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"Paying Gambling Debts" - part 2 of 2

      by A. G. Thomas

      (M+F+ group oral anal exhib)

Picking his mother up from work he embraced and kissed her passionately while a few of her co-workers from the bank looked on. As he kissed her his hands fondled her cute little ass through her skimpy miniskirt and he smiled inwardly as he heard the snide remarks of her co-workers as they whispered amongst themselves. "Look at her, not only does she dress like a slut by wearing those skimpy skirts, but now she's acting like one with someone half her age. Doesn't she have any pride?" Breaking the kiss he opened the car door, making sure she showed plenty of leg as she slid into the seat. He then informed her, just loud enough so that her nearest co-workers could hear, that he was taking her shopping for some new miniskirts as well as a micro-mini or two before going out for a couple of beers.

Pulling from the curb he slid his hand under her skirt, fingering her cunt lips and teasing her clit as he told her that the people working with her must think that she was a real cock teaser and a slut. His words and teasing fingers excited her unbelievably and with soft meowing sounds from her throat she spread her legs allowing him complete freedom. Closing her eyes and leaning back against the seat she pushed her cunt to his fingers as her ass bounced from the seat. She felt the first gut-wrenching pangs of an orgasm building in her loins as her son's fingers teased her cunt lips, and then suddenly a horn went off right next to her. Opening her eyes she looked up into the smiling face of a delivery van driver. It was at that moment that her whole body quivered with her climax. As her hips slowed to a slow undulating movement Tim removed his fingers from her twat and placed them to her lips. Without being told, Angela sucked his fingers into her mouth, licking them clean of her juices as she looked up into the disbelieving eyes of the van's driver.

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Stopping at the mall, he took her to several clothing stores pointing out several very short dresses and skirts and even bought her a couple that he found really sexy after he had her try them on and walk around the store modeling for him. One in particular he liked, a skin tight emerald green skirt that was at least 10 inches above her knees, with 2 inch slits up each side. Picking a translucent pale green blouse and 4 inch stiletto heels to go with the micro-mini he instructed her to wear her new outfit and then guided her out amongst the busy shoppers. With his hand fondling her ass they walked through the mall and the wide eyed lecherous stares the men gave his beautiful mother as she swayed provocatively beside him made him smile. He felt her body trembling slightly and knew that she too had seen the lecherous stares and whispered to her that every man in the mall thought she was a slut and if given half a chance would fuck her brains out.

"You're a slut Mom. I know it and everyone in the mall knows it. You like showing them your body and letting them think they can fuck you, don't you slut? Well from now on you're going to wear skirts as short or shorter than what you have on, so men can see that hot cunt of yours and know you're a slut."

Angela simply nodded because she was so aroused by her sons words as well as the lecherous stares that she could hardly think, let alone speak. With his hand still cupping her ass he led her to the car and then drove into the heart of the city driving down several dimly lit streets before stopping in front of a bar with loud country music coming from it. Telling her that he would join her as soon as he found a parking space he pulled from the curb, leaving her standing alone on the dimly lit street with no where to go but the hillbilly bar she was standing in front of.

Holding her head up proudly, she smoothed the new emerald green micro-mini over her hips and walked into the dimly lit bar. The smell of spilled beer, sweaty bodies and cigarette smoke hung heavy in the air, and as she wrinkled her nose in disgust, she picked up the faint unmistakable odor of sex. Looking around she saw three men gathered around the lone pool table in the back and another five at the bar, not counting the fat, ugly bartender. This could not possibly be the place her son had in mind. This was not the type of bar you took a woman to, he must have made a mistake. Sliding into a booth she wished her son would hurry as with a furtive glance she saw the lascivious grins on more than one face. Holding her hand up to get the bartender's attention her mind flashed back to how this had all started. First her daughter and then she had fallen under her sons sexual control, willingly surrendering their very souls to his every desire. A shudder went through her as she again looked around the dimly lit bar and the unkempt men present and she silently prayed for her son to hurry.

As she sat waiting for the bartender, a fleeting thought crossed her mind that maybe her son had something evil and degrading planned for later, and she hoped that it didn't involve any of these horrible men. Smiling as she pictured her daughter's face Angela began to relax knowing that tonight she alone would have Tim and how jealous her daughter would be. Both the mother and daughter had the same curvaceous body with measurements of 34-21-33 and long well-shaped legs standing 5 foot 6 inches and 5 foot 4 inches respectively. Now some men might say that 34 B bust are small, but if they're firm, upturned breasts with no need for support of any kind, aureoles as big as a fifty cent piece, with nipples about half an inch just begging to be sucked, a prettier sight couldn't be found. When you put those tits with a 21 inch waist and 33 inch hips, well you've got one hell of a foxy lady. One that most men only dream about. Their flowing red hair hung 4 inches below their shoulders, highlighting their beautiful faces and green eyes, with only a scattering of freckles along their cheek bones and they both weighed about 105 pounds.

The only thing that was really different was their age, the mother was 38 and the daughter was 16, but they looked more like sisters because Angela had never lost her slim girlish figure, nor her silky smooth complexion. Even now, with two almost grown children and 18 years of marriage she looked like she was still in her early 20s. But there was one other thing they had in common. They were the sex toys of Tim, her son.

It had started with Tim's kid sister, but she didn't know whether it had been his idea or Nicki's to have sex that first time. One thing she did know though was that Nicki and Tim were having sex daily, and there was nothing the little fox wouldn't do for him. Tim had even started pimping his kid sister out to his college friends so he could have money to gamble with. Her own domination had been less subtle, he had simply fucked her in a weak moment of hers and then threatened and finally humiliated her. Make a 38 year old women whose husband had died two years ago beg to be fucked, and then after doing so make her dress like a teenager in skimpy miniskirts. Tim had done just that, telling his mother that unless she wore the revealing clothes he would no longer fuck her. But his sick mind had carried it even further, telling her that, like her daughter, she could no longer wear underwear, thereby giving any lecherous male who happened to look an unobstructed view of her womanly charms. He had made the women lovers turning them onto the joys of each others body, and they had not resisted him in the slightest. She had to admit though that the sight of them locked in a 69 position licking and sucking on each others cunt was one hell of a turn-on for her son because he had fucked his sister in the ass as the two women were enjoying each other in that age old position.

By letting Tim treat them as his personal whores as well as choosing their wardrobe, they surrendered even more of their free will, and accomplished two things for him. First and foremost, by bowing to his demands and allowing themselves to be used for his sexual gratification on a daily basis, as well as being put on display in short skirts, it broke down any resistance, sapping their will to resist whatever he might tell them to do. And second, though shy at first, the stares and open affection of strange men broke another barrier and within a few days the woman found the attention intoxicating, making them constantly horny, knowing that some man might see their pussy and want to fuck them if given the slightest chance. Of course her daughter had been under Tim's control several weeks longer than her, but until just the past week it had made little difference. They both looked and acted like cheap sluts, each trying to out do the other in sluttishness as they vied for his affection. So far Nicki had the upper hand because he was selling her to his friends. Her thoughts were interrupted when one of the men from the bar suddenly slid into the booth, placing a beer in front of her, his eyes taking in her slim figure as he asked what a fine looking piece of ass like her was doing in a rat hole like this. The suddenness of his appearance as well as his familiarity and foul language stunned her and she was unable to speak.

Without looking at him she reached for the beer, taking a quick sip before holding it to her lips and drinking deeply trying to calm her nerves. Never having drunk beer before she found the taste rather odd while at the same time finding that it relaxed her but also made her a little light headed. Two more men joined them in the booth, one of them beside her while the other slid in beside the first man, placing another beer in front of her as the man beside her placed his arm around her shoulder, giving her a hug. Asking if she wanted to play, the man beside her traced his fingers along her inner thigh up toward the hem of her micro-mini. She was stunned by his act of familiarity, so did nothing to stop his hand as it touched the hem of her skirt. The look of complete ignorance at his bold words flitted across her beautiful face and made all three burst into laughter. Cringing slightly from the smelly man beside her, she put the offered beer to her lips, drinking deeply, hoping that they hadn't noticed her movement. Just then her son came through the door and as she started to stand to get his attention the man beside her mistook her action and put his arm around her waist leading her toward the pool table, loudly telling everyone in the bar that the little lady wanted to play. To her surprise, instead of coming to her aid, Tim walked to the bar and sat down, not even looking at her. Angela's heart was pounding in her chest as the man beside her continued toward the pool table and as they stepped beside it she hesitantly told him she had never played pool. Another beer was placed in her hand and like the two before this, she gulped it down. A slow mournful country ballad came from the juke box just as the large unshaven smelly man trapped her against the pool table and began fondling her breasts. He told her that pool was not the game he had in mind and then he kissed her. One of the men that had been in the booth pushed him aside saying that there was plenty of time for that and then taking her small hand in his, he led her toward the dance floor saying he wanted to dance.



Realizing that this might be her chance to escape from the smelly pool player, she readily accepted, allowing the man to lead her onto the dance floor. Her hope of drawing less attention was for naught. Instead, just the opposite happened. Now, instead of just the three men who had joined her in the booth, the six others scattered throughout the bar, including the bartender, turned toward the dance floor, taking in the slim curvaceous figure of this beautiful redhead wearing a skin tight emerald green micro-mini. As they danced, the man's hands slid around her waist, holding her tightly to his groin. His growing erection pressed against her thigh and stomach as they swayed to the music and he did little to hide his arousal. His hands slid down to cup her buttocks as his lips brushed against her neck and she felt herself becoming even more lightheaded. Thinking it was either from the beers she had drunk or the man's unwashed body odor she fought for mental control. Her nostrils flared as the smells of the bar assaulted her senses, adding to her heady feelings. Then, to her relief, the song ended, allowing her to slip from the man's arms. Turning, she started toward the bar and her son with the thought of begging him to take her home and make love to her. Another slow song started before she had taken two steps and she felt herself being swept into another man's arms, and from then on things raced steadily downhill, like a runaway freight train. As she was passed from man to man with each new slow song their hands roamed over her lithe body caressing her small firm buttocks and tits as they not only kissed her neck and ears but her full red lips as well. Their hard dicks pressed against her body making her quiver, and despite the fact that she was in a seedy bar alone with a group of filthy, smelly men she found herself responding to each new man's kisses and the hands that roamed freely over her. Angela's short skirt was now above her cute little ass as the fifth man danced with her, his fingers playing across each ass cheek as he squeezed her body tightly to his showing everybody in the bar that she wasn't wearing any panties. Her blouse had been unbuttoned nearly from the start, exposing her firm upturned breasts not only to their sight and groping hands but to their mouths and tongues as well. Like the men before him he lowered his face to her firm perky tits, taking one of her nipples between his teeth biting softly at first and then harder as his hands continued to fondle her bare buttocks.

As the song ended she continued to sway in the man's embrace as if still hearing music and she placed her hands on the man's head pulling his face tighter to her breasts, not wanting his mouth and tongue to relinquish her aroused nipple. Seeing this, the sixth man stepped behind her sliding the others hands to her waist and ground his loins into her bare ass in a slow circular motion, giving the impression that he was fucking her right there on the dance floor. The feelings that rippled through her body as the two cocks pressed against her from the front and rear as well as the teeth biting her lust hardened nipple was almost more than she could bear. Her head fell back and to the side as a garbled moan escaped from her throat giving the man behind her the opportunity to press his lips to hers and push his tongue deep into her mouth. As she swayed between the two men, voices that she didn't understand came to her as she felt herself being led slowly from the dance floor.

Angela couldn't think anymore, her heart beat like a bass drum and her body felt as if it were on fire from the caresses and lips of the men holding her upright between them. As the men led her toward the pool table the fat bartender raced to the door, locking it. Tim listened to the excited voices of the men arguing about who was going to fuck the sexy slut first, as others wondered if she would suck their dicks or let them fuck her cute little ass. Tim felt sick as the men laughed and joked about feeding the sexy red head their cocks and filling her full of cum and he realized that there was nothing he could do to stop them. Things were beyond his control. His mother was at their mercy and he found himself praying that they wouldn't hurt her or worse. Slipping from the bar stool he walked toward the lone pool table where his mother was being led, bringing out his video camera and began shooting, capturing his mother's gangbang from the beginning. Several men saw the video camera and joked that they were going to be on film while others asked if they could get a copy. Someone started to remove her blouse but the fat bartender yelled at them to leave it on because it would be sexier as they slapped the sausage to the fucking slut. Angela of course didn't hear their perverted suggestions, or if she did, she no longer cared. A hiss of pain and pleasure issued from her lips as a second mouth closed over her other nipple biting it cruelly.The men had accomplished what they had wanted. She was so hot that instead of just the nine cocks, ten counting the one holding the video camera she would have fucked an army. Her ass pressed against the pool table as the two men kissing and biting her nipples pressed her backwards until her back hit the pool table. Hands grabbed her arms pulling her further onto the pool table as others pushed her skin tight emerald green micro-mini over her hips to her waist. With her blouse open and her micro-mini around her waist she was nakedly exposed to the lecherous eyes of the men, her almost perfect body brightly illuminated by the glaring brightness of the single lamp above the pool table. Several of the men drooled with excitement at the prospect of pounding their cocks into the finest looking woman they had ever seen. Hands grabbed her ankles, pulling her legs apart as someone bent over her face, kissing her deeply before crawling onto the table to kneel beside her head. Fingers probed at her glistening cunt lips as a cock was placed in each of her hands, and her fingers closed of their own accord slowly pumping up and down their hard pulsing lengths. Her nipples were still being bitten and soft guttural pleas for someone to fuck her escaped from her lips as her body twisted under the hands and lips traveling up and down the length of her body. She felt fingers entwine in her hair and then savagely yank her head from the pool table pulling her face toward the crotch of the man kneeling beside her head. As he pulled his zipper down the stale, sweaty odor of his unwashed loins almost made her gag, but then his cock pressed against her lips pushing them apart as the knob pressed against her clenched teeth. "Open your mouth you fucking slut. Open up and suck my dick. I'm going to fill that mouth of yours so full of cum you'll choke on it." Angela let her mouth fall open and he lunged his hips forward sinking about four inches of hard cock into her mouth and began rocking back and forth on his knees. A figure climbed between her widely splayed legs blocking out the harsh glare of the light momentarily and then she felt a cock slide between her sex moistened pussy lips as the two man above her began rutting like animals. The man humping into her pussy grunted like a stuck pig as he ground his loins against hers but within a few short minutes his cock spewed two or three short spurts of spunk into her and then he climbed down yelling, "Who's next?"

Another man climbed to the table between her legs sinking what appeared to be about six inches of cock into her pussy and began rhythmically fucking her in time to the clapping hands and shouts of "Fuck her, Fuck her, Fuck her" of the onlookers. Her arms and legs were released allowing her greater mobility and she raised her feet to the pool table planting them firmly against the rail, making an inviting V of her bent legs as her back arched from the table and her loins pushed upward against the smelly body above her. Her hips, which had of their own volition moved slowly in small circles around the first cock, now began to buck upwards meeting the hard deep lunges of the second cock as guttural moans issued from her cock stuffed mouth. Releasing the two cocks she had been holding, her left arm encircled the man's pant clad hips fucking her mouth while her right hand reached into his unzipped pants pulling his testicles free. The obscene depraved scene, of a man's cock sticking from his unzipped pants fucking into a beautiful womans face became even more lurid as his ball sack emerged from it's confinement to be caressed lovingly by the woman just as the head of his seven inch prick slid into her throat. The excited voices of the men surrounding the pool table watching the beautiful petite redhead being buffeted between two of their friends grew as they encouraged them to pound the meat to the slut and fill her full of cum. The bright glare of the light hanging above the pool table gave the video a surreal quality as Tim taped his mother's slide into depravity, not only catching the cum oozing from between her cock stuffed lips as the man fucking her mouth shot his spunk into her willing throat, but also the look of wanton lust on her beautiful face as the cock withdrew, spurting the last few drops of ejaculation across her lips and cheek. As the man between her legs spewed his hot semen deep into her cervix his hands gripped her ass cheeks, holding her loins tightly to his until he was satiated. Angela's deep guttural moaning became a pleading beseechment as the next man dropped his pants around his ankles exposing his rampant seven inch hardness to the cheers of the crowd before crawling onto the pool table between her legs and pound into her with animalistic savagery.

A man crawled to her head pushing his small five inch but very thick dick between her lips and within three strokes had a rhythm where as he withdrew the one in her cunt plunged forward and then he would push forward and the other withdrew. Their attack upon her lithe body knocked the air from her lungs making her gulp and fight for air each time the cock in her throat withdrew. There was no pretense of caring or of tenderness from the two men as they used her, only their own sick need to use her cunt and mouth as receptacles for their sexual relief. As Tim watched the two men savagely buffet his mother between them and listened to her gulping breaths he became afraid. Fearing that the men might kill her he screamed at them to stop but his scream fell on deaf ears as the onlookers laughed at her plight while yelling at the men fucking her to pound it to her harder. Chants of "Fuck the whore harder" filled the air and unbelievably the two men increased their pace literally lifting her body from the table each time they pushed into her. Her legs wrapped around the plunging hips of the man pounding into her cunt, the 4 inch stiletto heels of her shoes digging into his inner thighs as she humped upward meeting his savage attack. Somehow Tim managed to hold the camera steady despite his fear and as he looked through the view finder at his mother's face he saw a look of animalistic lust flit across it. He could hear her pleading voice between each gulping, heart-wrenching gasp for air each time the cock in her mouth partially withdrew and he, like the men watching could hardly believe what he was hearing. "Fuck ---- me. ---- Fuck ---- me ---- har ---- der ---- Oh ---- God ---- Fuck ----me!" The odor of sweaty unwashed bodies hung heavy in the air as the men awaiting their turn at the beautiful curvaceous redhead eagerly pressed around the pool table. Her nostrils flared taking in the aroma, and either because of the savage animalistic fucking they were inflicting on her, or because of the depravity of what was happening, she found the smell of their bodies no longer sickened her. Instead it became an aphrodisiac driving her body and mind to heights that she had never known and she gloried in the heady aroma. As the two men fucking her emptied their cum into her mouth and cunt a long whizzing gargle issued from her throat and her legs fell from around the waist of the man between her legs to flop and quiver, her body spasmmed uncontrollably as the men pulled their cocks free climbed from the table amid cheers and back slaps.



Suddenly their voices silenced as the men watched the redheads spasms grow weaker and then with a final weak twitch her body fell limply to the pool table. For several minutes the men feared that maybe they had gone to far, a few of them began to back toward the door looking for a way out when to everyone's relief her chest heaved as a gasping intake of breath was drawn into her tortured lungs. Her head rolled to the side and with lust-filled eyes she looked at the faces of the men and then down at their hard pulsing cocks. To their surprise and glee she licked her lips provocatively before smiling at them. Stepping forward, the fat bartender directed several of the men to remove her skirt and blouse, leaving her with only her high heel shoes as they put her on her hands and knees, and then he had them help him to the pool table. Kneeling before her swaying form he dropped his pants around his knees while at the same time directing one of them to lay on his back between her legs. As Angela looked at the profusely sweating fat man kneeling before her she felt her legs being spread and looked down to see one of the men crawl between her legs positioning his dick directly below her cum drenched cunt. Looking back at the fat man she simply smiled when asked if she wanted more cock and then he leaned forward telling her to suck his sausage, while at the same time the man below her grasped her hips pulling her down onto his cock. Within minutes she was again being buffeted between two cocks but this time the men held back somewhat trying to prolong their enjoyment of her delicious body. This new attack on her cunt and mouth as well as the five men before them sent almost constant orgasms through her body and she writhed uncontrollably between the two men.

As the grotesque fat man and the other shot their cum into her willing mouth and hot cunt, they withdrew their limp cocks and climbed from the pool table only to be replaced by the last two men. Amid shouted encouragement from the crowd the last two men displayed their large cocks to the men surrounding the pool table. Rubbing their cocks over her face and up through her ass cheeks they teased and taunted her asking if she wanted their 10 inch pricks. Her ass wiggled urgently against the one behind her as she begged them to fuck her like the whore and slut she was. Angela's gibbering pleas were answered as the two men slowly began shoving their engorged instruments of fertility into her waiting holes and then began buffeting her between them with wild, abandoned glee. Unlike the bartender and his partner who had at least tried to give her pleasure they pounded into her savagely, unrelenting in their sadistic attack until after many long minutes and just before they were about to cum they pulled their dicks from her mouth and cunt depositing their sperm over her ass, back and face. As the last weak spurt of cum splattered onto her body eager hands pulled her from the pool table pushing her face down as they draped her lower body from the edge of the pool table letting her feet hit the floor. Spreading her legs apart they stuck her ass into the air as the fat ugly bartender scooped cum from her inner thighs and leaking cunt rubbing it over and around her puckered ass hole telling the men that whoever wanted a little brown eye to step forward. Several men lined up behind her eager to not only get a second crack at the sexy redhead but to poke her cute little ass. As the first one shoved his cock into her she pushed back against his lunging thrust with incoherent lustful moans coming from her heaving chest. It made little difference if the cock fucking her ass was small, long, thick or skinny she welcomed each one until finally the men were satiated, leaving her lying in a pool of their combined cum trembling as if from a tropical fever. Hands lifted her gently from the pool table to stand on quivering legs and then wiped cum from her face, ass and thighs. As if in a dream her eyes focused on her son's smiling face when his words of praise slowly made their way into her lust fogged brain while he dressed her and then led her from the bar.

Arriving home they were greeted by his sister who helped him deposit Angela in her bed, and then amid her jealous questions he played the tape of their mothers gangbang by the nine men. As Nicki watched her mother take two men at a time she squirmed about excitedly, but when six of the men lined up behind her to fuck her ass hole it was more then Nicki could endure and she begged her brother to fuck her ass like the men had done her mother.

The next day after his mother and sister had left, Tim called Rollo informing him that he had the tape and asking where they should meet. To his surprise Rollo said he would stop by and pick it up as he wanted to view it before paying him the money. As Rollo viewed the tape he couldn't believe how well things were working out, his friend Lawrence had been right about this stupid kid. This kid was willing to debase his mother, letting her get gang fucked by a bunch of dumb hillbillies and video tape it thinking he was going to get enough money to pay off his debt. Watching the kids mother taking on two guys at a time looking for all the world like she was really enjoying it was a real turn on, and he knew that this video would make him a great deal of money. Rollo knew he was onto a gold mine with this kid's mother but he also wanted the daughter. Turning his attention back to the video as he racked his brain about the teeny bopper, he saw Angela take the first of six cocks in her ass. Doing some quick math, he figured that 20,000 tapes at $29.95 each would net him over half a million before expenses, hell $400,000 plus after paying for material and people. And then it hit him. Instead of giving the kid a check like he had intended, he would give him cash. If he gave him a check the kid would sign it over to Lawrence, paying his debt making it harder to control the kid. But with cash the boy would more than likely do a little gambling and if his past was any indication, he would lose and lose big, maybe lose the whole bank roll and then Rollo could come to the rescue, yea right. Rollo would have this kid's women fucking anything and everything with a dick. Visions of dollar signs floated before his eyes and he burst out laughing, slapping Tim on the back and congratulated him on the video. Popping the video from the VCR he asked if there was another copy and when Tim said no he handed him $17,000 telling him it had been a pleasure doing business with him. As he pulled away from the kids house he called Lawrence telling him he had a business proposition and to set up his VCR.

That evening the bookie and the porn distributor made plans to bring the two beautiful redheads into the porn business, betting that it would only be a matter of time. Rollo had been right, the kid didn't show up the next day or the day after and when a week and a half went by Lawrence sent a couple of his boys over to talk to Tim. But by then it was too late. He had spent most of the money. For almost two weeks Tim had been living large, starting with a party the day after Rollo had given him the loot. He had invited 15 of his friends over for a wild night of drinking and then before everyone had gotten drunk he had given his sister to them. He had dressed her in a blouse without buttons that tie just below the breasts leaving her midriff exposed as well as showing a goodly portion of her tits, her skirt was almost non-existent. Not just because it was so short that it barely covered her ass cheeks but it was also split up the sides as well. Telling Nicki she was the entertainment as he gave her the clothes he then had her fix her hair like one of the 1940's movie stars with her hair swept to one side and a lock of hair over one eye. Leading her from the bedroom he told her that like her mother he was going to video tape her as the 15 guys fucked her in every hole she had and then he led her into the living room telling her to get nasty. Within 5 minutes Nicki found herself on her knees sucking one of his friends cocks while beating off two others sitting beside him as a third knelt behind her slamming his cock into her cunt. Moving her lips from the cock she was sucking she turned her face to one of the other boys dropping her hand from his cock as she licked across the head lapping the pre-cum that had started to ooze. After taking him into her mouth and sucking him for a couple of minutes she switched to the third boy in front of her sucking him into her mouth repeating what she had done to the others before him. Pushing her ass back against the boy behind her she felt his cum flood her cunt and as he pulled out and was replaced by another boy she pulled her mouth from the cock she was sucking and lowered her mouth to a different boy.

As her mouth paid homage to the three boys sitting in front of her she continued to push back with almost inhuman strength against the boy behind her. She felt another boy crawl under her taking first one and then the other of her nipples between his teeth and biting them causing her body to shiver uncontrollably as she climaxed. Another boy crawled under her to join the first one in biting her tits and nipples as the one behind her was replaced by another. The three boys sitting before her emptied their cum into her mouth one after the other and she greedily swallowed each offering licking the cum from her lips before lowering her mouth and swallowing the next offering. After the three boys had filled her mouth and throat with cum she was pulled away from the couch to kneel over one boy as one stepped behind her sinking his enlarged organ into her ass hole while a third shoved his dick past her lips and into her throat.

With the three boys now fucking her this made 9 of his friends she had serviced and her young body was beginning to feel the strain. As the boy fucking her mouth emptied his cum into her throat and stepped away her head flopped forward hanging limply as the two fucking her ass and cunt continued to rock her between them. Her head bobbed about like one of those dolls that used to sit on the dash of a car and when Tim say this he stepped forward twisting his fingers into her hair yanking her face up to met his. "Don't you quit on me you fucking slut. There's still six of my friends you haven't fucked yet. Or can't you handle it? No? Well if 15 guys is too much for you bitch, I guess I'll just get mom down here so you can see what a real whore can do." Dropping her head, Tim turned to get his mother but stopped when a croaking plea came from his sister begging him to let her fuck his friends. Lifting her head she looked toward his smiling face and again begged him to let her fuck his friends. "Well then cunt, you better show a little more enthusiasm and start moving that body of yours so these boys will know you like their dicks in you. And I want to hear you asking for each new cock from now on or so help me I'll sell your ass on the street. Is that what you want? Do you want me to sell you to some bum on the street? No, I thought not. Well then, get that ass of yours moving and let's hear you begging for these boys to fuck you."



Nicki couldn't believe that her brother whom she loved was talking to her like he was, threatening to sell her to any bum on the street willing to pay him for her body. Lifting her head she looked at the remaining boys while willing her body to move against the two still fucking her ass and cunt and with a soft pleading voice begged the boys to fuck her mouth. As one of the boys stepped in front of her painting her lips with the pre-cum leaking from the head of his cock she begged him to stick it down her throat and fill her with cum. Unknown to Nicki her mother was kneeling only a few short feet away just out of her line of sight sucking the dick of one of the boys who had already fucked her. Tim had dressed Angela just like Nicki. Perfect in every detail telling her that she was to lick the cum and juices from each boys cock after it had fucked her daughter and then to suck the boys dick making him hard again so that he could fuck Nicki again. From the corner of her eye she saw the three fucking her daughter pound into her grunting from the effort and then almost simultaneously empty their cum into each of her cavities. As they pulled their cocks from her and stepped toward Angela to have their dicks cleaned she heard her daughter moan soulfully as she collapsed to the floor. " Fuck me you bastards. Fuck me. Fuck me and fill me with your cum. Fuck this slut and make me scream. Fuck me."

Because Nicki was now laying on her side the next two to fuck her cunt and ass also laid beside her sandwiching her between them as the one behind her lifted her leg almost straight into the air pushing his dick into her ass hole while the one pressed his dick into her cunt from the front. A third boy knelt at her head lifting her by the hair slipping his organ to her lips and the simultaneous fucking began again. When Nicki finally collapsed from exhaustion, unable to continue, she had fucked all 15 boys once and 6 of them twice. Looking at his friends Tim saw that each of them was hard again and without batting an eye told them that since his sister was wore out they would have to settle for his mother. And so like her daughter before her Angela was used by the 15 boys, and like her daughter she too was fucked simultaneously by two and three boys at once. By the time the boys tired Tim's mother and sister had both slipped into a stupor and the first rays of dawn lit the new day.

Over the next few days Tim placed bets on several basketball games, hoping with each bet to recover the money he had lost on the bet before and within a week he was left with less then $4,000. He began to worry about Lawrence his bookie and tried to borrow money from several of his friends but to no avail. They knew that giving him money was like flushing it down a toilet. He thought about pimping his sister and mother out but realized that even if each of them fucked 10 guys a night at $20 a trick that was only $800. He tried calling Rollo to sell him the tape of his mother and sister being gang fucked the night of the party but the fat fucker never returned his calls. So when the bookies henchmen knocked on his door he tried to run but they caught him easily and dragged him before Lawrence and to what he figured was his death. Begging Lawrence not to kill him he surrendered the remaining money he had, blubbering that he had a tape of his mother and sister getting fucked by 15 guys and if he could find Rollo he would pay him more than enough to clear his debt.

Telling Tim that he was crazy to think a porno flick was worth $25,000 he laughed but promised to talk to Rollo and see if the fat guy would buy the tape. Unknown to Tim, Rollo was in the next room and had heard every thing and he couldn't wait to get his hands on the tape. Dollar signs were dancing around his head, the first two tapes he had bought from the boy had done rather well, but the one of his mother fucking those 9 hillbillies was in its second taping and had grossed over $700,000 and from the sound of this one if he could believe the boy they could damn well make a million easy. As Lawrence and him hashed out their plan it was decided that $7000 would be offered for the tape but with the stipulation that the money be given to Lawrence to pay the interest on his gambling dept. And then within two weeks when he couldn't pay the rest of the money he would be given the option of selling his mother and sister to Rollo or losing his life. That way they would have two money making sluts and it wouldn't cost them a penny. After several drinks to celebrate along with laughter and crude jokes about the men and animals the two redheads would be fucking, Lawrence went back to Tim telling him that he had talked to Rollo and that the fat guy would be at his house that evening, and then to teach Tim a lesson he had 3 of Tim's fingers broken telling him not to cross him anymore.

That night Rollo appeared at his house to view the tape but unlike before he insisted that the mother and daughter sit in on the viewing so that they would know that their loving son and brother was selling him the tape to help pay his gambling debt and that he would distribute it nationally. When Tim balked Rollo stood and walked toward the door but before he reached it Tim called him back saying he would get his mother and sister. As the four of them watched the tape Rollo paid more attention to the expressions on the women's faces as they stared at the TV then he did to the video itself. He could see their aroused looks and then the shock on the daughters face when she saw her mother sucking the boys dicks licking them clean after each of them had fucked her. But when Nicki saw that her mother had fucked each of the boys twice after she passed out she almost climbed over Rollo calling her mother a slut and a whore accusing her of spoiling her night. Laughing at the mother and daughter as they yelled at each other Rollo then offered Tim $7000 saying that the tape he had paid him $17,000 for of his mother fucking those 9 men in the bar had lost him money and that he couldn't pay anymore until he recouped some of his loses. When the two women asked what Rollo was talking about Tim was forced to tell them that Rollo was a porno dealer and that he had sold him tapes of them fucking in order to pay off his gambling debt but instead, had gambled the money away and now had to sell this latest tape in order to pay at least the interest. As the three of them argued Rollo watched the tape and had to admit that this indeed was a hell of a tape and he knew that Lawrence and him would have money coming in hand over fist. When the tape ran its course Rollo pulled it from the VCR telling them that this time he would pay Tim's bookie directly so that nothing like this happened again and then he patted both of the women on the ass and walked from the house.

Nicki had gotten over being angry with her mother, understanding that Angela, like her, had simply been doing what Tim had told her to do but she was still mad at her brother for selling the tapes. She had known of only two tapes, the one with her mother in the bar and the one with the 15 college boys. She had not known of the others and when her and Angela had asked Tim he told them that he had rigged hidden cameras throughout the house. Holding up his broken fingers he told them he had not wanted to sell them but he had not wanted to be hurt. The women continued to wear micro-minis and even fuck him but now something was missing and neither could guess what until one day they went shopping together and wound up in the mens bathroom at the mall and between them fucked and sucked 7 men and 4 boys. Three days later on a Thursday night Tim's bookie paid a visit demanding the money still owed to him and when Tim couldn't pay they broke two more of his fingers telling him they would be back the next day and he better have the money or he would lose his life. Tim didn't know what to do. He had no money and no hope of getting any when out of the blue Rollo showed up late Friday asking if he had any more tapes. As they were talking Lawrence and two of his henchmen showed up demanding money and when Tim told them he didn't have it they grabbed him saying they were going for a long drive. Just then Angela came home to what appeared to be a mad house. Nicki, who had been hiding upstairs came down when she heard her mother and saw Rollo arguing with three men telling them to give the boy a chance but they refused to listen saying that they were going to kill the lying little fuck. It was at that moment that Rollo turned to Tim telling him that if his mother and sister would agree to make a few porno tapes for him he would pay his gambling debt, you could have heard a pin drop except for Tim's sniffling whimpers. Angela and Nicki stood frozen, not believing what they had just heard. Rollo looked at Angela, telling her that if she wished to save her son's life she and her daughter would have to agree to the deal. Pulling his check book out Rollo asked how much Tim owed but was told they didn't take checks. But then Lawrence laughed saying he would release Tim from his debt if the women agreed to make skin flicks for Rollo and he got a cut of whatever the movies made. When the two men agreed and shook hands they turned to Tim who simply slumped into his chair begging his mother and sister to do what they wanted to save his life.

Hanging their heads in shame and despair Angela and Nicki accepted the fact that they now belonged to the two men that held Tim's life in their hands. But then in one last act of cruelty before the two men and their five henchmen left Angela and Nicki were made to strip and not only fuck each of the men but also lick their cocks clean of her fuck juices. But the two women's humiliation didn't stop there because they were then told to ream out the ass holes of each man thereby sealing the deal. As the two once proud redheads were made to perform each sick sordid act of depravity the men laughed about their plight. Their laughter and raunchy jokes as they used the two women echoed through the house and then as Rollo had Nicki ream his ass hole the two women were told that this was nothing compared to the movies he would shoot hinting that not only would they fuck several white men at a time but also blacks and Hispanics as well as animals. For almost a week after the debasement of Angela and her daughter they heard nothing and then Rollo stopped by one day just as Nicki was leaving for school. Telling her to get her mother he then told them that not only was Nicki to quit school but that Angela too was to quit her job because they would be rather busy and he didn't want anything interfering with plans he might make in the future. As far as money went their house payments and other expenses would be taken care of and that any money they needed would be deducted from the profits of the movies they stared in. Looking into their stunned faces he then told them that a man would be by in an hour to pick them up and that each was to dress in a cheerleading outfit complete with pompoms and then Rollo left. An hour later the doorbell rang and when Nicki answered it she was shocked. There in front of her was a large Negro with a big grin on his brutish face as he looked her up and down taking in her short pleated cheerleading outfit. Then he saw Angela. Nicki could only stare as the man stepped forward putting his arms around her to cup her buttocks squeezing them playfully as he told her that he and his friends were going to have fun fucking her tight little white ass. Angela was shocked not only by the unexpected sight of this Negro but at his boast as well, and could only watch stupidified as his hands caressed her daughters ass. Looking up, his eyes bored into Angela's and she saw the unbridled lust and sadistic cruelty twinkling there and a shiver of dread and excitement raced up her spine just as he pulled Nicki to him lifting her into the air by the tight grip on her buttocks and pressed his lips to hers kissing her deeply. As he let Nicki down he patted her ass and turned once more to Angela, "Come here sweet thing, I want a kiss before my friends fill that mouth of yours full of cum. You two are the finest redheads this black man has seen in a while and it's almost a shame to share you with twenty others but that's the only way I could pay Rollo's price." And then with his arms around the mother and daughter he led them to his car and the first of many other sessions with different men as well as the first of many skin flicks they would star in.

- The End -

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