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      by A.G. Thomas

      (M+F force oral public cuck wife)

As I packed Robert's third and last suitcase he kept excitedly telling me what this trip meant. Personally I didn't really care, I just let him drone on about South America, the natives, and oil, letting it go in one ear and out the other. That is till he mentioned the immediate increase in salary as well as the bonus he'd be getting if he brought in the well in less then sixty days.

Well finally, and at last, I'd be getting something out of this marriage besides sex. I guess you could say that our marriage wasn't a bed of roses, I know I did. In fact I thought of it as a mistake. It hadn't always been that way though. I honestly thought I loved him when we married six months ago, probably because he was the first man to ever show tenderness to me. But then we married and I found out real quick just what kind of a man he really was. Picture if you will Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit, or any one of a dozen other cartoon broads such as Jasmine or even Arial that some people, but most especially Robert, think are sexy.

Well my dear husband carries it to the extreme because his computer is filled with pictures of them in various stages of nudity along with other pictures showing them performing sexual acts with assorted characters, and not all of them of the human category. I don't doubt that his every waking moment and perhaps even his dreams are filled with fantasies of all those cartoon sex pots. I guess Robert thinks of them as real because he was, and still is, always comparing me to them.

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At first I thought it was cute, but lately I think it's just downright sick. Why? Well for one thing he insist I dress like them by wearing some of the most revealing and sexy outfits imaginable, and for another he wants me to flash perfect strangers. It was one thing when I finally agreed to go around in public wearing clothes that most women only imagine themselves wearing when looking through a Frederick's of Hollywood or some other type of catalog along that line, but it was a whole different ball game when it came to flashing strangers.

The first couple of times when he strongly suggested I do so I refused and because I wouldn't do what he said he quit making love to me. Now I'm not a nymphomaniac but when a husband denies his wife sex like Robert did me it has an unsettling effect, especially on a young eighteen year old new bride. By the third month of our marriage he had me so screwed up and confused that there wasn't anything I would or did deny him just so he would make love to me. Because I denied him nothing, and in fact sometimes went beyond what he demanded of me his perversions grew even weirder.

For instance there were times like after I flashed a shoe salesman or a group of rowdy high schoolers that he would pull me into the back of a store or some other nearly deserted place and make love to me. His love making at times like that was fantastic and I thrived on it realizing early on that acceding to his perversions assured that he would love me. It didn't seem to matter to him where we were, in fact I often think he got his jollies if there was any hint of a chance that someone might catch us in the act. In the past month though he's come up with something else, something that he says will make him love me even more and he harps on it daily. Three or four times I've complied with part of his wish. I've gone without under garments even when wearing the skimpiest of skirts and frilliest of blouse's, but as to the rest of it I just can't bring myself to obey even though he hasn't made love to me in over two weeks.

I just can't bring myself to let another man make love to me despite Robert's withholding his love. Because of this latest demand of his though I've begun to wonder whether he really loves me. It's one thing to be loved and another to be a sex slave so I guess you'll understand why I'm glad he's leaving. It'll give me a chance to think this whole marriage and sex thing through and if and when I figure it out it's quite possible I won't be here when he returns.

Well there goes his plane. Good-by Robert, and if I've got half a brain you fucking pervert, you'll never see me again I silently whispered as I turned to leave the observation deck. Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a group of servicemen whispering and snickering amongst themselves while occasionally glancing my way.

For a second I thought of Robert and how if he were here he would insist I strut my stuff and even flash them, but the thought quickly vanished and I simply wondered why the hell they were standing there staring at me. Not that I wasn't something to stare at, what with me dressed in a naughty school girl outfit, complete in every detail right down to the three inch high thick heel black shoes. It was one of Robert's favorites and for this occasion, since it was quite possible, even though he wasn't aware of the fact, the last time he might see me, I had chosen to wear it. You can imagine his surprise and pleasure at my choice of outfits to see him off and on the ride to the airport he couldn't keep his hands off me. As a further going away present I gave him a blow job as he navigated through traffic, another favorite of his. So yes I was really something to look at dressed in a loose fitting white blouse tied just beneath my bra-less 34C breasts, a pleated, green and black checked micro mini with thigh high white stockings including the little ribbon bow which acted like a garter and even the shoes.

With an amused smile on my brightly painted lips and with mascaraed eyes starring straight ahead I mumbled under my breath something along the line that just because a woman wore a short skirt and yes looked sexy as hell, it didn't mean she was looking to jump into the sack with every Tom, Dick or Harry. that came along. Occupied as I was with thoughts of being rid of Robert as well as my silent retort concerning the soldiers I didn't notice that they had moved toward me. Suddenly and before I realized it I was surrounded by nine servicemen that even as they attempted to get in perfect step with me a couple of them started making suggestive remarks and then one of them grabbed my arm asking how much to show them a good time.

Pulling away I told him there wasn't enough money in the world to make me stoop so low as to even think of letting them touch me. Throwing my head in the air I managed to take three steps away from them before I was again stopped but this time the soldier who grabbed me tried to pull me into his arms and kiss me. Instinctively I slapped him while at the same time almost screaming that if he or any of the others touched me again I would scream.

As I made to turn away the one who'd tried to kiss me remarked "Damn uppity bitch! Your cunt made of gold or something? ---- What you need bitch is a good fucking, maybe then you wouldn't be so God damn up-tight" I started to reply but because his remark made me so mad and because it reminded me so much of what my husband might have said all I could do was stare daggers at him. Then without giving any thought that I might be exposing myself I twirled about, totally oblivious to the fact that my skirt ballooned up and out as I did so.

With head held high I walked away but not before saying that none of them would know what to do with a real woman in the first place, Without acknowledging a last derogatory remark someone uttered at my back I headed for the parking garage. It took me almost a half hour of wondering through two sections before I finally located my car. God, I hate airports. As I opened the car door I was grabbed from behind and as a hand went around my mouth cutting off any attempt I might have made to scream. A voice hissed in my ear that I was in for the fucking of my life. I tried to kick out, tried to pull free of the arms that held me, but whoever it was that was holding me was simply too strong and the next thing I knew I was being pushed into the back seat of my car. With a hand pressed against the back of my neck forcing my face into the seat. I couldn't see my attacker.

Panic began to grip me as the realization that I was about to be raped in broad daylight in a public garage with people wandering about surfaced. Despite my fear I almost laughed thinking that just such a scenario would appeal to Robert, but then my attention was drawn back to my plight as I heard the car doors open and felt the car sway from the added weight. As my mind fought with the realization that my attacker had cohorts fingers curled into my long chestnut hair yanking my head from off the seat only to have my face pressed into someone's crotch. Fear welled up in me but I tried not to let it show, instead I made my whole body go limp in the hopes that whoever was holding me would loosen his grip and I could escape. No such luck. Hot breath beat against the back of my neck and ear then a voice, more like a hiss then spoken word told me that since I didn't want money I must be giving it away. and since that was the case they were here to sample the goods. A hand slid slowly up the back of my leg then upwards over my inner thigh and higher making me forget for a moment the crotch my face was pressed into. But just as quickly the crotch again drew my attention as the man's cock which was separated from my face by only a thin layer of cloth began to twitch and jerk as if in anticipation of the snickering comment my assailant made wondering if I was just all show, or was I going to be a fuck worth bragging about. The comment drew a peal of laughter from the unseen and unknown others along with a few other nasty remarks. My skirt, already hiked up because of the position I was in was pushed even higher and a whoop that I wasn't wearing panties almost broke my ear drums.

I began to thrash about as the unwanted hand pushed its way between my legs then my movements became even more desperate as a finger began rubbing vigorously over my pussy lips. Then what felt like his whole hand but was in actuality only two fingers wormed into me. Screams of protest issued from my lips but they only came out as muffled sounds as my face was still pressed into the others crotch. Comments about my being wet, that I must really want a good fucking, were answered by another voice saying "I told you the fucking bitch was looking to get laid. If'n she wasn't why else would she be dressed like she is?" Mirthful chuckles of assent from yet more mouths sent my heart into a whirl. "How many of them were there anyway?" I tried to explain that I was dressed as I was because of my husband, that he commanded I wear such outfits, but all that came from my lips were whimpering sobs.



Suddenly I was twisted about and for the first time I saw my attacker. He was one of the soldiers I'd had a run in with and though I couldn't see past his shoulders I was certain at least three, possible even four of his friends had accompanied him. Of one thing I was thankful for though and that was that my face was no longer pressed into the lap it had been, but now with me on my back and my head bent at an angle because of the thigh my head rested against my face afforded an easy target. The soldiers face came down over mine and his lips pressed against my mouth. His tongue pushed and probed against my lips seeking entrance as I disparately twisted my head about in an effort to prevent him from kissing me. Fingers, probably those of the soldier who my head rested against, twisted into my dark chestnut hair forcing me to cease my struggles for fear that my hair might be yanked out. The soldier atop me shifted somewhat and at almost the exact second his tongue slipped between my lips his hand delved between my legs and his fingers once more begin rubbing my pussy.

Knowing that if I didn't at least try to fight it would seem to them that what they thought about me was correct, I began twisting about and kicking my legs wildly. Unwittingly all I accomplished was in allowing him freer access to my most private and personal part and when I realized this I stopped kicking, but by then it was too late for he had once more inserted his fingers into me. I tried to protest, but the lips that were pressed against mine and the tongue that was swirling about in my mouth acted like a gag, all but silencing me. But that wasn't the only reason for my protest. His fingers had begun to rhythmically move in and out of my pussy, awakening sensations in me that I hadn't thought possible. Across my mind fluttered Robert's perverted suggestion that I allow other men, strangers, to make love to me, as did my initial vehement refusal. Then like a rerun of an old TV show I recalled his excited persistent haranguing of how letting a stranger make love to me would add spice to our marriage and then his mind shattering confusion that what he wanted more then anything else was to watch as I made love to not one but two or more men at the same time. And now as if in answer to his request, with the exclusion of him being present to witness the happening I was surrounded by total strangers, with one of their number fingering my pussy while his lips mashed against mine and his tongue whirled madly about in my mouth. There was little doubt that what my husband had fantasized about was going to happen and despite my best efforts, and deny it though I tried, the sensations rippling through me like a stone tossed into a pond all worked to make a mockery of my earlier denial that such an event would never happen.

The glorious feelings washing over me were totally alien to me and it had a strange unsettling effect, so much so that I willingly surrendered to them. As brick after brick of the barrier I had constructed was reduced to rubble my inhibitions fled, leaving nothing to stand in the way of the new experience I was about to be party to. No longer did I try to stop the feelings of arousal that the soldier was awakening in me, instead I let them carry me where they would, and with my surrender my whole body seemed to melt and I ceased all struggle opening myself to him in every way imaginable. Unable to help myself I began to passionately respond to the administrations heaped upon me and just before my mind lost touch with reality I wondered if Robert had known that it would be like this. Soft meowing sounds of pleasure were breathed into the strangers mouth as his fingers toyed with my body, but it wasn't just his fingers, for the one upon whose lap my head rested had slid his hand into my blouse and was tweaking my nipples. Just as I thought it couldn't get any more glorious a third finger slipped between my moist quivering pussy lips rubbing against my clit and tearing a lustful moan from my lips. But that wasn't my only response for my hips jerked upward to met the fingers pounding into me in assurance they would remain. The stroking of my clit in almost perfect cadence to every third beat of my rapidly pumping heart was setting my body ablaze with desire and in response my hips began to quiver and dance ever more quickly. Stroking, slipping deeper, twisting about, pulling back, leaving me wanting, my hips jerking upward seeking and then once more the wonderful fingers sliding deep inside me.

Over and yet again the fingers worked slowly and repeatedly on my flesh and as much as my brain had long ago screamed at me not to give how many ever were present and witnessing my humiliating ordeal the satisfaction of seeing that I was becoming aroused, my body betrayed me. My legs parted and my ass began to squirm repeatedly in answer to the wonderful, hateful fingers while my tongue, as if with a mind of its own lashed out to met and then entwine with the one probing into every part of my mouth. What was wrong with me? Why was I responding so. My mind was overwhelmed with confusion then denial as the possibility that my surrender and yes acceptance of what was taking place was because Richard had wanted just such a thing as this to happen. Or was my now willing acceptance of the unfolding events because I had no other choice and had accepted the fact that each of them no matter how many there number were going to use me however they saw fit.

Thoughts of my husband, of all the effort and time, not to mention the money he'd squandered in an effort to get just such a response from me washed over me. "Were my present reactions the response he had sought to awaken in me since revealing his true nature?" "If that were the case, and if by some strange circumstance he could see my reactions to these strangers advances, would he be pleased that his young wife was reacting like a common slut?" This and even more raced through my mind as I wallowed in the glorious feelings being awakened in me. Instinctively I adjusted my body, shifting slightly onto my side thus letting my left hip press into the back of the seat while at the same time raising my leg to the top of the seat trapping the heel of my foot over the top edge. All of this I did without conscious thought in an effort to afford the fingers giving me so much pleasure freer access. My moans of arousal filled the car as comments of "Check the bitch out." and "Goddamn Hank that is one hot cunt, "---- "She be hot to trot boy." ---- "Hurry up and knock of a piece so the rest of us can have a go at the slut." Other things were said as well, nasty, disgusting things, but they were only words and it wasn't words I was interested in, it was action, and there wasn't anything I wouldn't do to achieve that end as I murmured "Fuck me." just as the lips that had been kissing me left mine. Again the body above me shifted and for a moment I was afraid he was going to leave me so I reached out desperately seeking to draw him back between my widely splayed legs. His mirthful chuckle that I was an eager bitch brought a flush to my cheeks as together with working feverishly to loosen his belt he uttered that I'd be getting all the cock I wanted real soon.

In my highly aroused state it seemed like an eternity but was in actuality probably only a minute before he managed to push his pants and underwear from about his waist then down to his knees before falling back atop me. With a sigh of "Yeesss." I reached between our two bodies grasping his cock and lovingly squeezing it while guiding it to the scalding cauldron of my pussy. I'm ashamed to say what I expected but his cock though as rigid as a lead pipe felt like it was an exact copy of my husband's, probably no longer then four inches and just about as big around. Thoughts of my husband's dick, remembrances of high school locker room gossip about boys cock's being no bigger then four or five inches surfaced, so even though I was well aware as to the size of the cock to expect, for a moment I was disappointed that it wasn't otherwise. Maybe because of the way my husband made me dress, or perhaps because of the cartoon pornography he often showed me, or maybe even because of his imaginative utterings during and after his insatiable and constant lovemaking sessions, I had, without even being aware of it secretly fantasized about a man with a big dick using me like the slut that Robert seemed to want to turn me into.

Suddenly I was snapped back to the present and to the events taking place as the one above me began cursing and grunting like a stuck pig. "Move that ass bitch, Oh yea, that's it, that's what I mean! ---- Move it sweet thing, show us how much you like having your cunt reamed." Without shame I responded to his words and to the thrusting of his cock by clutching at his ass cheeks while at the same time entwining my right leg between his along with arching from the seat and grinding my loins against his in a desperate attempt to not only pull him tighter to me but to also match his every move.

Faster he pounded into me as spittle sprayed from his mouth with every word he uttered and then all too soon his motion ceased as with our pelvis's mashed together his body shuddered and his buttocks which I still tightly held, clutched together and he groaned that he was cummin. As his cum spurted into me in three rapid and forceful bursts his satisfaction was achieved but mine was not, and he must have sensed it because as he climbed from atop me he muttered that I was a cock hungry horny slut. My reaction to his words was but a smile, which must have angered him because he hissed nastily then yanked at my blouse almost tearing it from my body before grasping my left tit and savagely twisting it. As I lay there almost completely exposed, what with my short skirt about my waist and my blouse open hanging off my shoulders the soldier upon whose lap my head rested squirmed about as his question to everyone but to no one wondering if I sucked cock accompanied the sound of his zipper sliding down.

Twisting his fingers into my hair once more he lifted and turned my face then just as the head of his cock touched my lips out of the corner of my eye I saw another soldier climb over the front seat, his cock already exposed waving about like a bobble head doll with each movement he made. He hadn't even bothered to pull his pants down, he'd simply unzipped himself and pulled his cock out in his eagerness. The sweaty, stale odor which wafted from the open zipper in front of my face almost made me gag and I held my breath for all of maybe thirty seconds before having to draw a breath or pass out from lack of oxygen. When I did so he pushed his cock between my lips chuckling suck it bitch, show us you like sucking cock as much as you like having your snatch pounded. I didn't have much of a chance to ponder his callous remark because the soldier who'd climbed from the front seat was now pulling at me, twisting me, turning me about and in short order I found myself on my knees with my ass in the air. Before me the cock I had started to suck waved like a hula dancer and before I realized what I was doing I reached out pulling it once more to my mouth and engulfing it. Behind me I felt the other soldier prying my legs apart and again without conscious thought I spread my legs planting my left foot on the floor of the car thus opening myself to him and a heart beat later my efforts were rewarded as I felt his cock poke against my pussy. Grasping my waist he pulled me backwards while at the same time humping forward sinking what I imagined was maybe a five inch cock into my cum drenched pussy in one forceful lunge. I was surprised that he had entered me in one stroke, but even more so that his cock was so skinny, probably no thicker then two fingers, and not even the cock sliding in and out of my lips could stop my giggle as I mentally called the one fucking me a sissy boy.



With the both of them pounding into me as rapidly as they could I knew it would be just a matter of time before they came but I hoped that before they did I would reach climax. Instead, like the first soldier they left me wanting and as they pulled from me and I fell to the seat the car doors opened and each was quickly replaced by someone else. That we had not moved from the parking garage had not dawned on me until that moment but I wasn't given time to dwell on it as the two new cocks sank into me but this time there was a difference. This time even though still bent at the waist I had been nearly pulled from the car and my feet now rested on the concrete allowing the soldier fucking my face to kneel on the seat while the other, standing upright and just outside the car worked feverishly at my cunt. That someone might wander by and witness what was happening filtered into my brain and just like when my husband often fucked me in places where we might get caught I began to orgasm and not just once but several times. That some time during one of my climaxes the two fucking me had spent themselves and had been replaced by others I wasn't aware of but then they too came accompanied by shouts of seven down, two to go.

For what seemed like an eternity there were no cocks pounding into me and without their support to hold me upright my head sank to the seat and my quivering legs began to give way. But I was prevented from collapsing completely when along with several stinging slaps across my ass cheeks, accompanied by comments about not going anywhere because someone might want seconds, fingers tightened around my waist holding me in just such a position so as to give whoever wanted to do so the opportunity to again fuck me. Beyond humiliation, but with lungs heaving from exertion I gulped air as if hyperventilating while obediently complying with demands to gyrate my ass and beg someone to fuck me. But the only answer to the pleas I was made to utter were snickers and derogatory remarks of what a cock hungry slut I was along with several more hard slaps across my bottom.

Then suddenly there was only silence, but still l continued to gyrate my hips and plead for someone to fuck me as my befuddled brain kept repeating the phrase seven down two to go while asking the question why the other two did not take their turn with me. Had seven men really used me, shot their cum into me like I was a common slut, or was it all a dream. It had to be a dream because hadn't I told Robert often enough that another man would never fuck me. Yes it was all a dream, but then why were my legs so weak and what was that sticky moistness I felt coating my inner thighs. If this were a dream why was I breathing as if I had run a marathon, and what was this salty thick fluid coating my lips and dribbling down my chin. Fingers twisted into my hair raising my face from off the seat. At first I saw only two knees but then a face appeared and though his lips moved no sound came to my ears. A smile, his lips again moving and this time as if from down a long tunnel his voice came to me telling me I was the best piece of ass any of the others had every had. Instead of feeling ashamed I felt only exaltation and pride that my sluttish behavior had earned the praise of seven strangers.

Yet the pride I felt would not be total until the two remaining soldiers had freely used and satisfied themselves upon my body. Still though his words of praise brought a blush to my cheeks. My eyes dropped from his face centering on his crotch as he said that he hadn't fucked me yet but that before he did he wanted a blow job. Obediently my fingers reached for and then pulled at his belt as soothing words of praise spilled from his lips. Behind me another voice asking if he could now fuck me was answered in the affirmative by the one whose cock I was trying to free, but I hardly took notice when he grabbed my hips and nudged my legs apart in preparation of taking me when I caught sight of the cock I'd finally freed. Unconsciously I salivated. Here was the cock that I had dreamed of, the cock that I longed for. Slowly, tenderly, almost as if I were afraid that it would disappear I curled my fingers around it, pulling on it, stroking it worshipfully and then I leaned forward opening my cum encrusted lips. My tongue swiped out over it's bulbous knob and then down its every bit of eight, nine inch almost wrist thick length. All the cocks I'd already sucked were forgotten as again and again my lips and tongue traveled over and around the wondrous man flesh cradled lovingly in my hand. My nostrils flared as I took in its musky odor, my head grew light as I savored it's aroma just as my lips and tongue were salivating with the taste of it.

Here was a cock I could worship and without reservation do whatever its owner commanded of me, even if it meant giving my body freely to untold numbers of men day after day to use however they saw fit just as long as after each act of debauchery my reward would be this magnificent cock. Tilting my face slightly I licked around its thick base and then down over the golf ball size testicles hanging below as from my puckered lips meowing sounds like a satisfied cat would make drowned out the laughter of all that were witnessing my whorish display of cock worship. Back up along its thick length my lips traveled and then my mouth, stretching wide opened to take it inside. Behind me and all but forgotten because of the magnificent cock I was worshiping with my mouth the cock that had been steadily and repeatedly pounding into my cum filled stretched pussy erupted sending its cum into me to mix with all the other that had gone before it.. Before me the soldier possessing the wondrous cock began to slowly move his hips in perfect time to the bobbing of my head and before either of us was aware that it was happening the spongy head of the cock was beating at the entrance to my throat. I had never before had a cock in my throat, not that I hadn't tried in an effort to pleasure Robert, but my gag reflexes had always kicked in and I would literally spit his cock out. But for reasons I couldn't explain I wanted this cock in my throat more then anything else and I didn't care if I choked to death in the process. As my lips slowly traveled down the thick length of the marvelous cock and it once more sought entrance to my throat I fought back my reflex to gag and instead gulped while at the same time swallowing and lunging forward. Stars like fireworks burst behind my tightly closed eye lids and my body quivered in orgasmic pleasure as the head of the cock entered and filled my throat, blocking off my air, but that didn't matter, nothing mattered any more for this glorious instrument of fertility that I had fantasized about was in my throat. If only its owner would fondle my tits I thought, and as if in answer to my telepathic plea hands closed over my tits squeezing and pulling them as the cock jerked and plunged even deeper into my throat. As my lips brushed into the sparse hair surrounding the base of the cock my mind screamed for its owner to pinch and yank my nipples, and once more as if the wonderful cock were able to read my mind fingers closed on my nipples and began pinching and pulling with such force as to rip them from my tits. The pain was tremendous, but because the magnificent cock had commanded it's owner to treat my nipples such I endured the pain, even glorying in it. My body vibrated, my soul soared heavenward as orgasm after orgasm enveloped me and then the cock erupted like a geyser sending its first blast of life giving spunk directly into my stomach without the benefit of my being able to taste the flavor of its ejaculation. Pulling back until just the broad head of the cock was between my lips I was able to not only taste but to swish its next offering of warm thick spunk around in my mouth before swallowing it. Again and again and yet again the wondrous cock erupted in my mouth filling my oral cavity to overflowing and sending my taste buds into overload. Each time it did so an orgasm of my own flowed through me making me feel that if the world were to end at that very moment I would die the most happy and satisfied women in the universe.

Slowly my eyes opened and I looked around expecting but not seeing any of the servicemen that had, and here I'll make a joke, serviced me, I was alone. A tinge of disappointment surfaced as the memory of the wondrous cock I had sucked came to me, I hadn't got a chance to feel it between my legs. Sitting upright I leaned forward looking across the front seat into the rear view mirror gasping at the sight I beheld. My hair was a mess, frizzled and in disarray with streaks of cum plastering parts of it to my scalp. My face though mostly clean had a shiny streak trailing from just above my right eye down over my cheek making my skin feel drawn while from the right corner of my lips another streak like drool trailed. Looking at my breasts I could see several bruises and when I touched them they were tender. Further down I could see along my inner thighs smears of cum that had or were in the process of drying. My left stocking was torn and down past my knee while my right stocking, though still in place had several unexplained holes in it and my right leg just like my left had several dark spots that looked like pinch marks. My pussy, barely hidden by my skirt felt stretched and tender not to mention that I felt as if I were sitting in a puddle of water. Looking around I saw my purse siting on the floor beside the brake peddle and with some effort I climbed from the rear seat into the front. For a moment I thought of calling a taxi but my appearance would likely draw too many questions and I didn't feel like I was up to answering any inquires as to my condition. Starting the car I slowly drove through the maze of parked automobiles and when I reached the exit and paid the parking fee the teller gave me questioning looks but thankfully said nothing. As the gate rose to let me through a giggle burst from my lips at the thought that my couple of hours of depravity with no less then nine men had cost me twelve dollars.

- The End -

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