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      by A. G. Thomas

      (MF interr cuck oral)

As I watched George's wife from the corner of my eye I wished; oh to hell with what I wished, cause there was no way it was going to happen. But damn it she was one fine looking woman, and negro or not, living in the south or not, if somehow I could get her in bed I wouldn't give a shit what any of my redneck inbred fucking friends said. But my chances of that happening were slim to none as I was white; well not just white but ugly as well.

Some people say I reminded them of the big, dumb hillybilly stereotype cast in movies and I guess in a way that does describe how I look. I don't know why George even liked me, but I'm glad he did because more then once he had stopped others from kicking my ass, and not just negros, but white guys as well. And this is how I pay him back, by fantasizing about fucking his wife. No, not just fucking her but loving her, truly and madly loving her.

As I looked at my cards again and then doubled the bet, Latisha bent over my shoulder, putting another beer beside me. Her small firm tits brushed against my shoulder and her heady scent and closeness made my nine inch cock jump to attention and all I could think of was that I was glad no one could see under the table. Stammering as I thanked her for the beer she playfully ran her fingers through my shaggy close cropped hair and then in that soft musical voice of hers while tracing her fingers along my check she said I was welcome. George's sudden laughter startled me, and blushing like a school kid who'd been caught looking up some girls skirt, I felt like crawling under the table as he told Latisha and everyone else that I had a crush on her. Telling him to shut up I took a half-hearted swing at him, hoping like hell no one had noticed that I hadn't denied it. George and everyone else was laughing when she said how cute that was and that maybe he'd pay a little more attention to her since another man found her attractive, and then she lightly kissed my cheek.

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A golden goddess. A 12 plus on a scale of 1 to 10 standing maybe 5 feet 7 inches and weighing around 105 pounds, with measurements that I guessed to be 34-21-33. In my book a perfect figure and the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm sure a lot of guys probably thought she was skinny and small busted, but like I said, to me she was the perfect woman. I know George was always saying she wasn't breeding stock, too skinny. Breeding stock needed meat on their bones, something to hold onto, whereas women like his wife were for show.

Why did I say golden? Well, because her perfect, smooth skin was a soft honey color, giving her more the appearance of a suntanned white woman then a negress. A truly light complexion when compared to others of her race. Somewhere in her family's past there must have been a white person and possibly even more. God she was beautiful, a body I could love and hold forever if given half a chance. I tried to imagine how marvelous it would feel to hold and fondle her, to have my lips on her tea cup size breasts and to nibble on her nipples. But what really got to me was her long shapely legs and her tight perfectly shaped ass. Oh sweet Jesus, that really got to me. I would beat my meat for what seemed like hours as dream-like visions of her with her long shapely legs wrapped tightly about my waist bucked and twisted beneath my sweaty overweight pale body. What I most often fantasized about though, and what really got my nuts in an uproar was her kneeling before me pleading for me to shove my cock in her bung hole.

As the game ended and I was about to help my best friend and the others straighten up, Latisha put her hand in mine asking if I'd come to the kitchen and help her clean up the evenings mess. Looking stupidly at George, he only chuckled, telling me to go with my girlfriend and that he and the others would clean up. Her fingers entwined with mine and her light voice urged me to follow, saying she had something that needed my attention.

Once through the kitchen door I noticed it was spotless, nothing out of place, and as the door closed behind us, I stood there stupidly with my back against it, asking what needed my attention, when she whimsically said she wanted to thank me for being so sweet. As I stood there, bashful and stuttering, my mind began to play tricks on me and instead of her telling me how sweet I was, she instead had thrown her arms about my neck and kissed me. Stunned I simply stood there as her lips met mine. But as her tongue probed at my lips and then entered my mouth, I began shaking like a leaf in a thunderstorm. As instinct took over, my tongue lashed out to meet hers and for a moment, as our mouths mashed together, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. My hands, which had been on her waist, slowly rose and as they came into contact with her pert small breasts my fingers began to knead and caress her, to tweak her nipples into hard nubs of arousal as from the other room muted laughter and voices came to me and then I forgot all about my best friend and the others as her soft moan of pleasure drowned everything else out. All too quickly though, the vivid fantasy was over and as my eyes focused on her standing before me saying something I'd not heard, let alone even understood. She surprised me by rising up on her tip toes and putting her lips to my ear. Her warm breath against my ear as she whispered that she wanted, needed to see me, sent shivers up my spine.

Dumbfounded, I stood looking into her eyes, searching for any ray of mirth or hint that she was playing some game, teasing me with promises of her company, but I saw none and then I stammered I'd love nothing better. Opening the door she pushed me through, loudly thanking me for being such a gentleman, while under her breath she said she'd call me tomorrow. I could hardly sleep that evening and by the morning I was a wreck. I looked even grubbier then I normally did at work and George kept poking fun at me, asking if I'd been out all night fucking around with Silvia, one of the local whores, who if the truth had to be told, was the one I spent most of my money on,.I guess you could say I was a steady customer.



After work, instead of going out for a beer with the guys, I rushed home thinking as I did so how stupid I was for thinking that Latisha would bother with someone like me and if I could have kicked myself in the ass I would have. As I entered my small house the phone was ringing and thinking it might be George or one of the others I picked it up saying I didn't feel like partying and to stop bothering me. Slamming the phone down I went into the bathroom where just as I had removed my clothes and was stepping into the shower the phone began ringing again and as I hurried into the living room to answer I was really pissed. As I picked it up I thought whoever it had been had hung up as there was only silence but just as I was about to slam the phone down thinking the guys were playing games I heard soft breathing. Latisha.

As I stood there naked, hanging onto the phone as if it were a life line and breathing as if I'd run 10 miles, her soft musical voice asked why I'd hung up on her and then she was telling me she was right outside and to let her in. Forgetting that I hadn't a stitch on, was all sweaty and smelly from a hard day of work and not even thinking that hearing her voice had given me a raging hard on I strode to the door throwing it open just as she lightly tapped on it.

God she was beautiful. She was wearing a dress I'd only seen her in once before and one that when she'd worn it I couldn't keep my eyes off her, one that I'd told her I really liked. It was a short little thing, bright red in color with hardly enough material to be classified a dress. It was one of those off the shoulder things that was form fitted and tight over her breasts, small waist and full hips with a non existing back that if it hadn't started up again at her waist you could have seen her firm buttocks. It flared ever so slightly around a hem that just barely covered the tops of her stockings which I assumed was to allow her easy movement when she walked the whole of which to my eyes though gave her a doll like appearance. All of this I took in an instant but then the wide eyed look of astonishment on her face and then her nervous giggle brought me back to my senses and I tried vainly to cover myself without much luck while stammering I was sorry.

Stepping inside she closed the door and then to my surprise she pulled my hands aside pressing her body to mine huskily whispering that she could see I was glad to see her. I tried to tell her I was hot and sweaty, that I needed a shower, but her lips against mine silenced me.

She tasted and smelled like honey suckle and my mind swam with heady thoughts of sex as I held her tightly kissing and fondling her and before I realized it had happened I had picked her up and carried her to my bed where a heart beat later and with soft whimpering words of encouragement and need from her I had stripped the skimpy dress from her. With but the sheerest of bra and bikini panties covering her she lay back stretching seductively as I sat on the edge of the bed looking at her and hardly believing in my good fortune. A soft hand touched my naked thigh and then her fingers closed, or tried to, around my pulsing manhood and despite wanting nothing better then to climb atop her I came to my senses enough to tell her I needed a shower. But her only answer was to squeeze me tighter and then to twist about on the bed till her face was inches from my crotch.

Soft mummers that I smelled just fine, that I smelled like a man went almost unrecognized as her tongue flicked out lightly touching the tip of my prick. Her warm breath felt like a heat wave on my dick and balls and I swear I grew another inch both in length and girth and then her lips pressed against the tip of my dick kissing it as her tongue tickled and probed at my piss slit. Her hand had never left my prick and now as her other began caressesing my testicles it squeezed and stroked my cock like a farmers would if he were milking a cow.

Mesmerized I watched as her lips parted and then closed over the thick knob of my cock. Rising to her knees she bent over me rolling my heavy balls in her fingers while continuing to stroke and massage my dick as she slowly began bobbing her head and purring softly taking another inch or so between her lips. Brushing her hair aside so I could see her pretty face better as she worked and slaved over my dick I almost shot my wad as her soft red lips met her hand but then she removed it allowing her unhampered freedom to my dick and the unbelievable possibility that she would deep throat me. Her face turned slightly and her eyes twinkling like two stars looked into mine as soft mumbled words I couldn't understand came from her cock stuffed mouth. An inch and then another two disappeared between her lips as she continued to stare into my eyes, her mumbling becoming louder, more insistent and her back arched and she wiggled about and suddenly I knew what she wanted. With trembling fingers I unsnapped her bra freeing her tits and then my fingers were rolling, pinching and stretching her nipples drawing sighs of contentment from her.

Throwing my head back I moaned loudly. Our moans of pleasure becoming as one as my buttocks began bouncing slightly from the bed pushing an inch and then another between her tightly clasping lips. Gagging sounds were coming from her cock stuffed mouth and though I wanted desperately to grab her head pushing downward while at the same time lunging upward thereby burying every last inch of my raging hard on into her throat I didn't. Instead I slowly pulled her face from my crotch and gently laid her on her back. With my dick swaying about looking for all the world like a tree limb I rose and then slowly climbed onto the bed gazing with rapture at her perfect body while she with a smile pushed her almost nonexistent panties from her hips and then held her arms up and apart welcoming me. As her legs parted and then entwined about me my dick slowly ever so slowly sank into her hot welcoming pussy.

Words of love and of the need for a strong man tickled my ear and then I began moving, rocking and grinding against her thin delicate body while she in return arched her back bucking upwards to met my every slow thrust. My own words of love and promised fidelity mixed with hers almost like a song as together and as one we humped faster and harder against each other until in a blinding white flash in combination with her scream of ecstasy my testicles erupted like a volcano sending my cum rushing like lava through my pulsing cock to flood her insides. For an eternity we held each other whispering words of love and then twice more before she had to go home we made love. That was several years and many secret rendezvous ago and though I still think of George as my best friend and continue to visit his house for the monthly card games. That's not the only reason I go. You see there are three wonderful children who in every way are the spitting image of their beautiful mother and who bring a smile to my lips every time I see them.

- The End -

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