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"Chocolate Treat" - part one

      by A. G. Thomas

      (MF reluc interr oral)

Denise Maxwell had been teaching high school in Boston since her graduation two years earlier but she wasn't happy. There was no real challenge because all the students were like Ken and Barbies, seemingly perfect in every way.

She longed for something different so when she saw the notice for a position in a small town in southern Georgia she became excited. The fact that it was an all black school in a depressed area of the inner city only wetted her appetite. This was just what she was looking for, a real challenge. But what peaked her interest the most was that in order to off-set the low pay, a small two bedroom bungalow was available rent free as long as the teacher choose to remain.

So with the reasoning that even in the poorest of neighborhoods an education was important, she applied and was accepted. But she wasn't prepared for reality or the seeming indifference of the school board as well as the few teachers she met or the run down appearance of the school. Nor was the promised bungalow what she had imagined. Never-the-less she vowed to make the best of the situation.

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Within a week with help from the school board who reluctantly supplied the paint and other needed items along with a few of her students who had been pressed into service her new home was ready. She had tried to make friends with the students who worked on her home but one student in particular; a boy named Melcolm shunned her best efforts and even in class as she tried to teach was a constant disruption.

Not even the threat of sending him to the Principal had the desired effect or seem to make the slightest bit of difference. In desperation she decided to keep him after class one day even though she was afraid to be alone with him. He was really more a man than a boy if you considered his size and though she hated to admit it his 6 foot 3 inch hulking 225 lb's. frightened her. Not only because his huge bulk dwarfed her diminutive 5 foot 4 1/2 105 lb's., but also because of his total disregard for authority.

Still though she was determined to show him who was boss. As the rest of the students made a hasty retreat the young negro's eyes never left hers and the smirk on his face was one of total indifference, or so she thought. For a few minutes the noise coming from the hallway was deafening and then suddenly nothing. The school seemed to be empty of all life but for her and her student.

Silence like a knife hung in the air as Melcolm continued to stare at her for what seemed an eternity. Then he stood and walked to the door, but instead of exiting as she thought he was going to do he simply looked out into the empty hallway before locking the door and turning back to her with a grin on his face. At first she didn't believe she'd heard him correctly when he said that now was as good a time as any for her to learn who was the boss but then her breath caught in her throat and a shiver raced up her spine as his hand dropped to his crotch and he made a show of cupping his genitalia as he asked if she'd ever been fucked by a brother.

She was like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. She wanted to move but found herself unable to. Panic welled up, tasting like bile as he drew near then his large dark hand touched her throat and for a second she thought he was going to choke the life from her. Instead his hand slid downward to the first button of her blouse. Frozen in fear and with her mind screaming in panic she was unable to do anything but look into his smiling face as he toyed with each button in turn.

Her chest heaved with the pounding of her heart and the blood pumping through her veins was like a raging river making hearing all but impossible, so she had difficulty comprehending him as he undid the final button and her blouse fell open. "We be going to have us a fine ol' time Teach, Yes sir a fine time but before I pleasures your little white body with nigger dick we needs to get you shed of them old lady clothes."

She was struck dumb by his words hardly believing what she was hearing as he told her that once she got a taste of his cock she'd be like a bitch in heat, that she'd be wanting him to fuck her all the time and that she'd do anything to please him. Shaking her head vigorously not only in answer to his command for her to remove her clothes but also in denial of what he'd said about her she attempted to rise and push past him while at the same time attempting to scream, but the only sound to escape her fear tightened throat was a horse croak and then she fell against her desk in response to the slap across her cheek.

Glaring maniacally at her he told her he was tired of fucking around and if she didn't do what he said he'd rip her clothes off and fuck her anyway. Feeling totally helpless, yet now aware that she had a choice. A choice to cooperate and hopefully in so doing make his taking of her less painful. Or she could resist, which meant she could quite possibly be hurt or worse. So with the hope that her cooperation would mean she wouldn't be hurt and that this nightmare would quickly end she reluctantly and with hands feeling like lead removed her blouse, letting it flutter to the floor between her chair and desk.

Then, without being told reached behind her, unfastening her bra and removed it also. As his dark hand closed over a small but firm tit, squeezing it roughly, her eyes misted and for a second the thought to struggle again surfaced, but then just as quickly vanished as she looked into his smiling face and her body sagged in defeat and surrender.

His thick dark fingers began to roll and pull each of her nipples in turn, pinching and stretching them hurtfully as his voice sounding muted and far away droned on about giving her the fucking of her life and that no matter how many white men she fucked she would always think about and long for him. Despite the circumstance or maybe because of it she felt her nipples harden, felt her body grow hot and as a shudder of what might of been excitement racked her shoulders she felt herself for the first time in years becoming wet.

She tried to make sense of her situation, to understand why her body was responding to his hurtful administrations and yes even to his disgusting words. Her feelings of arousal frightened, sickened her for if just his words and fondling could excite her what chance did she have once he made love to her.

Her thoughts raced backwards to her freshmen year of college dwelling on a certain strikingly beautiful redhead who in her naivety she had thought was just being friendly with people of another color for she was always in the company of negros, always boys and sometimes with as many as fifteen or twenty. That Regina always wore the skimpiest most revealing of clothes and appeared to flirt with the boys surrounding her she was well aware of for she had witnessed it one day when as Regina and her had been sitting together talking a group of eight black boys had came up and joined them. Two of them had put their arms about her while another had tried to do the same to her, but Regina had told them I wasn't interested and then giving the two with their arms about her a peck on the cheek she had risen and walked off with them.

Still though she refused to believe the stories other girls whispered about Regina, stories such as how she would fuck any nigger who showed the slightest bit of interest but preferred and really enjoyed getting gang fucked and it was whispered that she was such a black cock slut that the more niggers there were the better she liked it, sometimes taking on as many as twenty, twenty five at a time. There was even a story about the real reason Regina had been absent for three days, a story that until she had walked into Regina's room and saw her being fucked by three boys at the same time she hadn't believed.

According to a girl whose brother was on the football team the slut accompanied by several black members of the team had brazenly walked into the teams locker room where after putting on a show by sucking the cocks of a half dozen black team members while everyone looked on she had taken on damn near the whole team, the only reason she hadn't was that the coach had walked in.



She had wondered from time to time since then what had driven Regina to be the way she was, why she had preferred black men and now since being accosted by Melcolm she began to think that maybe the beautiful redhead had met and been dominated by a negro much like her student. Her train of thought about Regina and her hunger for black cock was suddenly interrupted when Melcolm chewed on her ear lobe and whispered that he knew she was thinking of his cock and how nice it would feel stretching her cunt and then just as his tongue probed and slithered into her ear before trailing to her neck where he nibbled and sucked giving her a hickey he told her she would be like every other white bitch ever fucked by a nigger, that she would never get enough and that she would do anything, debase herself in any manner just to have a black cock in her snatch.

Despite her disgust at having to listen to such depraved things as he was uttering she found herself eagerly waiting, longing for his next rambling wondering at the same time how the young negro could think so highly of his sexual prowess. Was this 15 year old boy so experienced, so sure of himself that he honestly thought that by talking to her thus and then raping her that she would become enraptured with his cock, or did he have so low an opinion of her and women in general that he thought the way he did. Well, what ever his reasoning it was totally ludicrous.

A small soft voice teased her mind soothing, calming her frazzled nerves easing her dread of being made love to by a member of a race her strict upper middle-class family and friends looked down. It whispered to her about Regina, how she had sought the company of negro's and how she had craved black cock and then it teased her telling her that having a big strong black lover like Melcolm would be the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to her. She shook her head trying to clear the voice from her mind but it persisted asking her to consider the possibility that all the sordid things Melcolm had spoken of were true, that she would love and worship his cock, that he would be her black master and that she would do anything to please him.

A silent scream of denial drowned her inner voice and yet strangely she found the prospect of making love to this hulking brut not as frightening as before, in fact and as much as she hated to admit it she wondered what it would feel like to have this young negro, this student of hers ravage her. Would his taking or her be much the same as the boy to whom she had surrendered her cherry to in her sophomore year of collage, the first and only boy to whom she'd ever made love. Somehow she doubted it, for she suspected that this black youth at 15 was more experienced then the 19 year old boy she'd made love to and then she was brought back to reality wincing in pain as the youth bit her nipple. Her hopes of him being a gentle caring lover were dashed as he continued to chew and suckle her nipples, there was no expected kiss, no loving caress or tender word, but still something drove her to tenderly place her hands atop his head and for a moment run her fingers through his close cropped kinky hair before he relinquished her nipples and stepped back looking at her quizzically. There was no need for him to say anything she knew what he expected and without a word she obediently loosened her maternally ankle length skirt pushing it along with her panty hose and panties from her waist letting it pool at her feet.

For a moment she stood before him in all her glory utterly and totally naked while his eyes feasted on her small girlish body and then along with a knowledgeable grin letting her know he was aware she had surrendered herself to his will and would willingly comply with what ever he wished no matter how demeaning he cocked his head slightly as if to indicate what he expected her to do next. He saw her body shiver slightly and goose bumps prickle her pale flesh as she stepped from her pile of discarded clothing and he cared less if the reaction was because of fright or excitement as he thought how easily this 22 year old white woman was bending to his will. Obediently she stepped close to him her eyes looking upward into his beaming face as if seeking acknowledgment that she was doing as he wished. Her nostrils flared as she inhaled deeply of the musky stink of sweat coming off his unwashed body like a fog but instead of being repulsed she found the odor intoxicating, almost like an aphrodisiac and she became giddy with excitement and anticipation as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Her fingers felt as if static electricity were tingling them as they lightly grazed across his broad chest then she stood on her tip toes pushing his shirt from his large shoulders letting it flutter to the floor beside her clothes.

Standing as if she were a statue she made no attempt to cover herself as his large dark hands explored every curve and swell of her young white body. Her lithe 34 x 23 x 32 figure shivered with longing and desire as his hand slipped between her legs and though she struggled to keep from showing him how eager she had become to have him take her she never the less willingly and quickly opened herself to him giving his thick dark fingers the space and freedom needed to explore and stroke her pussy lips. For a moment she became confused when a small soft voice whispered that this shouldn't be happening. that she shouldn't be giving in so easily but then a louder voice, a voice that had constantly been growing stronger as she had slipped further under Melcolm's spell proclaimed that soon, very soon, her black masters hard cock would be where his thick dark fingers were now. Promises of the joys and pleasures his black cock offered were whispered along with assurances that she would love his dark cock stretching, filling her cunt and in response her body shuddered in orgasmic bliss.

She collapsed against him breathing heavily, her fingernails digging into his muscular arms and she felt herself becoming wetter as his thick fingers continued to saw into her pussy and she wanted to scream at him to take her now, to bury his thing in her pussy and fuck her so she would know of the joy and pleasure to which he had alluded to moments earlier and then her body twitched with a small orgasm. Hands pushed on her shoulders forcing her quivering legs to collapse and before she reasoned why he wanted her in such a position she gladly slipped to her knees beside her desk only to be confronted by a monstrous bulge inches from her face. Though she had never performed such an act she knew what he wanted, what he expected of her and without willing herself to obey his unspoken command she found herself struggling to unfasten his belt and pull his pants from his hips as she stared hypnotically at the unnatural bulge hidden therein.

Despite her near virgin state, her lack of experience with or knowledge of what the male organ even looked like she found herself becoming eager to glimpse her first real cock, to gaze at and to touch the hard throbbing thing that she knew had grown hard when it's owner had viewed her naked body. A gasp of disbelief, of astonishment burst from her lips as his cock sprang into view and instinctively she tried to rise from her knees to escape from the monstrosity she beheld but his hand tightened on her shoulder preventing her attempt as he chuckled that before he fucked her she had to pay him homage. To her startled eyes it appeared to be at least a foot long and almost as big around as her wrist and she wondered if he was really serious about her putting the foul smelling thing in her mouth. The bulbous head twitched and jerked and something looking like watered downed milk oozed from the slit as it twitched and waved before her startled eyes. Without experience she had no idea what to do or how to begin so she just stared dumbstruck at the monstrosity inches from her face and then it grazed over her tightly closed lips leaving behind a trail of sticky residue.

Instinctively and without forethought her tongue flicked out to lightly graze her lips and though she found the taste strange she was surprised that it was not all together unpleasant and without being aware of her actions her tongue again flicked out slowly tracing over her lips taking in the full flavor of his pre cum. She gazed upward into his smiling face as his fingers at first touched and then twisted into her long blonde hair and her mouth opened in a grimace as his fingers tightened their hold preventing her face from moving as his unnaturally large cock brushed over her eyes and cheeks before again painting her lips. She could feel the sticky leavings of his cock on her face but her more immediate concern was the fact that he was trying to push the awful thing between her lips, surly if he were successful he would either dislocate her jaws or worse yet suffocate her. Again his cock pressed against her lips this time spreading them even further apart as the huge dark tool speared forward and in response her hands came up to grasp then push against his thighs in an effort to keep the awful thing from invading her mouth while he for his part chuckled at her futile attempt to prevent him from accomplishing his goal. She felt as if she were choking even though if she could believe her eyes and her still expanding mouth not even the whole bulbous knob of his organ was between her lips.

In desperation her tongue pushed against the invading monster thinking she might be able to push it from her mouth but this only brought laughter from her tormentor along with instructions for her to lick and suck on it like it was an all day sucker. Her eyes widened and then crossed as they looked down the long dark length of his cock, her jaws felt as if they were being stretched beyond reason as slowly the thick knob of his cock slipped between her lips and into her mouth. Her tongue pushed and swirled against and around the invader in a desperate attempt to prevent its further invasion but this only excited the young negro and increased his efforts to shove even more of his cock into the warm wet confines of her small mouth. She was finding it hard to breath and desperately her nostrils flared taking in a much need breath of air along with the smell of sweat reeking from between his legs and then he pulled his cock from her mouth playfully smacking it against her face telling her if she couldn't suck cock any better then that she didn't deserve his dick.



Denise, 22 years old, a teacher, a beautiful blonde of white upper middle-class stock was a slave both to her run away feelings and to the young negro whose cock she was sucking. Her spirit broken, her will no longer hers to control she reached out grasping the waving black cock before her seeking to pull it to her mouth, to suck the whole hard length down her throat or die in the attempt in order to prove Melcolm, her young black lover that he was wrong. With supreme effort she pushed her face forward trying her best to take the young negro's large dark cock into her mouth and in what seemed like only a heartbeat later the thick bulbous head slithered into her mouth and her lips clamped tightly around the shaft of his cock she felt a measure of pride. Remembering his words that she was to suck and lick his thing as if it were an all day sucker she began drawing a suction while at the same time swirling her tongue about the huge mass stretching her jaws and filling her mouth. Three, then four, five inches of the boys dark virile rod slithered between her lips to press against the opening to her throat as she breathed through her nostrils in an attempt to keep from being suffocated not only from the pistoning cock that was filling her mouth but her own salvia as well and then mercifully he pulled from her mouth. Pulling her to her feet he pushed her against her desk her buttocks barely atop the cluttered surface as he tightly gripped her thighs lifting and splaying her legs apart in one sudden smooth practiced movement as she in an effort to keep from falling backwards clutched at his massive sweaty shoulders.

Moving between her legs his bludgeoning staff swaying in front of him like a telephone he pushed his hips forward splitting her cunt lips apart as he unceremoniously sought to bury the whole hard length of his cock in her cunt in one quick forceful motion. His hands slid upward to cup and clutch her small but firm buttocks lifting her from her desk and pulling her toward him as she with an inborn knowledge she hadn't been aware of wrapped her legs about his pumping hips locking her ankles together while at the same time wrapping her arms about his neck pulling her upper body against his. She felt her cunt being stretched, filled with his huge dark manhood seemingly pushing its way into her belly and to keep from screaming from the initial pain and shock at being so forcefully and suddenly used she bit into his shoulder.

His rapid breathing was loud in her ear and his gasping words telling her she was his bitch, his white slut to enjoy whenever he took a notion only confirmed, solidified her own moments earlier admission that he was indeed her master and that she loved, craved his large black cock just as he had said she would. She felt herself being lowered to her desk, her back pressing into papers, books and assorted other objects but she cared not a damn that it was uncomfortable, only the weight of her master's strong sweaty body above her, his hard forceful lunges between her widely splayed legs and his wonderful long thick black cock stroking rhythmically between her cunt lips mattered.

She wasn't aware or conscious of the fact that her warbling ecstatic pleas for her young black lover to fuck her harder, to fill her with his juices were echoing through the halls and that because of it several curious onlookers were staring at her and Melcolm through the classroom door. That all the teenagers could see was her smooth white legs about Melcolm's dark body and his wildly gyrating pumping ass along with an occasional glimpse of his horse size cock slithering in and out of her cunt made little difference as they excitedly talked in hushed whispers about how they would like to take a crack at her, one or two of them even saying they had suspected all along that the new teacher was into fucking brothers or why else would she be here. Then like shadows they disappeared as Melcolm with a last hard pump of his hips along with a quivering of his ass and throwing back his head and grunting like an enraged bull filled her cunt with his seed. They did not see her a moment later slip from her desk to fall on her knees before Melcolm, nor did they see her lavishly heap kisses and run her tongue over and along the glistening length of his semi erect cock in an effort to clean it but they didn't need to because they knew she was a slave for black cock and they were already discussing how they too could fuck her. As Melcolm put on his shirt Denise now totally subservient to and enthralled by the young negro without being told knelt before him holding his pants for him to step into, then pulling them up his legs she fastened them about his waist but not before giving his now soft but still large cock a squeeze and timidly asking when they could do it again.

In answer he laughed at her saying if she wanted to fuck that's what she should say then his tone softened slightly telling her she was a pretty good fuck but had a lot to learn when it came to sucking cock's and unless she wanted to gain experience by sucking off her other students along with every other boy in school the best thing for her to do would be to buy the biggest cucumber she could and practice on it. Giving her buttocks a smack he told her to bring him her clothes and when she complied he tossed her bra, panties and pantyhose in the wastebasket telling her his bitches didn't wear that crap then tossing her blouse to her he picked up a pair of scissors cutting more then two thirds of her skirt away tossing the discarded portion into the wastebasket to join her other things. Feeling self-conscious as she put on what remained of her skirt she never the less struck a pose for him after fastening it about her waist and her heart filled with pride when he told her she didn't look half bad and that from now on he expected her to wear only skirts as short or shorter. With Melcolm standing behind her, his hands resting on her shoulders she looked at her reflection in the door glass astonished at how short her altered skirt was, it was at least eight inches above her knees and without realizing she was talking aloud she muttered it was bad enough to wear a skirt as short as this without panties but that if Melcolm thought she'd wear anything shorter he was crazy.

Wincing in pain as his fingers tightened on her shoulders she cringed in fear as he hissed in her ear. "Don't you ever call me crazy you fucking white trash slut cause if you do you'll regret it. As for how short your dresses will be bitch I, not you will decide that and you give me any grief you'll go around naked, understand. I've been patient with your educated dumb white ass but just so's you'll know what's what and how it is I'm your Master and I don't give a flying fuck that because your skirts are short and your not wearing panties that every God damn nigger in school will see your snatch. In fact that's just what I want, I want every cock hanging black son of a bitch who isn't blind to get an eyeful and as for you, I want you thinking how at just the sight of you strutting around in a skimpy little skirt you excite them young boys, makes them all hard and horny and how when they see that snatch of yours they'd do or give just about anything to stick their hard black dongs in you. Now get you ass home and do some sewing, and Teach, don't forget to practice with the cucumber, you never know when I may want a blow job." and with that his fingers loosened their grip releasing her.

With tears in her eyes she rushed blindly toward the door his laughter ringing in her ears as she fumbled with the lock in an effort to escape the cruel tormenting brut to who but a short time earlier she had all to freely given herself. Oh God what had she gotten herself into, what was to become of her. There was no way she could show her face in school, not after what had just happened. My God a 15 year old negro boy, her own student, what if a parent or worse yet the school board found out, what then. No she couldn't return, the risk was too great, especially if she did as Melcolm commanded.

She could already hear the wagging tongues of her fellow teachers if she showed up at school looking like some teeny bopper. And what about the students, not just her's but all those dozens of others as well when she appeared wearing the skimpiest of skirts and without panties, would they suspect that she was having an affair with one of their number. And if so what then, would they expect her to fuck them as well, would their reasoning be that if she fucked one negro why not all of them. What was that old saying.... "If she dresses like a slut she is a slut" well, that's just how she would be dressed, like a cheap two bit slut. She suddenly understood what Regina had gone through, how one became two, two became four and so on until there was no escape and the poor girl had found herself on a merry go round. Denise's mind flashed back remembering how Regina had seemed to enjoy being the center of attention, her smile, the twinkle in her eyes and the almost casual touch she gave to the negro's around her. She had seemed to accept the fact that every negro with a hard cock had expected her to fuck them. She hadn't cared what others had said she had been like a bitch in heat and proud of it. Despite her anxiety about her future Denise giggled hysterically remembering Melcolm's utterances that that's what she would become, a bitch in heat. Was that her future, to be like Regina, expected to fuck ever negro who smiled at her. God she hoped not, she didn't think she could live with herself, and yet what would...No she mustn't think such thoughts, it was just to preposterous to even imagine her giving in to these boys. After all she was an adult, their teacher, and they, they were mere children her students. But still....

 ...continues in part two - click here to continue... 

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