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"Chocolate Candy" - Part 1

      by A. G. Thomas

      (MF nc interr oral)

Belinda Maxwell was in her last year of college at one of the finest in Massachusetts. Just as she had for the last three years she was cramming for yet another test in order to graduate with honors and get her Business Degree in the process. This left little time for anything else, but on this day, when after a long day of studying, she had been talked into going to a frat party by her roommate along with several of the girl's friends.

She had not really wanted to go because she had never gone in for such things as parties and carousing. As I've said she put all her time and effort into her studies for the day when she would enter the family business. She really didn't know anyone and felt out of place. Once there and after having several drinks along with dancing almost non-stop she began to relax, so much so that she became flirtatious.

The throb of the music and the nearness of so much male flesh began to have its effect on her and when the girls she'd come with suggested that she go with several boys to one of the bedrooms for a private party her inhibitions and common sense escaped her and she willingly let herself be guided toward the bedrooms.

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A blissful almost unbearable feeling of lightness and arousal overcame her so that as she was being led from the dance floor she hardly protested as the fraternity boys groped and felt of her almost to the point of undressing her. A tingling pleasant sensation coursed through her as with every step strange lips either nuzzled her neck or nipped her ears while what felt like a multitude of hands roamed freely over her slim body. In the state of unaccustomed arousal she was in, she paid little heed to the disjointed speech of the boys as they talked about what they were going to do to her because to her addled brain none of it made any sense, and besides why talk when you could kiss.

She was swept up in the fact that it was she and not her roomate that was the center of attention and she didn't want to give up any of the male attention she had hither to missed. She was intoxicated with the attention. She had no idea that the reasons for her feelings was because she had been slipped an aphrodisiac. All that she knew was that an uncontrollable urge to have sex coursed through her. A mad desire to not only pleasure these boys she was with but any others that might hope to join their private party. Even when she was thrown onto the bed where a heart beat later she was joined by two boys who with roaming hands and wet kisses along with whispered promises of what they were going to do to her as they removed her clothes failed to awaken her to her plight.

About her the muted voices of the others bragging about fucking the uppity darkies brains out made about as much sense as the disjointed speech from earlier and her only response was an insistent moaning of aroused desire. In a dream like detached state, and in between her returning the kisses as well as trying to remove the clothes of the two boys who had disrobed her, she watched as if through a fog and with a feeling of excitement as the almost two dozen others crowded into the room to remove their clothes.

The voices of her so called girlfriends was like an unfamiliar rap song to her as they chanted encouragement to the fraternity brothers telling them to fuck her black ass, and though unheeded by her everyone else in the room became caught up in the beat. Unable to help herself she had simply lain waiting and then as the two who had disrobed her shifted their position on the bed, one beside her head and the other between her legs with the intention of simultaneously ravaging her, Thomas had appeared like a knight in shining armor.

Of course Belinda's mother had raised hell with the collage after finding out about the incident, and being from a rich family as well as being married to a wealthy industrialist and having a father who happened to be a Judge her screaming got the boys as well as the girls expelled, and rumor had it even threatened with death if they so much as went near Belinda again.

It wasn't until three weeks later that Belinda learned who had rescued her, and upon meeting Thomas she was instantly attracted to him even though at first she thought it was because he had saved her from being raped. Later after they had gone to lunch several times and then to a movie and dinner, she found his soft spoken manners and gentle nature as well his almost shy glances along with the light touch of his hand as he held hers endearing.

By the fifth week they were inseparable and were the talk of the campus, he a poor, not some handsome, white boy, and she a rich stunning negress with the looks and figure that Hollywood might have portrayed an Egyptian temptress as having. In fact her mother had often said that if she had been as light skinned as Haley Barry or any of the other famous actresses, Belinda could have been a movie star. But of course she wasn't, her flesh tone was the color of hot chocolate, soft yet lustrous and a huge contrast to Thomas's whiteness.

They had gotten engaged and then married all against her mothers wishes, and upon graduation had moved to Pittsburgh where Thomas had taken a job in a steel plant as Executive Accountant. That was 11 months ago and though they were still madly in love and the sex was fantastic little things he sometimes said or did got to her. And then there was always the occasional person mumbling under his breath just loud enough to be heard, the blacks saying she should stick to her own kind, while the whites, the so called unbigoted ones, saying she was trying to rise above her position.

But the worst, because it happened in her own home during her husbands monthly card games were the looks and whispered comments from his so called friends. When he was drinking heavily, or winning big and in high sprits Thomas did nothing to stop their leering looks that made her feel as if they were undressing her, but what was far worse was their whispered comments of getting into her pants when they thought she couldn't hear.

The first time it happened she had ran to the bedroom crying, and when after they had left and her husband had came to her she'd told him about it but he had soothed her saying they were just jealous because their wives weren't near as pretty as she was, and instead of being upset she should be flattered. He had kissed the hurt away as he had caressed her tear-racked trembling body, and then whispering to her that he was proud that his friends thought her so beautiful and wished they could take her to bed he had made love to her tenderly and passionately for what seemed like hours bringing her to several orgasms.

Because the game floated from week to week at each of the other members homes she only had to listen to his friends snide remarks every fifth week, and though she thought she was becoming sensitized to their remarks she gloried in the love making she received the nights they were held in her home and as strange as it sounds she began to wish she were present every week. Her husbands poker buddies wishful looks and comments still gave her a strange feeling. It wasn't fear, for surly Thomas wouldn't let anything happen to her, he loved her. After all, hadn't he stopped her from being gang raped?

No, what his friends awoke in her was something else. Deep down she knew what it was, though she wouldn't admit it. It was the feeling a women gets when she knows that she has an arousing effect on men other then her husband. Belinda found herself constantly thinking of her husband's poker buddies, even to the point were she found herself day dreaming she was laying atop the table, their poker chips and money scattered about her naked writhing body as one after the other they took her as her husband watched and even encouraged them to thrust their hard white dicks into her.

Oh God what was happening to her, she had to banish these sordid depraved thoughts, she had to, they weren't right. There was no way that what she was dreaming could possibly happen, that the man she loved would allow let alone encourage such a thing and yet she found herself ferverently wishing that such a thing indeed did happen.



Now weeks later all these thoughts and more besides had been racing through her mind. As a good hostess she had waited on them during the game and now that it was over and Thomas was escorting his friends out she found herself aroused even more then usual and could hardly wait to have sex with the man she loved. Once upstairs she pushed him to the bed tearing at his clothes and he at hers as they kissed and fondled each other.

As she straddled his prone white body guiding his torrid manhood into her cunt, a cunt that felt as if the very flames of hell themselves were searing it, he grasped her heaving pert tits squeezing hurtfully while teasing her that the reason she was so horny was because of his friends. His words shamed yet excited her and she threw her head back moaning loudly, an unwittingly gasped "Yes" escaping from her lips as she began to bounce and gyrate over him taking his manhood deep into her womb.

Thomas's own hips were lunging from the bed as he continued to tease her about wanting to fuck his friends; telling her that the four of them Mike, William, Reggie and John would like nothing better than to fuck her. At the mention of their names Belinda's body quivered like a guitar string and a small but very pleasant orgasm tickled her cunt. Gasping moans of lust bubbled from her full pretty lips as her slim chocolate body bounced faster and harder atop her husband and she knew that the approaching orgasm tickling the nerves in her cunt was going to be mind shattering.

Thoughts of this evenings game and the ones that had preceded it floated before her eyes. It had started weeks earlier when as she was giving William a beer. He had ran his hand over her ass and surprisingly she had let him do so without protesting. She had simply stood there looking into his smiling eyes and hardly breathing as her husbands friend had lightly caressed her pert bottom until suddenly she was startled by her husband's slurred speech asking for a beer. But it hadn't stopped there because as she'd slowly turned from the table to go to the kitchen William had stood offering to help get everyone a beer.

Once in the kitchen he'd grabbed her, kissing her roughly while running his hands over her slim body and instead of fighting or screaming for her husband she had melted into Williams arms as he'd whispered into her ear that he'd give anything to fuck her. And so it went for the next few games but now it was not only William that was feeling of her but Mike, Reggie and John as well. Instead of protesting she found herself seeking their attention.

Thomas seemed to be oblivious to the advances his poker buddies were heaping on his wife, not even finding it strange when one or the other of them followed her into the kitchen with an offer to help. For Belinda's part though it was driving her crazy and her dreams of willingly surrendering to these men intensified until she thought she couldn't take anymore. Was this a throw back to her collage days, to the night when she had almost been made love to by dozens of fraternity brothers only to be rescued by Thomas. Deep down had she wanted it to happen only to be disappointed. Now a year later it seemed as if she were being given another chance to be the center of attention for a group of strange men and their sexual desire. If such a thing did happen was it what she really wanted or was it all just a fantasy, a repressed longing that she she'd never fulfill.

Tonight though was especially note worthy in the sense that unlike all the other times in the past when one or the other of her husband's friends followed her into the kitchen to help and instead kissed and fondled her William carried it a step further. Without regard for her husband and little caring that he or one of the others might come into the kitchen he had literally undressed her. Opening her blouse he had removed her skimpy bra with but the mildest of protests on her part and then he had suckled and nibbled her nipples until they felt as if they would burst. Pushing her against the counter he had unfastened her tight designer jeans pushing them from her hips and then had run his hand beneath her panties inserting a couple of fingers inside her.

She had collapsed against him, her face buried into his neck, clinging almost desperately to his strong shoulders moaning softly as his fingers stroked slowly between her moistened pussy lips, sending shivers of excitement up her spine. In return her own hand slid between their bodies to grasp and feel his growing erection, almost making her swoon when she realized that his cock was larger than her husbands.

His whispered words of promised ecstasy made her almost desperate to see and touch his naked pulsing flesh and she worked feverishly to free his erection from confinement. Slipping to her knees she undid his pants, moistening her lips in anticipation as she tugged them from his hips, anticipation and a strange hunger that within seconds a cock other than her husbands would be in her mouth. But then the mood was broken as her husband's voice, sounding like a thunder clap, asked what the hell was taking so long. Now as she bounced atop her husband and her climax overtook her she surprised them both by gasping out that she wished his friends would fuck her, and then she collapsed atop him trembling like a leaf blown about by a gust of wind.

Long minutes later she slowly slide from atop him curling up beside him, one hand across his chest rubbing his nipples while the other grasped his cum-covered limp cock. As she continued to stroke him visions of William danced before her and she began kissing her husband's chest and abdomen before lowering her face to his cock and taking him into her mouth to lick and suck as she purred softly. Her imagination worked overtime as in place of her husband's dick William's cock waved and throbbed before her eyes as she tried to picture its length, girth and most of all its taste. Without removing her lips from his cock she climbed to her knees shifting about until her just-fucked snatch was above her husbands face and as his tongue flicked out and then licked and probed between her pussy lips her own mouth and throat paid him homage.

After long minutes and another small orgasm from her he rolled her onto her back pushing her legs almost to her shoulders as he forcefully and rapidly thrust into her imagining as he did so his friends one after the other and repeatedly using her in much the same manner or rougher. On Saturday, his dick still feeling like a hot poker and with his mind swimming with sordid visions of his beautiful wife bucking and twisting beneath his friends, Thomas was like a man possessed and not only did he take her several times in the living room but also in the kitchen, mumbling as he did so that this is where she spent most of her time with his friends. Belinda, surprised by her husbands actions, never the less gloried in the sexual attention, but on Sunday when she awoke to find he had lay out one of her old mini skirts from college with a note demanding she wear it without panties she wondered if he had become obsessed but she did as instructed. When she asked if they weren't going to church he chuckled saying they were and he didn't give a damn if it were church or on nights when he played poker he wanted her to dress much as she was now, he wanted everyone to see what a sex kitten he married. After church and a few very public places where he couldn't keep his hands off her she found she was beginning to like the admiring glances thrown their way and by the time they returned home it was she that couldn't get enough sex.

For the remainder of the weekend neither mentioned what had been said in the throes of passion, but on Monday morning when he had awakened to the gentle caress of her lips and mouth he idly wondered how he would feel having his friends gawk at and make crude comments about his wife every week. When all five inches of his cock slipped into her throat and his balls erupted sending his spunk into her belly, the fantasy of watching her slim dark body writhing beneath his poker buddies as they fucked her singularly and simultaneously surfaced. As her smiling eyes met his and her tongue licked the last remaining drops of cum from the tip of his dick Belinda wondered if she should say something about having his friends over weekly, and the thought of it sent a slight chill of excitement racing up her spin. What the hell was she thinking? She couldn't allow that, not with her thoughts all mixed up as they were what with her imagining his friends making love to her and him approving such a thing. But sweet Jesus the dreams were so real and aroused such a feeling of bliss in her that maybe that's why she was so excited the nights the games were held here and why she made love to her husband almost desperately after they left. And what about this past weekend with the almost non stop sex and his strange demands about the way he wanted her to dress, along with his repeated references to his poker buddies almost as if he were hinting that he wanted to see them making love to her. Her mind was all a jumble. What was happening to her? She was a happily married woman and thoughts of unbridled sex with another man weren't normal.



Another man, no other men! She was fantasizing about having sex with not just another man but four men, men who if their boasts were to be believed, would fuck her petite chocolate body till the cows came home! And now it seemed as if her husband was also fantasizing such a thing. She knew, deep down she knew that if those men came into her home every week it would be just a matter of time before she surrendered to her feelings, if not this week then the week after or the one after that and that if they didn't make the first move she would.

Belinda wasn't aware that her husband was even now thinking along the same lines, only his thoughts ran along the line that it would be just a matter of time before his chocolate sweety was spreading her legs and writhing beneath the combined attention of his friends, so when he spoke it surprised her because it was as if he'd read her mind.

"Honey if your serious about having my friends over every week then I'll ask them even though I know that sometimes their remarks aren't in the best vein but God almighty sweetheart I'm beginning to think their remarks excite you. Hell, your a regular sex fiend whenever they leave and if they were over every week I don't know if I could keep up with you. Hells bells girl, I might have to let them fuck that hot little snatch of yours just so I'd get some rest."

She had been taken by surprise wondering if she had spoken her thoughts aloud or if he suspected that his friends did indeed excite her, which from the way she acted in bed after they left really didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out. For all she knew maybe he even fantasized about his poker buddies fucking her. After all, hadn't he this very weekend just as much as told her such a thing was possible.

As he had dressed she hadn't said a word simply lay there watching him, but when he had finished and she had slipped into her negligee before walking him to the front door where they had kissed. She timidly asked that when the boys came over next week he thought that instead of her normal jeans he preferred she wore a mini skirt, or did he have something even sexier in mind like one of those French maid costumes or perhaps even one of her see through negligees like what she was wearing now? His only answer was a beaming smile.

She was on pins and needles wondering if indeed he would have his friends over again in a few days but during the week he gave no hint that anything like that was going to happen. He hadn't even mentioned anything about her remark about what she should wear, which if the truth be know she couldn't believe she'd uttered. On Thursday she went shopping at Victorias Secret, a place she had window shopped a hundred times but had never been inside. Looking at the variety of under garments as well as dresses for informal gatherings, she began feeling like a prude and doubt that what she was doing was the right thing crept into her mind.

Turning to leave she almost knocked over the young sales clerk, well not really young, for she was the same age as Belinda. Her bright smile and pleasant voice eased Belinda's fears and within minutes after the girl introduced herself as Amanda she found herself telling of the poker games and of how her husbands friends excited her with their crude remarks. She even told the clerk of her dreams of having sex with the men. Before she left the store she had three outfits, promising Amanda as she paid to let her know if the men liked what they saw as well as let her know that if instead of poker with cards they poked her.

Friday she hurried to the store for beer and snacks to serve during the game, and then a quick visit to the beauty parlor where while she had her hair done. She wondered which of her new outfits would bring the most smiles to the faces of the men as she served and fussed over them. When Thomas got home they ate a silent supper before snuggling on the couch and watching "Married with Children," one of his favorite shows and a show he always watched before the poker game, whether at their house or before he left to join them at one of the other members houses.

Watching her husband more than she did the show, she noticed how his eyes glinted and a sly smile creased his lips every time the mini skirt clad tart appeared, and she herself smiled thinking that after her husband saw what she was wearing tonight any thought of how sexy that little white girl was would vanish. After the show she excused herself saying she'd had a trying day and needed a shower.

"Oh, and sweetheart, when you get home after your game, if I'm asleep wake me!"

Halfway up the stairs she almost fainted and a salacious thrill tingled her nerve endings causing her shoulders to shudder when he asked if there was beer and snacks for the game cause John's kids were sick and he hoped she didn't mind but he'd volunteered to have the game here again.

"And sweetheart, if your going to cater those clowns, how about making them sick with envy, wear one of your skirts from college, I'd love to see their faces when they see how sexy you really are."

As she applied her makeup she was a little disappointed that he hadn't said anything about her new hair style, loose long waves swept up and back with one eye partially covered, a style somewhat reminiscent of the 1940's movie Femme Fatal. Well, if he hadn't noticed before he sure would notice when he saw what she was wearing. No bra, for her firm upturned pert 34c breast needed none, and besides the feel of the tangerine silk blouse against her nipples felt almost as good as her husbands lips, causing a tingling sensation of arousal every time she moved.

Looking at the edible bikini panties Amanda had picked out saying a two course meal was always better then one she decided against them thinking that the less she wore the better it would be, after all edible or not if she were going to do this the less she wore the faster and easier it would be for them to strip her as well as leave her less time to second guess herself about whether she was doing the right thing.

A garter belt though was a must to hold up her fishnet nylons, and over it the skin tight 9 inch tangerine leather micro mini that came just a couple of inches below her pussy barely hiding the tops of her stockings. The skirt, with a slight one inch overlap and held together by a single snap at the waist, allowed her easy movement while at the same time giving a provocative glimpse of even more leg each time she moved and one heck of a view if she were to sit and cross her legs.

This brought a smile to her lips as she fastened it. Dolce pumps with a floral embroidery on a sheer upper mesh with 5 inch spike heels completed her attire and as she looked into the mirror she couldn't believe how sexy, or rather how slutty she looked depending on your point of view.

Even she had to admit that her 5 foot 2 inch figure with measurements of 34 x 21 x 35 was a knock out. Smiling at her reflection she thought that if her husband and the others had thought her sexy before then their eyes would pop out and they'd drool all over themselves when they saw her tonight. As she was admiring herself Thomas called out wanting to know if she were going to stay upstairs or was she coming down to entertain his friends when they arrived.

"I'll be right down honey, and yes I'll entertain the boys tonight since you want me to." When she walked into the kitchen he was sipping a beer but when he saw her the bottle slipped from his fingers shattering on the floor, and as he stood making little choking noises the doorbell rang. Smiling at him sweetly she turned "I better get the door sweetheart it seems your friends have arrived and since I'm to be the entertainment tonight it wouldn't be right to keep them waiting."

With a backward glance over her shoulder she winked as she blew him a kiss and then she turned and with rolling hips walked to greet his friends. Thomas's mind was in a uproar. This was too sudden. Sure he had fantasized about her fucking his friends, and no he hadn't protested whenever his friends had made crude suggestive remarks about fucking her till the cows came home. Yes, at work around the coffee pot, he had even hinted to them that one of these poker nights she might even go along with it. But now that the time was here he began to have second thoughts, and her clothes, my God she might as well of worn a sign around her neck saying "Fuck Me."



He had to stop this, he had to, he couldn't share her with another man, fuck, not just another man, four men and his friends to boot, but he couldn't move and then he heard her light laughter in reply to his friends barely heard comments about how sexy she looked and it was like a knife in his heart and he ran from the kitchen just in time to see her being swept into Mike's arms and a big sloppy kiss planted on her lips as his hands freely glided over the smooth leather of her cute tight ass. Standing open mouthed and dumbfounded with a million thoughts racing through his stupefied brain he watched as each of his friends planted hungry wet kisses on her pretty mouth while running their hands over her body drawing soft moans of pleasure from her. As

Reggie, the last to kiss her, broke his kiss and raised his eyes to Thomas's, smiling broadly before lightly slapping Belinda's ass and joking that this was going to be a poker night they'd remember for a long time. Following close behind Belinda as she seductively walked past her stunned husband William slapped Thomas on the shoulder before putting his arm about him and pulling him along laughingly asking if he'd got it, poker -- Poke Her. "Shit I always thought your little women was sexy, but hot damn Thomas, she makes a thousand dollar call girl look like a bag lady. I know you've let us ramble on about fucking her, and I'll bet that like me the others have had more then one wet dream about doing her but are you ok with this now that it looks like it's finally going to happen?"

Thomas could only look stupidly at his friends, he as well as they had fantasized about this very moment but now that it was here if he told them to leave would they? And Belinda, what about her? She evidently wanted this to happen, look at what she was wearing. God she was sexy and wanton and beautiful all at the same time, and yes, his cock just as he was sure the cocks of his four friends was standing at attention and an almost savage need and hunger to thrust his cock deep into her and make her scream in aroused passion and wanton servitude reverberated between his ears.

In his befuddlement Thomas had walked past the card table and with a moan of acceptance and surrender at the inevitable had slumped onto the lazy boy. The excited muffled voices of his friends as they pulled chairs from the table and sat down he barely heard and then his wife was in his lap grinding her perky tight ass into his torrid hardness kissing him hungrily and without thinking he responded plunging his tongue into her mouth kissing her deeply.

Belinda, for her part, was a jumble of raw nerve endings because from the moment of her husbands stunned surprise in the kitchen and until she answered the door she had thought seriously of running back upstairs and not coming down until his friends had left. But something had drawn her to the front door where from the instant that first Mike, and then the others had swept her into their arms to hungrily kiss and fondle her the only thing she could think about clearly was her need to fuck and satisfy these men who so passionately desired her, whether or not her husband approved. The feel of their cocks pressing against her abdomen as she raised her face to theirs hungrily returning their kisses while moaning softly from the wonderful feeling of their hands pinching and squeezing her breast and ass was intoxicating. Any thoughts she'd had of denying his friends what they so hungrily and passionately desired vanished like so much smoke from their kisses and groping hands but Reggie's comment of a night of poker to remember was the the final part needed.

He wasn't talking cards, he was talking about him and the others doing her and any hesitation she might have had vanished and she eagerly surrendered herself up to the inevitable.

As hands lifted her from Thomas's lap she looked into his eyes asking with her own if this was what he really wanted, but when she saw only resignation of the inevitable she let herself be swept up and then other lips mashed against hers as what seemed like a hundred hands roamed over her petite brown body but then just as suddenly she was alone. With excited gasp brought on by what had just happened her eyes opened to mere slits and she looked with fuzzy incomprehension at the smiling faces of her husbands seated friends not understanding for a moment what they were saying. But her body knew and as she stood before the men slowly and seductively swaying in time to music that only she could hear her fingers teasingly worked at each button of her blouse until the only thing holding it together was the waist band of her skimpy skirt. Instinct more than acknowledgment of their words let her hands slip to her waist pulling the blouse from her skirt before slipping it teasingly from her shoulders exposing herself like she had never done before.

With a smile of sexual promise on her full lips her hands rose to her pert hard breasts, massaging and squeezing as she swayed before her husband and his friends. Words only half understood coming from John's mouth about betting she wasn't wearing panties and then him kneeling in front of her swaying body to unfasten her leather micro mini slowly pulling it from her hips to fall about her ankles before pushing his face into the vee of her crotch sniffing loudly of her perfumed cunt. Excited voices and nervous laughter reached Thomas's ears as John's face pushed deeper between Belinda's slightly parted legs and her small brown hands grasped his blond hair. Moans of pleasure escaped from her lips as she raised one of her legs letting it rest atop his shoulder while her pelvis began a slow sensual grinding against the tongue licking over and between her pussy lips.

"God damn! Look at John eat that chocolate pussy, I can hardly wait to fuck that nigger bitch and make her beg for my white cock. Eat it boy, eat that nigger's cunt." Thomas looked at where the voice had come from only to see that the rest of his friends had dropped their pants about their feet and with shit-eating grins were stroking their cocks in time to John's tongue lashing of his wife's cunt. As John's face left Belinda's cunt for a moment William's voice broke the silence calling Belinda a horny nigger loudly proclaiming that besides her husband she now had four other white masters to pleasure. And then to the stunned disbelief of the others but most of all to her husband Thomas, Belinda with a visible shudder of what could only be excitement slipped to her knees in servitude obediently crawling to William as he mockingly said the first thing the nigger bitch should do was suck their cocks.

As she crawled between his legs and ran her small brown hands up his hairy white thighs she smiled up at him before closing her slim dark fingers about his whiteness while at the same time lowering her face to his groin and without the slightest hesitation slipped her pretty lip sticked mouth around the fat knob of his cock. He boasted that you had to show them you were indeed their white master, and that once they understood that you could do whatever you wanted to them and the bitches would love you forever. As fast as Thomas was he wasn't fast enough because Reggie and Mike had grabbed William jerking him to his feet as John had pulled Belinda from between his legs.

Belinda, not understanding what was happening, struggled to free herself from John's grasp, clutching desperately at William's legs while pleading to be allowed to suck her white masters dick, but John now, with her husbands help, guided her away, taking her upstairs while Mike and Reggie, yelling at William, accused him of fucking up a good thing.

Upstairs, with John standing stupidly in the bedroom doorway, not knowing what to do, Thomas tried to soothe his whimpering wife, thinking that William's words and actions had shamed and hurt her but if he had known what was going through her mind he would have been disgusted and appalled. Of course, though he couldn't read her mind and she wouldn't talk about it, only sob like a young teenager who's heart had been broken. Months later when he learned to what depths she had sunk he wished he could indeed have read her mind that fateful night and somehow gotten her the help she needed, or at the least sent her home to her parents and away from the clutches of William.

Leaving them alone John went downstairs arriving just as Mike and Reggie with great difficulty were shoving William, who still had his pants about his ankles, from the house. Moments later and feeling awkward the three remaining friends sipped at beers, hating to leave but knowing they had to realized that the moment they had dreamed of and that had almost come to fruition was gone, very possibly with little hope of ever happening again. That only this morning Thomas had hinted to them of the possibility of fucking his beautiful negro wife had at first surprised them but as they'd talked amongst themselves of the past games and the stolen feels and kisses when they thought Thomas wasn't aware they could see that such a thing was possible and that their friend wasn't pulling their chain. But they were surprised all over again when upon ringing his doorbell his wife Belinda had answered looking finer then a thousand dollar call girl and then right there in the open doorway before God and the neighbors had let them kiss and fondle her and they had been ecstatic. But now thanks to William what had been the very real possibility of fucking that chocolate nymph on a weekly basis was gone, vanished, and though they still hungrily wished they could fuck Belinda, they knew there was no way it would ever happen now.

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