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      by A. G. Thomas

      (caution scfi snuff nc rape preg oral anal)

I couldn't help it, the horror taking place only yards from my hiding place both sickened and yet aroused a perverse feeling of arousal deep in my very soul. But before you judge me let me tell you of the last few days and how I came to be watching the scene unfolding before me.

Our ship the "PHARAOH" along with over a dozen heavy cruiser's and four battle carriers were 3 days from Earth traveling at L+4 when the Admiral ordered the warp engines to sub light speed. We had reached our rendezvous point where thirteen other Star class Battleships like ours and their support ships were to stage before entering the Thurston Nebula. Intelligence had tracked the attacking forces to this area and it was hoped that this was indeed their home planet and that our large force of fourteen Battleships, twenty one Carriers and nine dozen light and heavy Cruisers as well as an assortment of Destroyers and other support vessels would be more then enough to once and for all lay waste to the enemy's expansion. Almost every fighting ship we had was thrown into this battle leaving Earth protected by a single Star Battleship and six dozen Destroyers. If this battle was lost then our home world would be almost defenseless against anything the enemy might hold in reserve. But we had no choice, so far they had laid waste to over twenty colony worlds, leaving no survivors. We had no idea what they looked like only that they were cruel and savage almost beyond anything that man had done to himself or the half dozen races we had come across when we took to the stars years earlier.

As we entered normal space the mighty Armada of ships lay silent, almost ghost like against the stars awaiting us. And then suddenly several ships on the outer rim burst into blinding flashes as the enemy attacked. Swarms of fighter craft launched from the carriers in a protective cover for the Battleships and their home base as the Destroyers and Cruisers swung about to engage in the battle. Ships died screaming horribly on both sides but even though we outnumbered them in large ships, their smaller more maneuverable craft wrecked havoc amongst our fleet, and even though the battle lasted hours, time raced making it seem as if only minutes had past.

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As their troops breached the hulls of disabled ships the horror that had befallen our colonies now came to the men and women manning the ships of the largest fleet sent into space. Before the transmissions could be silenced screams of pain and death could be heard from the ships that were boarded and though the remaining ships fought even harder, even blowing up our own ships that had been captured the battle was hopeless. Signaling retreat our Battleship swung about to join the remaining three Battleships and seven Heavy Cruisers when a blast tore into our forward battery as well as our engines leaving us a drifting hulk. The silence of space greeted us as the remaining ships of our once mighty Armada jumped into hyper space leaving us to our fate. And then the silence was shattered by the clanging of metal as the enemy's boarding parties came along side and tore holes into our hull to gain entrance. Breaching our hull in several places they at first killed indiscriminately, but then their troops began to take prisoners. I pray that I, Second Lieutenant Natasha Solvolinski or at least this recording is found so that the people of Earth will know what happened and somehow avenge the horrible massacre and rape of the men and women who fought and died for our planet.

I had struggled from the torn bowels of the ship leaving the dead behind only to come upon the mangled remains of human defenders that had died horribly. Making my way to the battle bridge I passed several pockets of human bodies and at first didn't notice that the remains were mostly of males until I almost stumbled into the last fire fight and watched helplessly as the enemy literally ripped apart the males while dying by the score in their effort to capture the women. And then it was over, silence like a death knell hung throughout the once proud ship but it only lasted a few minutes and then was replaced by clicks and screeches and the sound of women screaming. It was when they gathered up the women survivors as the silence hung heavy in the air that I noticed for the first time that they were bugs, some were as tall as a man but most were about the size of large dogs. Although I'll wager that none of the brass had seen what looked like a cockroach as big as a dog, or a praying mantis as large as a man. With clicks and screeches they herded the women onto the battle bridge and then tore their uniforms away as their antenna and feather-like tongues played freely over the women's bodies. I watched as several were pulled from the crowd and pushed into the mass of dog sized bugs and heard their screams as several insects swarmed over each human female. Among the first group was my watch commander and as the bugs swarmed over her pushing her to the floor with their weight protrusions from their lower bodies left trails of slime trailing across her naked flesh.

At least seven of the filthy things crawled over her and then one I hadn't seen before, a roach like thing standing upright with fluttering wings straddled her upper torso and with arms and hands as skinny as sticks pried her mouth open and slobbered over her face. It looked almost like puke and smelled damn near as bad and she gagged, throwing up herself, but the bug persisted letting loose another stream and this time she swallowed. Other bugs like it had done the same to the other humans and within seconds it seemed their struggles ceased. An eerie silence ensued broken now and then by a whimper from one of the women prisoners as they watched what was happening to their shipmates. Appendages again snaked out but this time there were lumps the size of golf balls along their lengths and as if they could see they glided between opened legs burying themselves into the women's pussies. Others joined and soon each human was servicing three appendages at once. I could see the lumps moving as the bug creatures worked relentlessly over their female captives and to me it looked as if they were depositing eggs inside their human hosts. Other creatures took over and soon I noticed stomachs swell and then the women were lifted to their feet and made to stagger away only to be pushed against the hull and held their by spider like creatures, spinning webs holding them to the wall. Over and over, until the last prisoner was fastened to the wall, the horrible rape scene was repeated, with some of the women even responding as if the bugs had been human lovers. As I was about to slip further into the shadows I saw the Captain being led before one of the bugs that had overseen the rape and I'm sure impregnating of the human females as well. A probe almost like a mosquito stinger unwound from the bugs mouth and suddenly plunged into the Captain's skull. His scream rent the air, sending shivers through my body as I watched his brains sucked from his skull as if through a straw. Broken and mangled bodies of other men who had not died were led forward only to suffer the same fate.

For days I huddled there in the shadows, afraid to move, but finally hunger drove me to search for nourishment and it was then that I discovered that the bugs could speak Russian. Not all of the bugs, only the ones that had sucked the brains from the wounded and dying men. The speech was high pitched and broken with clicks and chattering but human speech anyway. I had been right, the women were pregnant, their offspring would be half human, half bug. Able to think and speak like a human but with the strength of one of these monsters, a near perfect soldier. Ones that would carry on the war against the humans while the survivors of their own race fled their home world seeking a new home far removed from us. We had won the war. Their desperate defense of their home world had seen the slaughter of millions of their kind but only I and the women whose stomachs grew daily knew this. Of the dozen or so ships in our fleet that had been boarded only three of them had yielded up human females. My own, the Pharaoh, and two Heavy Cruisers; the Bosworth Field and the Yangtze. The other ships had turned suicidal when it became known that they were trying to capture the women. Only one hundred and thirty seven women were taken alive and of that number one hundred and twelve were fit for breeding, and would be bred again and again until their minds snapped and were no longer of use. The remainder would look after the offspring and with guidance from bugs left behind would teach them everything they knew so that when the time was right they would descend on earth. The Hulks of our ships were floating incubators and would remain so until the broad stock could no longer produce. All of this I learned listening to the "Smart Bugs" as they told the women what was expected of them as with almost loving caresses they felt of their swollen bellies.

Two days later I looked out at their home world as flashes streaked upward from their escaping ships seeking a place far distant somewhere in deep space and I knew I had to stop what was happening, I had to stop the breeding of humans and bugs. But how, I didn't know. I wasn't a munitions expert. Could I instead kill the three or four dozen bugs left aboard one at a time without being caught, I doubted it. I had been lucky so far but if I roamed to freely and began taking them out they would tear the ship apart looking for me. As I recorded these thoughts they raced about my head and I was unaware that a soft moan had issued from my lips, giving me away. Bugs seemed to come from the very deck itself as they swarmed about me tearing at my uniform and then I was dragged from my hiding place to lay before my shipments. I fought as a bug vomited into my mouth while others organs left slime trails across my naked flesh. With my last breath I mumbled that my body felt strangely free and aroused begging forgiveness from any human survivor who might find this tape. And then the bugs penetrated my orifices sending electric like shocks through every nerve ending making me feel as if I were having orgasm after orgasm. Unable to help myself my pelvis ground upward against the bug between my legs and then backwards against the one in my ass hole while my hands clung tightly to the one in my mouth. My last clear human thought as I squirmed and twisted about under their assault was that the "smart bugs" would be proud of their newest brood mare and then as fog closed about my brain I realized that I welcomed their rape of my body and that from my womb a new race would be born. Muffled pleas for the bugs to take me issued from around the appendage fucking into my throat and as I bucked and twisted under the triple penetration I got my wish as they sent their seed into me making me like the others, breeding stock for the destruction of mankind.

- The End -

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