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"The Awful Truth"

      by A. G. Thomas

      (M+F cuck voy oral anal inter)

Well all I can say is that I brought it on myself. It started off innocently enough about a week after our marriage, when as she lay snuggled against me after we'd made love I began telling her of a dream, really a fantasy of mine. I told her how in my dream/fantasy I'd been watching TV and she came into the living room wearing a really short pleated skirt and a skimpy little top without any buttons that she'd tied just beneath her breasts, you know kinda like a gypsy, and then with hands on hips she smiles impishly telling me she wants to go out. I jokingly reply that dressed like that the only place we should go was maybe our neighborhood tavern, or perhaps the pool hall, places were strangers could gawk at her scantly clad body and maybe even try to pick her up.

Anyway as I said that's how it started, and over the next few weeks I repeated the fantasy almost nightly changing only her style of dress or maybe the location I would take her to, but one thing remained constant, she was always scantily clothed. Vividly I described how proud she made me in my dream/fantasy as she strolled provocatively amongst strangers openly flirting and even at times letting them sneak a quick feel. In great detail I would tell her how not only the men that she flirted with would became aroused to the point of wanting to fuck her, but that I too would get horny and want to fuck her right in front of them. And then I would tell her how when we returned home after her provocative actions I would make passionate love to her late into the night.

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At first she thought me sick for having such thoughts about her doing something like I described, and she refused to even consider going out in public as she so aptly put it "dressed and acting like a cheap slut." I figured there was little possibility of her ever doing as I fantasized what with her being from a God fearing family as she was, as well as being the niece of a bible thumping Minister. But I kept at it and eventually my persistence along with words of enduring love and how proud and aroused she would make me paid off because, and to my great joy, she finally relented.

Our first outing had been to a pool hall and you wouldn't believe how many guys hung around our table flirting with her. At first she not only tried to ignore them but wouldn't leave my side until after repeated whispered encouragement along with assurances of my love she loosened up and began shyly flirting. After that it was only a matter of time before her actions boarded on brazen as leaning over the table to take a shot she would jiggle her cute little ass about as if encouraging the men to grab a feel, and several of them did. Later as we lay in each others arms and I talked about how some of them had snuck a feel when they thought I wasn't looking, while she in turn shyly admitted to me how excited and aroused she had gotten when the strangers had felt of her.

But her next admission floored me as she told how when they had whispered to her that they'd fuck her brains out she had wondered what it would feel like making love to strangers. Without stopping her narration she told how as they had felt of her and whispered nasty things they wanted to do to her she had envisioned herself laying naked atop the pool table as all the men dropped their pants showing her their cocks. By then we were both very aroused and had some of the best sex a married couple could wish to have. There was another even more explicit fantasy I had concerning her and several men that her confession brought to mind, but I thought it still to early at this stage of our experiment into voyeurism to approach her with.

But as everyone knows, or at least should, things have a way of happening that you don't always foresee. Despite even the best laid plans things have a way of very rapidly spinning beyond one's control, and a good example is my stupid fantasies. Fantasies that not only became realities more often they I care to think about but also wilder and more wanton then anything I ever envisioned. And now that I'm being honest, I don't believe I had any control or voice in the matter since the night we'd gone to the pool hall and her bedroom confession of fantasizing being fucked by other men. As I sit here in our darkened living room still deeply in love with my wife I can't help but brood about the hand fate has dealt me. Though it's a hand I dealt myself without realizing in my stupidity where it might lead, I have to play it out. I would rather share her with strangers then go through life without her. But still, I can't help but be filled with murderous hate toward the man or men she's with tonight.

It was almost a year ago April 23rd 1998 that Lillian Thurston and I, Matthew Longstein were married. She was to graduate high school in June and I was just entering my junior year of college that fall. There was almost 5 years difference in our age but I never thought that would be a problem, after all at 22 I couldn't be said to be an old man. Or at least that's what I honestly thought. I mean really, does anyone out there think that a 17 year old, and an inexperienced one at that, could wear out a virile stud such as I thought myself to be. No fucking way anything like that could happen, right? Well after three months of marriage that's just what was happening as our escapade's into the underbelly and night life of the city became even more frequent and daring.

On the nights we didn't go out because I had to study she was always climbing onto my lap and trying to kiss me and shit. At other times, like when I had to work she became moody, but by the time I got home from my part time job she was all smiles and kissy, kissy and like a hell cat between the sheets. So yea this big strong football tight-end was being worn to a frazzle and that's how I learned six months into our marriage that there's no such thing as innocent fantasies. It had started innocent enough like I said earlier, when after a great deal of discussion we decided that we'd have her public showing on the night of her 18th birthday, what we later would call her birthday adventure. Our first stop had been to Victorias Secret where despite her initial shyness she very easily went through better then $600.00 bucks. As I watched her shop I noticed her becoming more relaxed and I think a great deal of it was because so many women were trying on and showing off different sexy outfits for the men they were with.

At first her choices had been along the lines of what you could buy at say Uptons, daring, but not really provocative or what I had in mind. The longer we were there though the more daring her picks became, until finally and with much gushing and excitement on her part she was eyeing apparel so sheer as to be mere wisp of chiffon. If I thought she'd been carried away in Victories she was twice that and more when we returned home. She was ecstatic. She had to try on every piece again as we finalized where our first adventure would occur, finally settling on a pair of baby blue short shorts that looked as if they were painted on along with a translucent top that she tied just below her 34c breasts just like the actress that played Daisy Duke. In fact dressed as she was, with the exception of her raven black hair, Lillian could have been Daisy, the same 5 foot 7, 34-21-33 curvaceous figure and flippant attitude.

As we readied to leave I noticed there were no panty lines, and when I mentioned it she shyly said that because the shorts were so tight she'd decided against wearing any for fear it would spoil the look or ruin my fantasy. When I asked about a bra she blushed profusely and shyly answered, "That too." and right then I knew she was getting into this fantasy thing just as much if not more then me, because I hadn't thought about her going without undergarments at this early stage. Two hours later and after several games of 9 ball, along with a lot of groping as well as what I imagined were whispered propositions, I dragged her protesting from the pool hall. During the drive home I kept glancing at her silent pouting face until unable to contain myself I yelled at her telling her to quit pouting because she was acting like a spoiled child and then I said something I shouldn't have. I accused her of wanting to fuck everyone in the pool hall. At first she simply looked at me with a hurt look in her eyes, but then with a beaming smile she snuggled against me pushing her lips to my neck whispering sultry promises of uninhibited sex as her hand undid my zipper and slipped into my pants to massage my growing hard-on.

Little did I realize that, that rashly spoken accuisition was about to come back and smite me, and a hell of a lot sooner then I even care to think about because later as we lay in bed she admitted to having thoughts very much along those lines. After a wild night of sex where she even woke me up a couple of times I laboriously dragged myself from bed not even wanting to go to school while she on the other hand was the picture of freshness. As I showered and she fixed breakfast she bubbled on about the night before repeatedly admitting how excited and aroused she had gotten from all the attention she had received while I in turn jokingly answered I would never have guessed. Pushing me out the door she told me not to call her as she was going out looking for a job but that she'd be home in plenty of time to fix our dinner.

That was the beginning of her running around but of course I had no way of knowing that at the time. She'd had a taste of exciting men and being aroused in the process but it was only after several more excursions that I learned she'd been doing everything I and a million other men ever fantasized their wife's and/or girl friends doing, and that she'd been doing them since the day after our first adventure to the pool hall. In my naivety of thinking I was in control I failed to notice that with each new adventure she was always quick and eager to comply with whichever fantasy I described and even going further then I expected. It was almost as if she could read my mind as to how far she could push my fantasy without me saying something or possibly intervening until finally it had gone beyond the kissing, fingering stage to where I was watching her take a lover. By then it made little difference what she did or how she acted to achieve what we now both wanted and hungered for. The first time I really remember her going beyond what I requested her to do was the first time she sucked a strangers cock in my presence. It happened in that theater over on Oakly that shows skin flicks, and even though we'd been in there a couple of times before this night was different. Where before we'd always sit together and she'd give me a hand job and maybe a blow job that I'll have to admit wasn't the greatest, this night she wanted to sit by herself to see, as she put it, if anyone would hit on her.



At first I was reluctant but she did her little girl pout thing saying that I'd always wanted to see her suck another man's cock and what better time than now. Here let me say that when we first married she had thought the act of putting my dick in her mouth was repulsive, but I had persisted, and over many months and after many outings where she would flirt, kiss and be felt of she was doing better but still refused to take me completely into her mouth or swallow my cum, so you can understand why I said her blow jobs weren't the greatest. But now here we were in a movie theater and I had already witnessed her taking a strangers cock into her throat and swallowing his cum before turning to another man. Just like the first cock I'd seen her suck she was hungrily slobbering over the second one and purring like a kitten while yet a third man worked furiously at her snatch, damn near shoving his whole hand into her cunt. I was so aroused by her sluttish behavior that I failed to realize that what she was doing for and to these men was not simply her eager wish to please me, but the hungry cravings of a woman much practiced and skilled in the act of fellatio.

From three seats away I watched as the second man gripped her ears pulling her face tight to his pumping crotch as he ejaculated into her hungrily working throat and then pulling from her still sucking lips he grabbed a handful of her long black hair wiping his cock clean. As he moved past me with a satisfied smile on his face he winked saying that that'd been one of the best blow jobs he'd ever had. "Listen buddy if your thinking about letting that little slut suck your dick I wouldn't wait too long. Her old man's probably watching and liable to put a stop to it at anytime, so if I were you I wouldn't wait too long to enjoy her company." As he moved away my attention turned back to my wife. She had slumped deeper into her seat with a loud pleasurable sigh while at the same time shifting about and throwing her legs over the arm rest separating her from the man. He too twisted around, and in a heart beat he was between her widely splayed legs partially leaning over her as her pelvis moved in tight lunging circles to meet his hand thrusting into her cunt. In astonishment I watched as she grabbed the mans wrist with both hands as if to adjust herself more comfortably over the seats she was sprawled across, but with a gasped plea of "Please." her gyrating pelvis lunged higher making it seem for all the world as if she wanted his whole hand inside her. A moment or two elapsed as I listened to her moan soulfully while the man continued to fuck her cunt with his hand, and then she raised her head slightly twisting it limply about as if looking for something or someone.

Her eyes had that faraway glazed look of passion as they fell on me and then she smiled as her tongue flicked out licking away the final traces of cum that the other men had deposited on her lips. There was no recognition as our eyes held each other as whimpering sounds of wanton passion fell from her slack lips and her hips lunged upwards to met the mans hand, and then she turned back to him saying something I couldn't hear. A moment later and over her increasingly louder moans he raised his face to look at me and spoke. "Hey fella, the bitch wants to know if you'd like to have your cock sucked. Seems she likes having a dick in her mouth and drinking cum, and she's pretty good at doing it too, 'cause the two guys she already sucked seemed more then satisfied! So what'y say, how bout a little help over here, ok." Accepting the invitation I moved over to sit beside her gyrating body and as the man told her I was there she cocked her head to look up at me with sightless eyes. With a smile upon her slack lips and with a voice choked and breaking with need she pleaded with me to shove my cock in her mouth. As I sat there watching the man pushing harder against her cunt my heart did a flip flop at her choked satisfied response to his fisting "Oh God mister do me, Oh, yes, YEEESSSSS. Ahhhh sweet Jesus harder, do it harder mister shove your whole fucking hand in me. That's it, that's it mister just a little more. Ughhh Goddd. Harder, Yes, yesss ohhhhhhh yesss that's it mister. Oh sweet Jesus that's iittt. YEEESSSSS, OH GODDD YEEESSSSS"

So fascinated was I in watching the depraved scene unfolding as the mans hand wormed into her cunt to his wrist as well as listening to Lillian's response to the fisting that it didn't dawn on me her plaintive wail of arousal could be heard by everyone in the theater. Engrossed as I was on her madly gyrating pelvis humping repeatedly and rapidly from the seat to meet the hand fucking her cunt I was unaware that every man in the theater was slowly making his way toward us for what they suspected was an easy fuck. Raising my eyes I looked into the broadly grinning face of the man fisting her. So with my attention elsewhere it was several seconds before I realized she was again pleading with me to suck my cock. "Please mister let me suck your cock. I'll do you good, I promise. I've had lots of practice and I know what men like. Please mister, please let me suck your cock."

I was shocked, repulsed, fascinated, dumbfounded and angry as hell all at once, but my cock was thinking for me and a second later after twisting her upper body about like a pretzel I shoved my dick to her lips. A muffled thank you came from her as her lips clamped tightly around my six throbbing inches, and as I twisted my fingers into her raven hair forcing her face to my lunging groin, meowing sounds of pleasure came from her throat and vibrated through my cock. My wife's body was quivering like a wind blown leaf and choked gasping sounds were coming from her chest as I yanked her head up and down atop my cock. The tightness of her throat muscles and the vibrations from her meowing sounds of pleasure pulsing through my cock almost sent me over the edge, but my anger at her confession of having sucked a lot of cocks held me in check and I was determined to punish her almost to the extent of choking her with my cock.

Angry or not I didn't last too long, but before I filled her throat and belly with cum I counted no less then three and possibly four orgasms of hers. Pulling my cock from her tight throat at the same time the man pulled his hand from her cunt brought sobbing sounds of need and longing from her. In my disgust I thought seriously of simply walking away and leaving her to the mercy of whichever man or group of men happened upon her as I looked down at her naked body. Naked, what the fuck, that hadn't registered before, she was naked, and in place of anger my instincts as her husband took over as I looked frantically about the seats and floor for her clothes wondering how in the hell they had managed to disrobe her without me being aware of it. As I rose up after a fruitless search of the floor I noticed her clothes balled into a makeshift pillow between her neck and the arm of the chair she was sprawled across as out of the corner of my eye I saw almost two dozen men staring at us from only yards away. No one had to tell me what they wanted as I quickly removed my shirt and draped it about her shoulders after hurriedly pulling her upright.

With the sound of their disappointment echoing in my ears I guided her up the isle and from the theater leaving her clothes behind as a memento. During the drive home as I struggled with the revalation of what she had said to me before sucking my cock. Lillian snuggled listlessly against me and then unzipping my pants and pulling my cock out stroked me to renewed hardness, and then just before her lips closed about my dick again sucking me deep into her throat she mumbled something about making me happy by living out my fantasy and hoped that she'd done everything that was expected of her. The next morning, Sunday I confronted her with what she had told me before sucking my cock but she denied ever doing anything other then what I had asked her to do. She swore that she knew it was me and that she was only role playing to excite and arouse me, and as for the other men she didn't do them half as good as she had done me. With words of love and promises of fidelity she said she had never, and would never, do anything with another man unless it was part of one of my fantasies and I encouraged it.

Reluctantly yet hesitantly I caved in accepting her explanation for it seemed to make sense, because unless she was running around while I was either at school or at work there was just no way she could do or learn the things I was accusing her of. But I again had my doubts when maybe two weeks later I skipped work one night after two days of her bugging me about some adult book store she had heard about and wanted to visit. Stupid me for not wondering how or where she might have heard of the place, but when you're in love you don't think of those things, at least I didn't. Besides a new adventure involving a dirty book store was appealing, as I recalled several stories with that theme from an adult web site my wife and I had looked at in the past when trying to decide where our next outing would be. Talk about honey drawing bees and you can imagine what happened, when not five minutes after I entered she strolled in. She was wearing a skin tight spandex micro mini that had three inch slits up the sides along with a blouse so sheer as to be almost non existent she looked fantastic as we entered the book store. What? No, she wasn't wearing a bra, or panties either for that matter, she had long ago stopped wearing them after telling me that it added spice to our adventures as well as excited her knowing that men could see what she had to offer.

Anyway after innocently glancing about she strolled over to the magazine rack and began looking at dirty magazines. Almost instantly several men approached her and amid little girlish giggles along with several half hearted attempts to slap away their roaming hands she accepted their invitation to view a couple of videos and before I realized what was happening she slipped behind the curtain leading to the video machines. Maybe thirty minutes slipped by as every so often I glanced toward the curtains noticing nothing really unusual except that when the four men who'd entered with her finally came out she wasn't with them. Glancing at me with shit eating grins on their faces as they reappeared they ambled over to a group of guys standing around the counter. I must have been dense because the significance of their hushed whispers and occasional glances at me as they conversed had no meaning. Even the final smirking glance by the four men as they exited the store just before the six men they'd been talking to made a headlong rush behind the curtains was lost on me.

Finally after maybe another thirty minutes my brain kicked into gear and realization of what my wife must be doing behind the curtain dawned on me as the last of the second group of men came from behind the curtain grinning sheepishly and in passing winked at me saying "Damn your 'ol lady gives great head." It was then that I slipped behind the curtains to look for her. There was light but damn little of it and as I made my way down the corridor past several rooms I began hearing mumbled voices about halfway down and to the left. Drawing closer the voices became clear. "Go for it bro., Do vanilla good, show her what it means to pleasure a nigga. Dhem five white boys what done porked her as well as dos' three or four she give lip service to didn't satisfy her non' to much seems to me. But now it be'es our turn, and we going to show vanilla here a good time starting with you man."

What the hell were they talking about? Vanilla? Five, ten white guys, not satisfied, their turn? It was hard to understand their guttural language but there was little doubt that behind the closed door at least two, maybe three negros were in deep conversation, but where the hell did they come from? I hadn't noticed any come in as I'd stood like an idiot for the past hour out front. But their presence was secondary as I wondered where the fuck Lillian had gotten off to. As I started to walk past I stopped dead in my tracks at the unmistakable sound of my wife's voice. There was a hint of trepidation, and I don't know if you'll believe this or not, but I swear her voice had tinge of excitement and expectation in it as she belittled them. "You black's are always bragging about the size of your dicks and about pleasuring white women, well I think it's a crock. I'll bet your things are smaller then my husbands, speaking of which he's probably wondering where I'm at and he's bound to come looking for me any minute. Besides I don't fuck niggers." And then she laughed as she said that even if she did let them fuck her they couldn't possibly satisfy her with their little pee shooters.

Oh my God she was behind the door and there were negros with her and there was no telling how many or what they might do, but I had the feeling that she'd said the wrong thing when she said the "N" word for there was coldness in the new voice that spoke. "Ha, ha, hear that bro's? Vanilla don't do nigger. Wouldn't surprise me none though that she be just like every other honky bitch once she get a taste o' black cock. Yes sir just like em', she be liking it so much we couldn't beat her off with a stick. As for your ol' man vanilla, I bet once he sees how much you enjoy being a ho' for niggie dicks he get his cookies off big time. Yes sir, I think he surely will vanilla. How 'bout you? You think he like watching us shoving black meat to your white ass and pleasuring you?" Riotous laughter spilled from an untold number of mouths as the vehemence words ,"Go on bro. give vanilla a look see and taste, let her know what gonna be pleasuring her." came to my ears, followed seconds later by the gasped sound of in-drawn breath and a soft drawn out Ooohhhhhhhh.



For all of maybe thirty seconds there was silence and then I heard several faint gargled oomphs and what sounded like a deep sigh as a voice excitedly said "Whew eee, vanilla be liking that." followed by several chuckles and muffled oomphs and ohhhhhhhs. The wheezing and ohs accompanied by chuckles must have gone on for maybe five or ten minutes followed by what sounded like a disappointed "Nooooooooo" and then silence. My mind was racing with different scenarios about what the hell was going on as I reached for the door but my hand froze half way to the knob as a sudden loud gargled gasp split the air followed closely by a voice stuttering "You's like that don'tcha vanilla. Yous like that black cock humping your tight little snatch. Yea, knew you would. Oh yeah. That's it vanilla. That's it, fuck that nigga dick."

A second later something hit the wall followed immediately by another only louder oomph then repeated soft thumping in time to labored breathing and ragged gasps. I couldn't take anymore. I didn't know what the hell was happening but I had to do something other then stand before the door like an idiot, and then I heard my young wife's voice raise several octaves. With repeated loud utterances of "Oh God" in between ohhhhhhhs, ahhhhhs and oomphs ringing in my ears I reached for the door again just as she screamed "It's true! "Ughhh God. Ughhh God. hhhhhhh sweet Jesus it's true! "Ughhh God, Ughhh, Ughhh." Do me nigger, do vanilla, Ooohhhhhhhh God do me! All you black bastards do me!!" Opening the door I couldn't believe my eyes, for there before me was my wife suspended almost three feet in the air with her legs wrapped tightly about the waist of a large, over-weight, bald negro as he rapidly pumped up into her cunt like a jack hammer. Every time he thrust forcefully up into her cunt her back slapped against the wall and that seemed to be the cause of all the oomph's I'd heard.

In between grunts and moans the negro taunted her by calling her a slut and a nigger loving black cock whore. His words seemed wasted as she soulfully moaned agreement to his name calling while at the same time gasping to him and the others that she was their nigger loving white trash slut and that she'd fuck them and any other of their kind anytime anywhere. And then her arms encircled his neck and she began raining kisses on his ugly beaming face as he again called her a nigger loving slut and told her he was going to give her a black baby. The five others who had been stroking their dicks and patiently waiting their turn to enjoy this cock hungry white girl they'd had the good fortune to run into began a rhythmic chant of promised debasement and servitude to theirs as well as every other niggers cock. So engrossed were they in watching one of their number forcefully fucking the scantily clad white girl and listening to her wanton pleas to be fucked by their large cocks that for several minutes I wasn't noticed. But as their compatriot laughingly hissed he was filling vanilla with chocolate cum and giving her a nigger baby my shocked in-drawn breath followed by my quivering, "What the fuck?" filled the room and they turned to me grinning evilly. For a moment nobody spoke, and the only sound breaking the silence was my wife's ragged breathing and pleas to be filled with cum and made pregnant as he ground his loins to hers and flooded her womb with his sperm.

Before the negro who had just satisfied himself on her curvaceous body withdrew, his hands left her ass and closed about her small firm tits squeezing cruelly as he shoved his mouth to hers and plunged his tongue into her mouth kissing her deeply. With her arms and legs tightly about him as her only means of support other then his dick still lodged in her cunt she unashamedly returned his kiss. A wet squishing sound followed the withdrawal of his shining foot-long fat cock and as he let her slip limply to the dirty floor he laughed as his cum flowed from her gaping cunt wetting her quivering thighs.

Turning from her he saw me standing with a shocked numbed expression and with a broad grin splitting his ugly face he looked into my eyes. "You be vanilla's old man I bet. Too bad you missed her slobbering on my dick, but at least you did get to see me fill that tight hole of her'n with nigger juice, but don't be worrying none white boy. The fun only be start'n. Now you gonna see a real show, you going to get a ring side seat as my bro's." pleasure the ho'. His large head cocked slightly but his smiling eyes never left mine as over his shoulder he told the others to do her good cause vanilla's ol man was watching. Behind him and with exclamations of how they were going to teach their new ho' the joy's of pleasuring nigger's they descended upon Lillian pulling her roughly to her hands and knees while demanding she open her mouth and spread her legs. Obediently she did as instructed and before I could think to say anything or even move to prevent what was about to happen two of them stepped to her and a second later began to take her from both ends.

As their bone hard erection's slipped into her orifices they began telling her how fine her small white body would look all fat and swollen carrying a nigger baby. If they'd expected protest they were disappointed, for her only reply was muffled moans and gasps along with a rhythmic rocking of her body in cadence to their thrusting cocks. The more abusive and foul their language, the more her body writhed and rocked between them. With each humping grinding motion of her slim body more and more of their large dark cocks sank into her, until with pleasurable sounds of unbridled lust issuing from around the cock stuffing her throat every inch of both cocks were embedded in her. Between them they must have had close to two feet of throbbing hard flesh and my wife was taking every inch of them into her body and wallowing in what appeared to be glorious self debasement.

In-between labored breaths the two fucking her boasted about the size of their dicks and how they were going to make the slut scream for mercy while the ones not yet fucking her began a rap rhythm about vanilla being their white ho' and fucking nothing but nigges'. Beside me the one who had first fucked her taunted me, "Vanilla be liking that dark meat white boy, she be liking it good. She done got a taste and now she can't get 'nough. She learning fast how much pleasuring there be in a big ol' black cock, and you don't watch her close she be doing nothing but darkie's from now on." Pushing me into a chair and clamping his large hands atop my shoulders he held me down telling me to watch as they satisfied her cock hunger. Shocked by what I was witnessing as well as stunned by her willing and eager participation and helpless to do otherwise, I watched as over the next hour or so cock after cock was pushed into her two and three at a time.

And as each of the six negros used her at least twice and over half of them three times they left none of her three orifices unfilled with their thick hot spunk while taunting her and me with the prospect of a negro baby. And Lillian, well she was seemingly insatiable, the more they verbally debased and taunted her, and the more animalistic and savage they were in the taking of their pleasure on her petite white body the more she writhed and bucked in response to their continued and multiple use of her. Their boast of making her scream for mercy never materialized as she took even the longest and thickest of them as easily as she did my 6 inch cock. But scream she did and so loud and often for their cocks and cum that I feared everyone in the building would hear her.

When finally they had satisfied themselves and stepped away from her prone and twitching body my wife was literally covered with their spunk. They had never undressed her, but now as if in a final jesture of disdain as she lay spent on the filthy floor they reached down ripping her skimpy skirt and blouse from her, and amid laughter and boast about her being a nigger loving cock hungry ho' that'd never fuck a white man again they used her clothing to wipe their dicks clean before throwing them aside, discarding the cum smeared pieces like they were worthless rags.

Dumbstruck and not knowing what to do I glanced down at my wife's cum smeared body noticing for the first time that her legs were still widely splayed. It was then that I caught a glimpse of her once tight cunt and ass. Each was now a gaping hole that one of the old large silver dollars couldn't have covered and at that moment my selfish thoughts were that if her cunt stayed as large and loose as it now was she would never feel my cock. With the thought that the only way she would now find satisfaction was from these negros, or others of their kind I was unable to help myself and I dropped to my knees pushing my face close to her gaping holes. Reaching out my finger tips lightly traced through the cum from the six negros still leaking from her holes when to my surprise her hips jerked. Fixated, my finger tips again traced around the gaping holes and to my stunned surprise her hips bucked slightly and her pelvis jerked spasmodically as with a lustful moan she whispered "Again, fuck vanilla again." Rocking backwards I almost fell over as I looked up into the smiling black faces that seemed to be saying "She's ours now white boy. The slut's had a taste of what a black cock can do for her and she likes it. She likes it a lot, and from now on she gonna be doing nothing but niggers, and ain't nothing you can do about it." Still beaming at me they turned and casually walked from the room but not before the ugly bald headed one shoved a piece of paper into my hand, and then with a knowing squeeze to my shoulder and a broad smile told me that the next time "Vanilla" wanted pleasuring to give him a call cause he knew a couple of dozen bro's that'd be more then willing to slap meat to her.

I'm sorry! You'll have to excuse me I usually don't ramble on like this about my personal life. In fact I don't talk much now a days, and all this talking about my wife's theater exploit as well as her gang fuck has made my throat raspy. If it's not to much trouble maybe you can get us a beer or something, and then if your interested and maybe give me a few moments to compose myself as well as gather my thoughts, I'll continue....

- The End -

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