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"Chocolate Candy" Part 2

      by A. G. Thomas

      (Mdom M+F oral rough anal caution va)

"You're fired, you bigoted asshole and if I see you within a mile of my home or wife, especially my wife, I'll kill your fucking ass. Now get the hell out of my sight. I never want to see you again!

"What's the matter Tommy boy. Don't like people calling a spade a spade? Well I've got news for you, boy. That nigger slut of yours was turned on like a motherfucker when I commanded her black ass to suck her white master's cock."

With that Thomas came around his desk with murder in his eyes but William stood his ground simply laughing at him. At 6 foot 3 and 240 pounds he had little to fear from Thomas and he knew it. Thomas took a swing and he simply reached out, putting his hand on Thomas's head, letting him flail away at thin air while he continued to taunt him.

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"Yes sir, one day soon that little nigger whore of yours is going to have a new white master who'll know how a cunt like her should be treated. A master who, instead of giving her to his friends like you were going to do, will have her fucking anybody and anything and making him a lot of money in the process.

And you know what else Tommy boy? Just like a good obedient slave, she'll do whatever her new master says without the slightest hesitation." Pushing Thomas away he turned calmly, walking out the door and past the receptionist, ignoring Thomas's screams of killing him if he went near his wife.

William was in reality very pissed. He'd only been role playing the old slave-master thing and if Thomas or one of the others had asked him why or even objected instead of getting all bent out of shape he'd probably have apologized. But no one had said anything. They'd just started yelling and getting all bent out of shape. Everyone that is but Belinda. She had clung to his legs, begging to suck her white master's cock until her old man and John managed to pull her away. Then Mike and Reggie shoved him from the house with his pants around his ankles. Now, to top it off he'd lost his job.

The thought tickled at his mind that it would serve Thomas right if his wife did indeed have a new white master. One who trained her properly to obey his every whim until, unable to have a clear thought of her own without his guidance, she would do anything no matter how depraved or wanton, simply for a smile or a pat on her head as a sign that she had pleased him.

The memory of how she'd reacted when he'd called her a nigger whore while telling her to get on her fucking knees and suck her master's cock like a good little slut brought an evil smile to his pursed lips. He still remembered his final words before she gave a visible shudder and then with downcast eyes obediently slipped to her knees crawling to him.

"Get over here you black slut. Get over here and suck your white master's cock. Do it, you fucking nigger bitch. Do it now!" And she had done it. She had crawled to him and then before taking his cock between those full painted lips of hers, she had looked into his eyes smiling. But the best part had been a moment later when, to the stunned disbelief of the others, but most of all to her husband Thomas, was how she had struggled to free herself from their grasp while loudly pleading with them to leave her alone and to let her suck her white master's cock.

Oh yeah, that scene had been precious. But the next time he got a crack at the bitch, instead of just the fat head of his cock between her painted lips, he wanted all 10 plus inches of his dong filling her mouth and stuffed down her throat. He wanted her looking into his eyes with a look of obedience and rapture as he fucked her throat. He wanted her hands on his ass, her fingers digging and clawing at his ass cheeks in a hungry need to take him even deeper into her throat. Whimpering, pleading with him to fill her mouth and throat with cum and then to swallow every last thick sticky glob and beg for more.

He didn't know how big Thomas's cock was or even if he satisfied the little bitch, but he was certain that unless he was deformed, the wimpy fucker wasn't equipped like he was. Another smile creased his lips as the vision of him reaming her every hole and of her pleading to be his nigger slave danced before his eyes and instinctively he knew it would be just a matter of time before she'd even fuck a room full of men and do it in front of her husband without the slightest hesitation if he but told her too.

He might as well start now. He didn't have a job anymore so why not pop over and finish what was started Friday night. Belinda lay in bed. She was a wreck, both mentally and physically. She hadn't gotten much sleep since Friday night and she was exhausted. What had come over her? It had been bad enough that she had been willing to let her husband's friends fuck her, but when William had said those awful things, she had become like a shameless wanton slut forgetting her husband and the other three men.

Something sick and perverted had come over her and her only thought and desire had been to debase herself before William, her white master as he so callously called himself. Maybe he had been joking, maybe even role playing in order to add a touch of spice to her husbands fantasy, but what ever he'd intended she'd never know because Thomas had fumed all weekend about firing the bigoted mother fucker and when she'd tried to reason with him, tell him that they were the best of friends and that William had only been kidding, he'd turned on her screaming that if that's what she thought then maybe she oughta be his god damn nigger whore.

With these thoughts turning over in her mind, the ringing of the door bell almost startled her out of her wits. She laughed at herself saying that it was only her husband. That he'd finally come to his senses and had returned home to say he was sorry and maybe even take her out for a night on the town. Besides, at this time of the morning, who else could it be but the man she loved.

In only her negligee she slipped from the bed to answer the door, surprised and shocked to see William instead of her husband standing before her. Instinctively her hand went to her bosom, pulling tighter on the tie that was the only thing holding the thin material partially closed.

Without a word, but smiling at her as he entered, he pulled her to him, kissing her deeply while at the same time taking her hand from where it held her gown together and a heart beat later untying and slipping it from her shoulders to pool at her feet. Belinda was so surprised by his take charge attitude that her instinct to fight what was happening never surfaced. Instead she melted into his arms, purring like a kitten as his large strong hands roamed freely over her naked body.

Not even when he pushed lightly on her shoulders making her drop to her knees did she fight. Instead like a demented soul she tore at his belt and pants, remembering the size and hardness of his cock and how only a couple of days ago it had pulsed and throbbed as her fingers and then lips had closed around it. Feverishly, she pulled his pants and then underwear from his hips. As his hands touched the top of her head and his fingers lightly stroked through her almost blue black hair, she leaned forward opening her mouth wide.

As first her tongue and then lips touched the mushroom crown of his cock, her mind suddenly awakened to what she was doing, but by then her need to satisfy this man was so great that she no longer cared that what she was doing was wrong. She shouldn't be on her knees, inches from her front door. A door that she wasn't sure she had even closed and that if she hadn't it was possible that at any moment her husband or god-knows-who might walk through.

But then that thought too vanished. With tongue twirling against the pulsing underside of his blood engorged cock, her lips began a slow measured movement down it's thick hardness. Her hands went from his hips around his body to kneed and pull at his ass cheeks as the uncontrollable urge to take all of him into her mouth and throat screamed at her. Never had such a need filled her and she knew that if she were successful, if she did take every bit of him into her throat, she might very well choke to death. But oh, what a wonderful way to die if she managed it.

The man who called himself her white master was pulling her to her feet and then taking her hand. He half-led, half-dragged her forward and upward to where, until this very moment, no one but her and her husband had been, the bedroom. Like a savage he took her, making her scream both in pain and need as his huge cock stretched her tiny cunt.

At first she thought he would rip her in two, but with each successive burrowing lunge of his massive cock she found it easier to accommodate him until finally and with her own body racked by orgasm after orgasm, he filled her to overflowing with his creamy load.



For the next couple of hours she bucked and twisted beneath him. After each ejaculation deep into her womb, when she thought she would be allowed to rest, he instead had her suck his cock, bringing it once again to hardness so he might again rut into her like a wild beast. Constantly, both while fucking her and as she sucked his cock, William teased her with lightly whispered promises that after today he would not only use her cunt and mouth to satisfy himself but her ass hole as well and then finally he let her rest, leaving her upon the rumpled sheets asleep, thinking it funny that she might still be like that when her husband arrived home.

Each day after that was much the same, but now after meeting him at the door, only minutes after her husband left for work, she made him breakfast. Then, taking his hand, she would lead him to the bedroom where for several hours she would grovel and debase herself, imploring him to use her ass or cunt repeatedly.

One day, when she answered the door naked as was her usual custom, she was surprised to see instead two men she had never seen before. Slamming the door, she ran to the bedroom, only to hear the front door open and the men call out that they were friends of Williams and that he'd told them that she was a horny cunt who just couldn't get enough cock.

As they continued to talk, telling her they meant her no harm. That all they wanted was a little of that chocolate pussy that William was so fond of bragging about, the phone started ringing. Picking it up just as the door to her bedroom opened, she heard William's voice from the receiver, telling her that something had come up and that he couldn't make it, but was sending a couple of his friends over and that he wanted her to be nice to them. That if she didn't, if they came to him telling him she was a bum fuck he'd see to it that her husband knew all about what had been going on.

As she listened, her eyes fastened on the men before her. Her mind wrestled with itself. Had it come to this? Was this what she could expect whenever her master was too busy or too tired. Then the memories of taunts of being his whore to do with as he pleased came back to her. Well, if this was what he wanted then she wouldn't disappoint him.

She would be his slut. She'd fuck everyone he sent to her. Dropping the receiver even as William continued to talk, she shifted on her bed, hoping as she patted the sheets beside her that her master would stay on the phone. That as these men fucked her he could hear everything, hear her moan in pleasure and need as they used her.

Then something in her snapped as she saw that their cocks were no bigger than her husbands. She had the never-before thought that the only way she might receive any satisfaction from these strangers was if they were to both fuck her at the same time. The thought rushed over her.

She was right, because as the first man crawled between her legs and sank his cock into her she really felt nothing, even though she writhed beneath him arching her back and thrusting her pelvis up to met his forceful lunges.

As her cunt muscles tightly gripped and milked his lunging organ, the feeling of rapture she had grown accustomed to with her master wasn't there, nor was it there when after the first man shot his load the second took his place between her legs. Just as she had with the first man and just like a good whore would do she bucked, moaned and twisted as this new stranger in turn used her for his pleasure.

But no matter how she tried she was unable to climax. Then, unbidden and without conscience thought her mind, in a desperate effort to calm her frayed nerves and to find a measure of relief and satisfaction, screamed at her the depraved notion that if she fucked them simultaneously, she would find the orgasm she so desperately sought. So, with her mind fixated on the sick vision, she did what had never before entered her mind. Beckoning the man who'd already filled her womb with sperm and whose cock was coated with his drying cum and her bodily juices, she pleaded with him to shove his cock into her mouth.

When they had both cum and while she lay between them as they rested she hungrily slaved over their cocks, bringing them back to rigid hardness and then climbing atop one of them and after taking his shaft into her cunt she gyrated her buttocks invitingly, imploring the other to fuck her ass hole. Forgotten, William listened as for the next hour or so the men now caught up in the duel penetration of the beautiful negress changed position several times while always and foremost fucked her fast and furious even at one point shoving both their cocks into her cunt at the same time.

Belinda, for her part though, now climaxing repeatedly, was by no means satisfied and when finally the men, drained and spent from their labor, dressed and readied to leave she implored them to stay, begging them to fuck her one more time. But they simply laughed, saying that the next time they paid her a visit, they'd bring a few of their friends.

Alone, sweaty and near exhaustion, she lay atop the rumpled sheets, sobbing softly, ashamed of what she'd done and how she'd acted. Then she noticed the phone, and picking it up she was surprised that it wasn't making those God awful noises like it usually did when you left it off the cradle. Then she heard Williams unmistakable chuckle. Breathing hard she listened dumbfounded as he told her that he was sure from what he'd heard that the men would not only praise her highly, but recommend her to all their friends.

Then he snickered, saying she could look forward to many a busy day. But he wasn't finished, for as he continued to talk he told her that he had something special in mind for her that evening and that she was to wear her slut outfit. The one she'd worn that Friday night so long ago and to meet him at Roary's Bar and Grill. Astonished at what he'd already said but unable to reply in any way or even to hang up, she listened mesmerized as he told her that where she was to meet him was an honest to God red neck hang out.

A place where her kind never went but one where he was sure he could get no less then a dozen good old boys to pay him money for the pleasure of having her suck their cocks or spread her legs. At first ,hardly breathing as he'd told her what she could look forward to and how he expected to make money pimping her black ass, her breath quickened to an excited gasp when he told her of that evening, of what she was to wear and what he expected of her and despite a small nagging fear that her husband might find out she found herself becoming aroused.

Aroused that she would again be dressing and acting as she had that night but that instead of the privacy of her home and away from prying eyes, she would be in public, in some sleazy bar filled with strangers. Strangers who would not only gawk at her but expect her to do things for and to them. William made no threats, neither against her husband or herself if she didn't obey. He simply gave a derisive snicker when with a small trembling voice she'd answered that she couldn't. That her husband might find out and because of it throw her out of the house. "Sure you can slut, we both know you not only like flaunting that hot little body of yours but that you also like getting your snatch reamed by white cock. What better place for both to happen than where you're going this evening. As for your excuses about your god damn husband finding out, I don't really give a rat's ass."

I don't think you really do either, cause if you did you wouldn't be eagerly waiting for me every morning and fucking yourself silly or like earlier today fucking those two men I sent in my place. Oh, by the way, cut the buttons from that tangerine blouse and tie it halter style beneath those cute little titties like that cunt on the Dukes of Hazard, cause the only thing a bunch of red necks love better than seeing a foxy bitch scantily clothed, is seeing one totally naked. And Sugar, tonight, you're going to show them both ways." and then the phone went dead.

With her mind in turmoil and wondering what she was going to do, she looked stupidly at the silent phone still clutched in her hand. The thought that she should call her husband. Admit to her infidelity and beg his forgiveness surfaced, but then just as quickly slipped away as her body, shivering in shameless excitement, remembered her husbands words that maybe she ought to be William's fucking nigger whore.

She was sure that he'd only spoken in anger, that he never really wanted or expected her to be the mans whore, or in fact, would tolerate such a thing. But yet he had said it and for all intents and purposes she had become his whore. After all hadn't she been one today. Hadn't she performed like one for the two men that William, her white master, had sent in his place. And now at his behest she was expected to flaunt herself before a bunch of red necks and even have sex with a few of them because he needed the money now that her husband had fired him.



Oh god, she couldn't do something like that. She couldn't, not even if William were indeed her white master. It was one thing to surrender to his demands in the safety of her home or to even go to his house and debase herself, but now he was making demands of her that not even in her wildest fantasies she hadn't imagined. At the same time she found the prospect of going beyond what she had done this morning exciting and dangerously wicked. Her husband's fantasy and yes, her own, had been to fuck his friends. Well it hadn't happened. Not because she had refused but because everyone had gotten bent out of shape simply from the way her master had demanded her attention and services. What was wrong with her? Why was she constantly thinking of this man as her white master, and why in heavens name was she even contemplating doing the disgusting things he was asking of her?

With her mind thus tortured she hadn't realized, until she began removing her negligee, that she had laid out and even cut the buttons from her skimpy clothes from that night. Having done so she raced to the bathroom for a quick shower. Slipping on her garter belt, she then put on her stockings and leather micro-mini.

Then, as instructed, she tied her blouse just beneath her breasts. Applying her make-up, she giggled to herself as she reached for her bright red lipstick; thinking that when she sucked some strangers cock her lips would leave traces of red along its length. She was heady with excitement, like a young school girl going out for the first time and she could hardly restrain her perverted thoughts or stop the tingling sensation building between her legs at the prospect of doing as William her white master instructed.

Looking at the clock she noticed that in less than an hour her husband would be home. She knew that unless William changed his mind or if at the last minute she panicked and didn't go, it would be many hours before she returned. So, after penning a hurried note, she placed it where he would be sure to see it. As she drove to meet him she nervously shifted in the seat trying to still the tingling sensation building in her cunt. Instead she only managed to arouse herself more, and then she was there, Roary's Bar and Grill.

Sitting in her car watching patrons come and go she wondered again why she had come. Why a man she hardly knew could demand her to do something that she found reprehensible and yet here she was, willingly, almost eagerly looking forward to whatever debasing thing he might ask of her.

Slipping from behind the wheel, she smoothed her almost non existent skirt over her curvaceous hips, and then without another questioning thought, and with only the wish to show her white master how eager she was to please his every desire and command, she walked into the establishment.

She was unaware that before he dismissed her almost four hours later, she would participate in acts of sordid sexual perversion by doing things to men and have them do things to her that only a nymphomaniac or a cheap two-bit slut would participate in. Despite her upper class breeding and her college education, she willingly performed every degrading demand requested of her by the patrons of Roary's, who had given William money to fuck her. She, with child like innocence, sought to make her master proud of her and to prove that she was worthy of being his nigger slave.

Within seconds of entering Roary's, several men, unshaven and smelly, either from working in menial labor jobs or just plain dirty, approached her; either offering to buy her a drink or wanting to dance, but she refused all offers. After ordering a drink, she slowly turned, looking about the dimly lit interior for the man who had ordered her here. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and she flinched, trying to pull away, but the hand tightened and then to her horror slipped from her shoulder to slide over the front of her opened blouse, grasping her right tit squeezing hard.

Then the man's fingers closed about her nipple, rolling and pinching but not hard enough to make her scream in pain, only to wince. Despite her predicament of being in a strange place and having someone she didn't know squeezing and pinching her nipple, as well as not having her master around to protect her she found herself becoming aroused. A shiver of excitement tickled her spine, causing her to visibly shudder as the prospect that with William present or not she was going to be fucked.

The mans heavy breathing tickled the back of her neck, causing her to again shiver and then William's voice whispered that she was late. Then he asked if, like a good little whore, she was ready to make him some money. Instantly and faster than her mind could grasp the ramifications of what was to come another shiver racked her as her choked whisper of "Yes, Master." came from her lips, while, unseen by her, what must have been at least fifteen, maybe twenty, men stared at the scene taking place before them. Removing his hand from her small, and now aching with longing, breasts, he turned to the bartender, telling him the fun was about to begin. Then, turning back to her, he told her that once the bartender locked the doors she was going to service everyone that remained, and that no matter in what way they wanted to use her she'd comply because she wanted to make her master happy and proud of her.

Lifting her small dark body to the bar, which put her at almost eye level with him, his hand slid along her inner thigh, pinching playfully as his fingers traveled slowly upward to her cunt. By the time his fingers lightly grazed her pussy lips, her legs had parted enough so that the men who had started to gather about could plainly see that she was wearing nothing beneath her short skirt. Then, to their astonishment, he inserted two fingers into her pussy, working them slowly in and out as he gazed into her eyes before suddenly and without removing his fingers, he turned to face the crowd of gawking faces.

"What we have here, you bunch of red neck fuckers, is a beautiful nigger bitch eager to please any white boy that's willing to cough up fifty bucks. For that amount he can do whatever he wants to her, and I mean anything. Not just once, but as many times as he can get it up. In a minute, all those that haven't paid will be asked to leave and the bartender is going to lock the door. They'll stay locked until everybody is either satisfied they got their money's worth or too tired to continue." Amid babbling voices William's voice was drowned out for a moment and Belinda, who until now had been rotating her groin in small tight circles in time with her master's fingers, began shaking like a leaf as his words sank in.

The excited voices of the gawking men asking if she sucked cock or took it in the ass intensified her quivering, sending a cold chill up her spine. Fear, that's what was making her quiver so. Yes, that was it, a fear of being used like a cheap slut by what looked to be twenty plus smelly unshaven men. Or could it be excitement, excitement at the prospect of being used by a large number of strange men? A vivid memory that something very much along that line had almost happened in college but had been stopped by Thomas burst to the forefront.

But now, here in this bar, it was about to happen again and this time Thomas wasn't around to stop it. So now finally she was going to find out if all her late night fantasies of being gang raped and liking it was as good as the real thing. Maybe that's why, when her husband had hinted that he wanted to see her being fucked by his friends, she had easily almost eagerly given in, or maybe it explained why she had fallen so easily under the control of William; a man calling himself her white master. A man that she had somehow instinctively known would fulfill her depraved fantasy of being gang fucked.

Then her thoughts were interrupted, as above the multitude of voices her master's voice instructed her to stand and slowly strip. As she stood untying her blouse teasingly slow, William waved his hands while shouting for them to shut the fuck up. For a moment you could hear a pin drop as she seductively slipped the blouse from her shoulders exposing her pert small breasts and then the assembled crowd drew a deep breath almost as one as she let it flutter at her feet before unsnapping her skirt. Silence like a funeral home filled the bar, as with a smiling face she gazed with lust-filled eyes into the gawking silent faces of the multitude of men.

Unrehearsed but in perfect time to her master's next words she provocatively wiggled her hips while at the same time unzipping and then slowly pushing the tight leather micro-mini from her curvaceous hips. Her heart felt like a trip hammer as teasingly, an inch at a time and with the blood pumping through her veins sounding like bass drums in her ears, she pushed the skimpy material of her micro-mini over her hips and down her legs to finally let it ball at her feet before stepping from it, leaving her totally naked before their disbelieving faces except for her garter belt, fish net stockings and 4 inch pumps. "In case there's any doubts in your pea brains that my little nigger slave isn't willing and eager to take on any and all comers, her strip tease should leave little doubt, but if your still not convinced then get the fuck out now!", and then he was almost swarmed under as men fought to push money into his hands.



All but five of the twenty three men that had been present during Belinda's unveiling eagerly shoved wads of money into William's hands. As the bartender escorted the ones who hadn't paid from the bar and then locked the door, eager hands pulled Belinda from atop the bar and into the mass of excited men. Frightened, but yet unbelievably aroused by the response her disrobing had on these strange men she gave little thought to their large number. The fact that so many men were eager to vent their sexual hunger on her beautiful petite black body sent salacious tremors through her as she was pulled into their midst and Belinda shivered with excitement and anticipation.

In her shameless arousal the fact that men had paid to use her escaped her. All that mattered was that finally her fantasy was about to become a reality, thanks to William, her white master. As she was tossed atop a table and her smooth dark legs pulled roughly apart she had no idea that the real reason William was selling her to these dozen plus unshaven smelly men was to humiliate and degrade her husband and her. That William the man she was so enamored with, the man she knew as her white master could or would do something so depraved never crossed her mind.

In her innocence and totally ignorant and oblivious of her master's motives, she lifted her head slightly to look past the men surrounding her and gazed raptorously into William's sneering face, silently mouthing "Thank you." Turning her face once more to the men about her she saw that most if not all had already shed their clothes, presenting her passion-filled eyes with an assortment of body shapes and sizes as well as varied lengths and thickness of cocks. Most of the men's cocks were about the same size as her husband's but she glimpsed a few that rivaled if not surpassed her master's. As a cock was pressed to her lips a hungry desire and a burning need to pleasure these men washed over her while in her soul she knew that in the process of satisfying these men she would also make her master proud and happy.

The cock in her mouth almost pulled free of her tightly clasping lips as she was dragged roughly along the table till with her slight waist pressed against the table edge her feet hit the floor, leaving her pelvis at the optimal height and angle for maximum penetration. She felt her splayed legs being lifted almost straight up and then the first of what was to be many cocks to fuck her that evening thrust savagely into the smoldering cauldron of her cunt.

In response and satisfaction she moaned soulfully around the cock in her mouth. Hands squeezed and pinched her lust swollen breasts and nipples, bringing rapturous sounds from deep in her chest as unhampered, the two cocks at either end buffeted her slim petite body between them. Harder, faster, deeper they thrust and then all too soon their cum splashed into and on her smooth dark body, almost as fast as they withdrew others took their place and the ritual was repeated.

Again, and yet again the cocks were replaced as all the while her breasts and nipples were mauled and bitten. Cum, warm and sticky coated the area surrounding the two orifices that were being used for the men's pleasure, but still and to her dismay even after being fucked by six maybe eight cocks she hadn't climaxed. More then once she had felt the first stirrings of an orgasm but for some reason not understood only a warm pleasant feeling flowed through her cock-stuffed body.

Emptiness, and then her feet hit the floor, but before her body could slide from the table she was twisted about making her momentarily lose all sense of direction. As hands directed the movement of her lower body her face and tits pressed against the table and at first she didn't understand what was about to happen, not even as her legs were pulled apart and her perky tight buttocks lifted into the air and a heavy hand pressed into the small of her back did she comprehend. As her ass cheeks were pulled apart and the torrid hardness of a cock traveled from her cum filled leaking cunt up through the crack of her ass and then back again she suddenly realized what was about to happen and in a selfish need and desire for it to happen she responded by slowly gyrating her ass in small tight circles moaning passionately.

The babble of voices around her made little sense as she continued to slowly twist her buttocks in time to the hardness traveling through her ass crack. Through her sex drugged dull senses she heard her white master's voice and felt his hot breath against her ear and she opened her tightly clinched eyes to look at the crowd of smiling men around her supine body. A smile began to play at the corners of her lipstick smeared, cum coated lips, only to quickly vanish as his words suddenly began to have meaning.

With a pitiful scream of "No!" as fingers twisted into her soft black hair, yanking her upper body from the table, the words that had been and were still being uttered into her ear burned into her brain. As her slim body was pulled into a painful arch and the cock that had been teasing her buttocks all those long minutes stopped at the puckered ring of her anus and began to push forward seeking entrance another soul-rending scream burst from her lips.

"This is how animals like it, isn't it bitch, up the ass. Well, it's about time your white master saw to it that your ass hole was broke in good and proper, darkie. You ought to like taking it up the ass, nigger, cause being sub-human and inferior, you're just like an animal. No!! What in the fucking hell do you mean, "No!" bitch? Maybe you mean just one cock fucking your ass isn't enough. Well, don't you fret none nigger, 'cause when I'm done there's at least a dozen others that'll be more than happy to oblige. Move that ass bitch, move it. Show your white master how much you appreciate him fucking you like the animal you are."

With her mouth open and with spittle mixed with cum dribbling from slack lips that had already had at least a dozen cocks between them, Belinda's pitiful wails brought riotous laughter from several of the men watching and listening to William as his ten plus fat inch cock pushed against the tight nether ring of her puckered anus ring. Babbling incomprehensible utterances came from her chest, and tears caused from his cruel hurtful words, as well as his animalistic taking of her anus, left trails in the drying cum that was coating her cheeks as inexorably the fat head of his cock bored relentlessly forward.

Too late Belinda realized the gravity of her situation. what she had dreamingly thought of as the fulfillment of her fantasy that somehow her white master had guessed at was instead being turned into something else. Something depraved and humiliating, but why? Through her tears and shame she tried to make sense of what was happening, to understand why he was degrading her so, but nothing made sense.

Hadn't she done everything he'd asked of her even to the point of letting him sell her body? Only this morning to make him happy she had without protest let two men she'd never seen use her. She had debased herself to the point where repeatedly and simultaneously her every orifice was used and she had welcomed each penetration while pleading with them to do so. But now this humiliating and savage treatment. Why? Always before he had been gentle almost loving as he'd taken her from behind but now he was savage, cruel both in word and deed as if he were trying to humiliate or break her spirit.

Mesmerized, William watched as first the tip and then the whole head of his cock forced it's way into the small opening of her ass hole, and the tightness of her clinging nether ring brought a satisfied moan of pleasure deep from his chest letting everyone know that this was indeed tight. With the one hand still pulling her head painfully back and the other tightly squeezing her small girlish waist his buttocks clinched and unclenched as he began to rapidly hump to and fro.

Her whimpering sobs were like music to him as he continued to verbally abuse and humiliate her before the men who'd paid to use her. As the sixth and then seventh inch of his fat erection burrowed into the unbelievably tight tunnel of her ass hole William for a moment wished that Belinda's husband Thomas were here witnessing her deflowering, but no, it was too soon.

He didn't want Thomas seeing her whimpering and carrying on like some teenage virgin. That would never do. No, he wanted the fucker to see his beloved wife begging and pleading to be fucked. An ominous evil laugh burst from his lips making those closest to him step back. This was but the beginning. What he started today was only the first step and he didn't give a shit if it took a few months or even a year and maybe a thousand cocks to wreak his revenge.

And then his revelry was broken as he felt the first small movement of Belinda's hips. Looking down between her splayed ass cheeks he was amazed to see that every inch of his monstrous cock was completely sheathed in the hot clasping tunnel of her anus. Rocking back he watched her nether ring flare outward but still cling tightly to his emerging wet cock and then when all but the fat knob of his dick had emerged he lunged forward yelling lustfully for her to take it all. "Take it nigger, take it all. Oh sweet Jesus boys, this nigger bitch is tight. Oh yea bitch, that's it, thhhaaat's it, move that black ass. Tell your white master what you like, animal, tell him how much you love having your nigger ass reamed out fast and furious. TELL ME YOU FUCKING NIGGER SLUT."

With spittle drooling from her lips and nonsensical jabbering spilling from a throat made raw with her pitiful screams, her half crazed mind sought to understand why the man she called master would treat her so. Her sphincter felt as if it were being invaded by a mans whole arm, and the horrible pain almost made her lose touch with reality and pass out. Shadows deepened and everything took on a surreal appearance, fading in and out but still William's hurtful words continued to beat against her ears and into her brain, assuring her she hadn't lost consciousness or touch with reality.

Disgusting humiliating words that one human should never say to another burst against her befuddled brain as his fingers twisted in her hair pulling roughly back, somewhat like a cowboy would do as he yanked on the reins of a horse he were trying to break. The only effect such treatment had on a horse though was to hold it's head high but in Belinda's case such treatment caused her upper body to painfully arch backwards especially with Williams other hand pressing forcefully into the small of her back. With her body twisted thus and the seemingly never ending thick length of her master's large cock boring ever deeper Belinda panicked as a vision of his cock tunneling through her body ripping and tearing her insides apart before finally coming out her mouth flashed before her.

She prayed for death but death was denied her, and so in an attempt to relieve the mind shattering pain she let her body go limp while at the same time slowly imperceptibly rotating her numb hips. To her surprise she felt a measure of relief but not much, maybe if she were to move a little more, yes that was it, after all wasn't her master telling her to do such a thing. If she ignored his hurtful name calling and degrading ranting and just concentrated on how he was telling her to move maybe then she would find relief, but it was so hard to ignore his burst of abusive language as he repeatedly called her a nigger and animal.

Again and yet again her buttocks moved as with all her will power she forced her lower body to do as her master said. Faster and now with a rolling grinding motion her hips and buttocks moved. Brilliant light burst inside her brain and her own voice shouted at her through the pain still racking her body, "You love it Belinda, you love the way he's treating you."

With an ever increasing and rapidly rotating grinding of her lower body she began to forcefully push backwards to met the telephone pole impaling her anus and suddenly all pain vanished. Visions of the past few weeks and the many times her master made love to her flashed in kaleidoscope like fashion on the backs of her rapidly fluttering eyelids.

With all her attention focused on the marvelous instrument of fertility relentlessly burrowing in and out of the tight hole centered between her jiggling rotating ass cheeks the excited voices of the onlookers that were witness to her whorish behavior was like the buzzing of so many bees, neither understood or hardly heard as the pounding of her heart throbbed in her ears like a bass drum.

"Admit it girl, he's right, your white master is right! Your his black whore, his slut to use and treat however he likes and you'd do anything to please him and make him happy. And oh,my sweet thing, doesn't your master's big fat white dick feel so good in your ass? That's right darkie, rotate those hips, hump that tight little ass of yours backwards to met his hurtful savage thrust, making sure every inch of his big fat throbbing cock tunnels into your bung hole. That's it sister. That's how to do it, show master how good he makes you feel! And nigger, don't forget to tell master how much you love his big fat white dick and how good it feels stuffed up your black ass! Tell him slut, tell him now."

- The End -

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