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"Chocolate Treat II"

      by A. G. Thomas

      (M+F interr rough oral anal voy)

 ...continues from part one - click here to start there... 

For at least the fourth time in only 10 minutes Denise glanced at the clock and then back into her mirror, hardly believing that she was going through with it. The reflection staring back at her betrayed not the slightest the terrible inner struggle she'd gone through over the weekend, but now that she'd made up her mind she might as well make the best of the situation. Self consciously she gave her skimpy red and black checked pleated skirt a tug, very aware that beneath it she was without panties.

Then, picking up her keys she turned, murmuring to herself she might as well get it over with. As she pulled up before the school she half expected Melcolm to be waiting for her and when he didn't appear a feeling of both relief and disappointment washed over her, confusing her. With a deep sigh of resignation, her head held high and looking neither right or left she walked through the crowd of students who were waiting until the last possible moment before rushing to their home rooms.

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Despite her jumbled nerves and apprehension a smile touched the corners of her brightly painted lips as several whistles shrilled behind her but what caused her heart to flutter madly was an awe spoken remark of "That is one fine looking piece of tail!" Entering her class room she looked over her class, mentally taking in their number much as she'd done since starting two weeks earlier and then her eyes settled directly on Melcolm, who to her surprise seemed totally indifferent to her. Her attention shifted and her eyes again settled on the rest of the class as the sound of in drawn breaths and exclamations of "Holyyyyy shit! Teach be looking fine this morning" sounded abnormally loud in the otherwise quiet room.

Walking to her desk she asked if everyone had done their home work over the weekend and then she turned to look at her students who, to her heightened self-consciousness appeared to be undressing her with their eyes. Frightened, she stepped back, putting her desk between her and her students, wondering as she did so if she should make a run for the door when suddenly a questioning voice spoke her name causing her in her fright to jump like a startled rabbit.

Turning to where the voice had come from, her eyes fixed on Mr. Thurston the principal and she shuddered visibly as her inner voice smugly remarked "Now you've had it." For a moment he said not a word as his eyes traveled over the broadly grinning faces of her students and then his attention again centered on her. At first she didn't think she'd heard him correctly when he said he personally approved of her new wardrobe but he couldn't have her upsetting his students. Confused by his remark of upsetting his students she could only stare at him with opened mouth but her mind replied, "Upset, they're not upset! They're grinning like Cheshire cats. And what does he mean "his" students, they're mine."

Dumbfounded by his remark and not a little shocked and confused, she shifted her gaze to the still grinning faces her students, her eyes drawn like magnets to one in particular and then she turned to look back at Mr. Thurston whose eyes seemed to be undressing her. With a jerk of his head as an indication for her to follow him she stepped from behind her desk walking woodenly toward him as he said to the class in general that Melcolm was in charge while he and Ms. Maxwell discussed her attire. To her horror as she stepped beside him he reached out patting her buttocks muttering "Nice, very nice." and then together they stepped into the empty hallway but not before he told the class not to look for them any time soon.

In panic her mind shouted "I told you not to do it. I told you Melcolm was just toying with you. He doesn't care a twit about you. Didn't you see the mirthful smile on his face, you're nothing but a stupid cunt for doing what he said and you deserve what your going to get. You deserve to be fired." But another voice, a more tranquil almost laid-back voice whispered that everything was going to be all right. That Mr. Thurston was just going to talk to her, tell her she shouldn't dress quite so revealing. That it aroused and excited the students, especially the older ones, the ones in their sexual prime. As the voice kept whispering reassuringly she began to relax but tensed again as Mr. Thurston tightened his hold about her slim waist, pulling her tighter to him at the same time placing his hand lightly on her gently swaying hip.

She wanted to tell him to remove his hand but she was afraid to. She was already in trouble and if she upset or offended him things might go worse for her. With her mind racing a mile a minute about her predicament she hardly felt and paid little heed to his hand as it slipped from her hip to cup her gently rolling buttocks. Twice they were stopped by teachers who, after running their eyes over her as if inspecting a prime piece of meat and with broad smiles, uttered such remarks as it was about time a pretty white girl attended the school and it'll be a pleasure seeing to her education.

But the actions and remark that really shocked her was from the science teacher, who, after pushing his face to hers, inhaling deeply of her perfume and then without masking or trying to hide his intentions as to what he had in mind, had whispered in her ear that he was going to really enjoy shoving his cock in her young white snatch.

Denise was both shocked and relieved. To say she was shocked by Mr. Thurston's indifference to being seen with his hand on the ass of young white girl who these teachers assumed to be a new student was an understatement, but she was totally floored by the strong sexual hints and then the outright admission by one of their number of what would have been in store for her had she been a new student. But over-riding her shock was tremendous relief that she hadn't been recognized, not even by the science teacher when his face had only been an inch from hers. for she was afraid that if she had been, the men, instead of just hinting at sex with a young teenage white girl would have taken her somewhere, perhaps an empty classroom or down into the basement to repeatedly use her to satisfy their carnal depravity. Yet despite her fear of what might have happened if she had been recognized, her mind shifted once again to her as a teenager wondering if indeed the teachers would really have given her private tutoring, too, as they slyly said further her education or had their bravado and blustering only been talk and then her mind emptied of such thoughts as they stepped into his office.

For what seemed like an eternity, as she nervously stood before him, he simply looked at her, grinning broadly. Then he told her she had two choices to make. One was that she could spread around some of that pussy she was all but showing; the other was that she could wait for the authorities, whereupon she'd be arrested and very likely end up in jail, labeled a child molester. Flabbergasted, her mouth dropped open as he told her he suspected her of fucking one and possibly more of her students, for why else would she suddenly change her appearance.

He went on to say that he suspected that the boy or boys had suggested maybe even demanded that she dress in such skimpy clothes and that since she had complied her they were even now bragging to their cohorts that they had fucked her. Holding up his hand, silencing her feeble denial, he told her to strip. Then, dropping his hand to the phone as a reminder that he could call the cops, he smiled at her. A faint "No." came from her lips but seeing no way out other then to comply she began to slowly unbutton her blouse as a madly giggling voice inside her head gibbered, I told you so, I told you so!!

As the last button popped loose and her blouse slid from her shoulders she struggled inwardly with herself to accept the fact that she was being blackmailed to make love to this overweight grotesque individual and with her mind occupied thus she barely heard his muttered, "No bra, nice, very nice, and her titties ain't bad either. Kinda small but they look nice and firm." For a moment she stood there unmoving letting his eyes feast on her rapidly rising and falling breasts, unsure as to what he expected her to do next but then he gave a slight gesture with his hand and obediently she reached behind her, unfastening her skirt letting it slip from her waist to pool about her feet.

Her mind was awash with fear, apprehension and though she hated to admit it, excitement. The similarity between what was happening now and what had happened Friday was almost scary and she strongly suspected that the outcome would be the same and she found this slightly amusing. She was snapped back into the present when her thoughts were interrupted by his exclamation of, "Holy shit the little bitch ain't wearing no panties either," but she had to strain to hear his mutterings of how he was really going to enjoy sticking it to her. That by the time he was through with her he'd have her begging for black cock." The idea, no, the reality that she was going to be made love to by yet another negro was inescapable.

What was it about black men? Were they always horny or was it the idea that they might get to fuck a white women that made it seem so. She kept telling herself that she didn't want this to happen, that she didn't want this fat old man to stick his penis between her legs to rut and wallow over her like a beached whale, repeatedly slamming his hot sweaty body against hers but her body told another story, for her breasts which had been rapidly rising and falling from anxiety began to tingle and her nipples hardened, swelling almost to the point of aching and she felt herself becoming wet for the second time in almost as many days.



Her breathing quickened and her pulse began to race and despite her repulsion of the man as an individual her thoughts flashed with questions such as would his dick be hard and long, would it twitch and jerk as he thrust into her and would it stretch her, fill her, give her as much pleasure as her young student's cock had. She became confused and began doubting her own denial of submitting to this man so without willing herself to and without thinking of what she was doing she quickly stepped to him without the slightest hesitation when he again gestured.

Yet when she reached to loosen and remove his shirt and tie he brushed her hands aside telling her to remove his pants. Loosening his belt she unfastened his pants and then, dropping to her knees, she pulled them from his hips and down his legs. Then without being told she raised each of his feet in turn stripping him of his pants. With her eyes fixed on the growing bulge beneath his shorts she waited anxiously for his next command but when it didn't come she raised her eyes questionably to his dark face. Her mind screamed, pleaded with him to command her and when finally he gave a slight nod her small delicate fingers shaking nervously hooked into the waist band of his shorts and like a child opening a Christmas present she tugged, yanking his shorts from about his waist and down his dark legs.

Aroused by the sight of his penis her eyes clouded with lust and with her tongue tracing repeatedly over her brightly painted lips she eagerly reached for and began stroking him, not hearing, or if she did, not caring the slightest about his chuckling remark that she was an eager little slut. It mattered not to her that his dick was not the same length or girth and didn't have the large mushroom like knob for a head like her young lovers cock. It was black, and being black she was sure it would give her as much pleasure as her master's had. Looking into Mr. Thurston's smiling face and twinkling eyes she rolled back the skin covering the head of his dick, noticing as she did so the drops of pre cum beginning to dribble from the slit at the very tip. Flicking her tongue out she leaned forward to lick over and smack her lips against the twitching head of his penis savoring as she did so the pearl-like drops of cum and then, parting her lips, she pulled him into the hot wet confines of her mouth, drawing a suction.

With one hand still about the base of his cock pulling and stroking him her head began to slowly move forward and backward taking more and more of his jerking cock into her mouth as her other hand reached up to cradle and roll his testicles. Releasing her grip on his cock her hand slid upward, her fingers feeling, pressing into his large stomach before slipping around his waist to clutch at his buttocks. That his breath was coming in ragged gasp let her know that what she was doing was right, that the hours she had spent over the weekend practicing on the large cucumber she had purchased had not been in vain.

As her saliva built she swallowed, instinctively relaxing her throat muscles and thus allowing the head of his cock to slip into the entrance of her throat. Her mind, clouded with desire, relished the feel of his cock slithering into her throat and in response her head began to bob faster and her fingers tightened their hold on his scrotum while the fingers of her other hand squeezed and pulled at his pumping jerking ass cheeks. Immense pleasure washed over her as his cock slid deeper into her throat. Her chest swelled with pride knowing that she had accomplished what a man expected of a woman who was sucking his dick. Her lips brushed the kinky hairs surrounding the base of his cock and her nose pressed flaredly into his groin muffling her moans of arousal and lust that had been mixing with his almost sob like moans of "Oh sweet Jesus."

Two sets of dark fingers pushed through her long blonde hair tightly gripping the sides of her head as his hips jerked and lunged into her face and then with a sound like a grunting pig Mr. Thurston held her tightly to his groin as his cock erupted like a volcano spewing his warm thick cum into her throat. Despite her best efforts to swallow the on rushing flow some of it spilled from the corners of her tightly clasped lips dribbling down her chin to land on her nipples sending electric like shocks through her already quivering orgasm-racked body.

For long minutes they remained together; neither of them wanting her lips to leave his cock, but finally he released her head, pulling his deflated cock from her mouth. Soft purring sounds issued from her throat as she continued to kneel at his feet looking with longing and anticipation at his limp cock as his words of praise telling her she really knew how to suck dick and whichever student she was fucking was one lucky black son of a bitch filled her ears. But Denise wanted more, she wanted to be fucked, to have his dark fat body atop hers his bucking hips splaying her legs apart as he thrust into her. To have his labor induced sweat trickle onto her naked white flesh and with that thought burning in her brain she reached out closing her fingers about his limp cock, squeezing, pulling, willing it to once again get hard.

But to her disappointment it remained soft as he laughingly told her she was one horny, black cock crazy white slut and then pulling her hand from his cock he told her if she was that hungry for nigger cock he'd see what he could do. Though his laughing remark had shamed her his last words of seeing what he could do gave her the faint hope that soon, very soon he would regain his strength and would then fuck her. Her mind, feverish with desire, told her to show him how badly she wanted his dark cock in her pussy, that her actions would excite him and so rocking back on her heels she spread her legs pushing her hand between them tickling her pussy lips while looking with expectation and longing at him as he talked into the phone.

As he watched her bouncing lightly up and down, her fingers pushing, twisting into her cunt, he choked and sputtered, almost dropping the phone. Never had he witnessed such behavior, such cock hunger and despite the fact that this young white teacher had just drained a weeks worth of sperm from his cock it twitched, jerking slightly and began to harden. He hated to share her but he knew he alone couldn't satisfy her, quench her seemingly insatiable need for cock, and as much as he hated to admit it he knew he'd made the right decision when he saw her eyes glaze over as he told her that in a few minutes she'd be getting her brains fucked out by a few of her fellow teachers and then he chuckled saying that if they didn't satisfy her hunger for black cock he could always call in the rest of the teachers and have a good old fashion gang bang. Then, settling into his chair he slowly began stroking his cock silently thanking God for delivering this beautiful blonde black cock crazy slut into his hands as he waited for his expected visitors.

As the door to his office opened he began to rise but then quickly slumped back into his chair, for instead of who he expected, the large bulk of the schools defensive tight end filled his door looking menacingly at him. He cringed in fear, instinctively knowing that it was this boy, this hulking teenager who was more a man than boy that Denise had fallen into the clutches of. Stepping forward Melcolm's hand touched Denise's shoulder and she, thinking it was one of the men whom Mr. Thurston had told her would satisfy her terrible need, shifted about to face him reaching for his zipper in order to free the cock she so badly needed. Pulling her to her feet he slapped her, her head snapping back her cheek turning red, stinging from the blow. Then he began vigorously shaking her like a parent does a disobedient child while yelling that she was his bitch. That she was to never touch another dick-swinging black mother fucker, no matter how horny she got, unless he gave her permission.

Then, pushing her away, he told her to get her goddamn clothes on. Shifting his gaze on the principal he moved so fast the man had no time to react. Then, leaning heavily onto the desk, Melcolm shoved his face to within an inch of the cowering naked mans face, telling him if he ever touched his bitch again he'd burn the school down around his ears. Within minutes, along with vigorous nods of consent from Mr. Thurston it was agreed that Denise could dress as Melcolm saw fit. Then, turning abruptly he told Denise to get her ass moving. As he half pulled, half drug her down the corridor, he screamed at her that if she ever sucked Mr. Thurston's or any other cock without his permission he would have every fucking stud in school shove his cock in her and not just in her mouth or cunt but up her ass as well.

Twice more he slapped her as she made an effort to explain her actions, the sound echoing in the empty hallway almost as loud as his ranting. Finally she managed to explain, to tell him of Mr. Thurston accusations and how he'd threatened to have her arrested if she didn't do as he said, but this only made him madder and he threatened to kill the son of a bitch and every member of his family. Where before Denise had been frightened, almost scared witless as he'd yelled at and hit her she was now horrified,. He shouldn't be loudly talking of murder and in desperation, she hurled herself into his arms, pulling his face to hers, kissing him deeply. She cared not in the slightest if Mr. Thurston was killed but to be without Melcolm, her young lover, her master, was unthinkable.

As her tongue pushed into his mouth her hand dropped to his groin feeling, massaging his dick. Then, breaking the kiss, she purred softly that she needed and wanted him and then she dropped to her knees, pulling at his pants, not caring that at any moment the bell might ring and the hallway fill with hundreds of students. Her only thought was to silence him. For a moment, his mind still seething with murderous rage toward the principal, he simple looked down at her as she struggled to free his cock and then regaining his composure he pulled her to her feet, steering her from the school and toward her car.



As he drove, one hand on the wheel, the other between her legs, massaging, then pushing between her pussy lips, drawing gasp of pleasure from her. He thought of what she had done in an effort to silence his ranting, of what she had been willing to do right there in the hallway where at any moment the students would have been passing by and he knew without a doubt that this beautiful blonde educated white women was his slave and that whatever he wished to do or have done to her she would willingly accept. That evening he used her repeatedly, fucking her hard and long, as she in response to his savage animalistic use of her slim white body, even surrendered her virgin ass to him. Later as she looked down into his sleeping face she knew she had sealed her fate, that she was the sexual slave of this volatile 15 year old negro and she wondered what was in store for her in the days, weeks and months ahead and then she drifted off.

In the morning, after preparing him breakfast, she showered, noticing as she entered her bedroom the outfit he had laid out for her and her breath caught at the sight of it. Eagerly she slipped into it, thanking him profusely as she twisted about looking at herself in the mirror from all angles. A blood red skin tight spandex dress that was not only strapless but had an open back as well. The tight bodice just barely covered her breasts, while the one inch hem, only slightly looser then the rest of the dress, gave the impression the skirt would easily rise, exposing her just barely covered pussy. The outfit was one of saucy seductiveness giving an admirer, and rightly so, the impression that with an inch or so less material she would have been exposed. As she preened and cooed she remembered where she'd seen the dress before. She'd seen it on the cartoon character Betty Boop and her thought at that time had been how sultry yet vampish it had looked.

Looking at herself again she thought it was just as sultry and vampish on her as it had been on Betty but there was something missing, the little garter strap with a small red heart on it. Nevertheless she loved it and him for getting it for her and turning to again thank her young lover for the dress her eyes lit up when she saw him twirling a small garter strap about his finger and excitedly she grabbed at and slipped it on, shivering with excitement in anticipation of the wanton looks she would receive from her, no, all of the students.

But instead of going to school he had her drive into Macon, an hour and a half drive away, telling her she was going to get herself some whore clothes. As they walked through the mall she thought nothing of his hand upon her ass or that several times as men looked at her with lecherous eyes he made a show of kissing her neck or nibbling on her ear, making her shudder with excitement and giggle like a teenager. The fact that he did it more often in front of white men only heightened her arousal and response as inwardly, with heart beating rapidly she thought how shameless she was behaving. In a black owned jewelry store he picked out and had her pay for a sterling silver choker with the words "Nigger Meat" inlaid in black onyx.

By the end of the day she had spent several hundred dollars, dollars that she could ill afford to waste but had never the less done so at his insistence, but she really didn't mind because everything she'd bought was wickedly sinful. In return, she had several revealing outfits that before buying she had paraded around the store flaunting herself before every black man she came across, flirtatiously asking them if they liked and approved of her outfit. Denise, her pussy leaking, her nipples straining against her spandex dress, threatening to burst through, was more aroused now then she had ever been. She could hardly wait to get home and pull her young stud atop her, to have him ravish her savagely and repeatedly. But Melcolm had other plans and pulling her into the men's bathroom he leaned her over a sink pulling her legs back and apart then dropping his pants about his ankles he shoved his cock into her and began to rapidly hump into her. For a moment, a split second during which his hard thick cock first pressed against her pussy lips, she worried about strangers entering, but then his cock slithered into her and all thoughts except how wonderful his thick black organ felt vanished. Tightly gripping the faucets both as a means of support and leverage she pushed back to met his hard forceful lunges, her long blonde hair waving about as she bucked and writhed against him and then his hands grabbed her tits yanking at the thin material, freeing them. Her breath came in ragged gasp as his fingers pulled and yanked her nipples, stretching them hurtfully, but she didn't care. In fact, she loved it, pleading with him to pinch them, to tear them from her body. Forcefully, wantonly she pushed backwards in an effort to take every inch of his hard black cock into her pussy. The sound of their bodies slapping together added to her excitement, her arousal.

With eyes misting with love and passion for the young negro so thoroughly fucking into her from behind she raised her head to look into the mirror at him, totally unprepared for what she saw staring back at her. Behind and around her young black lover stood seven young negros, their faces aglow at the spectacle of a white woman twisting and humping against a large burly negro who was forcefully fucking her from behind. Melcolm felt her tense, felt her wild bucking movements slow but not altogether stop and he smiled into the mirror at her stunned, beautiful face. He had been aware of the boys arrival, had even more forcefully and dramatically shoved into her for their benefit and now without giving her a chance to respond or to give her time to think about the sudden appearance of the newcomers, Melcolm leaned over her grunting they had visitors.

With her eyes still locked upon the strangers reflected in the mirror her mind emptied as his words telling her she was a shameless slut that she loved being fucked in front of strangers filled her ears and as if to prove him right, though she said not a word, her movements increased in tempo. Whispered words asking her if she wanted the boys to fuck her; to shove their hard black dicks into her mouth and into her cunt tickled her ears; whispered words telling her that all she had to do was ask washed over her, causing shivers of wantonness to ripple up her spine. A soulful moan of lust and arousal came from her quivering lips as the vision of her being used by seven black teenagers, young boys who she would never see again filled her mind.

Unable to speak, she simply nodded into the mirror and a second later other hands, other fingers were upon her tits, replacing Melcolm's and just as his had done, they pulled and stretched her nipples, hurtfully causing loud pleasurable moans to issue from deep in her chest. Then a whimper of disappointment and a pleading "No." spilled from her lips as Melcolm withdrew his cock from her, but she wasn't without a cock for long because even as he stepped back and while the fingers continued to maul her small lust hardened breast other hands pulled hers from the faucets and a moment later she was on her hands and knees, both of which were spread widely apart. For what seemed like an eternity to her the boys just stood there paying little heed to her soulful moans and soft whimpering pleas to be fucked. But she was wrong on both assumptions for even as her soft pleading moans filled the bathroom the grinning boys were removing their clothes and closing in about her, and a heart beat later the cock she so badly wanted, needed, slipped between her pussy lips and began pumping furiously. She knew it wasn't Melcolm. The cock didn't fill her as much but still it felt good and she began to move in rhythm with the boys rapid pumping. She wanted to turn, to see which boy was fucking her but one of the others twisted his fingers into her long blonde hair pulling her face to his waiting cock. Obediently her lips parted allowing the boy to push his dick into her mouth and then they clamped about his cock, her tongue licking and rolling over the knob as she drew a suction.

Her mind gibbered nonsensically as her petite body was buffeted between the two boys. She was on a high that she didn't think and never wanted to come down from and to just think there was still five of them that wanted to do the same thing to her. As she moved first against one and then the other she caught snatches of conversations, of the boys wanting to know her name, her age, of disbelieving murmers when told she was 22 and a school teacher, silence. Her ragged breath, her repeated moans answered by labored grunting from one or both of the boys shoving their dicks into her, then nervous laughter as the young boys boastfully bragged of giving the teacher a lesson.

For a moment she lost her hearing as a roar like pounding surf erupted in her ears as the two that were fucking her filled her mouth and cunt with spunk and then withdrew. Her body quivering like a wind blown leaf, her mind screaming for more cock and then her wish granted as two others stepped forward to thrust their cocks into her. As if from a great distance she heard Melcolm, her lover, her master, reiterate with pride that she was 22 and his bitch, that she would do anything, fuck anybody to please him and her already fluttering heart swelled, beating even faster as she in an effort to show these young boys that what he had said was true increased her gyrations. Denise was in heaven, the smell of sweaty man/boy flesh, the rapid forceful pounding into her petite white body by two eager black cocks at once, the aroma of unbridled sex and the taste of cum assaulted her senses as again and again she was used to satisfy the young teenagers sexual hunger until finally there was only one remaining.

As the last boy stepped behind her shoving his cock into her well lubricated stretched cunt Melcolm knelt beside her, telling her that as she had been fucking the young boys five white men had walked in, that in fact they were still here, that they were watching her. Then raising his voice slightly, as if speaking more to them than to her, he asked if she was ashamed being seen fucking a bunch of black boys, or was she such a slut, such a whore that only black cocks could satisfy her. For a second as her mind tried to comprehend what he had said about white men witnessing, watching her getting gang-fucked, her pumping gyrating movements slowed but then quickly and even more forcefully her body humped backwards against the young negro fucking her.

The sound of her wanton lustful moans, the quivering rapid movements of her small white body in response to the negro slamming his cock into her and the slapping of naked flesh against naked flesh was answer enough to the five white onlookers witnessing her shameful display of cock hunger and nodding their heads in disbelief they exited the bathroom but not before witnessing the seventh and last black youth fill her cunt with his seed. During the ride home she slept, her dreams filled with cocks, short, long, fat, skinny, all of them black, and all eager to fuck her, to fill her mouth and cunt and even her ass with their warm thick sperm, little realizing that the gang fuck that she had so willingly, eagerly participated in that very afternoon was but a prelude a preamble of what lay in store for her.

At school, shamelessly attired in her new "slut clothes", proudly wearing her choker proclaiming her "Nigger Meat" she couldn't keep herself from looking longingly at every boy, wondering and dreaming what it would be like to have this one or that one push his dick into her cunt or down her throat. But Melcolm knew, so to satisfy his own depravity as well as to appease Denise's insatiable craving and hunger for black cock, her class room became like a sex circus. A class where even the young girls eagerly participated. Where, at times, as the beautiful blonde woman knelt before her class allowing even welcoming two and even three teenage boys to simultaneously shove their hard black dicks into her the girls, would strive to imitate her actions.

At other times as Denise lay atop her desk, her legs widely splayed, her small tight ass cheeks repeatedly and rapidly thumping against her desk as she writhed and twisted, humping upward to met the pleasurable hard thrust of each eager young black lover, the girls, who if they themselves weren't being fucked or sucking some boys dick would fondle her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples savagely, hurtfully, while muffling her moans of arousal and desire with deep tongue lashing passionate kisses. Denise was lost in a world of her own choosing, her carnal desire even included her female students, deriving great pleasure whenever one of them licked and tongued her pussy and she was not lax in returning the action in kind.

Her depraved behavior and actions were now second nature and as natural as breathing. She was shameless and her need, her craving for black cock extended beyond high school. Twice when Melcolm, along with a dozen or so boys in tow, arrived at her home, he caught her entertaining several fifth and sixth graders, his 13 year old brother among them, instructing them, directing them as he filmed the beautiful white woman fucking youth after youth and even taking multiple cocks. All good things must end and so it was in this case to the huge disappointment of all the young boys to which she had been a sex toy too, for when the multitude of snap shots and film began to circulate, become public knowledge. Denise, fearing arrest, vanished. But that Melcolm also vanished was a surprise, at least to all but his young brother, who if you could believe his story, had moved with Denise to California and that he was directing her career in porno films.

If you listened he would boastfully rattle off several film titles, offering to take you home to view his collection. A collection showing a beautiful blonde white woman being fucked singularly and multiple by no less then three and some times as many as a couple of dozen negros. Then with a wink and a broad grin much like the Cheshire cat of Alice and Wonderland he would excitedly say that more often then not the blonde slut would have three negros at the same time slamming meat to her, shoving their hard black cocks into her mouth, cunt, even her ass and that every one of the black mother fuckers had a cock every bit as large and maybe larger then a 16 oz. coke bottle.

- The End -

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