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"The Domination of Brenda" - part 2 of 3

      by A. G. Thomas

      (MMMMF noncon rape oral anal interr Ds)

- Continued from part one ... click here if you haven't read part one yet -

As he pushed me from the motel room and toward my car I was filled with dread. He was going to give me to his football team, most of whose only pleasure as far as I knew was on the field hitting the opposing players They hated authority which included teachers. Yanking my door open he pushed me behind the wheel telling me to follow him and within minutes we were heading for Midfield. Dumbly I followed him fearing that if I didn't he might hurt me or worse, but at the same time a salacious thrill raced through my body at the prospect of my "Master" turning me over to a group of teenage boys. My fingers rubbed over my wet cunt lips as I visualized myself surrounded by the football players. Each of them stroking a monstrous cock eager to plunge it deep into my hot body.

Pulling into the school parking lot beside his vehicle I started to exit my car when he grabbed my hair, twisting my head up to look at him telling me that since his eleven inches weren't enough then maybe the twenty five plus boys on the team would satisfy my cock hunger. "Since one cock doesn't seem to be enough for you Brenda, there's four hillbillies and a couple of dozen black boys on my team so that should make you happy. Most of these boys have cock's as big as mine, but being younger they'll be able to stay hard longer, that should make you very happy indeed."

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Releasing his grip on my hair he told me to put on fresh lipstick and brush my hair and then he led me toward the football field with his hand cupping my ass telling me that I was going to be the team whore. "Remember slut your mine now and I can do what ever I want with your white ass, and even though I'd like to see you getting gang fucked by these twenty eight teenagers I don't want that tight little cunt of yours wore out in one day. So I've decided that for the rest of the school year you'll be given to a few members of the team each day, kind of like a special reward for getting into the playoffs. Since you're their English Teacher that will make it even more special for them."

With his hand still cupping my ass we walked across the field toward the team. The players watched us approach and I know that some of them were trying to figure out who the cheerleader was with their coach. The thought of being used by the football team on a daily basis as well, as Hank's hand fondled my ass sent small tingles of excitement up my spine and my cunt began to leak as a slight itch spread upward from my crotch.

As the assistant coach blew his whistle yelling at them that the practice was over they began walking past us on the way to the locker room. As they walked by I could see that most of them recognized me as a look of surprise flashed across each young face when they took in my pleated miniskirt and Hanks hand rubbing over my buttocks. As the last one filed past we followed him into the locker area where Hank then guided me to the center of the room motioning the players to gather round. "Boys I'm sure you all know Mrs. Kelly the English Teacher, but what you don't know is that this cute little bitch loves cock so much she can't seem to get enough. I spent last night and this morning fucking this slut and I can tell you for a fact that she's a great piece of ass. She liked my black cock, but one cock just wasn't enough, so when she asked for more I thought who better to fuck this cute little lady than you football players and her students."

As I stood beside Hank Roberts surrounded by his football team listening to him describe in detail how we had spent the evening and this morning my face reddened in shame. Stunned silence as well as looks of lust sparkled in each boys eyes as they took in my skimpy pleated miniskirt while listening to his words. When he finished speaking you could have heard a pin drop and then suddenly everyone started speaking at once asking if it was for real that their English Teacher would willing let the whole team fuck her. Holding up his arms while telling them to shut up he told them that I was his sex slave to do with as he pleased and then to prove his point, he told me to strip.

"Mrs. Kelly why don't you take off your sweater and miniskirt so these boys can see that beautiful white body of yours." My body shook and chills ran up my spine as I obediently removed first my sweater, then miniskirt while looking into their young eager faces. On shaky legs I stepped toward them before performing a perfect pirouette giving each of the young boys a front and back view of my petite body. With so many boys standing around me and all of them talking at once it was hard for me to understand their street language, though I did hear a few of them say that they couldn't believe they were getting to fuck such a fine looking white woman.

As I stood naked before them he drew three numbers from a hat telling the boys that each day I would be given to three of them to use in whatever way they saw fit. Since I was now the teams whore they could do what ever they wished to me, even fondle me in public if that's what they wanted, or they could pass me to their friends. Then he called out the numbers of the first three boys telling them to drop their pants. "Brenda get on your knees and suck these boys off. I want the team to see what's in store for each of them when it's their turn."

As I dropped to my knees I couldn't believe how easily I accepted the fact that I was the play thing for Hank and his football team, or that I was kneeling on the floor of the teams locker room surrounded by almost thirty smelly teenage boys waiting to see me suck the cocks of the first three team members who had won me. As the first boy stepped forward I looked up into his eager young face and then down at his dark pulsing cock. When he pushed his dick forward past my lips and into my waiting mouth my teeth lightly scraped along the first few inches of his fat cock bringing a gasp of pleasure from him. As my lips encircled the knob of his eight inch dick he grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth like a cunt. I could smell the musky odor of his crotch and taste the unwashed staleness of his cock as he pumped back and forth between my lips making me think I would gag, not only from his musky smell and taste, but from his hurtful deep thrust as well, when suddenly his cock spurted filling my mouth with cum as if he had not had a girl in months.



His cum flooded my mouth and throat, and though I swallowed most of it some dribbled from my lips and down my chin. As he pulled out, the second boy eagerly stepped forward to shove his cock between my lips boasting that he was going to feed his twelve inches of black meat to the white slut, and just like the first one, began fucking my mouth as if it were a cunt. My senses were once again assaulted by the musky stale odor of an unwashed body as his hips set a rhythmic face fucking pace but he too lasted only a few short minutes before flooding my mouth with his spunk.

This time I managed to swallow his offering and when he pulled his cock from my mouth excited voices were raised around me. As the third boy stepped in front of me, he too, like the others before him was black, but instead of face fucking me like the other two he slowly worked his cock between my lips an inch or so at a time in a slow rhythmic motion, until without realizing it I had taken all twelve inches of his large black cock into my mouth and throat.

His slow deep thrust were pleasurable, almost tender, and the feel of his kinky groin hairs tickled my lips each time he slipped into my throat. His testicle sack slapped into my chin each time my lips clamped around the base of his dark cock sending a salacious shame thrill through out my body. The unwashed musky odor of his body was now like an aphrodisiac and combined with the slow deep throat fucking he was giving me, made me want to please him all the more. My arms reached up encircling his hips and then my small white hands grasped his ass cheeks pulling him toward my face each time he started forward.

Soft meowing sounds escaped my clasping lips as my throat muscles caressed and massaged the young boys hard black instrument of pleasure. I could tell from the clinching of his buttocks that he was getting ready to empty his hot thick cum into my willing throat. Greedily I began pulling him faster into my face as my lips and tongue worked on the thick shaft of his dark cock willing him to empty his cum into my throat. Above the excited voices of the boys Hanks voice stood out as he told the watching boys that if they wanted their cocks sucked like Leroys they couldn't just fuck my mouth like Charles and Tyron had done. And then he told them to watch my throat muscles milk Leroys cock as he filled my belly full of cum.

When Leroys cum shot from his cock ricocheting against the clinging tunnel of my throat my own orgasm rippled through my body adding to my lust, and the muscles in my throat did indeed milk Leroys cock as I greedily swallowed every drop he offered me. I was unwilling to let the boy go at first as my body quivered from the orgasm I'd just had, but when he softened and slipped from between my lips I caressed his testicles and kissed the knob of his limp cock thanking him. "Well boys now you know what to expect when your number is drawn, but that's only the beginning. If you think her mouth is hot, just wait till she wraps her legs around you once you slap the meat to her. Each day after school our little slut is going to take at least three of you to her house for an evening of fun and games.

Yea, yea I know she's married but don't worry about her old man I'll take care of him, after today you'll be able to fuck her in front of him if you want. You can do anything you want with her but remember no rough stuff." Telling me to get dressed he turned once more to the boys telling them that starting Monday they were going to get all the pussy they wanted. "Mrs. Kelly and I will be spending the rest of the weekend at her home. Today her husband's going to learn just how much of a slut she is and what he can look forward to from now on. I'll make sure he understands his little woman will be getting so much meat slapped to her every night and on the weekends that she won't have time for him." Putting his arm around me he led me from the locker room, and deeper into sexual depravity and slavery

Arriving at my house he led me to the door and before I could unlock and enter the house he swept me from my feet into his arms kissing me long and hard plunging his tongue between my lips to duel with my own. As we kissed his hands gripped my ass hiking the back of my miniskirt up. If any of the neighbors had been watching they would have seen that I wasn't wearing any panties. Suddenly the door opened and the angry question of where the hell had I been died on my husbands lips as his shocked face took in the fact that I was kissing a large black man in broad daylight in front of the house. Letting go of me Hank pushed his way past my husband and into the house telling me to get him a beer. Obediently I slipped into the house saying "Yes Master" as I looked up at the dumbfounded expression on my husbands face before rushing into the kitchen as Hank told Phillip to shut the fucking door.

As I opened the beer I half expected to hear fighting or at least yelling from the living room but instead there was only silence. As I entered the living room my husband and my "Master" were looking at each other, my husband with hurt and anger whereas Hank had a big grin across his dark face. Each of them motioned me to his side but I walked to Hank handing him the beer and then sat down, not beside him, but in his lap throwing my arms around his neck and snuggling my head against his chest. As Hank told my husband where I had spent the night as well as every lurid detail that had transpired since I had left the house Friday, Phillip sat as if made of stone and then suddenly burst from his chair with a scream, lunging at the Negro who had just told him that I was his slut as well as the football teams whore.

Hank didn't move as Phillip lunged at him, he simply reached out holding Phillip at arms length while Phillip wildly swung his arms about trying to reach his antagonist. Slowly Hank raised his large 6 foot 7 inch frame from the couch pushing his dark face against Phillips again telling him every lurid detail of the weekend, highlighting the ravishment of my ass and culminating with my sucking three teenage football players large black cock's and swallowing their cum as twenty five other players watched.

Pushing Phillip across the room as if he were a rag doll he told him to sit his ass down because if he didn't believe I was such a cock hungry slut he was going to show him just how much of a whore I was. Lifting me to his lap after sitting down he slipped his hand under my miniskirt pushing it up to expose my cunt while asking me loud enough for Phillip to hear if I wanted him to finger fuck me. "Yes Master I would like that very much." Shifting me about so that my husband was looking directly at my now glistening cunt lips he pushed three of his large dark fingers between my quivering cunt lips and began finger fucking me while telling Phillip what a tight cunt I had and how much fun different members of the football team would have each night stretching it with their large fat cocks.



His words, though taunting to Phillip had the opposite affect on me, and my hips began to gyrate around his fingers. Reaching out I closed my small white hands around his dark muscular arm pulling his hand tighter to my cunt. Looking through lust fogged eyes at my husband who was only a few short feet away I heard my trembling voice begging Hank to fuck me as my body shook with excitement."Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck my cunt with your fingers. So good, it feels so good. Fuck my cunt." In my need for release my hips gyrated faster around the fingers in my cunt. Arching my back while at the same time pushing my ass in small tight circles into Hanks lap I screamed out as I felt my cunt lips tighten around the fingers shoving into my cunt like a dick. "I'm cumin, Oh God, so good. Fuck my cunt, fuck it good. Ohhhhhhhh Yessssss.

As I bounced and twisted on Hanks lap screaming out my release I heard Phillip yelling at Hank to leave me alone. Pulling his fingers from my cunt he ripped my sweater open exposing my upturned perky tits and began hurtfully pinching and pulling on my nipples. "Was that good Mrs. Kelly? Did you like my fingers fucking your tight little cunt? Well if you liked it as much as I think you did I just might let you have my black cock if you ask real nice. Do you want my black cock Mrs. Kelly? Do you want me pounding my big black dick in that tight little snatch of yours and filling you with my nasty nigger cum? I can't hear you Mrs. Kelly. Speak up so your husband and I can hear what you want your "Master" to do."

Sitting on his lap listening to his taunting words that would damn me forever I answered "YEEESSSSS." He continued to pinch and pull on my nipples as he lay me on the couch. My mind was screaming at me to just lay there, but it was too late, my body was aching for relief and satisfaction. Looking into his smirking face I knew I was damned and that from today on my petite body would be used unmercifully by him. As I begged him to fuck me and fill me with his cum I no longer cared that my husband sat only a few feet away witnessing my servility to this large black man. I needed his hard black cock.

Standing beside the couch he slowly removed his clothes but instead of crawling atop me he turned and walked toward Phillip, who upon seeing his muscular naked black body as well as his large pulsing cock cringed into his chair whimpering. Picking Phillip up by his shoulders he hissed at him that he was giving his white ass the pleasure of sticking a big black cock into his wife's little white pussy and then he pulled him toward my prone body. As my "Master" knelt on the couch between my widely splayed legs he told Phillip to guide his cock to my eager cunt and to watch as he fucked all eleven inches of dark meat into me. Through lust fogged eyes I watched Phillips hand close around Hanks hard dark rod guiding it down to my waiting cunt.

Until the very moment I felt the knob of Hanks dark cock slide over my glistening cunt lips with my husbands help, I had hoped against insurmountable odds that somehow the weak man I had married would save my pride and self respect, as well as my body from being used as a fuck toy by the Negro between my legs as well as his football team but it was not meant to be. My dignity, pride and what little self respect I had left fled as my husband pressed Hanks dark meat between my cunt lips and then bent down watching as inch after inch disappeared into my hot throbbing cunt. Arching my lower body from the couch I pushed upward to met the hard lunging thrust of my "Master" knowing for certain that I was now and forever more Hanks slut, his white trash whore to be humiliated and used as a cum bucket by anybody he wished to give me to.

Looking into my husbands eyes as they fixated on Hanks dark thick cock slipping in and out of my cunt, and then up into the smiling face of my "Master" I realized that my husband had become a willing participant to my slavery. " Look at your wife's tight little cunt gobble my big black cock Phil. She can't get enough if this niggers cock. Look at the way my black cock shines from her juices Phil. Look Phil, look at the sluts face each time I pound into her twat. Can you see it Phil, can you see her lust and need to be treated like a two bit whore. Look at her Phil Look at your wife's face and imagine her taking three or more large, thick, black cocks night after night"

My husbands face turned to mine with a sick, almost savage gleam in his eyes as Hank's words filled the room and then he told Hank to pound my pussy with his black cock. "Fuck her. Fuck her hard and deep, fill the slut with your cum and make her scream." Hank replied by gripping my hips, lifting my petite body from the couch and grinding my pelvis into his groin as he lunged downward into my cunt. "Do you like your whore of a wife fucking strange cock Phillip? Well from now on your wife will be fucking at least three nigger cocks a day and it will be your job to get her ready for them."

In between his animal like grunts he told Phillip that he was to dress me like a common whore when ever I left the house and that meant even to my job. It was at that moment that I remembered his words in the locker room telling the football team that they could even pass me to their friends, and I realized that soon, maybe not tomorrow or even the next day, but very soon, he would decide that three cock's a day were not enough for his white slut. He had stripped away all semblance of pride and respect that I once had but now he wanted to humiliate me. Visions of my total subservience danced before my eyes as I saw myself surrounded by a multitude of shadowy figures dressed in a skin tight skirt that was so short it barely covered my pussy. And then as if in slow motion they dropped their pants exposing their hard dark monstrous cocks before swarming over me. With that vision dancing before me I locked my arms around my "MASTERS" neck pulling his dark sweaty face to mine and kissed his thick lips long and passionately, willingly surrendering myself to him.

- Continued in part three ... click here to continue -

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