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"Swamp Fever"

      by A. G. Thomas

      (MMM+FF reluc rape oral anal best)

The idea of an extended week long class to study the ecosystem of the swamp had seemed like a good one to Ms. Andrews when Billy had made the suggestion. One or even two days wouldn't be long enough. And he had been right, there were too many plants and varied animal life and one or two days would have barely scratched the surface. So with her seven brightest students along she had hired a swamp boat and they plunged deep into the Florida swamp. The decision to hire Bo Huchins, even though he wasn't a licensed guide proved to be a good one, for though his appearance was, to say the least, a bit back-woodsy, his knowledge of the bayou impressed her students.

The regular guides had made it all too plain that the five girls wearing short skirts or shorts weren't dressed for "their" swamp, and even the two "boys" dressed and acted like sissies. After many hours of gliding over wet grass and down side canals, the students were so taken by the seeming endlessness as well as the gators and other life, that Ms. Andrews became caught up in their enthusiasm also. Fear of being lost or eaten by "critters" as Bo called them slipped away and she truly began to enjoy herself. With an evil glint in his eye as he looked at the scantily clad girls, Bo imagined how nice it would be to slap his cock to each of them. But the one he was most taken by was Betty the foxy red head, dressed in skin tight short shorts and halter top. He just had a thing for red heads. And then sneaking a look at Ms. Andrews as the rushing wind blew her loose fitting skirt about her thighs, he licked his lips thinking she wasn't half bad either, at least for a strawberry blond pushing 30.

Cutting the motor he asked if Ms. Andrews wanted to drive, and to his surprise she accepted, telling him to call her Regina. After climbing to the chair and with a little instruction as he leaned against her he smiled as he stepped down looking up at her. Damn straight, with her perched high in the chair he could fuel his imagination, getting a better look at the treasure between her legs with him looking innocently up. Things couldn't get any better, at least not for Bo as he thought how his three brothers would like to be in his shoes. But things did get better as the five girls clamored about him pressing their bodies to his begging him to let them drive. Jean even put her arm in his and playfully snuggled her face to his neck. Untangling him self he looked up at Regina just as a gust of wind caught her loose knee length skirt ballooning it about her giving him a good look at her thighs and pink bikini panties before she managed to hold her skirt down.

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His cock, which had gotten harder as his imagination ran wild, sprang to attention, and from the corner of his eye he saw Betty and Jean smiling at him as he tried to hide it. Fucking teases. Maybe if he and his brothers fucked their brains out they wouldn't smile so much. Then again, from some of the stories he'd heard about college girls maybe they'd smile even more. And then a plan began to form and with a last glance at Regina as he gave her the signal to cut the engine. He knew how he and his brothers could enjoy these collage kids and their teacher for a long time. He hated like hell to sink his boat, but without doing it he and his kin would more than likely get caught, spending the rest of their lives in some prison for kidnapping, rape and murder. To him the plan was simple, tip the boat stranding them on an island, and then he and the boys would walk out promising to return with help. Help for the girls would be his brothers, who would take them to the cabin as sexual slaves. The boys would die, never making it out of the swamp. That evening as they set up camp he called his brothers giving them the details of where to pick up the girls telling them to wait a few hours to make it look good. After getting the girls stashed they were to move his boat ten or so miles away to Picket's Island knocking a big hole in it and then enjoy themselves with which ever college girl they wanted.

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men don't always work out and Bo's plan was a prime example. As they set out the next morning due north, a swamp boat caught up with them. At first Bo started to panic, thinking that someone had guessed what he had planned. But then he found out from the driver that Ms. Andrews had mentioned they were spending the night at Bo's camp and since the guides knew where it was, finding them in case something happened was easy. To Bo's way of thinking things fell apart when they were told Jean's mom had taken ill and she needed to get home. But things got worse as three other girls and one of the boys wanted to go with them. Damn, damn, damn. His plans were going to hell in a hand basket. The boy he didn't give a shit about but he hated like hell to lose the fucking broads.

He was sure that Ms. Andrews, "Regina," would call off the whole thing and they'd all go back, but Betty and Philip said they wanted to stay, and that if Mr. Huchins and Regina agreed they would continue. Finally she agreed, not knowing that she had just signed Philip's death warrant, or that within a few hours she and Betty would be the sex slaves of Bo Huchins and his three brothers. Two hours later Philip was dead, the girls were with his brothers and he was smiling. The next day as planned he stumbled out of the swamp saying his boat had sunk and he'd left the teacher and two kids on an island as he went for help, and then he led the authorities to Pickets Island and his boat. Naturally the only thing there were his boat with Billy's body trapped underneath looking for all the world like he had been killed when the boat sank. For two days he stayed helping them search for the women saying over and over he'd told the girls not to wander off. On the third day when they called off the search, Bo ambled home grinning like a cat who'd just eaten a canary. Of course he'd forgotten one thing, his brothers. The whole time he was helping search for bodies that didn't exist his brothers had been sampling the merchandise.

As Betty sat huddled in Regina's arms shivering from the dunking they'd received when the swamp boat tipped over her teacher tried to calm her fears telling her that Mr. Huchins and Billy would bring help in a few hours. But as the sky started to darken even Regina started to worry, neither one of them were dressed to spend the night in the swamp without shelter and Betty's shorts were tore so bad she might as well of not been wearing any. Seeing one of their cases Regina waded in to get it and as she turned to climb back onto land Betty started screaming. Suddenly a shot rang out and the water behind her boiled as the crock who was about to attack died, and then a swamp boat with three men appeared as if out of no where.

They were rescued. Bo had sent someone, but when they asked about Billy and Bo, the men said they didn't know any Billy. In their state of mind neither Regina or Betty noticed Bo's name wasn't mentioned. Offering them a ride out of the swamp, the girls accepted, but instead of heading for open water and home the boat slipped deeper into the swamp. An hour later Regina and Betty were tied spread eagle to the two beds that were the sole furnishings in the shack they had been taken to. Each of them knew that they would be forced to have sex with their captors, and they silently prayed that these scruffy swamp dwellers wouldn't kill them. Betty, with visions of her ravaged and near dead body being tossed into the swamp where gators would eat her defenseless body was crying, and through the gag in her mouth tried to tell them she would do anything if only they wouldn't kill her. Regina wasn't much better off, but her fears instead fell to the loss of her virginity. She had never known a man, and even though dating dozens she had never given in saying she was waiting for "Mr. Right," but now it looked as if her waiting had been in vain.

The men had been rather gentle, almost tender as they stripped away Betty's clothes and Regina had been surprised that Betty had neither panties nor bra beneath her skimpy shorts and top. The men had laughed saying that the stories they'd heard of big city college girls dressing as if they would fuck in a minute must be true. Betty had thrashed about as their hands had roamed over her body playfully pinching her inner thighs and rolling her nipples between their thumbs and fingers as they asked her if she enjoyed fucking those college boys. Regina had watched as the men had tormented Betty before one of them slipped his hand between her widely splayed legs and began tracing over her pussy lips telling her that soon her cunt would have all the cock she could ever want. And then before they had turned their attention to her, Regina had seen the man lower his head to Betty's crotch pushing his tongue against her pussy lips and noisily slurp as the others laughed uproariously.



Regina kept telling herself she wouldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing her struggle or whimper, so with her eyes tightly closed she never saw them approach. Their rough, calloused hands roamed over her and then she felt her bra being loosened and fingers squeeze her quivering breasts. Opening her eyes for a second she saw the knife as it slipped beneath the loose pink material of her bra, cutting it apart and allowing them to toss it aside. Squeezing her eyes shut again as hands traveled down her trembling sides, she forgot about her vow and screamed into her gag when the thin material of her bikini panties ripped. She wasn't aware all three were lowering their smiling faces to her twisting body until she felt their hot breaths, and as goose pimples appeared and her body shivered two of the mens lips closed about her nipples sucking and nibbling gently as the third lowered his face between her legs, blowing softly into her crotch. Her hips jerked as the man's mouth made contact with her pussy lips and her mind screamed in agony.

Her fear-crazed heart fluttered insanely, feeling as if it would burst from her chest as teeth nibbled on her nipples and pussy. Breathing through her nose she swore she could smell the men's excitement as their mouths tortured her. Like a rose bud opening, a feeling she had never felt before began to flow from her tongue-lashed cunt and aching nipples. Her body felt as if it were aflame and soft whimpers come from her gag stuffed mouth as the feelings grew. Her mind screamed RAPE, bemoaning the fast approaching loss of her virginity, but her soul whispered words of excitement and wonder, promising bliss and contentment as their mouths continued. Hands slid beneath her buttocks gently squeezing and in response her hips moved slightly from the bed, pushing upward against the man's mouth and lashing tongue. A finger pressed against her puckered ass hole, again causing her hips to jerk upward and though she cried repeatedly the single word "NO" her body betrayed her as her hips began a slow sensual dance against the mouth between her legs.

Her mind and soul were in torment as Regina fought against the feelings the men were awakening in her and when the mouths left her breasts she arched her back from the bed as if this movement would draw them back. She felt the bed sag beside her head and the gag removed, drawing air into her tortured lungs she opened hers eyes to look directly at a man's genitalia. Repulsed by the sight and closeness of it yet unable to pull her eyes away she found herself studying every minute detail, from its loose fold of skin covering the tip, to the bumps and ridges along it's monstrous length. To her it seemed two feet long. An offending odor came to her as her eyes next fell to its hair trimmed base and the hanging testicle sack swaying below as the man shifted his position. The monster seemed to grow as the man leaned slightly forward and her eyes crossed as they remained focused on its head as it brushed her lips, leaving behind a sticky trail of a thin watery substance. Looking from the throbbing monster up into the man's smiling face her tongue brushed over her lips, instinctively swiping away the wet liquid, finding the unknown flavor strangely appealing. Again his genitalia pressed against her lips this time pressing slightly harder and for a longer period, painting her lips as if applying lipstick. Regina's eyelids fluttered and then closed in a peaceful dream like state as she again licked the salty fluid from her lips while her abdomen rippled and her lower body continued its timeless dance against the man's face between her legs. She whimpered softly as a need she had never known burst like a firecracker sending a salacious thrill racing from her lips to center in her nipples as her tongue lapped at the intoxicating liquid.

Suddenly the men's lips on her pussy and the genitalia at her mouth were gone and with a choking sob of need she opened her eyes twisting her head about searching desperately for them. Instead she saw the three of them walk to Betty and as she watched they surrounded her prone body teasing her much the same as they had done her. In fascination, she watched as their genitalia left trails of sticky fluid across Betty, bringing soft purring sounds from the girls gyrating body, and she wondered if she too had responded like that.

And then after long minutes the men descended on her again. For what seemed like hours to Regina's tortured mind and soul the men teased first her and then Betty with their dicks, each time leaving them wanting and in need. She had never known this feeling but it was driving her crazy and she could not begin to guess what it was doing to her poor student. And then finally they took her one after the other as she thrashed and twisted beneath them in wanton perversion. After fucking her they pushed their filthy cocks into her mouth, and she sucked and licked them clean making them hard again and in response they again used her. Only it wasn't Regina they bestowed their love making on, it was Betty.

Twisting in her bonds she watched as the men pushed their cocks into Betty's pussy and mouth, and with a jealousy she had never felt against another woman she found herself hating Betty, and wishing that it was her and not her student that was being ravaged so thoroughly. Exhausted from her struggles and jealousy she fell limply back only to hear the men approach, and turning her face she watched as they drew closer. Her eyes were locked onto their dicks, plainly seeing the wet sheen of Betty's orgasms coating their limp cocks as they swayed obscenely with each step and then they were beside her head.

Without taking her eyes from their dicks or a word from them, her mouth opened, beckoning them into its warmth, and as the first cock slipped into her mouth her lips tightened around its limp length and she began to hungrily suck on what she had once thought the disgusting pride of manhood. She almost swooned as the musty smell of sweat and Betty's sex wafted from their crotches assaulting her flared nostrils, but she feared that if she fainted the intoxicating flavor tickling her taste buds would vanish. With her tongue and lips she paid them homage as best she could, lacking experience and without prior ability she suckled their cocks like she were nursing at her mother's bosom, and as each cock grew and hardened only to be replaced by another she arched her back pushing her pelvis into the air as if with her actions they would take her like they had her student.

But instead as each man pulled from her warm sucking mouth he remained beside her head running his hand up and down the length of his cock until he came. Soon her face and breasts were coated with their spent juices, some of it even going into her ear and then they simply laughed and walked away. Turning her face towards Betty she had trouble focusing as cum had splattered across her eyes but she could see that the girl had fallen asleep with what appeared to be a smile on her lips.

For two days the scene was repeated morning and night, making Regina a nervous wreck as they denied her what they so eagerly lavished on Betty, even though she was now begging them to fuck her. The cabin as well as the women stank as the smell of sex, unwashed bodies, and cum-soaked sheets hung heavy in the still air. Finally on the dawn of the third day the women were untied and allowed to bath. Clothes had been laid out for them with the exception of undergarments and as the women slipped into the skimpy skirts and tied the too small blouses above their midriffs Betty refused to look at her teacher, while Regina on her part wondered silently why they had always chose Betty to fuck. Looking in the mirror she compared her body to her students noticing little difference except Betty's breasts were slightly larger. Yes, the girl was younger too but so what.

Regina found herself hating Betty, wishing that she had gone back with the others leaving her alone with these men, and then she thought back to Bo Huchins and how he had slyly peeked under her dress each chance he got. If Bo were here he would fuck her. Studying her lithe 34/21/32 figure she thought she looked sexy, especially now, dressed like a teenager. With a sideways glance at Betty she leaned over the bed she had lain in for two days pulling the cum stained sheets away and then remade the bed with fresh ones supplied by her captors. Bent over as she was her skimpy skirt rode high on her hips leaving her cute tight ass and the strawberry blond fuzz surrounding her pussy exposed to the leering men. One of them stepped behind her running his hands along her sides and then cupped her breasts, squeezing softly as he pumped his groin into her upturned ass playfully and said that maybe he should fuck the old broad. Her body trembled and the thought that now a man would finally take her brought a soulful moan from her lips and she leaned backwards into him letting him know she wished to be taken. Instead the man patted her buttocks and walked away.



Almost in tears, she leaned heavily onto the bed thinking that if the men didn't find her attractive then why were they tormenting her so and why keep her a prisoner. Looking over her shoulder she saw Bo Huchins standing in the doorway smiling like a cat that had just eaten a canary as he looked at her exposed cunt. Mixed emotions raced through her mind as she looked into his eyes, rescue among them but most of all surprise, and as she stood to face him the surprise increased as he walked to her and Betty's captors and hugged them as if they were long lost friends or relatives.

As she stood looking at them stupidly she saw Betty glide toward the assembled men as one of them motioned her to his side and then heard the crude comment that they could see why their brother had a thing for redheads cause this one fucked like a mink. Regina's mind went numb, "brother", "thing for redheads cause they fucked like minks." Is that what this was about; they thought that only Betty deserved their cocks because she was a redhead. Was that it? And as her student sank to her knees, undoing Bo's pants and freeing his cock to lick along its hard length before taking it between her full red lips, she heard someone say that maybe they should give the old broad to either their cousins or their hunting dogs because little Betty sure knew how to fuck and would keep them happy a long time. Too stunned to move, she simply stared at the group as Betty's head bobbed up and down the length of Bo's cock as another brother said the fucking blond didn't even know how to suck cock good. Taking a stumbling step toward them before stopping, her mind screamed, "What the hell do they expect? I'm a virgin. I've only been doing it for two days, while that damn slut Betty has probably been doing it since she was in kindergarten."

On wooden legs she backed against the edge of the bed and sat down heavily, and then looking at her lap she swore that Bo and his brothers would be sorry. Mumbling to herself she repeated her thought of them being sorry because their cousins would be getting a virgin, a virgin eager to please and serve any man of group of men who fucked her. She would do any perverted act to please them and Bo and his brothers would regret they hadn't taken her cherry when they had a chance. Laying back she threw an arm across her face to hide her tears repeating her vow of how sorry they'd be, as she tried to blot out the sounds Betty made as they fucked her. When the girl made a loud humph and choking moan Regina glanced at them noticing that Betty was now bent at the waist standing with her legs widely apart sucking one of the others with Bo behind her pushing his cock between her splayed ass cheeks. She thought it disgusting but wished it was her instead of Betty that the men seemed to be enjoying so. What the hell was wrong with her, she should be thankful they weren't using her like a common tramp. Her virginity, kept all these years with pride should not be surrendered to some backwoods swamp dwellers. To hell with them, they could have their fucking slut, and then she slipped into a restless sleep with the sounds of squeaking bed springs and screams of lust coming from the men and Betty the slut.

Once, she'd tried to awaken when an unpleasant odor had seemed to choke her but had instead dropped into a long dark tunnel that seemed to go on forever. She wasn't aware that Betty and the men had loaded her onto a swamp boat and slipped further into the swamp until coming to a cluster of rundown shacks. Regaining consciousness slowly she heard several voices but couldn't quite make out what they were saying and as she struggled to rise she found herself unable to move.

Opening her eyes she found herself looking at clumps of beaten down grass and dirt only a foot or so from her face with her arms stretched in front of her tied to a stake. Trying to move she found that her legs too had been tied, though widely apart, and that she was laying across a makeshift contraption of some sort naked with her ass in the air. Several men she had never seen before came into her line of sight and still groggy she wondered how she had gotten where she was. In fact where the hell was she, and who the hell were these half dressed men? Raising her head as best she could to look around she saw at least seven men clustered around Bo and his brothers talking excitedly. Three or four women along with an assortment of kids were lounging on the steps of the house she could see, while at their feet lay several rough looking large scraggly hounds. Nobody seemed to be paying any real attention to her naked body displayed openly atop whatever it was she was laying on. She again looked at the dogs remembering what one of Bo's brothers had said. In fright she again looked at the seemingly inbred ugly men standing around Bo and his brothers, and then like a light bulb coming on she knew her captors had taken her to their cousins to copulate, but with who or what she was afraid to guess.

With her heart feeling as if it would burst from her chest she half-heard snatches of conversation between their laughter. They turned and walked toward her and then one of the men put his fingers to his mouth whistling shrilly and yelling for Bandit. Through fear stricken eyes she saw several dogs ears perk up, rise slowly to their feet, stretching as dogs often do and then trot toward her following closely behind the large black and tan dog that looked as large as a pony. "Oh God this isn't happening. Bo and his brothers wouldn't really let dogs use her, they were just trying to frighten her. Yes that was it, they just wanted to frighten her before they and their inbred cousins vented their lust on her defenseless body." As the four dogs and Bandit drew closer she struggled desperately to free herself but her bonds were too tight and then she felt a hairy body brush her leg and what felt like a thick cold knob press between her buttocks just before a rough slobbering tongue licked her exposed cunt lips.

She heard whimpering, almost hysterical sounds and realized they were coming from her as the animals tongue lapped over and between her cunt lips. It was going to happen and there wasn't anything she could do about it, but she still held a faint hope that instead of the dogs all eleven or so men would fuck her. Laughter surrounded and beat down upon her naked flesh as cruel jest fell about her and her mind searched desperately for a reason that such a thing as this was happening. She had waited so long for Mr. Right, saving her virginity just for him, but then she had been taken captive and through their teasing and use of her mouth her mind had snapped. And though she hadn't told them she was a virgin she had begged them to ravish her. Not caring that it was only to use her to satisfy their lust. But what they were about to do to her body was more depraved and sick then what she had so willingly and eagerly sought. She felt the dogs paws claw her sides and back as he tried to mount her, and her whimpering became louder and more desperate as each second passed.

Someone was yelling to help Bandit and then she felt the dogs paws lifted to her shoulder blades and his haunches pressed into her crotch. Bandit's cock beat a tattoo against her cunt and ass hole as the animal humped madly seeking to gain entrance into this new bitch and Regina in desperation rotated her hips even shoving backwards in an attempt to dislodge the pony size dog. She felt her breasts being squeezed and then her nipples stretched cruelly as if trying to wrench them from her tits, and heard Betty's voice in her ear as fingers twisted in her long strawberry blond hair yanking her face up to stare into Betty's. And then the girl who Regina had been so jealous of spit in her face, telling her that not even Bo's cousins wanted to fuck her skinny ass saying that as far as they were concerned the dogs could have her. Laughing at the anguish and fear of the unknown mirrored in Regina's eyes Betty pushed her face close to Regina's, mouthing obscenities. She felt like dying as her tormentor painted a vivid picture of how as a brood bitch for a pack of dogs Regina would crawl about on hands and knees willingly giving herself to the pack so they might use her cunt and ass to satisfy their urge to breed. With tears in her eyes as she envisioned the horrid fate Betty was describing, she was suddenly reminded of the dog between her legs as the animal's cock hit her pussy slipping inside briefly before withdrawing. Betty tormented her further saying that as a good brood bitch she would have puppies, and as if striving to fulfill Betty's words the huge black and tan animal lunged forward again slamming his cock into her cunt spreading her pussy lips apart as he plowed deep into her.



As her hymen parted like tissue paper, blood flowed from between her tightly clasping cunt lips and the dog's long thick cock to tint her thighs and her scream of pain and torment reverberated through the swamp drowning out the disbelieving voices of several men as they turned on Bo and his brothers yelling at them that the skinny bitch had been a virgin. Bo most of all was surprised and then in anger he too turned on his brothers, but the fault was his. He had thought she had looked fine days earlier on the boat, and had even promised himself that he would fuck her, but instead had taken Betty just as his brothers had because she was younger, and now it was too late. The black and tan beast was pounding into her with a dick larger then any Bo or his brothers had, and was setting a merciless pace as his jowls hung open and his tongue lolled out. Drool dripped from the beast's slack jowls to splatter on Regina's back like water on a hot griddle. Her body quivered like a guitar string as it convulsed beneath the huge black and tan as her wail gurgled to a long pitiful moan before dying in a choking sob. For what seemed an eternity he watched the college teacher being fucked royally by the dog, regretting his mistake of not fucking her first, thereby probably losing his only chance to ever have a virgin. And then he saw her hips move slightly, at first he thought he had imagined it but then her hips began a slow almost sensual grinding as she began to push backwards into the drooling beast between her legs.

Mesmerized Bo found himself looking at the animals cock as the long thick tool glistening with Regina's juices pistoned in and out of her tight clasping cunt. Bandit's paws scraped along her back leaving deep scratches as he sought to maintain his balance as Regina's gyrations became even more frantic, and then the animals cock slipped from her cunt. Sounds came from her throat that he had never heard a women utter as she gyrated her ass and humped backward seeking the cock that had only started to give her pleasure. And then Bandit's cock found it's target, only this time it was the small puckered ring of her anus, and to the disbelieving eyes of Bo and the others the huge fat cock plowed unhampered deep into her rectum with an ease that surprised everyone. As the taut elastic grip of her rectum slipped back over the bloated thick dog cock her voice cracked before raising to a scream of abandoned ravishment and as she writhed hysterically impaling herself in animalistic fury on the cock of the large beast she threw her head back uttering a soulful plea for the dumb beast to fuck her harder.

Despite her still furtive shame Regina pushed forcefully back against the deep thrusting erection until she felt the coarse thicket of short hairs on the beast's belly. Her ass hole clinched tightly around the dogs cock in an unspeakable act of cock hunger and her slim girlish body quivered from head to toe. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as the onlookers watched the huge dog thrust into the lithe blond while she in total abandonment pushed forcefully back onto the deeply impaling dog cock with guttural moans of forbidden passion gurgling in her throat. Bo, along with several of his cousins watched the dogs knot grow larger and ever closer to her ass hole thinking that there was no way the animal would get it into her rectum. But to everyone's surprise her asshole began to quiver and contract lewdly as the knot now almost as big as a fist beat relentlessly against the puckered ring of her anus. A wail of wanton lust and perversion bubbled from Regina's throat as her anus lips ovaled, incredibly stretching around the dogs knot allowing it to slip inside. With her body trembling spasmodically in a mind-rending orgasm she threw her head back groaning masochistically, letting a soulful plea shiver from her throat. From the corner of his eye Bo saw Betty trying to get one of his cousins to fuck her as she pulled at his pants trying to undo them, but instead he shoved her away and stepped to Regina's head and twisting his fingers in her long hair he yanked her face to his engorged cock. With eyes glazed in sexual depravity she obediently opened her mouth, welcoming his cock as a man dying of thirst would welcome a drink of water. As the cock slipped over the crisp white edges of her bottom teeth and into the warm pressure of her mouth she opened her lips widely before clamping them around his cock with an exquisite sucking tightness that brought groans of delight from his throat.

Regina's eyelids trembled and fluttered and an almost inhuman groan wafted up from her lungs as the man began an all out effort to match the deep hurtful lunges of the beast fucking her rectum. Bandit began to howl mournfully as he fucked even harder between her lewdly splayed thighs. His forepaws raked Regina's sides and waist adding to the scratches inflicted earlier as his haunches pistoned in rapid short strokes while she in turn answered each thrust in sadistic synchronous rhythm. An animalish whine whinnied from her throat and she groaned from the combined sadistic ravishment as the human and animal sandwiched her slender nakedness between their humping bodies. And then the dogs chest fell to her quivering sweat soaked back and his teeth nipped at her neck leaving little doubt that the huge beast was flooding her rectum with doggy cum. The man also ejaculated, flooding her mouth and throat in a torrent of viscous relief and as cum dribbled from her mouth and nose as well as her well fucked asshole, her own body convulsed in orgasmic answer to their combined spurting flood of cum as she wallowed in unspeakable arousal and depravity.

She was out of her head from their wanton use of her body and as the man's cock slipped from her mouth she faced the awful truth about herself; she was a horny, cock hungry slut and it made no difference if the dick giving her pleasure belonged to a man or an animal. Two other men used her mouth as a cum dump before Bandit's knot shrank allowing him to dismount only to be replaced by another dog. As the afternoon wore on and each dog took his place between Regina's legs to thrust his cock into her cunt the men continued to use her mouth, most of them more then once. And then finally it was over, all seventeen men and the five dogs were satiated, and as Regina was untied from her sacrificial alter to slump comatose- like to the ground, she was surrounded by the pack of dogs. As they stood over her licking the cum from her ravaged body a wistful smile creased her lips, and as she slipped into exhausted sleep she began to dream of her new role as brood bitch for a pack of horny dogs, and of the pleasure she would receive from their throbbing cocks as she willingly and eagerly strived to fulfill that role.

- The End -

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