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"The Domination of Brenda" - part 3 of 3

      by A. G. Thomas

      (hs interr mmmmm+F oral anal exhib)

- Continued from part two ... click here if you haven't read part two yet -
-- or click here to start with part one --

The remainder of that weekend was much the same as Friday evening except that Hank gloried in debasing me by having me beg for his cock before fucking me. Philip had a sick fascination to my subservience, eagerly guiding Hank's thick cock into whichever hole he wanted to see me get fucked. Late Sunday afternoon we went shopping and between the two of them they picked several outfits for me to wear. As I tried on each skimpy dress or skirt outfit they picked out I was filled with apprehension, wondering how the facility and my students would react. Monday as I entered the school a few eyebrows were raised but no one said anything, not even the team members. I was surprised that no one showed any sign of familiarity or emotion. But all that changed as school ended because as the last bus of students left and as I walked to my car a multi-racial trio of boys suddenly appeared. I had just begun to think that Hank's threat to have at least a trio fuck me nightly had been so much hot air the boys appeared out of nowhere. As a boys arm encircled my waist and his hand cupped my buttocks the others laughed and joked about how they were going to fuck me senseless. As I opened the car door the boy with his arm about me took the keys saying he would drive and then I was pushed into the back seat with a boy on either side of me. On the ride home the two boys took turns fondling my tits and kissing me. I tried not to respond but when they opened my blouse and began kissing and sucking my nipples and even finger fuck me it was hopeless. By the time we reached my house the boys had me so hot that within minutes of entering my home I was stripped naked and on my knees eagerly sucking my first cock of the day. By the time Philip arrived home I had not only sucked each of the boy's cocks but had fucked them as well.

As I climbed from the warm bath I heard my husband ask the boys if I had been an obedient little slut and whether I had performed to their satisfaction. And then he came into the bedroom as I was dressing and instructed me instead to slip into one of the skimpy transparent negligees he and Hank had bought. I was a little self conscious as Philip led me back into the living room but when I saw the admiring expressions on their childish faces I relaxed. Leading me to the couch he told the boys to have fun fucking his whore wife's brains out, saying they could do what ever they wanted to me as long as they gave him a good show. Late into the night my small body was used continually in a multitude of positions, both singularly and simultaneously and though they pinched, mauled, and even bit my tits, thighs and even my ass, they never really hurt me. In fact to be honest it was during the times they were being the roughest and most demanding that my greatest orgasms occurred. And so it went, as each night after school a different group of boys met and took me home to perform for and to satisfy their sexual hunger.

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The first couple of times I tried to hold back, to resist, but with each group of boys I found it easier to let myself go, to surrender and enjoy the sexual pleasures they were giving me. Philip was always there telling each group what he wanted to see and giving suggestions on how and in which hole they should bury their cocks. There were a couple of evenings when after a bad day at his low paying job he would call Hank asking if a few other team members could come over and when three or four more came to our home I would be used by two and sometimes three simultaneously, late into the night. But the nights Philip enjoyed most were when Hank stopped by saying he wanted to make sure his whore was satisfying his players. On those occasions I would be made to beg Hank to fuck me with his big nigger dick, and then as he fucked my ass or cunt I would suck the dicks of the half dozen or so team members he brought along. As first one week and then another slipped by I found myself eagerly looking forward to the end of each school day and the young eager boys who I knew would be using my body that evening. I was wallowing in sexual depravity with little thought as to what the school faculty or the townspeople might think.

It became quite common for the team members to flaunt my scantily clad body and to fondle me in public, especially when their classmates were around to see. I found myself reveling in their attention, and when the fifth trio of players to share my body drove me to the mall telling me they were going to fuck my brains out in the parking lot, I found myself actually looking forward to being fucked in public. Parking the car away from the entrance but yet not so far away that a curious onlooker wouldn't be able to miss and watch what was happening they instructed me to strip and then opening the back doors so they could ravage me from both ends they satisfied their sexual perversion and fantasy in broad daylight. The fact that anyone could have, and maybe did for all I know, walk up to the car both then and later and watch as I slavishly fucked and sucked the football players was a great turn on. After satisfying themselves they rested momentarily taunting me with threats, promises to let passersby fuck me. With their words ringing in my ears I became even more excited and aroused and began to play with myself and then to their amused satisfaction I pleaded with them to let others fuck me if they wouldn't. As I lay sprawled across the back seat fingering my cum drenched cunt quivering with excitement both waiting and begging them to either continue or let others fuck me, I watched their young virile cocks harden with renewed lust. But this time when they used my small girlish body I was made to kneel in the open door way with my knees on the pavement and my upper body across the seat. As each of them took me from behind savagely thrusting their young manhood into my ass hole wanton moans of submission gurgled from my heaving chest. Squirming beneath their assault I bucked masochistically back into their muscular bodies meeting their every thrust. A hazy vision of young boys and old men standing beside my car waiting to plunge their torrid manhood into my body sent my mind reeling in ecstasy. From that day on the groups of boys who followed tried to out do the others before them after hearing of the parking lot fucking and my pleading cries to be ravaged publicly. One group even drove me into the slum section of town and sold me to the patrons of a bar for beers.

There in the smoke filled bar in a matter of a couple of hours as I lay atop the brightly illuminated lone pool table I was fucked by no less then a dozen smelly, unshaven men. As each man fell between my splayed legs to grunt laboriously over me and flood my cunt with their hot spunk the boys drank beer. Not even the laughter at my groveling slave-like obedience or the foul language as both the men and boys called me a cheap cock hungry slut and whore could diminish the feeling of rapture I received each time a cock speared into my cunt. After the last man had shot his spunk into my cunt the boys themselves used my petit body for their pleasure before making me kneel naked beside the door, and as each man left I thanked him for fucking me and gave him a blow job. Any thoughts of consequences for my actions were the furthermost thing on my mind and little thought was given to the brazen fondling of my body in public or even of them selling me to strangers. I was truly the team slut and I gloried and loved it. At the end of the third week as I entered the class room for my last class a box was on my desk. Looking inside, I found a complete cheerleaders outfit with a note neatly penned laying atop the sweater, and with trembling fingers I opened and read the note. I slumped to my chair with a sigh of resignation and as I looked up it was into the smiling faces of four team members standing before me. I can't say I was shocked, I had somehow known that Hank and the team meant to put me on display and what better place to do it than at the game. Everything the team had done in the past weeks had been leading up to this but until that moment I hadn't thought about it. After rereading the note that simply said I was to wear the uniform to the game Sunday and sit with the cheerleaders I looked again into the box noticing that the skirt was much shorter then the one I had worn that fateful day weeks earlier when Hank had first presented me to his football team.



I somehow knew that Hank and the team had something planned but not even in my wildest sex-filled fantasy was I prepared me for what would happen that Sunday next. At 2:00 o'clock, as game time approached, I put on the cheerleader outfit and as I walked into the living room, I asked Philip if he was going to the game. The smirk on his lips as he took in the micro-mini cheer leading outfit led me to believe he knew something I didn't. When he slowly stood and walked toward me with the smirk growing and a sadistic look in his eyes I tried to back away becoming frightened, but I was stopped by a chair and as I fell into it the short skirt rose exposing my naked crotch. Reaching out he shoved his hand between my parted legs pushing two of his fingers into my snatch and as they sawed in and out his words filled me with apprehension. "Fuck no, you cheap slut, I've already seen you get fucked every way possible ---- Those fucking punks may know how to screw your skanky ass, and from what I hear even how to fulfill your perverted fantasies but they don't know a damn thing about how to play football." With those words his fingers tightened on my clit and pinched bringing a painful cry from my throat, but he wasn't finished yet. --- "Since you like giving your cunt to those damn teenagers and that nigger coach of theirs, I'm sure that what they have planned for you will keep your whore ass even busier after school then it already is." And then he slumped back into his chair turning up the sound of the football game he was watching as I sat frozen in panic with chest heaving trying to figure out what more Hank and his football team could make me do that I hadn't already done. I thought of running away, of hiding, doing something, anything other then going to the game and what awaited, but instead I climbed to my feet smoothing my micro-mini over my slim hips and walked woodenly to my car and drove to the game and whatever Hank and the team had planned for me.

Arriving at the gate I was met by the assistant coach who led me through the crowd and onto the field to the team's bench. As we walked through the milling people I heard snickering innuendos and felt several hands as different men felt of my ass. My face reddened as remarks about my skimpy outfit and the fact I wasn't wearing panties were whispered around me, and before I sat down beside the players I heard someone in the stands ask if that sexy fox wasn't Mrs. Kelly the English Teacher, only to be answered by a woman's voice saying yes and that she had always thought I was a slut and she wouldn't be surprised if I was fucking the whole football team, niggers included. What was I to do, I could deny it but I felt that if I did Hank or the team members would tell her and half the crowd that indeed I was fucking them. It slowly dawned on me that what I had willingly and eagerly let the team members do to me in public over the last few weeks was only a precursor and in panic I looked around seeking to escape or at least hide. I was being flaunted before almost the whole town dressed in a skimpy cheerleader outfit and that sometime during or directly after the game I would find out what my husband had only hinted at. As I looked past the cheerleaders beside me and at the seated players they seemed to turn as one and look at me with grinning faces, and the biggest grin was plastered on Hanks face. Why, oh God why was this happening? Had I done something wrong? Was my Master Hank punishing me for something he thought I had done, or was he just simply flaunting me before half the town to humiliate me and to make sure I knew he controlled me. Whatever it was or whatever happened I knew that if I had thought that my life had changed before, after today nothing would be the same. It couldn't have been worse if he had announced over the loud speaker that I had been fucking him and his players, at least then I would have known. As I sat fidgeting and trying to hide my nakedness during the first half of the game I thought things couldn't get much worse but I was wrong, the worse was yet to come, as I was soon to find out.

At half time as the cheerleaders ran onto the field Hank stepped before me motioning me to stand and then with his arm around my waist led me to the center of the field on the 50 yard line where a small stage and a microphone had been set up. With the schools cheer leaders dancing about on either side of us beside the stage I was introduced to the crowd. "For all you folks out there who don't know who this foxy thing is beside me let me tell you. It gives me great pleasure to introduce her to you, this is Mrs. Kelly, she's the 10th and 11th grade English Teacher and for the last couple of weeks she's volunteered her time after school each night to privately tutor different members of the team. She has given of herself freely to assure that these young men get the education they deserve. Now if you'll notice she's dressed like our cheer leaders because like them we consider her every bit a member of the team. The young men she has given herself so freely to and taught so much want the people of this community to know that this game is dedicated to her. I also want you folks to know that my boys are going to kick some butt so she can be as proud of them as they are proud and fond of her. I felt naked, he'd done it ----- Oh God; He'd done it. He might as well as announced that the team was fucking me. His words had hinted at it, even implied it by saying I was giving of myself freely every night. And then in his last sentence saying the boys were proud and fond of me, oh God, what was to become of me. Throughout the rest of the game I sat stiffly with my hands on the hem of my micro-mini trying to hide my nakedness beneath the skimpy skirt. My mind was racing at light speed wondering what Hank and his team had planned to further subjugate me and despite my predicament or maybe because of it a multitude of lurid sordid visions played before my eyes. Visions of not just the team members but of other boys in the school in a long never ending line waiting to climb atop my naked body played before me. But then the scene shifted and I was surrounded by men, white, black and every color in between and their cocks merged into a gigantic phallus. A cock so monstrous, that despite its size, it somehow pushed into my body without ripping me apart and as it traveled through me only to come out my mouth I had orgasm after orgasm.

With this vision dancing before me I wasn't aware the game finally ended until the boys excitedly gathered around me as the crowd of onlookers began to disperse. Coming out of my sordid daydream I became caught up in their enthusiasm and as I kissed several boys congratulating them others hands roamed over my body sending salacious thrills through me. I wasn't aware that not everyone had left, and of those still there over a half dozen men were high enough in the stands that they had an unobstructed view of me as one of the black team members pulled me into his arms and passionately kissed me. His hands raised the back of my skimpy skirt allowing his fingers to roam unobstructed over my naked buttocks. Other hands fondled my tits and playfully pinched my now hardening nipples as I felt my legs being parted by someone's head between my thighs. Braking the kiss I looked down between my legs just as the youth's mouth brushed against my sex moistened pussy lips and I almost swooned. As the boy tonguing my cunt gripped my ass cheeks other young hands and then lips played over my tits sending shivers up my spine and making my body feel as if it were aflame. My head lolled loosely backwards as I leaned heavily against someone to keep from falling, my eyes looked unseeing into the fading afternoon sky and a ragged gasp of pleasure issued from my throat as someone's tongue slipped into my mouth. I found myself becoming unusually aroused faster then normal, so much so that I didn't care if there might be people left in the stands that might see what was happening. Unknown to me the boys broke their circle giving the watching men and anyone else remaining a better view of my almost naked body as one of them tongued my cunt while other lips kissed my nipples and neck as fingers lightly danced over my body unhindered.



I didn't notice the cameras nor was I aware that pictures were being taken and I think that even if I had I wouldn't have cared. But Hank did care because he waved the onlookers closer and soon the crowd around me had grown by almost a dozen. In my aroused state I thought the flashes going off as they took pictures was my mind's answer to the climaxes shuddering through my petit body. Then I heard Hank's voice calling me a slut and telling me to be a good little whore and to drop to my knees and give the quarterback a blow job as reward for winning the game. Obediently I sank to the soft ground and with longing and excited lust brought about by what had transpired during and now after the game I tore frantically at the boy's uniform pants. Gargled sounds of wanton lust came from my lips as my hands worked to free the boy's dick and when I finally yanked his pants open my hand closed about his cock so tightly it brought a groan of pain and pleasure from him. Leaning forward I guided his cock into my mouth and within seconds I was hungrily deep-throating him. My small hands cupped his dark ass cheeks as his eight plus inches of black cock speared between my lips and all thoughts of where I was left me. All that mattered was that I give this boy his just reward and after him the other members of the team. The boy before me twisted his fingers into my long red hair as he sank to his knees and my upper body bent with him allowing my lips to stay around his rigid organ as my right hand came around and lovingly caressed his balls. Bent over as I was with my ass in the air I felt my skimpy skirt slip even higher exposing my cunt, and I instinctively knew that it was just a matter of seconds before someone would take me from behind as I sucked the quarterback's cock.

Fingers lightly caressed my ass cheeks and my widely parted legs before splaying my cunt lips apart and rubbing my clitoris bringing my blood to a boil. The pounding in my ears was so loud that I almost didn't hear Hanks voice saying I was going to fuck every member of the team as reward for winning the game. A moan of ecstasy and then unabashed lust slipped from my cock- stuffed throat with the realization of his words that before the night was over I would be fucked by every member of the football team, and then the fingers in my cunt were replaced by a hard fat dick. It didn't matter that they were hot and sweaty from a game just completed or that we were on the football field and that there might still be people that had watched the game hanging around. In my highly aroused state all that mattered was their cocks. Cocks that nightly over the past three weeks I had fucked and sucked not only in the privacy of my home but in places where the chances of others watching had been very real. The perverted fantasies I had been a party to since Hank had turned me into the teams slut were but a prelude to what was about to happen. And heaven help me, I wanted it more then anything. I wanted all of them at once, all of them, every member of the team. I wanted all 23 of them to fuck me and I didn't care if they used me over and over one after the other or if they sank their hard young cocks into every orifice simultaneously and fucked me until I was senseless or died in rapturous bliss. The quarterbacks fingers untangled from my hair to cup the side of my face as his cock sawed between my lips and my body began shaking with excitement. My ass rotated in frenzied circles as I humped backwards against the cock in my cunt, while my hands reached out encircling the waist of the boy fucking my throat to clinch almost desperately at his buttocks. The smell of unwashed bodies assaulted my nose like it had that night two weeks ago and it was like an aphrodisiac to my heightened senses. I hadn't been aware of the first group of onlooker's and even if I had I wouldn't have cared and now their number had increased to almost two dozen and beside the cameras there were now camcorders recording my debasement.

I didn't hear the anxious voices of the team or the disbelieving mumbling of the men and women witnessing my willing surrender and self debasement as the two boys fucking my mouth and cunt grunted and strained in their effort to empty their cum into my spasming body. The one lodged in the tight clinging tunnel of my throat erupted first and as it slipped from my lips leaving behind a string of cum still joining us, the hands about my waist tightened pulling me backwards into the boy fucking me from behind, and then his cock erupted also sending his seed deep into my cunt. I wasn't aware that Hank had pulled a woman holding a camcorder close enough to touch my trembling form until he whispered in my ear that he was recording everything. With a finger under my chin he turned my face up to look directly into the video camera as he turned to the woman beside him, and I clearly heard him tell her to record every moment of me getting royally fucked. Laughing as he waved his arm at the crowd gathered about my kneeling form my eyes slowly focused and I could see at least two dozen men mixed in with the football players. "I want a movie of this fucking slut being porked by every member of the team, as well as any man that might want to fuck her." As if from a great distance I dimly heard a muffled almost unintelligible voice begging to be fucked, and as another two boys stepped forward and shoved their cock's into my mouth and cunt I realized the voice was mine.

Beside me the women's voice I had heard when I first arrived at the field repeated her earlier statement only this time it sounded like she was shouting it. "Look at her, didn't I say she'd like fucking the whole football team. My God if her poor husband knew she was fucking young boys and niggers he would probably die. ---- Why she's nothing but a cheap slut, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if she fucked animals." A convulsive shudder racked my slim body as the two football players fucking me emptied their cum into my body to mix with the ones before and the womans voice and all other sound faded as if in a vacuum. Again two cocks speared into me only this time one of them was crammed into my ass hole instead of my cunt and in answer to his need I pushed back forcefully to met his savage deep thrust as it pushed into my ass. As the boy behind me lunged, the forward motion of my slim petit body allowed the boy in front of me to bury his cock in my throat. Spreading my hands out for leverage I began to rock first back and then forward greedily taking their cock's deep into my ass and throat until each boys scrotum slapped against either my chin or pussy lips sending my mind heavenward.

With both boys pumping into my quivering body almost sadistically, their heavy breathing and grunts brought aroused sighs from the men as well as the women onlookers drowning out my own whimpering pleas. "Man will you look at Mrs. Kelly take it up the ass. I'll bet she'd like a cock in that hot snatch of hers too. Help me lift her leg so I can get under her and bury my cock in her cunt while she's taking it in the ass. The bitch is so hot she'll probably love getting three cocks at once." Suddenly everything seemed to be turned upside down as I felt my body being twisted about and pulled backwards until I was laying on my back atop the boy whose dick was crammed in my anus. With fluttering eyes I looked up into a sea of faces holding out my hands searching for the cock that had pulled from my greedily sucking mouth as hands had turned me about. My skin was misted as if from a spring shower and then the faces disappeared and in their place was the face of the boy who had fallen atop me. Looking down between our bodies I saw that he had pulled his pants down freeing his cock and that he was guiding it to my cunt. The boy groaned as he plunged his cock deep into my cunt and an inhuman groan wafted up from my throat as it felt like a heavy lead pipe had been shoved deep inside my cunt. As the two cocks below my waist each plunged deep into my body they began a synchronous rhythm and as my eyelids trembled and fluttered I realized that I was sadistically impaled by almost two feet of hard virile black cock at once. "Mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep. Yessssss! Your both deep and hard in me, it's fantastic. Fuck me hard and deep. Hurt me with your beautiful black dicks. Uunnngggghhhhhhh! YEEESSSSS, harder, harder boys. Make me scream! Show your teacher how you studs like fucking her. It's fantastic, fantastic, harder boys harder. Fuck me hard and deep. Fuck meeee harrdddd." As the rising heat of my lust and ecstasy surged into a holocaust that felt like a flame thrower between my legs an animalistic whine whinnied in my throat and I groaned hurtfully from the combined sadistic ravishment of my slender white body sandwiched between the meaty hulks of two Negro athletes.



"Holy shit man. Look at that cock hungry bitch go. She's taking it all and she's still hungry for it. I have got to get in on this." As our three wildly humping bodies seemed to merge another boy straddled my chest, his balls dangling to within an inch of my tits. With his knees on either side of my head he leaned forward and I could feel the wispy hairs of his testicles on my burning flesh just before his cock drooped meatily onto my chin. I needed no encouragement or instructions, and opening my mouth I readily and hungrily sucked his throbbing love muscle into my mouth as I raised my head and locked my arms about his waist upward pulling him to me at the same time. I was nothing but a cock hungry horny slut and I no longer cared who knew it as I reveled in the multiple penetration of my body. As long as they were young and hard I would fuck them. Opening my mouth widely as his cock slipped over my bottom teeth and into the warm moist pressure of my mouth I clamped my lips around his cock in an exquisite sucking tightness that made him groan with delight. Aroused, excited voices from the on-looking men and women exclaimed they couldn't believe I was taking all three black boys simultaneously that there had to be three feet of cock in my body. With what I believe was pride my slim girlish body twisted and vibrated in an unbelievable act of wantonness and forbidden desire. Tyrone groaned into my ear and began making weird guttural noises as if he was in immense internal pain and his upward humping became so desperate that I was bounced up and down despite the deep impalement of the cock between my thighs and the cock in my mouth. Reaching up to lovingly caress the dangling orbs of the boy's balls as I sucked and slurped wantonly on his thick erection I opened my mouth and groaned deep in my throat as my passion raged out of control. When the boys cock slipped from my lips momentarily I grabbed it and stuffed it back into my mouth, and it seemed to be the extra bit of stimulation the young athlete needed because his gushing semen began to spurt into my mouth and throat in a torrent of viscous relief. As every ounce of his heavy cream drained into my throat he slowly withdrew from my lips leaving a smear of his cum on my cheek and chin. And then the boy between my thighs groaned in exquisite pain and began a spurting flood of ejaculation that filled me with cum until my belly sloshed with his hot creamy load. At the same time I heard Tyrone sigh deeply as his cock lunged deep, vibrating like a tuning fork as he released a forceful blast of cum that gushed into my rectum, and spurted again and again until his balls emptied their thick creamy load. My insides felt awash with hot teenage cum.

As the three cock's withdrew leaving trails of thick cum on my body I fell to my side and then someone lifted my head and placed his cock to my half open mouth. With purring sounds of pleasure my lips closed around the shaft as I began slurping ravenously. The stands could have been full and even my parents could have walked onto the field and I would not have cared. I needed the cock's of these young boys more then I needed anything else. My cunt throbbed with need and my body felt as if it was being consumed by a terrible yet pleasing inferno. Sucking the cock deep into my throat, I felt one of my legs lifted almost at a right angle as another cock was shoved deep into my hot yearning cunt. No more apples for dear old teacher, just cocks....... cocks to fuck and cocks to suck. Hard thick cocks, black, white, I didn't care as long as they were big and hard. Every male living in Midfield could have walked onto that field and fucked me and I wouldn't have cared. I would have tried to fuck them all. Cock after cock shot their thick creamy load into me and withdrew, only to be replaced by others. My body was constantly shifted and pulled into different positions as other cocks slipped into my mouth, ass, or cunt. My screams for their cocks became horse and muffled from all the cum that had been emptied into my mouth and throat. I don't know how long I lay there surrounded by the team as well as the men and women onlookers as two and three cocks at a time used me. Nor was I aware that several men, despite protest from their wives had thrust their cocks into me and that I had just as eagerly accepted them as I had every member of the football team as I rode one long continuous orgasm of mind shattering sexual ecstasy.

And then as suddenly as it had began it stopped as the last cock spurted its hot creamy load and slipped flaccidly from my sloppy cum drenched ass with a lewd, slurping noise. As I lay in a stupor with my thighs quivering and my body smeared obscenely with the lurid dribbling traces of cum from the multitude of cocks that had satisfied themselves, the voice of Hank, my Master, came floating through my sex satiated brain. Turning my head slowly as if in a drunken stupor I looked about at the multitude of faces floating above me as if through a thick fog, and then my eyes slowly focused on Hank's broadly smiling face as he knelt beside my limp cum covered body. "Mrs. Kelly I knew the first time I saw you that you were a bitch in heat, a true nymphomaniac, but this display of cock hunger as you not only fucked every member of the team, but half their fathers as well was more then I expected." For a minute his words faded as I started to slip into unconsciousness but then he twisted his fingers into my matted disheveled hair, lifting my head from the grassy field. Like a white hot poker his next words and laughter seared into my brain as he hissed savagely that after tonight I could expect a constant stream of men and boys visiting my house looking for a free fuck. "As the town slut Brenda your going to be rather busy once word gets out about you taking thirty cocks in one night. So busy that ------" but I never heard him finish as everything faded into nothingness as my head fell weakly to the cum-dampened grass where my reputation as the town slut was built.

- The End (at least for now) -

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