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"Dad's Sex Toy"

      by A. G. Thomas

      (nc, sad, MMMf, cuckold, servant, MMMMMMMMMMf interr)

When Melania accepted my offer of marriage I was on cloud nine. She had been a sophomore and 2 years younger but when I saw her that first time, looking lost, frightened and all alone I knew that she and I were meant to be together from the day we first met. There was something different about her and I don't mean just the fact that she was oriental. She was the prettiest girl I had ever seen and there was an inner glow about her that just made you want to reach out and hug her. There was also a fire burning in her lithe curvaceous body that I glimpsed on our second date when we made out in the back seat of my car.

But unlike some of the other girls in school who spread their legs when they went out with one of the football or basketball players, she drew the line beyond kissing and I respected her for that. My dad was rude, almost indifferent to her when I introduced them. As they looked at each other, her eyes lowered, and with a slight bow of her head told him that she wished only to love his son and to also have his father look on her as a daughter that would do anything to please him. I had no idea what that simple sentence would come to mean as she whispered those words but I was to find out the night before we married.

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Melania began coming to my house instead of me picking her up when we had our Saturday dates and I enjoyed her company. I was usually busy doing work around the house and even though she would help sometimes but as the weeks flew by she began to stay in the house and fawn over my father like a servant. At first I didn't pay it much mind but as I saw less of her during the day. I got mad and one night I asked her what the hell she was doing.

"Richard I wish for your father to like me. It is most important if we are to be happy. Besides, I have gotten much pleasure from doing things for him." Thinking about her words I thought it was just her oriental mind at work and dismissed it like I had weeks earlier when she had said there was something she needed to tell me about my father. I should have paid her a little more attention and things would have been different, but then again Melania and I would not be as happy as we are today.

I got a job after school working until midnight as well as on the weekends from 9:00 to 5:00 and it cut in greatly to the time she and I spent together. She began coming over to my house after school and we would spend a couple of hours together before I had to go to work and even though I could have dropped her at home on the way to the job, she told me after the third day that my father had asked her to stay and that from now on he would take her home. It saved me on gas and the fact that my father was willing to do this meant that he was finally starting to pay attention to her; little did I know just how much. But as I sit here looking for the second time at the tape playing in the VCR of my future wife, my father as well as his friends I now know just how much attention he was giving her. But now I'll let Melania tell you her story.

My name is Melania Nari Nam I am Vietnamese. My mother met my father during the war and though he was an American Sergeant, she fell in love with him deeply; against her parents wishes. When I was born the Americans were about to leave. My mother's parents were fearful for our safety as well as theirs and tried to talk my mother into fleeing into the country to escape but Mom had refused hoping that my father would get us out of the country. We did flee, but only because as the last plane was loading a soldier came explaining that he had promised her husband that he would get her and the baby out of the country and to America if anything happened to him.



He was kind and saw that we got my fathers insurance and Army pay and helped us fit into our new country. When I had just turned sixteen we moved and as I entered my new school I met Adam. He was very kind and we became good friends, and then I met his father. His father made me feel almost ashamed to be Vietnamese and I hung my head telling him that I loved his son and wished only for his father to accept her. As the weeks went by I tried to please him and make him like me, but nothing I did seemed to work. Adam told me his father had been a prisoner of the Viet Cong and it was very hard for him to deal with the fact that his son loved a Vietnamese girl.

One day after helping Adam wash the car I entered his house with my clothes all wet and that is the day my life changed because his father came into the bed room as I was changing and forced himself on me. I was so ashamed, and though I feared that Adam would no longer love me I tried to tell him but he didn't pay attention and so from that day on Adams father used me almost daily. At first I feared him because he would curse and slap me calling me a Viet cong slut and a worthless whore. He was careful to never leave a mark on my body and though his beatings did at first hurt, as the weeks went by I found a perverted thrill in the fact that Adams father used my young body for his sexual satisfaction.

I began to look forward to the beatings as well as the sexual and mental abuse. He never commanded me to do anything as far as how I should dress or act when around him, he would instead tell me stories of the Vietnamese whores, of how they dressed and sold their bodies to servicemen, and then he would call me his little Vietnamese whore and pay me money after he fucked me. At first I felt no better than a slut when it happened the first time, but as the weeks went by his sexual and mental abuse began to have greater meaning for me than my love for Adam. This man had complete control over my every action and knew it. I was and still am completely subservient to his every wish.

I began dressing like the whores he told off and was rather surprised when Adam told me how pretty and sexy I looked instead of asking why I had began dressing in such short skirts and spending the afternoons with his father. Once he caught me sitting on his fathers lap with my back to him and my legs spread to either side of his, and I thought Adam would notice the back of my skirt was hiked up almost exposing my buttocks and that his fathers cock was buried in my pussy right there in the living room in the middle of the day. As he stood there before us telling his father he was going to the store he then kissed my lips telling me that he was glad to see that his father and I were getting along and I almost lost control and screamed out in ecstasy, and as he turned my body began to shudder and I began bouncing up and down on the glorious 9 inch cock buried in my pussy.

Flashes of my young body being sandwiched between Adam and his father floated before me and again I almost screamed out in pleasure but his father's hand covered my mouth cutting off my scream. As the door closed he removed his hand and my garbled cries of ecstasy filled the room. "You liked my son almost catching you with my cock in your snatch didn't you slut? Well maybe some day I'll let him watch so he can see just how much of a cheap whore his Vietnamese girl friend really is, now get on your knees and suck me clean."

Kneeling before him and licking the juices of our love making from the length of his cock before taking him between my lips and sucking his semi-hard cock he told me the Vietnamese whores never wore panties or a bra and then he whispered that the first thing I should do upon entering his house was to find him and suck his dick. I was his slave, a fuck toy that he could do whatever he wanted with and I found this somehow thrilling. But when I entered the house the next day, minus the bra and panties as instructed I couldn't find him anywhere and then I went out to the garage. There were three men with him and as I stepped to him and stood on my tiptoes to kiss him the look in his eyes stopped me cold.



I knew that he had instructed me to suck his cock when I first saw him but I never thought that he would mean or expect it when he was with someone else. His look frightened but yet thrilled me so, that I dropped to my knees and undid his pants pulling his cock free and took it into my mouth as the other men looked on. As I licked and sucked his cock he told the men that I was his sons girlfriend, Melania, a cheap Vietnamese slut, and that after I finished him off he was sure that the VC whore would be more then happy to suck their cocks as well. As he filled my mouth with his cum their laughter rang in my ears as they said it was just like old times back in Nam.

That afternoon in the garage I learned how to deep throat a cock and I will have to admit that in addition to swallowing cum, which by the way I had grown to love the taste of, I loved the feel of a cock entering my throat. Within a week these same friends of Adams father were also fucking me and I spent many an evening on my back as they crawled between my legs while my boyfriend was at work. During their poker games I was given one of those skimpy French maid outfits to wear. A micro mini with the ruffles and a small apron combined with fishnet stockings and 4 inch heels, and as I served them drinks they would feel me up and then sooner or later one of them would pull me into his lap, kissing me as he pulled my top down squeezing my breast and pinching my nipples so hard that it hurt.

And then they would lay me across the table and as one of them fucked me another would shove his dick into my throat. On my seventeenth birthday Adams father invited six more men to the poker party and as a present to his little Vietnamese whore he fucked me in the ass while all ten men watched. At first the pain was so great that I thought I would die and my screams echoed through his house until one of them shoved his cock into my mouth muffling my screams. Slowly as he humped into me calling me a slut and a whore the pain lessened and I began slowly moving my hips around in little circles and then pushing backwards to met his thrust.

The laughter of the men as they yelled at him to fuck the little sluts VC ass filled me with shame but at the same time I knew that not even if Adam had walked through the front door could I stop until this man had filled my smoldering asshole with cum. I mumbled around the cock in my throat for him to fuck my ass and then in a blinding flash I climaxed. As his cock slipped from my anus and another took his place he told me that he was video tapping this evening. When the second man pulled his spent dick from my ass hole, I was made two kneel over one man and take his dick into my cunt as another was shoved into my cum soaked anus while a third slipped between my lips and into my throat.

Before he took me home, I was simultaneously fucked by all of them at least once, my young slim body was in constant state of motion and on an emotional high as orgasm after orgasm washed over me like surf pounding against the shore. I was completely servile to not only Adams father but to the other 10 men as well. And when they finally tired of using me they threw money on my cum smeared body saying that I should be paid like my Vietnamese whore sisters. With the money they paid me that night as well as the months before and after, I was able, when Adam finally asked me to marry him, to not only buy the wedding gown that I will wear when I get married tomorrow but also enough to pay for the wedding.

And as my future husband watches the tape for the second time that his father made that night all those months ago, his father is going to tell him that as a wedding present to Adam, 15 of his war time buddies are going to fuck his son's Vietnamese slut wife on her wedding night and he will get to watch.

- The End -

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