd been putting his clothes on before making a hasty retreat he'd heard doors slamming, things being thrown and his sister screaming something about where the boy was hiding for why else was the young tramp naked and in bed in the middle of the day. He learned later that Natalie's mom suspected her of screwing around even though no boys had ever come to the house and she'd never gone on a date. Horace, of course, knew the reason. Natalie showed no interest in boys but he damn sure wasn't going to tell his sister and wind up in jail. But now here he was again just like last time, horny as hell, lonely and expecting one thing and getting another. He'd been so sure he was going to babysit that he'd taken the whole week off from work. Hell he'd even planed on keeping Natalie out of school just so he could enjoy her whenever he got the urge, but then his sister had spoiled it all.

Climbing from the shower, Natalie wiped the steam from the full length mirror looking at herself long and hard, aware not for the first time that she was not the skinny flat chested little girl that her uncle had first come to know. The remembrance of how her uncle kissed and fondled her whenever they were alone caused a tingling sensation in her pussy as well as her nipples and in dreamy repose a hand rose to her breast rolling and pinching the sensitive buds between her thumb and forefinger while her other hand slid over her flat stomach to her mound.

When Uncle Horace had first started paying attention to her, touching her, she had been confused, scared and ashamed, but strangely his soft words and gentle touch awakened something in her, mysteriously replacing her fear and shame with an almost giddy feeling and a desire to be every bit the woman he told her she was. The butterflies in her stomach even when he wasn't around almost drove her crazy and she found herself yearning for his attention. Never had he forced himself on her. Everything thing that happened, at least to her, seemed to happen at her suggestion until finally one night after many weeks of her sitting in his lap first touching and then later kissing his thing he had lain atop her kissing her like a woman and telling her he loved her.

In response to his touch and soft words of love and thinking that she was the one in control she had spread her legs, telling him she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He had kissed her eyes, nose, lips, throat and finely her nipples making her all tingly and burning with desire while whispering tenderly that she was his woman as he had inserted himself slowly into her and though he had tried to be gentle it had hurt terribly. It had hurt the next couple of times also but at the same time she grew aware of the strange wonderful feelings racing through her whenever he pushed himself into her rhythmically sliding his torrid hardness in and out. She found that once past the pain she liked, even gloried in the feeling.

She began looking forward to his visits. Even going so far as to ask her parents when uncle Horace was coming over or when he was going to baby sit her and her little brother. Walking naked down the hallway to her bedroom she retrieved her makeup kit while from the third drawer of her dresser and from amongst her undergarments she removed a pair of bright red bikini, almost transparent, panties before going to her dressing table. Blow drying her long flaxen hair and while putting it into pig tails the events of the last few weeks floated unbidden from her subconscious, replacing her uncle as she applied eye shadow, rouge and finally her lipstick before slipping on her red bikini panties.

The angry face and tall dark body of a boy she had no business thinking about floated mist-like over her mirror. A boy, who if the stories were true, not only was the leader of a gang but one who dealt in drugs. She had had been intimidated by him and his gang during her third year of high school and though she was frightened, she found herself hanging around the fringes of his group. She hadn't know it at the time but tongues began to wag, saying she was putting out for the gang. One of her girl friends though, one who had dated a negro, told her she understood her infatuation and then she'd shocked her by asking if it were true what everyone was saying; that she was fucking Henry and several members of his gang. She was jealous.

For the rest of the year she'd stayed away from the group, but during the first week of her fourth year she found herself once again hanging around them, but this time not as an outsider. It had been only three days into the school year when she'd stayed late to help the new librarian. A couple of hours later, just as it was getting dark and as she was leaving school, she almost collided with Henry and several of his friends as she'd exited the building.

They were huddled in the doorway passing around what she thought was a cigarette. When she'd tried to go around them they had surrounded her, calling her honky and white bitch, asking if she were going to put out for them. But Henry, wonderful Henry, had come to her rescue. Putting his arm about her shoulder he'd talked to her, telling her they were a little high, that they were just having some fun and that she shouldn't pay any attention to the guys.

Then he'd given her shoulders a squeeze, telling her he really liked her new style of clothes and that for a white girl she was pretty cute. He then held the cigarette to her lips. He told her to take a puff. She had and in the process did what they called "nigger lip" the smoke. As she'd been coughing her head off they had lit up another saying that because she got the other all wet she had to smoke it all. By the time she finished the smoke her head felt light and she lost all inhibition. Over insistent giggling she told them that everyone at school, even her friends thought she was doing them.

It was then, at that instant, that Henry, whose arm was still about her shoulder, turned her to face him, mashing his lips to hers. She had melted into his arms hungrily, returning his kiss, resisting not in the slightest as his hands had fondled her buttocks. His tongue had probed and tickled her tonsils. After that things got all mixed up and fuzzy and though she couldn't be sure it had really happened; that it wasn't just a figment of her imagination; hadn't been wishful thinking on her part. She dimly remembered being passed from boy to boy, of other lips and other tongues and just as hungrily; just as passionately as she had with Henry of returning the multitude of kisses while hands roamed freely over her unresisting body.

Horace could still hear his sister Arlean's words. "Natalie's been acting strange and I want to find out what's going. But I'll never know if she thinks I don't trust her. That's why I'm leaving her in charge. But do me a favor brother dearest. Check in on them from time to time. I can't prove anything, but when a girl who's always worn ankle length, loose fitting dresses or baggy coveralls and sweaters suddenly, at the start of her last year in school, switches to mini skirts and jeans that look as if they were painted on, it can't help but make a mother suspicious."

"Don't look at me like that. She's my little girl and I'm worried, even though she is damn near eighteen. Look, she's never brought a boy by the house. Never seemed interested in them before and now all of a sudden this big change. So humor your sister and keep your eye on her. Maybe if she thinks nobody's watching her she'll reveal herself."

As he listened to his sister's ranting, his mind drifted, remembering the time he'd taken Natalie shopping and they'd stopped at a cosmetic counter. The sweet thing had been shown the different colors of makeup and the proper way to apply it. The lady had even applied it for her, showing her how much prettier she would look. He also remembered the fit her mother had when they'd gotten home, making Natalie scrub her face and screaming at her, saying she looked like a hussy.

Natalie was no dummy. She had learned early on that a little makeup went a long way in attracting a man. Of course, a little mini skirt or tight blue jeans didn't hurt either. Her inquiry about boys when she'd started her third year of high school had at first made him jealous as hell, thinking he would lose her, but she had belied his fears, professing to always love him, even if a boy did find her pretty. But lately, since she started her last year of school, whenever he visited it seemed her mind was elsewhere.

What the fuck was wrong with him? He was beginning to sound like his sister. Suspicious and, as far as he knew, there wasn't any need. She still fucked like a mink and was always bubbling with eagerness when they were alone. Fuck it. Trying to figure out a woman/girl just gave one a head ache and pissed one off.

If she had a boyfriend, which he doubted, he didn't want to know about it because he considered that tight snatch his and he hated the thought someone else might very well be banging what he considered his. Damn his sister for making him suspicious. As he sat nursing his ninth beer he wondered if Natalie was even now slipping into one of her sexy outfits in hopes that he might stop by. Maybe, just maybe she was expecting him. Besides, he had promised his sister to pop in and check on the kids, so he had an excuse. What better time to pay an unexpectedly visit then now. Standing he paid his tab leaving a $5.00 tip for the barmaid and then swayed from the bar.

Removing a box from beneath her bed she took out her school girl outfit. An outfit her uncle had bought and one that always brought a hungry look to his eyes whenever she wore it. A complete four piece outfit consisting of a checked pleated micro-mini, white thigh high stockings with little black bows, a short white blouse meant to be worn without a bra and held together by tying a knot between her breasts, leaving her midriff exposed and finally heavy black shoes with three inch heels.

After slipping the whole outfit on she walked back toward the bathroom and the full length mirror. There, staring back at her, was 5 foot 4 1/2 inches of oozing sex. A 108 pounds of rather good looking girl that she had to admit was a world of difference between how she used to dress and now. In the past she hadn't been one to admire her figure, her uncle did it for her. Now, looking at her 34x21x33 figure attired in her naughty girl school girl outfit, meant only for her loving uncle's eyes, Henry's face floated before her again. She wondered if he would like to see her wearing it.



Maybe she should wear it to school one day. A smile crossed her ruby lips as she envisioned all the stares and attention she'd get if she were to wear her school girl outfit to school, but all the attention would mean nothing if he didn't like it. Why was she so caught up with this boy? This negro who was half the age of her uncle and who she had only kissed once. No, four times if you counted the third and fourth time separately even though they occurred the same day and within minutes of each other.

Her fingers lightly touched her lips as the memory of those times came to her. The first had been after helping the librarian. The second kiss had come perhaps three weeks later, after again smoking their funny tasting cigarettes. For some reason it had affected her more, making her light headed and unsteady on her feet. Henry had offered to help her home and there, on her porch, bathed in the bright light of the porch light, he held her close, kissing her deeply.

The last time had been just two days ago. She been at the mall and he had come up behind her, putting his hands on her waist. Whether by accident or because he had planned it she didn't know. Putting his face to the back of her neck, breathing deeply of her perfume, he'd whispered she not only looked fantastic, but smelled great too.

In a dream like trance she had let herself be led to his car where after smoking another cigarette they had made out. The memory of that time washed over her, tingling her spine, bringing a small shudder to her shoulders. It was here that she guessed if she were being truthful she had to say that what she did next could be counted as the fourth kiss. His hands had been all over her as his thick lips had kissed her and she had been unable to resist as he had almost undressed her.

Well, not really undressed her, but darn near because, after unbuttoning her blouse and pushing her skirt about her waist, he had removed her bra and panties. A slight shame-thrill brought goose bumps along her arms and a tingling shudder to her shoulders as she recalled him putting her undergarments into his glove box, saying they were a souvenir and then once again taking her into his arms.

Kissing her neck and ears he had whispered he wanted to fuck her. It had been one thing to let him almost undress her. To kiss and nibble on her pert little breasts and nipples while his fingers wormed into her pussy, but for some reason, perhaps fear that if she surrendered to him, let him fuck her, she would be stigmatized if others found out, or worse yet, she were to become pregnant. So she had resisted his repeated efforts to climb between her legs.

Instead she had slipped from the seat to crawl between his legs, taking his dick into her mouth, lovingly kissing and sucking his hard black cock. The memory of those few short moments and what she'd been thinking as she'd paid him homage sent another shiver racing up her spine. Thoughts of his cronies finding out and demanding she also suck their dicks surfaced and despite the luridness of such a thing taking place, she found the thought strangely arousing.

Whether from excitement or fear at the prospect of such an event happening, she didn't know, but her lips tightened around his cock and she sucked harder as her hand went to her bare breasts squeezing them and pinching her nipples. Just as Henry's jerking cock entered her throat a vision flashed before her eyes. She saw herself upon a rumpled bed; her body and the sheets covered with sperm as about her stood a dozen, 5 dozen, a thousand smiling naked negros all with cocks the size of fence post or larger.

As the lurid scenario filled her mind, Henry's cock erupted like a volcano, spewing forth lava filling her mouth with his seed. As she hungrily swallowed spurt after spurt of his salty thick sperm, not wanting to loose a single drop of his precious fluid, her dream-like vision of untold numbers of negros climbing over her, atop her sticking their horrendously large yet wonderful cocks into her pussy and mouth slowly faded and she found herself alone with Henry.

Another shudder racked her shoulders as the memories of that afternoon welled up fresh. She mustn't think like that. Besides, Henry would never tell anyone, therefore nothing so sinful or depraved as she had fantasized could or would possible happen.

What was wrong with her anyway? Why had that sordid vision she had all but forgotten suddenly surfaced? Was it because she'd been unfaithful to the man who'd taught her so much; the man who she loved and he her. Memories of all the tender loving moments shared with her uncle floated before her. God she wished he were here, that he could see her in her naughty school girl uniform that he liked so well. With the thought that he would be here shortly and a final smoothing of her skimpy skirt over her hips she turned from the mirror, silently vowing that upon leaving home at the end of the school year she would move in with uncle Horace, if not to be his wife then his lover for all eternity.

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn't hear the glass in the back door break. Nor did she hear the hushed voices of the two boys as they made their way through the darkened lower part of the house and toward the stairs. Shutting off the light she walked toward her bedroom, changing direction at the last moment as the urge for milk and cookies overcame her. Skipping down the steps she ran directly into the arms of the two boys. As their three bodies collided Natalie gave a startled gasp as she fell to the floor, her short skirt rising about her slim waist exposing the treasure that belonged to her uncle to the greedy stares of the two intruders.

Without thinking that she might be in danger and without trying to cover herself, she stupidly asked what they were doing in her home. The boys just looked at her. Not at her face, but between her widely parted legs and her plainly visible red panties. For what seemed an eternity no one moved. Suddenly coming to her senses, she jumped from the floor running toward the living room and escape. Before she had moved three feet though, arms tightly encircled her small body and a hand covered her mouth, cutting off any protest she might have made.

As she struggled and kicked at the boy holding her, almost breaking free, the other stepped in front of her, clamping a hand to her throat, harshly hissing at her to knock it off or he'd slit her throat. In fright she fell limp in her captors arms, noticing for the first time that the boy in front of her was a negro and that even though she was more scared then she'd ever been and his face was contorted with an evil demon-like grin he looked vaguely familiar.

Without a word, his hand slipped from her throat down over her heaving chest as the boy holding her from behind tightened his hold. Frightened and sobbing softly, she begged them to let her go, saying she wouldn't tell on them. That they could leave and she would never say a word, but then, so suddenly that her mind at first didn't comprehend what was happening, the one before her reached for the knot between her breasts, untying her skimpy top, letting the loose material fall to either side of her heaving chest before lowering his face to her breasts.

As his tongue lapped over her small firm breasts, leaving a wet trail in its wake, whimpering sounds of panic issued from her fear tightened throat changing unbelievably to gasp of arousal and her body literally humming like a tuning fork as his thick lips closed about her right nipple drawing a suction.

Just as quickly though her fear returned as his mouth shifted to her other breast and her antagonist's teeth hurtfully tightened around her left nipple. Behind her she could feel the other boys hardness pressing against her buttocks and when she tried to pull away from him all she accomplished was in pressing her heaving bosom tighter into the boy's face slobbering over her breast.

Her mind was awash with fright and something else, a feeling she tried to deny, a feeling she hated to admit, but the lips sucking her nipples refused to let her. She knew they were going to have their way with her. Knew she couldn't prevent it from happening and though the thought of forcefully being made love to was reprehensible her pussy moistened and a tingling sensation erupted in her small breast.

What was wrong with her? She was about to be savagely raped by these two negros; who, if the stories she'd heard were true, would not be gentle and more then likely would use her repeatedly. Her body shuddered as the hot breath of the boy behind her tickled the back of her neck and she collapsed limply into his arms as his tongue slithered wetly over her neck and into her ear after whispering he was going to enjoy fucking her. Suddenly she was free, there were no constraining arms holding her but still she didn't try to escape from between them as the thought raced through her mind that she was going to be made love to, though not by the untold multitude of negros she had so vividly envisioned.

She knew that she shouldn't just be standing there, that she should be screaming like a maniac and if not running from them at least fighting, but she couldn't move as her mind all a flutter with indecision argued with itself on whether or not she wanted these boys to fuck her and worse still on whether or not she would enjoy it. Then like a light bursting into brilliance in a darkened room the very real fact that what she had wanted to happen, had vividly fantasized happening was going to happen, though not exactly as she had thought and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

Standing between them with her arms at her side breathing heavily she listened as they talked to each other about how she really got off being kissed and felt up while smoking and even though they didn't have any smokes it was about time she put out. She felt their hands gliding lightly over her body caressing her buttocks and probing between her slightly parted legs and despite her fright she began to become aroused. But then she almost fainted as the face of the boy before her filled her vision snickering with mirth as he told her Henry had bragged to them that for a white girl she sucked a mean cock.

With a mixture of fright and stimulation coursing through her and not wanting to provoke them for fear they might hurt or possible even kill her she found herself walking unassisted upstairs after a stern voice had commanded her to show them her bedroom. As comments about her skimpy clothing as well as how they were going to pound it to her and have her begging to be fucked beat against her ears, she blushed profusely. Once in her bedroom and within an arms length of her bed directly in front of the window she offered no resistance as they again sandwiched her between them and began kissing her neck, ears and lips.

Why resist the inevitable? Henry had told. He had bragged to his cronies that she had sucked his dick and now a couple of them thought it only right that she do the same and more for them. Goose pimples prickled her flesh as behind and in front of her she felt their cocks press against her and she slumped limply between them moaning softly into the boys mouth who was kissing her as the one behind her fondled her aroused hard breasts roughly rolling and pinching her nipples.

Her breathing quickened to a ragged gasp as the realization that, because of Henry's betrayal, these two, whose attention she had not willingly sought, but now, strange as it sounded, actually welcomed, would soon have their way with her. Would they be the last, or would the others from Henry's gang also want her? And what about all the other black boys in school? Would they too want her when word spread that she put out for blacks? Was this what she had all along secretly wished, hoped and wanted when she had first smoked their cigarettes and then later sucked Henry's cock?



Shivers of arousal coursed through her young body and her moans became more insistent as she ground her small white frame against first one and then the other, not caring in her arousal, that a neighbor standing across the street in the darkness and happen to look up he could see into the bright interior of her room and see what was happening.

As if from a great distance and barely understood until she concentrated the whispering voice of the one behind her was telling her that until this year he'd thought she was a stuck up skinny white cunt, but what with the sudden change in her dress and manner at school and now seeing her like this he changed his mind. Another chill tickled her spine with the realization that these were classmates, boys that might very well have known her since first grade and that they had broken into her home for one reason and one reason only.

The next words she heard confirmed it. "We's going to fuck your brains out Natalie! Yes sir ol' Lester and me's going to have your white ass begging for cock. We's going to have you begging black boy's to breed you, to fill that little snatch of your'n with nigger cum and make that tummy of your'n swell with child."

Her mind reeled as his cursory demeaning words filled her ears. Was this what was to become of her, a white girl seeking the attention and affection of negros, a plaything for blacks to sink their dicks into, to breed and to use whenever and however they wished, instead of the loving wife/mistress of her uncle she had dreamed of becoming. Her heart beat like a bass drum, but strangely an inner calm washed over her and the panic she had initially felt slide away as unbelievably their rough fondling and demeaning remarks began to awaken something primal in her and as if her hands had a mind of their own they reached up, pulling the grinning face of Treat back to hers, plunging her tongue between his thick lips, kissing him deeply.

For long minutes she stood between them, almost swooning as unbidden, her body visibly shuddered in response to their lips and hands. Suddenly, she was wrenched from her reverie as the long hard kiss was broken and she was told to get onto her bed. Automatically, and as if in a dream, she obeyed. Only, instead of laying prone she leaned against the headboard drawing her knees up to her chin, hugging herself with the faint hope of putting off the inevitable. But that was not to be because with another command she let her blouse slip from her shoulders to fall useless and forgotten.

For a moment they stood beside the bed arguing as to which of them was going to enjoy her first. Then Lester pulled a coin from his pocket, flipping it into the air, saying heads. With the casual flipping of the coin and the smirking look of smugness on their faces, the plight and possible future severity of her situation surfaced and with it another rush of panic.

She prayed that her uncle would suddenly appear to save her. He wouldn't let these boys have their way with her. Unable to help herself, her eyes locked on the coin as it arched through the air, fascinated, yet repulsed, by the prospect that a coin toss would determine which of them would fuck her first. As the coin hit the floor spinning crazily she held her breath and then gasped as unbelievably it came to rest on its edge.

With her eyes still held by the coin and her chest rising and falling from her rapid breathing, she wasn't aware either boy had moved till the bed sagged and one of them whispered in her ear.

"I guess that means both of us gonna do you at the same time, Vanilla." Together they climbed onto her bed, propping themselves beside her against the headboard. Then, in guttural street slang, the one she now recognized as Treat indicated she was to remove their clothing. As if in a dream she complied with his wishes. Slowly unbuttoning his shirt and removing it before undoing his belt. Then hooking her fingers into the waist band of his pants, she pulled them and his shorts from his hips and down his legs while Lester on the other side of her chuckled he could hardly wait to see if she sucked cock as good as Henry said.

Shifting slightly, she turned to Lester, doing the same for him. As his body too came into view, Natalie's heart beat so loudly that she thought they could hear it. It wasn't just the sight of their bodies making her heart beat so; it was what they were saying as she undressed them.

"I think this white girl be liking what she sees. She be shivering with excitement at the thought of these fine cocks tween her legs." Her mind felt like it was smothered in cotton or under the influence of a strong narcotic as, with amusement in their voices, they told her to get naked. Unable to do other then obey, she slid from her sitting position downward and, once prone, she raised her buttocks and, unhampered by her short skirt, which was now about her waist, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her bikini panties, sliding them from her hips and down her legs.

"The skirt too, bitch."

With trembling hands she reached behind her, unfastening her skimpy skirt, and then it too slid from her hips to follow her panties at the foot of her bed. As her hand fell to her thighs, her fingers slipped into the top of her stockings to remove her last vestige of clothing. A hand fell on hers, stopping her as a voice whispered in her ear to leave them on, 'cause weren't nothing sexier then fucking a bitch wearing nylons.

As she lay between them waiting for what was to come next, their hands began to lightly glide over her naked flesh, tracing every curve and swell of her young body; strangely calming her frazzled nerves, while at the same time, heightening her arousal.

When suddenly, but not totally to her surprise, Lester lowered his face to hers, kissing her deeply, while at the same time pushing a hand between her slightly parted legs fingering her pussy. She, for her part, after only the briefest of moments, responded, parting her lips in willing acceptance to his probing tongue, while at the same time bending her knees upward and parting her legs, giving his fingers free and easy access to her cunt.

That she was shamelessly responding to Lester's kisses and fondling of her pussy was bad enough, but when Treat's mouth closed over her left tit, his teeth nipping and biting her nipple, her body arched upward as ripples of excitement racked her small frame. She almost passed out as he too pushed a hand between her legs, joining his friend in fingering her cunt. Her pelvis, that had only minutes ago been moving slowly in response to Lester's fingers toying at her pussy, now began moving rapidly in tight circles pushing upwards to meet the combination of fingers giving her such pleasure. With her buttocks bouncing rapidly from the bed in cadence to the fingers inside her inflamed pussy and with her choking sobs of pleasure and arousal filling her room despite Lester's thick lips covering hers the two negros eyes locked on each other with amusement.

As if on cue their mouths left her lips and breasts, their fingers coated with her cum withdrew from her cunt, leaving her feeling unfulfilled and needing. Then a voice, sounding like a thunder clap, telling her to get ready for the fucking of her life reverberated in her ears, but whether it had been her own inner voice, eager with anticipation or one of theirs she couldn't say, but obediently her legs already forming a vee splayed wider in open invitation.

It was at that moment that she realized that her small hands were occupied. That unconsciously as they had kissed her lips and nipples and fingered her pussy she had been and was still slowly, lovingly stroking their long, thick black cocks. Turning her head slightly from one to the other she gazed in rapture through lust-dulled eyes at their upright stiff cocks while continuing to stroke and massage their still growing pulsing hardness as they laughingly joked about what a eager little slut she was and how after they finished fucking her they would see to it that other brothers got a crack at her snatch.

The bed swayed and jostled as together, and in time to her pumping hands, their hips bounced in perfect cadence, at first slowly and then faster and faster. Mesmerized by the sight of their dark bodies beside hers she subconsciously found herself comparing each boy to her uncle. Longer? Bigger? Maybe an inch, possibly even two and almost again as big around but, unlike her uncle's dick, their cocks had skin covering the whole hard length. She found that fascinating, but then her thoughts were interrupted as Treat shifted his position, throwing one of his legs across her mid-section, slowly raising to a sitting position over her.

Then, with a jerk of his head and a softly spoken word for his friend to check out her snatch, he scooted upward. Before Natalie could grasp what was happening she felt Treats buttocks mashing her lust-hardened breasts and his knees pressing into her arm pits as the fingers of one hand gripped one of her pigtails, lifting her head from her bed while his other hand guided his cock to her slightly parted lips.

Lester, momentarily forgotten and now hidden from her view, climbed back onto the bed between her parted her legs, closing his fingers around each of her ankles almost pushing her feet under her buttocks before lowering his face to the dew moistened lips of her pussy and swiping his tongue over her slit. Before her eyes and less then five inches away swayed what looked like a large over ripe banana and then her face was being pulled towards it as a rough voice told her to open wide and get her treat.

Behind the boy whose cock she was about to suck and hidden from view, she felt Lester, whom she'd momentarily forgotten, adjusting her legs and then her body jerked convulsively as she felt his tongue lick up through the sparse blond hair surrounding her pussy lips causing her to gasp and jerk forward sending her face even closer to the rock hard dark cock upon which her eyes were fastened. This close it looked huge, even thicker and longer then she had at first imagined and as her face drew even closer she could see the blood vessels and every bump and wrinkle along its tremendous length as it pulsed and throbbed in expectation and then her eyes crossed as her lips made contact.

For almost three quarters of an hour Horace had been standing drunkenly in the shadows looking at the dark house across the street. Well, dark except for his niece's room on the second floor where, if his mind hadn't been playing tricks on him, he'd seen two maybe three shadowy figures moving around when he'd first arrived. The initial sight had kept him from entering the house for, as unlikely as it sounded, it was possible that his sister was right about Natalie. That she had a boyfriend and was even now entertaining him.

Pissed, angry and befuddled, he had paced back and forth in the shadows trying to make his drunken brain function. He had wanted to run screaming from the shadows, burst into the house and upon catching the punk, beat him to within an inch of his life.

Somehow though, he had held back, staring instead with clenched teeth and balled fist at his nieces window looking for any further movement or for the light to go out, either of which would have indicated she indeed did have a visitor. Now that he was beginning to sober up though he realized that except for the first few fleeting moments of movement he hadn't seen anything suspicious nor had her light gone out. Other than a second or two when he'd taken a piss his eyes hadn't left the house so when he'd seen no one leave and saw no further movement came in the upstairs window he began to think it had been his imagination.



That what he'd thought he saw was in reality Natalie fixing herself up, maybe even slipping into that sexy school girl outfit he'd gotten her. He sure hoped so. That she was even now waiting for him wondering where he was at tugged at his mind and that thought gave him solace bringing a stupid grin to his face and he began to unwind. Silently cursing his damn sister for ever making him doubt his young lover Natalie. With the knowledge and certainty that he'd been dreaming the whole thing after all and that she was eagerly waiting for him, he stumbled from the shadows and in the most sober gait he could muster, he walked toward his sister's home and the young lover awaiting him.

Opening the front door Horace stepped into the darkened living room, only to hit his shins on the coffee table. In chain reaction-like fashion, he staggered against a chair, knocking it over, striking his head against the wall and generally making enough noise to wake the dead.

Surprisingly, other than his burst of curse words, the house remained silent. Stunned and with head throbbing, he cursed his clumsiness, as on hands and knees he crawled head down toward the kitchen mumbling about needing a drink. For a second he stopped, cocking his head slightly and staring into the darkness toward the stairway, trying to make out the sound he thought he'd heard.

No, it was nothing, maybe just the house settling like these old houses do or perhaps even his ragged breathing but for a second he could have sworn he'd heard something. Then, not seeing, hearing or even aware that only a feet away several dark figures who'd also heard Natalie's gasping sounds of pleasure and the unmistakable grunting response of their friends and knew them for what they were stifled their laughter as he continued his slow crawl toward the kitchen.

With a smirking disdainful glance at Horace's retreating figure, they made their way toward the stairs, bragging in hushed tones that once they slapped meat to the bitch, even the fucking drunk would know her screams were of pleasure and then smacking each other playfully on the back and without regard as to whether or not they were heard they rushed upstairs eager to get to the white girl they'd been told was a real nympho who wanted a bunch of bros, to gang fuck her.

The many years of lovingly sucking her uncle's cock, of using her mouth and throat to bring him to the point of ejaculation and then hungrily, greedily swallow his cum filled her brain as with soft meowing sounds of pleasure her lips parted and she began licking along the quivering length of dark manhood before concentrating on its thick bulbous head.

As her tongue danced along it's length and over the skin encased head she thought how much different than her uncles, this dick not only appeared but also tasted and smelled. Not really bad, just different in some weirdly strange way. But it was that very strangeness, mixed with a touch of fright that she was finding erotic. Instinctively, as she'd been taught to do, her hand, which had been gripping the base of his cock slowly began sliding up and down it's length, pumping it in time to the bobbing of her head, as her other hand slipped to his testicles, rolling and fondling them between her small fingers.

Pulling her lips from the head of his cock, she bent her head slightly lowering her face to kiss and nip at the underside of his cock, inhaling deeply of the musky stale odor between his legs before taking first one and then the other of his golf ball size nuts into her mouth, coating each in turn with her salvia. Between her bent quivering legs the other boy was still using his tongue, alternately prodding her puckered anus ring and pussy and in doing so giving her great pleasure.

As the tongue probing her cunt sent another shiver of arousal and pleasure through her a sigh escaped from her heaving chest and her body quivered and jerked as the tongue wormed an inch or so into her hot wet cunt. Again her lips closed around the twitching cock before her and soft purring sounds vibrated in her chest as her ass swayed and bounced in time to the rhythmic probing of the tongue into her cunt and then her whole body shuddered in orgasmic delight.

Words she couldn't understand and didn't even try to mixed with her gasping breath and the jovial laughter of the two boys as the dick she was sucking pushed deeper into the moist confines of her mouth. She was in heaven. A boy's cock was between her lips filling her mouth with its powerful masculinity, sending her taste buds into overload as it pushed against her tonsils while unseen but definitely felt, another's tongue was alternately licking and probing her hot quivering pussy and ass hole.

This was so much better then just her uncle's cock. Nothing could be better then having her pussy tongued while she sucked cock. Instinctively, she relaxed her throat muscles wanting more than anything the wonderful cock she was lovingly sucking to enter her throat and to send its warm salty spunk into her belly, but then just as quickly the muscles tightened, preventing the cock from entering her throat as her mind screamed everything was moving too quickly, happening too fast. "Slower Natalie, go slower, pay homage to this boy, lick, nibble and kiss his wonderful tool, show him how much you like having his huge black dick fucking your mouth, then and only then can you take him deep into your throat swallowing his virility and milking his cock with your throat muscles assuring him not only pleasure and fulfillment but yourself as well."

Dimly she heard Treat chuckle to his friend that he oughta see the horny bitch gobble his cock but she didn't care.

In fact, if the truth be known, she would hate to have the wonderful tonguing of her pussy stop but Natalie wished with all her heart that Lester could see her ravenously devouring his friends cock, see it's glistening hard black length disappear down her throat knowing that when Treat filled her belly with spunk her ruby lips would be tightly stretched around his cock as he too fucked her throat. No longer was there any thought that they were using her against her will, that she was being forced to do something reprehensible or that they were even of another race, all she thought of, all that mattered was that she give of herself freely and in so doing give them, both of them the same or even greater pleasure then they were giving her or that she had so often willingly and freely given to her uncle,

Whimpering pleas to be used, to be made their white whore, their slut, issued from around the cock slithering between her tightly clasping lips as it burrowed ever deeper into the tight clinging confines of her throat until finally and to the great delight of Treat her nose pressed flaredly into his groin and her lips mashed into his kinky pubic hairs as all 9 plus fat inches disappeared between her soft ruby lips. With a final tonguing and lick of her pussy Lester left his place between her legs almost falling from the bed in his eagerness to view the promised spectacle.

Moving around the bed till he was beside her head he watched mesmerized as inch after inch slowly disappeared into Natalie's hungrily sucking mouth only to reappear momentarily covered with her salvia before again tumbling forward hiding its glistening length from his sight. He was so struck with the sight of Natalie's lips sliding ever further down his friends nine plus fat inches that he didn't realize he was speaking out loud as he told his friend to fuck the white bitches throat, to give her the treat that had earned him his nickname.

Suddenly without warning and before his cock flooded her mouth and throat with it's promised nectar, Treat pulled his glistening cock from her tightly clasping lips. Feeling denied and almost in tears she clutched at the boy hips as the thought of unashamedly begging him for his cock fluttered across her mind. But before she could give voice to her thoughts he began taunting her. "It be Lester's turn to use that sweet mouth of your'n white girl. Me, I gonna pound that pussy, yes sir Treat's gonna fill that snatch of your'n with cock, pump you full of nigger juice, maybe give you a little nigger child whiles his good buddy takes his turn at your throat. This nigger's gonna breed you white girl but he won't be the last." and then he climbed from atop her.

Natalie with eyes misting from arousal was too far gone to heed his words of pregnancy or of becoming a fuck-toy for untold numbers of negros as she looked expectantly into his smiling face, her mind focused only on his promise to fuck her, to stick his dick into her pussy filling her with his cum. Unresisting as he turned her onto her stomach gripping her slim waist pulling her lower body into the air she at first didn't understand what was expected of her, couldn't grasp that he wanted her on her hands and knees, but realization dawned in her eyes when Lester climbed onto her bed to sit with legs wide apart leaning back against her headboard his hand slowly moving up and down the torrid hardness of his cock.

Moving her knees under her, she stiffened her arms, arranging herself onto her hands and knees rocking backwards slightly as with baited breath and a soft whimpering sob of wanton need she pleaded for his cock. Reaching out, she fondled Lester's testicles as behind her Treat's cock slithered between her ass cheeks touching, tickling her pussy. Rolling, kneading the golf ball size testicles only inches from her face she raised her eyes to look into Lester's beaming face as she lowered her head brushing her lips down along the length of his cock, kissing, licking it till she reached it's hair lined base.

She shivered with excitement at the realization that it was her lips, her tongue that was making his cock twitch and jerk in anticipation of her sucking him off and then her darting tongue touched his nuts licking first one then the other, tasting, savoring his muskiness. Behind her a hand pressed into the small of her back pushing downward causing her back to arch even further as Treat leaned into her slowly almost teasingly pushing his fat dark cock a millimeter at a time between her pussy lips. Lester, grabbing her pigtails pulled her face from his nuts groaning in frustration as despite his effort to guide the movement of her head he couldn't get her lips on his cock. Hands tightly squeezing her small waist pulled her backward as with grunts like a rutting pig Treat pushed another inch or so of his large dick into her hot wet pussy. Backwards and forwards she moved in time with the hands gripping her waist, her pussy lips tightly gripping his thick black cock as it wormed inch upon inch deeper into her seething pussy.

In frustration Lester released his hold on one of her pigtails. Grabbing his cock, holding it as well as her head steady and finally after four failed attempts succeeded in guiding his boner to her slack, gasping mouth and to his immense pleasure Natalie, without the slightest hesitation opened wide accepting, welcoming the new invasion. As her lips closed about his cock drawing a suction he gripped the back of her head as with his buttocks bouncing from her bed and excitement tingeing his voice, he told her to suck cock and drink cum.

She, for her part, slavishly labored to obey his command while trying her best to concentrate on both cocks; not just the one in her mouth. As his cock entered her throat her small hands which had been on his thighs slipped beneath him clutching his buttocks tightly, kneading and squeezing his ass cheeks in a desperate effort to assure that his cock didn't leave her throat no matter how hard Treat pulled her backwards onto his cock. To again have a cock between her lips was wonderful, fantastic, but to also have one in her pussy at the same time was beyond description. Her mind screamed repeatedly as she rocked slavishly between the two dark bodies thinking she'd died and gone to heaven.

At the kitchen doorway Horace with labored effort pulled himself upright but because of the pain tearing at his brain he almost slumped to the floor again. "Jesus fucking Christ my God damn head hurts. I gotta get another beer. Maybe that'll stop this throbbing."



Pushing himself from the doorway he staggered through the kitchen toward the refrigerator and the beer he knew his brother-in-law always kept there. Pulling open the door he grabbed a bottle, pressing the cold glass to his forehead, but even that didn't help. Swaying drunkenly, he leaned heavily against the counter where, after grabbing a towel, he again staggered to the refrigerator dumping several ice cubes into it holding it to the back of his neck and then he weakly slid to the floor beside the still opened refrigerator sighing contentedly as he closed his eyes trying to shut out the throbbing pain.

"What the fuck, there's that sound again. Damn my head hurts. Probably gave myself a concussion. Shit if I didn't know better I'd say some cunt was getting her brains fucked or killed. Other then me ain't nobody home but sweet thing and the brat, maybe the kids having a nightmare. Gotta move, get myself up she's waiting for me." Looking at the beer he still held he opened it taking a long pull while subconsciously straining to again pick up the sound he hadn't quite identified but other then his labored breathing he heard nothing. Another swallow and the bottle was empty. Pulling another from the refrigerator he guzzled it down thinking to himself that he was not only seeing things but hearing shit as well. "Maybe it's the booze. But what if it wasn't my imagination, maybe I should check it out. Yea, check it out, but first I better have another beer."

Behind her Treat pulled her jostling rotating ass cheeks apart, fascinated by the sight of his 9 plus fat inch black cock sawing in and out of the white girls tight cunt. Her pussy seemed to be winking at him as the lips of her cunt sank inward every time he pushed forward, and sweet Jesus she was tight. Maybe the bitch was a virgin, but that's silly, ain't no such thing as a 17 year old virgin and lord look at the bitch's juices flowing, this cunt is having a constant orgasm.

He chuckled mirthlessly as he told Lester what a nasty bitch she was. "This be one nasty cock hungry white bitch bro. She be leaking like a faucet from the fucking we giving her. This whore be gettin' off fucking two niggers the same time. She be vibrating like a guitar string."

Choking, nonsensical blubbering came from her cock-stuffed throat as together the two dark cocks simultaneously and repeatedly plunged deep into her tender white body. In the beginning she had been rocked back and forth between them taking first one and then the other deep into her body but now the boy's were pushing into her at the same time. It was as if they were trying to meet somewhere deep inside her. Natalie had never felt anything like what she was feeling at that moment. She was being penetrated by two cocks simultaneously and it hurt but yet felt wonderful at the same time. Together they would withdraw and then as one push deep into her mouth and pussy as if trying to meet somewhere deep inside her. Was that possible? Oh God she hoped so, with all her being she hoped so because what they were doing, the feelings they were causing to pulse through her slim white body were beyond description. Oh God, it felt soooo wonderful. She didn't want the feeling to stop, she never wanted it to stop.

Lost to her was the fact that even as Treat was rapidly pounding her snatch he had picked up her phone. She wasn't aware that the malicious laughter or staccato choked comments about her sluttish behavior weren't directed at either his friend or her but at the person on the other end of the line. She was only aware of the mind shattering feeling of ecstasy and the constant trembling of her slim body along with the brightly hued mufti-colored lights bursting behind her tightly closed eyes. A silly thought struck her and she would have burst into laughter if not for the cock stuffed in her throat. Was the door to her room shut? What difference did it make, other then her and the two boys fucking her.

Everyone was gone. But what if they weren't? Would her little brother or parents have been able to hear what was happening, the slapping together of sweaty flesh, her labored groans or the grunts of the two negros breeding her? But the thought vanished as she concentrated on the pleasure she was receiving as her body was racked with yet another climax, brought on when Lester's cock exploded like a volcano in her mouth, spewing his cum into her throat as it whipped about like an unmanned fire hose between her tightly clinging lips. Cum, sweet glorious cum.

With throat muscles contracting, milking the torrid length of Lester's cock and swallowing as best she could she felt the blessed nectar flood the inside of her mouth and slither down her throat. It didn't taste the same as her uncles. It had the consistency of buttermilk and a strong bleach-like taste, but yet she gloried in it. Relished it and sought desperately to swallow every last thick drop.

Behind her she felt Treat's fingers tighten, digging cruelly into her slim waist, yanking her backwards forcefully to meet each deep thrusting impalement of his pistoning cock until with a last savage thrust he ground himself against her tightly rotating buttocks holding himself against and deeply in her. She felt his quivering cock seemingly grow even longer, fatter, filling her, stretching her, and then like a raging torrent let loose from a bursting dam his thick globular spunk sprayed into her. Like Lester's cock that mere seconds earlier had flooded her mouth with its cum, Treat's jerked and throbbed twice, three, five times spewing her insides with its thick globular sperm. With the first and even the second release of his ejaculation, it felt to Natalie as if his sperm would blast through her body to mix with the cum still filling her mouth and she responded by forcefully shoving backwards in an effort to make it happen.

But what she wanted was impossible and as much as her sex induced brain wished it to happen she felt a measure of disappointment when with each seceding throbbing jerk of their cocks the blast of cum grew less until finally nothing. Then each slipped from the confines of her sweat drenched body. Without support she slowly slid forward collapsing face down onto her bed, arms and legs akimbo breathing raggedly in exhaustion. Dimly she realized they had climbed from her bed.

Were they done with her? Had they had their fun, but what if they weren't? Could her small body take another fucking such as just happened? Maybe, but more than likely they would be like her uncle. They had cum and like him they would put on their clothes and leave. Time slowed to a crawl as she lay face down slowly regaining her composure, while the buzzing of voices droned in her ears making little sense, unaware that the two weren't speaking to each other but to someone else in the room.

As her breathing steadied, she rolled limply onto her back, looking in the direction she'd heard the voices. Surprised and pleased by the fact that Lester and Treat were still naked and more surprised still to see that their cocks weren't all soft and mushy like her uncle's. Were they going to fuck her again? Her mind struggled with itself. On the one hand she was afraid another fucking like she'd just gone through would kill her.

On the other hand it had been so wonderful and she hoped they would. God she hoped so. With all her heart she hoped they would. What was wrong with her? She shouldn't be thinking such thoughts. She shouldn't be wanting them to stick their hard black cocks into her again, thrusting savagely and deeply into her filling her again with their warm thick sperm, but yet she was. Through passion filled eyes that were mere slits, she gazed lovingly at the two negros who had only moments ago sent her mind, her very soul soaring in heavenly bliss and then her eyes fell to their semi hard dicks glistening with her body fluids and the remnants of their spent cum wishing more then anything they were once again hard.

But who were they talking and gesturing to? Then movement off to the side of where her eyes were fixed caught her attention and she turned her head slightly bringing into focus at least a dozen and possibly even more black youths. A lump caught in her throat as her eyes looked at the new-comers. How long had they been there? Had they been witness to her shameless display of cock hunger and willing surrender to Treat and Lester. If they had would they also want to stick their dicks in her?

As if in answer to her unspoken questions they began to disrobe while slowly advancing toward her but instead of screaming her only reaction was a half hearted attempt to pull the rumpled sheets about her in a mock attempt at modesty but one of them stepped quickly forward yanking the sheets from her grasp while at the same time and in one smooth motion pushed her onto her back straddling her upper body. As his cock touched then lightly grazed over her cheek. its path could be clearly followed by the smear of pre cum left behind as like a guided missile it homed on her mouth.

Anticipation welled up in her as she looked into the smiling face above her, enthralled by his words that the fun had just started. That she had a lot more cocks to satisfy. Unseen hands slipped beneath her legs, tightly gripping her thighs pulling them apart while at the same lifting her lower body into the air. An instant later with her legs being splayed even further apart as someones hips went between her thighs she felt a long thin cock worm its way easily into her still dripping cunt. Above her the boy's voice was commanding her to open her mouth while unseen but definitely felt the other thrust forward sinking his hard manhood in one savage thrust into her.

Her mouth opened in an almost perfect 'O', allowing the one straddling her chest to push his cock into her mouth as a burst of air escaped her lungs when the boy between her legs thrust his pelvis against her own. For a split second as her lower body had been forcefully lifted from her bed and a new cock shoved in her pussy she wondered if she would be able to pleasure the new arrivals like she had the two who had just fucked her. The thought quickly vanished as a small orgasm rippled through her and her attention centered on the two hard dark cocks thrusting into her orifices.

She was ignorant of the fact that these new boys had come because of a call Treat had made while taking her from behind. A call telling a friend to gather a few guys together cause he had one hell of a hot white girl that was hungry for nigger cock, giving them her address telling them to hurry. Despite her initial shock at the sudden appearance of the newcomers, when the unseen cock entered her pussy her body responded automatically, her pelvis thrusting upward to met the hard rapid thrust of the new cock. Without thoughts as to the number of boys crowded into her room; only that there were others eager to use her, to shove their cocks into her mouth and throat, her lips lovingly encircled the fat knob of this new prick, tasting him, savoring the flavor of his flesh as she drew a suction taking him deep into the hot wet warmth of her mouth while at the same time trying to grind her loins up to met the others deeply impaling cock. As Natalie for the second time in less then a half hour eagerly accepted the duel penetration of her body she thought she'd died and gone to heaven.

That others had mysteriously appeared eager to fill her throat and pussy with their thick gooey cum almost made her swoon in ecstasy. Bucking upwards against the one humping into her cunt while hungrily gulping on the cock in her mouth, she absently wondered how the newcomers had been aware of her terrible hungry need. How they had known she would shamelessly surrender her petite white body to them just as she had Treat and Lester.

Then, like an electric appliance short circuiting her thought process fried, leaving but a single thought behind. She tried to speak around the tumultuous hardness filling her mouth to let them know she loved them, all of them, that she craved their hard black cocks and that she was theirs to seek pleasure with however they desired not only for tonight but for all time.



Her arms encircled the pumping hips of the boy leaning over her chest pulling him further up onto his knees and deeper into her mouth. Around her bed, her sacrificial alter, the excited voices of the boys witnessing her cock hunger urged their friends to even greater effort while in the background Lester and Treat bragged to any who would listen that they'd been right about how horny she was. Excitedly telling them they were in for the fucking of their life when it was their turn. Natalie heard not a word as the throbbing of the blood pumping through her veins and her madly beating heart made other sounds impossible to hear.

Slowly opening his eyes Horace blinked several times trying to remember where he was and why he was sprawled on the floor in some strange kitchen. Moving his head brought back the pain but not quite as bad as before and then he recalled entering his sisters house, stumbling over the coffee table and getting his brains almost bashed in while in an eager attempt to get to Natalie his niece and young lover who he'd been certain was eagerly waiting for him.

Glancing down he saw the beer laying beside him and with some difficulty unscrewed it bringing it to his mouth and drinking deeply. Taking another swallow he tried to stand but pain shot through his head behind his eyes and instead he slumped back down. Another swallow and he carelessly dropped the empty reaching for another, this time shutting the door so the light wouldn't hurt his eyes. A long hard pull on the bottle and his head felt a little better, and the thought that maybe after another beer or two he might feel good enough to stand began to take root.

She wanted them to know, she wanted all of them to know as she jerked and writhed between her two latest black lovers that she welcomed their cocks, that she was theirs to use however they wanted for the rest of her life but her whimpering choked pleas confessing her servitude were smothered even more as the cock thrusting into her throat jerked convulsively and like a dam bursting it flooded her mouth to overflowing with wonderful sweat thick cum.

She tried to swallow his offering, to drain his testicles and cock of every last drop of cum but try as she might some if it dribbled from her lips down her chin to pool on her throat and then he climbed from her pulling his limp dick free of her tightly clasping lips and sucking mouth. Unhampered by the weight of the boys body on her chest she centered her weight on her shoulders arching upward even higher while twisting and grinding her loins at the youth crouched like a grotesque troll between her widely splayed legs. With body spasmodically arching to met the wonderful black cock pounding into her cunt together she and the boy screamed out their release and then she slipped back onto her bed, for a moment alone.

Natalie did not know that even as she had bucked and twisted under the duel assault or that what she had thought was a muted vain effort to make her willing servitude known that her utterances had not been misunderstood nor fallen unheeded. What she had thought as nonsensical blubbering's of a sex crazed mind offering her body, her very soul to these black youths had been unmistakably clear to every boy in her bedroom as she would have understood if she could have but read their smiling faces and minds. As two others and then a third stepped toward her the face of Henry, dear sweet Henry filled her vision and his hot breath washed over her face as he told her that she belonged to them. "You be ours now white girl. Your cunt, every part your body be ours to use whenever one or all of us take's a liking."

By the forth beer Horace's headache was pretty well gone and the thought of his niece laying upstairs all alone probably asleep because he hadn't shown up filled his brain. Oh well better late then never, he'd just have to wake her up and just the thought of sticking his dick in that tight warm pussy of hers made his cock jerk with anticipation. Exiting the kitchen he began loosening his clothes as he made his way to and then up the stairs. He was going to give his little sex kitten one hell of a surprise.

Suddenly he stopped in mid stride. What the hell was that? Staring upwards he realized the sound was coming from above instead of from downstairs or outside as he'd first thought. Slowly and with each step the sound grew increasingly louder, more distinct and then he recognized the strange sound or at least the familiarity of it. A high pitched warbling sound almost like his young lover made when he was really throwing dick to her.

But what the hell were those deep grunting groans accompanying the familiar wail? Were those voices he heard? No, they couldn't be. What the hell was going on? Surely Natalie didn't have someone with her. And what about those other noises? If those were voices he'd heard, that meant she had more than one boy with her. No, not his young lover. She wouldn't do such a thing. There had to be another explanation. But if she were alone then why the hell did that warbling sound that was so much like the noises she made when she was really into the fucking he was giving her seem to be coming from upstairs?

Taking the stairs two at a time he wondered what the hell was going on and then as he reached the top and turned toward his niece's room he stopped in his tracks hardly believing his eyes. Before him and crowded just inside his niece Natalie's room were at least a dozen naked negros; their attention focused on the place where he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt her bed was. Pushing his way through the boys snickering chants of daddy's home, and fuck the white slut, fuck daddy's slut of a daughter good so he can see how much his little whore gets off on black cock assaulted his senses and then he was beside the bed staring in disbelief at his niece whom he loved and the five negros surrounding her.

The snickering laugh of Henry as his face faded from view after his last words made her think she had imagined his presence. The meaning of his words which she was just beginning to grasp made her head light and for a minute she lost conciseness but even in the mindless drifting of space she was aware that this time not two but three of their number had climbed onto her bed. In dream like tranquility she let her body be shifted, adjusted, resisting not in the slightest as a strong hand tightly gripped the calf of her left leg just below the knee holding her leg almost straight up exposing the swollen lips of her pussy for all to see. As the bed sank from the weight of additional bodies that pressed in front and behind her fingers pried her lips open and then the all too familiar flavor of cock washed over her taste buds.

In a dream-like void she began lavishly paying homage to the cock in her mouth; even freeing one of her hands so she could cradle the boy's nut sack. Below her waist she felt a cock slithering between her swollen cunt lips while what felt like a telephone pole probed the crinkly ring of her anus seeking entrance into her ass hole.

Time stood still as the only thing she felt was the terrible searing pain tearing at her ass hole, nothing else, not the cock in her pussy or the one in her mouth but try as she might she couldn't scream for the cock in her mouth was like a plug silencing any attempt and then her throat muscles reacted on instinct working to swallow the thick globular sperm flooding her throat as the dark cock flayed about inside her mouth like an unmanned fire hose.

Forgotten for a moment was the horrible pain tearing, stretching her ass hole as with a sputtering gagging reflex she tightened her lips around the cock. Sucking and swallowing as fast as she could in an attempt to drain the cock that seemed as if it were pissing down her gullet. Suddenly the vision she'd had earlier of her laying atop a rumpled bed surrounded by hundreds of negros surfaced and then her mind snapped back to the present but before she could scream as the pain again overtook her another cock pushed between her lips and all she could manage in the way of sound was a drawn out muffled gargle as the cocks pounding into her ass and pussy began a forceful rhythmic pistoning like two pile drivers.

Tears welled up but her muffled pleas went unheeded. Her tormentors hadn't and weren't giving her a chance to be understood, but even if they had listened to her sobbing pleas she doubted if they would have had any mercy. As her slim white body bounced and writhed between the three blacks her mind overwhelmed with rapture Treat's words that he would be the first but certainly not the last came to her as did the words of Henry who only minutes ago had told her that her cunt, her very soul was theirs to seek pleasure with however they saw fit.

With their words ringing in her ears and with her body shivering in orgasmic delight she realized that it was true, she was theirs, theirs as well as every other black man or boy that might show the slightest interest in using her slim white body for their pleasure and with that realization came the knowledge that she loved them, she loved the way they thrust into her, filling her, stuffing her with their monstrous black cocks, she loved them for doing to her, treating her the way they were.

About her the voices became clearer and obediently she began to move against the two dark bodies which she was sandwiched between while at the same time slowly bobbing her head and engulfing the cock thrusting forcefully between her lips seeking entrance to her throat. Her ass hole still felt as if it were being stretched, torn, but strangely she no longer felt pain, only an all encompassing desire to satisfy and pleasure these scruffy blacks venting their sexual hunger and depravity on her.

Grunts spaced with harshly hissed demands rained down on her from all sides and she gloried in their debasement as she sought to please their every desire and savagely hissed demand. Huffed utterances of "Take it, you fucking white slut. Take it all. Show your nigger masters how much you like being fucked by three black cocks. Show us how much you love it." assaulted her ears and in response her lithe white body that had only just began to experimentally move between the three negros began writhing and twisting beneath their combined assault.

But all too soon and almost as one, the three fucking her groaned out their release, flooding her insides with a seemingly endless flowing river of spunk. As the combined cum of the three negros filled her orifices she in turn shivered in orgasmic delight her mind screaming in joyful rapture. Then emptiness, as after long minutes and despite her whimpering plea they withdrew their spent satisfied instruments of virility. Around her excited voices buzzed like bees as the boys pulled their spent cocks from her, leaving her for a moment alone atop the rumpled sheets of her bed with a glazed look in her eyes and a dreamy smile on her lips.

Again her bed sagged and again she felt her body being twisted, turned. In a dream-like stupor she found herself facing the open door to her bedroom sitting astride an unfamiliar dark figure while before her and standing at the foot of her bed holding his cock was the grotesquely fat dark body of a boy she remembered as Leonard. His husky command to suck his dick totally unnecessary as enthralled she leaned forward and down parting her lips willingly taking him into her mouth. Tenderly, almost lovingly the boys fingers glided through her hair and then tightened against the sides of her head as the boy she was sitting astride arched his back thrusting his hips upward shoving his long hard cock easily into her cunt. As her lips closed about the short but thick cock of Leonard's her tongue swirled around and over its knob and length as in earnest she began to draw a suction trying to make him cum.

Willing him to fill her mouth and throat with his glorious spunk while beneath her the cock imbedded in the seething cauldron of her cunt began sliding to and fro. Rocking between the two cocks giving her pleasure she dreamily wished that another boy would shove a dick into her ass hole. Her mind fixated on the thought hardly remembering the pain only the wonderful feeling it had given her before flooding her bowels with hot thick wonderful cum. But she needn't have worried for even as the thought was forming in her mind she felt the cheeks of her ass pulled apart and the cock she longed for being crammed deep between the puckered ring her anus.

To the delight of every negro crowded into her room and without the slightest of hesitation she responded instantly to the second triple penetration. Gasping sobs of cock hunger and lust warbled from around the cock fucking her throat raising and falling in response to the effort put forward by the three fucking her. As her body writhed and humped between and against the three fucking her she began to dream of an endless line of dark ebony bodies all with hard thick cocks eager to use her, eager to fill her cunt, mouth and ass hole with their wonderful cum. But it wasn't a dream for as Leonard's cock spewed its thick Clorox flavor spunk into her mouth and before he fell away to be replaced by yet another eager negro two more black youths stepped forward pulling her hands from Leonard's quivering buttocks placing them on their own hard dicks.

Tightening her fingers about their cocks she squeezed and then rhythmically began to stroke and massage them as in a dream like state of euphoria she prided herself in her ability to pleasure not just three but now five of these virile black youths. In that dream like eternal moment of time as yet another hard cock was shoved between her lips and deep into her throat she gazed with rapture and love at the beaming dark faces of the negros eagerly waiting to use her not aware or registering the fact that amongst their number was the stunned disbelieving face of her uncle.

- The End -

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