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"Sisterly Love" - part 1 of 2

      by A. G. Thomas

      (incest mf)

From the corner of his eye Mike watched his sister, thinking that she was really starting to grow up. Her tits were the size of tea cups and combined with her slim waist and full hips, looked fantastic. But her tight firm buttocks really got to him. To him the best comparison, believe it or not, was the cartoon sex kitten Betty Boop, only with a beautiful girlish face. He had trouble hiding his hard-ons when she wore those skin tight hip-hugger style pants but it was really bad when she wore miniskirts. Picture a woman/girl with legs to her arm pits, with a figure like an hour glass, that was his sister Kimmy. Jesus, what the hell was wrong with him, she was just 15, a sophomore and damn it, his sister to boot. Shaking his head he shifted in his chair trying to keep from looking at her and then just as he was back into the half time show on TV she plopped down right in front of him crossing her legs, giving him a view of her silk panties as her miniskirt rode up almost to her slim waist. His mind screamed like he was being tortured, and damn it to hell he was. Staring at her thinly covered snatch he felt his dick harden and almost groaned aloud as his nuts began to throb.

Crossing his legs to hide his hard-on he raised his eyes to her pouting face. And then to his shock and horror she crawled to him pulling his legs apart and snuggled between them looking into his eyes with her still pouting face asking if he was mad at her. Her hands were on his thighs and her long fingers almost touched the bulge in his pants. Gulping, he tried to speak but only a croaking sound escaped his lips, and then her eyes traveled to the unmistakable tent he had been trying to hide. Her hand reached out lightly touching the top of his pant-covered hard dick and innocently asked if that was because of the cheerleaders. Then her fingers gently squeezed him before she jumped up, twirling about, her skirt flaring out showing him her panty covered ass and crotch, prettier than any cheerleader. Oh god, he groaned, as the beautiful sight of her pert tight buttocks burned into his brain. She fell into his lap snuggling against him as her arms locked around his neck. She had landed directly on his raging dick, twisting around as if to get comfortable he felt his cock press into her ass cheeks. Her face was only inches from his as she said that she still loved him even if he was mad at her and then she gave him a quick kiss before jumping off his lap.

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Trying to sound gruff he told her he wasn't mad at her; he just had a lot on his mind. Dancing about in front of him again, almost stopping his 18 year old heart, he reached out and pulled her back into his lap telling her that he loved her. Kissing her cheek as she once more snuggled into his lap, he looked into her eyes that were now dancing with glee and then their lips met tenderly. This time it was Kimmy that moaned, and then she was mashing her lips to his and pressing her tongue to his lips. Parting his lips, his tongue met hers and then he sucked hers into his mouth deeply french kissing her hugging her close to his chest. Her hands clung to his shoulders as she kissed him back and then her head fell to his shoulder as she once again professed her love. Pushing her hand between them she grasped his dick gently squeezing it as she faintly asked if she could see it.

"Kimmy we shouldn't be doing this; we're brother and sister and though I love you deeply it's just not right."

Putting his fingers under her chin he lifted her face to his and as he looked at her quivering lips as they pouted he felt like both laughing and crying at the same time. She had still been gently squeezing his dick until that moment, but now she pulled her hand free, jumping from his lap saying that he really didn't love her and then she ran from the room.

Dumbfounded, he sat there until he heard a door slam and then his heart poured out to her, and he jumped from the chair racing up the stairs calling her name. Through her door he could hear her crying. Leaning against the door he gently called her name again as between sobs he could hear her "Oh Mikie I love you so. Mommy was right when she said that you would love other girls and wouldn't have any more time for me. But I love you Mikie. I love you." His heart was breaking as he opened the door and walked to her bed. Sitting down he ran his hand softly over her back as he told her to quit crying and then he turned her over pulling her into his arms, telling her that he loved her more then she could ever know, and then he kissed her.

Gently wiping her tears away he kissed her again as she clung to him. Standing up he undid his pants and let them fall around his ankles and then pulled his underwear down exposing himself to her tear-stained eyes. Her hand reached out and she timidly touched him and then with a smile on her pretty face her fingers closed around his bone hard dick and gently squeezed. When it twitched from her touch she softly laughed pulling her hand from him and then looked into his eyes, asking if she had been the one that made him hard or the cheerleaders. "It was you love you and the sight of your sweet body does this to me whenever you're around."

Giggling at him saying that he was silly because he had never seen her body she once more reached out closing her fingers around him. Removing his shirt and stepping from his pants he reached down and untied her blouse and pulled it from her shoulders. Her hand had been sliding up and down the length of his dick; her eyes locked to it in fascination giving a little giggle each time it twitched and then she would grip it harder almost like she was afraid it would jump from her hand. Removing her bra, he rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers gently and felt them harden as a shiver went through her body. Pushing her gently onto her back he started to climb onto her bed and she eagerly slid over giving him room. Without a word she pushed her miniskirt from her hips down her long legs followed by her panties and then they rolled into each others arms kissing deeply grinding their hips against each other.

By no means was Mike a great lover but instinct told him to go slow and with tenderness. Running his hands over her body as he kissed her face and neck and then her pert teacup size breasts, his hand gently parted her legs. Her chest heaved and gasps of what he could only hope were pleasure came from her half open mouth as she whispered his name over and over. His lips traveled from her heaving chest down her flat stomach and then his face was between her legs and his tongue licked up over the dew moistened slit of her cunt. Crying out his name she raised her ass from the bed and her legs opened wide, lifting in an arch and then her feet came down on his back locking him between her thighs. His hands slide under her bouncing hips and gripped her ass cheeks as his tongue licked slavishly up and down and then he touched her pearl like clit nibbling gently. And then her voice shouted out as her petite young body was racked with the first orgasm of her young life "Oh God. Oh Goddddd. Mikie, I love you. I love you. Ohhhh. Ohhhh Mikie"

He was glad that his parents weren't home or they would have thought that he was killing her. Moving up over her body again with his lips he positioned himself directly over her and as his lips came down on hers he pushed the head of his dick between her pussy lips. Gasping into his mouth with words of love as he pushed another inch into her she ran her hands over his back lightly scratching him as she squirmed under him. Her legs locked around his hips and her hands gripped his buttocks and then raising her ass from the bed while at the same time pulling him with her hands all seven inches of his cock entered her. Screaming into his mouth as her hymen was tore, her eyelids fluttered and she bit her lip and then as he humped into her she bucked and twisted under him moaning his name over and over. Her cunt muscles gripped his rigid hardness like a rubber band and she felt his dick throb and twitch as his ball sack hit her buttocks each time he buried himself deep into her. She felt something wonderful shoot through her young body more powerful than before and then she felt her brothers dick grow even larger as she felt something squirt from his dick almost setting her on fire as it mixed with her own wonderful feeling and with a long gurgling sigh she shuddered, falling limply back onto her bed.



For what seemed like an eternity they lay locked in a tight embrace with Mike kissing her eyes, nose, and lips before pulling his soft cock from her hot pussy. Sitting on the edge of the bed thinking about what he had just done he started to tell her that he was sorry when she almost coiled herself around him and then slid into his lap kissing his lips and neck as she whispered that she loved him forever and that it was even more wonderful than her girlfriends had told her it would be. She could not tell him enough how much she loved him. Slipping to the floor and kneeling between his legs she looked at the small glistening thing that only minutes before had been hard and long. Taking it between her fingers she massaged it and then lowered her head and took him into her mouth and sucked and licked their love juices into her throat cleaning all traces of what they had just done from him. His cock twitched and started to harden as she sucked him and she mumbled with pleasure as she realized that her mouth was making her brother hard again.

Removing her mouth from his dick she looked into his eyes and asked if they could do it again and when he said no she began to pout but then his hand caressed her check as he told her softly that they would make love again later. "Promise Mikie. Do you promise to love me again for ever and ever." Softly laughing he told her yes many times yes but that they had to shower and clean up before mom and dad got home. Taking a shower together and making up her bed she kept pestering him about making love to her again and pretending to be mad he chased her through the house and as luck would have it he caught her in the living room just as their parents came home. Their mother started screaming for him to get off her and to quit tickling her, and then yelled at Kimmy to pull her dress down and act like a young lady. Looking at each other and laughing Kimmy stuck out her tongue at Mike and then ran from the room.

Turning to the TV he was surprised to see that there was only 5 min. left in the game. Fuck it, he thought smiling to himself, spending the afternoon with Kimmy had been a hell of a lot more exciting.

During the rest of his visit before going back to college, he and Kimmy spent every moment they could together without being obvious. Almost every day she asked to go to the mall and he volunteered to take her, and later they would spend a couple of hours in some motel coming home with her giddy and bouncing telling their parents that she'd had fun. Sometimes at the mall they would stroll by Frederick's or some other store like it and he would point out some sexy under garment saying that it would look good on her. But then he would whisper in her ear that he would like it better if she didn't wear anything at all under her miniskirts. Once he bought her a pair of thigh high stockings telling her that men didn't like panty hose cause they were hard to get off and spoiled the mood. On their second outing together when she had worn jeans and he had only held her hand and was silent she asked what she had done to make him mad, and when he didn't answer she tried to tickle him to get an answer. Pushing her away he told her that she was a young pretty girl and that he liked her wearing miniskirts because he could see her beautiful long legs.

Giving her pouting face a kiss telling her that if they wanted to make love, it was easier because, say, at the movies or on some dark street all they had to do was lift her skirt up. All his hints of how he would like her to dress did not go over her pretty head and when on their fifth trip together she let her skirt ride up as she climbed into the car showing him that she wasn't wearing any panties they spent the whole day in a motel making love. Kimmy delighted in making her brother happy and she bought several more pairs of stockings and even shorter miniskirts to wear just for him. The night before he was to go back to college their parents went out to some dinner function leaving them alone and no sooner had they walked out the door then Kimmy ran upstairs yelling that she had a surprise. Pulling out a joint Mike figured he could smoke in peace when on his forth drag he heard her startled exclamation. Mashing out the joint he turned to yell at her and stopped with his mouth wide open. Standing there before him was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. His little 15 year old sister was dressed in only a white lace garter belt and white mesh stockings. With tears in her eyes she ran from the room. Chasing after her he caught her on the stairs asking what was wrong, and she sobbed out that he was a dope addict. Holding her tight he ran his fingers through her long coal black hair whispering to her that it was just a joint and that he wasn't a dope addict. It didn't seem to do much good. Her pert tea cup breast heaved with each sob as she told him that boys at school who smoked that were bad and she didn't want him to be bad, she loved him too much.

Taking her hand he led her back down stairs and sat her on the couch telling her that if it would make her happy he wouldn't smoke it anymore. Wiping away her tears she smiled up at him and then jumped into his arms kissing his face and then she held out her arms and slowly turned around showing him her special surprise. " I saw this in a catalog and thought that you might like it on me. The book said women wear it under their dresses to be sexy and that men were turned on by them. "Am I sexy Mikie. Am I? Does it turn you on?" Mike couldn't help but laugh at her eagerness, knowing that she was doing this just for him and then he realized that his little sister would do anything to make him happy. Her eager voice cut into his thoughts, she was telling him that she had also bought a pink one as well as a blue and a red one, all with matching stockings. And then she told him that she wanted him to take pictures of her so that when he went back to college he would not forget her. He would have the pictures and could look at her all the time until he came home again.

Taking him by the hand she skipped up the stairs, and then for the next hour she posed wearing each piece of sexy clothing and outfit she had bought. Most of the poses were on her bed copied from several men's magazines she showed him. As he snapped picture after picture Mike's chest swelled with pride and love for his little sister and when on the last pose she wore a micro mini his cock almost burst through his pants. She lay on the bed her blouse open exposing her pert breasts with one hand pinching her nipple as her other was between her legs. One leg was partially raised pushing her micro mini up high enough so there was no doubt that her fingers were inside her wispy hair lined snatch and she was smiling at the camera. Dropping the camera he tore at his pants and shirt ripping buttons away in his eagerness to climb between her legs. At first Kimmy was startled at his sudden actions and then she laughed, giddy with the thought and knowledge that his eagerness was caused by her body and sexy poses. Reaching out to him as he lunged onto the bed her legs opened invitingly, and then wrapped around his ass locking her feet together as his cock sank into her fully in one swift hard plunge bringing a gurgling moan of pleasure from deep in her chest.

Humping against each other as if they were trying to blend into one body Mike and Kimmy did not hear their parents car nor the front door as it opened. With a mind shattering orgasm they clung to each other as they slowly came down from their sexual high, and then they heard their mother scream for them.

Jumping from the bed Mike hurriedly put on his clothes, switched on her TV, shutting off the light and jumping into a chair almost in one motion. Kimmy could do nothing but sit up putting a pillow in her lap to hide the fact that her micro mini was around her waist and that her pussy and thighs were covered with the spent juices of their love making. Suddenly the door opened filling the room with the glare of light from the hall way. " There you kids are. Why aren't you down stairs watching TV. Kimmy your room is a mess." And then she stepped into the room picking up the Polaroid camera placing it on her dresser with out noticing that a picture hung from it. Once more telling Kimmy to clean her room she turned to Mike telling him that he had to get up early and then turning the light on walked from the room, leaving the door open.

With a deep sigh of relief Mike stood as Kimmy broke into laughter and then gathering up the pictures including the one hanging from the camera Mike tenderly kissed his still laughing sister and walked from the room. Kimmy hid all the sexy clothes she had bought to please her brother and went back to wearing her regular clothes. But sometimes at night after her parents were in bed she would bring them out, putting on different outfits and lay in bed fondling herself as she dreamed of her brother.

-- continues in part two --

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