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"The Domination of Brenda" - part 1 of 3

      by A. G. Thomas

      (MMMMF noncon rape oral anal interr Ds)

It's hard to believe that it has only been a year since I started teaching at Midfield Senior High. Almost from the start you could say that things were not uneventful but lately things have changed even more. Over the summer I taught special classes for some of the boys so they could continue playing football. Midfield, like all schools, has a very good sports program and pampers their star players. I guess you could say the kids really don't have to study during football season, and the rest of the year they are given easy classes.

Out of seven boys in the summer class two of them were new, and though they were collage age they started school as juniors so they could play for two years. When they came to class I thought someone was playing a joke on me because these two boys were brothers and looked to be as old as I was. Mike was the oldest at nineteen, and Jim was only a year younger and both of them were built like tanks. They were from the country and hadn't gone to school much, and if the rumors were true had only finished fifth grade before going to work on the family farm, but the board had made special arrangements because they were such good prospects.

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Needless to say all the boys passed my class, but not by much, and I guess that is what got me in trouble with the board. When someone like me that is only 21 years old and has only been teaching for a year gets called before the local school board and threatened with dismissal, I broke into tears telling them I would do whatever they wanted to keep my job. I was told I only had one option, and that was to change the grades of all the football players as well as being less strict with them. If I didn't go along with the program or their rules then I could look for another job. Knowing it would be hard getting another teaching job without a good word from them I caved in . That night as I changed the grades of all the football players it pained me to think of how easy I had given in to them. If I hadn't loved teaching so much I would have said to hell with it and filed a complaint with the state, but when three or four rich and powerful people control the local board and probably have connections up state I knew it was a losing battle.

These boys, especially the two brothers reminded me of my husband Phillip who was a jock and a jerk, who only wanted to talk football and drink beer. He never got a job, couldn't do anything but play or talk sports, and though we were good in bed together we hadn't made love in several months. When I got the job at Midfield at least we had money coming in steady, and there was no way that I was going to go back to Phillip and tell him I had been fired, so I had to cave in and do what they said.

The next day as I finished my shower and put on my bikini panties with matching bra. I reached for my usual gray business suit, but then remembered what the board had said and instead put on one of my silk dresses. As I looked in the mirror I thought about how different I looked. Instead of the strict no nonsense appearance the business clothes gave me I saw instead a young vibrant woman, and if I do say so myself, one who looked sexy. The dress was something that a teacher normally would not wear, the hem came to about four inches above my knees, not quite a miniskirt, but it did show every curve of my young girlish figure.

With a figure like mine people were always telling me that I looked like Mariah Carey, our hair color was even the same, light auburn. With my age not much past the teens I felt flattered that men and women both found me beautiful. Reaching up to feel my breast I then slowly run my hands down over my flat stomach thinking of all the boys in high school as well as college that had tried to fuck me, and smiling to myself I thought, "You still got it girl." Even after three years of marriage to a drunk and a jerk I had managed to keep my figure,5` 3,`` 104 lbs., with 34 x 22 x 33.

Arriving at school and pulling into the teachers parking area, a guard approached as I got out and told me that the students couldn't park here, only teachers. Showing him my teachers pass he walked away and I heard him mumbling under his breath about never having teachers looking that damn good when he was going to school. My whole week went as good or better, the students even tried doing things for me without being asked, and the football players even showed up for class. I guess my new style of clothes as well as being less strict worked wonders, because even the three boys that were always skipping my class showed up and sat in the front row. As the weeks went by I bought a few more dresses, silk of course, and even though I don't normally wear tight dresses or miniskirts I did buy a couple of them thinking I might wear them some time when I went out to the movies or to a school conference. I also bought garter belts and stockings after trying one on, and finding how much better they felt than pantyhose. And then one day just before spring break I received a memo from Mr. Peterson who was head of the board, saying that he would be watching my last class on Friday and that after that he would like to discuss a very important matter with me.

As I dressed that Friday I reached for one of my miniskirts without thinking because my mind was a million miles away thinking about Phillip the jerk, wondering how long he planned on visiting his mother, and also trying to figure out why Mr. Peterson wanted to meet with me. Looking at myself in the mirror I saw what I had done and started to change, but noticed that school was about to start and I would be late if I didn't hurry. So against my better judgment I wore the miniskirt. Walking to my class I heard several students whistle and even though I blushed slightly I will admit that I found it rather exciting. When my last class took their seats I told them that they were to be on their best behavior because Mr. Peterson would be observing today. As the class progressed I watched Mr. Peterson and still saw no sign of why he would want to meet with me. I had done everything that him and the board had requested, and then the bell sounded ending the school day and the start of spring break for the students. As they filled out of the room Mr. Peterson sat staring at me sending a cold nervous chill up my spine. Standing at my desk I fiddled with some papers when he suddenly stood and walked to the door, locking it. Turning and walking toward me I backed into my desk and then he was in front of me with a crazed look in his eyes and a large grin on his face. "My dear Mrs. Kelly, Brenda,you are one fine looking teacher, and I just wanted to see for myself if what I had been hearing was true. But it isn't true, not true at all, your far better looking and dress sexier then I had heard, a whole hell of a lot sexier then at the last board meeting.

"You need never wear those stuffy women's suits again, in fact I think you should burn them and wear miniskirts all the time. You do know Brenda that I can let a person go or raise their salary, and I think that you and I need to talk about which I should do with you. On the one hand it could be said that you are trying to excite the young boys. That isn't true is it my dear?" As he continued to talk I was in a panic, I knew some how I had to prove him wrong but as I tried to think I suddenly felt his hand softly touch my thigh and begin traveling up my leg. I leaned against my desk in panic but this only caused my pleated miniskirt to rise higher and then I felt his fingers slip under my miniskirt and touch my panties as he bent forward to kiss me.

My body shook with fear as he touched my breast with his other hand while his fingers slid under my panties. I felt his fingers as they probed between my pussy lips and as I tried to raise my hands to push him away he broke the kiss and backed away. Smiling at me he brought his fingers to his nose telling me I had a sweet smelling cunt, and wet too. "I'll just bet that tight sweet smelling cunt of yours could use a dick. You haven't had a good fuck in a long time have you Brenda? Well now, I'm going to give you what a cunt like you deserves, so why don't you just pull that little skirt of yours up and take those panties off and I'll give you a good fucking. Oh yes, don't even think of yelling or fighting because if you do I'll deny everything saying I confronted you about fucking one of your students. And you know that once that gets out you won't have a job, and you may even go to jail. So be a good little cunt and spread your legs." In a trance my mind mulled over what he was saying and I found myself raising my skirt and as I slowly slipped my panties from my hips. I begged him not to do this. And then he was laughing as he pushed me backwards onto my desk, stepping between my legs he spread them apart and pushed his dick into me.

As I lay on my desk with him grunting and pushing his dick between my dry pussy lips I felt both used and cheap and then he pulled his dick out and told me to get on my knees so he could shoot his cum in my mouth. I had never had a man put his dick in my mouth, and as I lay there not moving he yanked my off my desk and pushed me to the floor twisting his fingers in my hair as he shoved his dick into my mouth. I could taste my own juices as well as his and trying not to gag while he pumped into my mouth I thought of how much I loved teaching. Suddenly he started filling my mouth with his cum and I tried to pull away but he yanked my hair again and told me I had better swallow his cum or I would regret it. As I tried to swallow I felt like gagging and some of his cum leaked from the corner of my mouth and dribbled down my chin. Pulling his dick from my mouth he told me to lick him clean so his wife wouldn't know he had fucked someone and as I licked the cum from his dick he told me we would have to do this again soon. "Mrs. Kelly I like your garter belt but the panties will have to go. So be a good cunt and don't wear them anymore, I will check from time to time and if your wearing any I will be very upset, and you don't want to get me upset, you won't like what will happen."



I was afraid, and in my fear and anger of being raped like I had, I thought of calling the police. But I knew that if I did Mr. Peterson would tell those lies about me and I would be ruined. On Saturday as I returned from buying a few groceries I got two surprises, one; my husband was home and two; he told me that Mr. Peterson had called, and that I was to call him , something about a important meeting. As I dialed the number I looked at Phillip but he was back at some sport's game on TV, and then Mr. Peterson answered. "Brenda I'm glad you called. I told your husband that I needed to get with you for a meeting, so he thinks it's about school, but you know better don't you. After our little session the other day I've been thinking about that tight cunt of yours, and since my wife is at her sisters for the weekend I thought you should come to my house and keep me company. So let's say about 8:30, and make sure you wear something sexy." With dread I looked at the clock and noticed it was 7:45 and though I didn't want to go I knew I had to. As I changed into one of my miniskirts with matching silk blouse I wondered if I was doing the right thing. I couldn't believe I was letting him take control of me this way. As I walked by Phillip he didn't even look up.

Pulling up to Mr. Peterson's house I looked at the four cars in the driveway and absently wondered why he would need so many. As I stood on the porch and rang the door bell I heard laughter coming from inside. As the door opened Mr. Peterson looked back over his shoulder and said that the entertainment had arrived. Leading me inside he told me that I had better make him proud and then I saw why there was four cars. The other three male members of the school board were sitting around his living room drinking and laughing. I started to turn and leave but he grabbed my arm and in a vise like grip led my forward as he asked if any of them had seen such a good looking piece of ass before.

"Gentlemen, our newest teacher Mrs. Kelly has asked me if she could be the entertainment for us tonight. She feels that to thank us properly for hiring her and giving her a pay raise that's the least she can do. Now gentlemen Mrs. Kelly is looking forward to satisfying our every whim so why don't we just get comfortable while she shows us that sexy body of hers with a strip show, and then she can decide who's dick will be the first to cum." As he walked to the CD and put on some music, I looked at each of the three old men and noticed that Mr. Taylor was drooling as he stared at me. I knew that trying to beg these men to let me go was hopeless and that if I didn't satisfy their sexual hunger Mr. Peterson would carry out his threat to tell the authorities that I was having sex with one of my students. I was trapped with only one way out, and that was to stay here all night and let them use me in whatever way they wanted. When the music started I began dancing and moving from one to the other as I slowly removed my clothes.

When only my garter belt and stockings remained, I sat down on old Mr. Taylor's lap and started kissing him while squirming in his lap. Thinking I could get him to cum without having the old man stick his limp dick into me I placed my hand on his crotch. But to my surprise as I moved on his lap I felt him getting hard and it felt as if it was a stick, a big stick. Pulling away and jumping to my feet he started laughing, and then to my surprise told me that Mr. Peterson had told them that I was a great cock sucker and he would like nothing better then to have my lips around his cock. Slowly sinking to my knees I couldn't believe this was happening. Somehow I knew that this was only the beginning and that not only tonight but in the weeks to come I would be called upon to satisfy these four men's lust. As if in a dream I undid his belt pulling his pants down his skinny hips. As I pulled his pants and shorts from his hips his dick sprang free and I gasped as I saw a nine inch dick spring alive. It looked to be two inches in diameter and the skin went to the tip. With fascination I reached out and lightly touched it while trying to close my fingers around it. As my hand slide up and down it's length it twitched and seemed to come alive and a couple of drops of milky fluid oozed from the tip and moistened the skin. Looking up into his eyes with a questioning look, he placed his hand on the side of my face and softly rubbed my cheek. " It's beautiful isn't it my dear Mrs. Kelly, and look I already have cum on the tip. Now put your sweet lips around the tip and suck the cum because I know you want to make this 60 year old man happy." And though this was only the second dick I had ever sucked I found myself kissing the tip and swirling my tongue around and over the cum moistened head like a pro. Opening my mouth I slid my lips down the first couple of inches as I hollowed my cheeks and drew a suction as if I were drinking through a straw.

Looking up into his smiling face I wondered why I had not offered more resistance to an act that I had always thought disgusting. Opening my mouth wider I lowered my head and slid my lips down as my tongue worked along the underside feeling the pulsing blood vessels. I found myself thinking that the taste of his dick was not unpleasant, nor had the cum I had licked from the tip. As I slowly worked my mouth and lips up and down his dick savoring the taste of him, it suddenly pushed against my tonsils and pulling back in surprise I pulled my mouth from him and noticed that about five inches of his dick was wet and glistening from my saliva. Running my hand up and down the length a few times I again lowered my face to him without him saying a word, and began sliding my mouth and lips down his dick. My saliva was building in my mouth and as I slavishly sucked his dick it once again hit my tonsils, breathing through my nose and swallowing I felt him slid into my throat. Thinking I would choke I pulled back a little and then without thinking I pushed my head forward, relaxing my throat muscles and swallowing at the same time.

I felt his dick slide deep into my throat and for some strange reason I felt proud of myself. With my lips around the base of his dick and his hair tickling my lips I worked my throat muscles as I purred deeply. Time and again I worked him deep into my throat and then placing one hand on his thigh I reached up with the other and cupped his balls in my hand all the while humming deep in my throat. I wanted him to shoot his cum into my throat. I wanted to taste his cum bad and for some sick reason I looked forward to having all four of these men put their dicks in my mouth and shoot their cum down my throat. "Oh yes Mrs. Kelly, suck it, your such a good cock sucker. Suck it dear and I'm going to shoot my cum down your throat, that's what you want isn't it Mrs. Kelly. You want my cum down your throat. Well then here it comes my little cock sucking lover, swallow it, swallow it all." And then he began shaking as he pushed his hips from the chair and grabbing the back of my head held my face tightly to his crotch as he began to shoot his cum into my throat. Working my throat muscle's as I swallowed I felt his dick twitch again and again as each time he shoot cum down my throat. I continued to suck and swallow as his dick slowly softened and then his hands fell from my head as he heaved a great sigh. As his now soft dick slipped from my still sucking mouth I looked up at him and licked my lips to get the last taste of his cum.

As I knelt before each of the other men and sucked their dicks a bright light flashed continuously and my mind began to paint lurid pictures of me kneeling before a room full of men as each pushed his dick into my mouth and filled my throat and mouth with cum and shoot it on my face and body until I was covered with their cum. I climaxed again and again as my mouth and throat were filled with cum as pictures of men's dicks danced before my minds eye. I heard voices as if from a great distance, but for what seemed like the longest time I couldn't quite understand the words, and even with my eyes closed I could still see the bright flashes as my body shook with ecstasy. I felt myself pulled from my knees and led toward the couch, and then I was sitting on someone's lap with my back to him and my legs spread obscenely on either side of his hairy thighs. Hands groped my body as others pinched my nipples, the dick sunk into my pussy felt marvelous as I bounced up and down on it and then another dick was shoved into my eager mouth. After what seemed like hours and many dicks later in either my pussy or mouth I collapsed in a state of exhaustion. My jaws ached from sucking their dicks and the taste of their cum filled my mouth and throat. I could feel their cum on my thighs where it had leaked from my pussy, and in spite of what I had just done and why I had done it I felt a warm satisfied glow.

"Well gentlemen didn't I tell you that our Mrs. Kelly was one fine piece of ass. And she sure knows how to suck dicks too. I've never had my dick deep throated so good before. I think we'll have to do this again real soon. Fucking her was like fucking your daughter Fred. Mrs. Kelly has the same small young body as a seventeen year old, I guess that's why she's so popular with her students. I'll bet they dream of fucking her every night."As Mr. Peterson continued to talk my mind drifted to my husband Phillip and to what he would think if he knew that I had just fucked and sucked the dicks of these men that were almost three times my age. I must be sick because even though I had at first been blackmailed and forced to satisfy these men I realized that I had loved every minute of that evening as they filled my mouth and pussy with their cum. During the rest of Spring break I found my self at Mr. Peterson's house five more times and Phillip never asked why I was always being called for meetings at night or why I was dressed so sexy.

When classes started again I no longer made a pretense of wearing anything but miniskirts and in fact I enjoyed wearing them to school and watching all the young boys stare at me. Sometimes I wondered if the boys knew I only wore a garter belt under my short skirts. As the school year passed the men grew more demanding and the meetings at Mr. Peterson's house increased. At first I was thrilled that these men found me sexy enough that they couldn't seem to get enough of me, but then they started taking pictures of me sucking and fucking them, and then I remembered the bright flashes of light on that first night and I asked if they had taken pictures before. They told me not to worry about any pictures as long as I kept coming to Mr. Peterson's house and fucking them when ever they called.



As the school year drew to a close Mr. Peterson was transferred and a new principle was hired to start off the new school year. Without him the others called me less and less and by the end of summer I hadn't seen any of them in a month. I hated to admit it but I missed the old men and sometimes at night I dreamed about them filling me with their cocks. As fall came and football season started everyone was excited saying that this year would be the year we won the state championship, and sure enough our school was in the finals. I had not expected Mr. Adams call but when he told me to meet him at the Holiday Inn in Springfield room 63 on Friday I became flustered.

For some reason I'll never understand I went to the mall after school the next day and bought a new miniskirt. I had never thought of buying one like it before, but for some reason I felt it would be the right skirt to wear. It looked just like the short pleated skirts that the cheerleaders wore and I picked a sweater to go with it. Standing in front of the mirror looking at myself I couldn't believe how young I looked. I could pass for one of the cheerleaders, I no longer looked like a 21 year old teacher but a seventeen year old school girl. Despite myself I became excited wishing that Friday was already here and found the next couple of days pure torture. Friday arrived and if I had thought the other days had been bad Friday was hell. Rushing home I showered and then slipped into the cheerleader outfit complete with socks and tennis shoes, no garter belt or stockings, it wouldn't go with the image of a teenager, and I wanted nothing to spoil the innocent little school girl look.

As I drove toward Springfield and the Holiday Inn, I wondered if Mr. Taylor and Mr. Snyder would also be there. I hoped so because I missed the old gentlemen. Pulling up to the Holiday Inn I drove through the lot looking for 63 and then parking my car I walked to the door and knocked. A voice I didn't recognize told me to come in but I hesitated, then taking a deep breath I opened the door and stepped inside. Someone grabbed me from behind clamping a hand over my mouth while his other arm encircled my upper chest squeezing my breast almost flat. In a panic I struggled trying to escape but the hands held me tightly preventing my efforts and then the door was slammed shut. I was sure this was the right room that Mr. Adams had given me, but this was not Mr. Adams or any of the others. The arm around my chest loosened and then I heard the door being locked before a picture was put in front of my face. As I looked at it the hands let me go and I slowly turned to see who had pictures of me with the members of the school board. It was the football coach Hank Roberts, and as I looked up into his face I felt like the seventeen year old I looked like. "How nice of you to come Mrs. Kelly, and look at you dressed like a school cheerleader. But you look a hell of a lot sexier. I think you and I are going to have a hell of a fine time together this weekend. You see you're my bonus for getting the football team to the finals this year.

The school board thought this black man deserved something special for his effort and seeing you and the way you're dressed I am very pleased. I thought they were just going to get me a hooker till Mr. Snyder showed me the pictures of you fucking and sucking all those old men. I ain't old, but I do have a big dick and I am going to enjoy fucking your brains out and filling you full of my cum."

As he talked he walked to the bed and sat on the edge, motioning me to follow him. Silently, as if in a trance, I walked to him until I stood between his parted legs. Reaching up he slid his large dark hands under my sweater and cupped my breasts causing a shiver to run up my spine. Because of his large 6 foot 7 inch frame we were almost face to face with him sitting down and as I looked into his face his words broke through the fog surrounding my brain. "Very nice Brenda, no bra. Of course with your little titties they should be firm and I've been dying to touch them and kiss those nipples of yours. Your not wearing any panties either are you? No, I thought not. A little sex kitten like you doesn't need them, you never know when you'll want to spread your legs and get fucked do you? Why don't we take off your sweater so I can suck on those nipples of yours, I'll bet you can hardly wait till my lips are on them."

And then he was removing my sweater and taking my nipple into his mouth and lightly nibbling on it. His hands slid around my waist before cupping my ass cheeks pulling me closer to him. Moaning softly I reached out my small hands and ran my fingers over his dark bald head, marveling at the contrast of his darkness and my paleness as I stood there swaying. I felt his hands raise the back of my pleated miniskirt and, heaven help me, a loud moan of wanton lust rumbled from my throat as he began feeling my naked ass. What was happening to me? Had I become so cock hungry that I would let anybody use my body? First it was Mr. Peterson, then the other male members of the school board, and now it was this large black man in this hotel room. What had I become? A shiver ran up my spine as his finger slipped into my pussy while his mouth worked on my nipples. I could feel my juices began to flow as he worked on my body and my hips began moving in time with his finger.

Suddenly his finger and mouth were no longer there and as I stood on quivering legs moaning I heard myself whisper for more. "Brenda, if you want me to continue then ask me right. If you want me to finger fuck you ask for it in your cunt, not your pussy. And these are your tits not your breasts. If you don't use the right words then this black man won't know what you want and I'll have to quit. Remember Mrs. Kelly, BLACK, FUCK, CUNT, and TITS. Anything else and I stop and you will have to leave. Maybe you'll be able to find some white boy out in the parking lot that will like pussy and breast, but in here this weekend you'll use the words I just told you. Do you understand Mrs. Kelly? Now let's start over and do this right."

Looking into his face I knew that he wasn't lying, if I didn't ask for his black finger, cock, or mouth on my tits or in my cunt he would throw me out. It had been so long since I'd had a mans cock that I needed his now and I didn't care if it was black. I just needed to be fucked. Standing in front of him in nothing but my cheer leading miniskirt, tennis shoes and white socks looking like a young school girl I asked him to stick his black finger in my cunt and fuck me with it till I came. But he just looked at me without saying anything, and then I remembered he had said we would start over. Picking up my sweater I put it on making the decision to go even further in the fantasy of a white seventeen year old cheerleader and the schools black football coach. As I walked to the door and unlocked it he stood and took a step toward me as if to stop me from leaving before I stepped through the door and closed it behind me. Standing out side the door I drew a gasping breath as I looked at my car realizing I should leave, but the caresses Hank had lavished on my body as well as his demands had turned me to jelly. Like a flash of lightning I realized that I enjoyed being dominated, being made to do things I would never normally do. Mr. Peterson as well as the other men had realized it from the very beginning, that is why he as well as the members of the school board had used me as they had. It was inevitable that this would happen, and as I stood outside the motel room with fantasies of me being a young white cheerleader used by the schools black football coach for his perverted sexual satisfaction I began to shiver with excitement at the idea of being dominated by a black man.

Opening the door I looked at Hank and the look of surprise on his face almost made me laugh. I knew that he had thought I had left. "Oh Coach Roberts we won! Our team will be in the finals for the state championship. I know I'm being naughty coming to your room, I mean you being a black man and a teacher and me being just a cheerleader by herself, but I just had to thank you for being such a good coach. Is there anything I can do for you to show you how happy I am, and to make this a special day."

With his mouth open staring at me dumbfounded I walked to him and then standing on my tiptoes my arms encircled his neck pulling his face to mine and kissed him running my tongue into his mouth. Breaking the kiss I let his head go asking if there was anything else I could do for him. "Brenda, I'm surprised. I didn't know you liked football so much. Look at you, dressed like a cheerleader. If the team saw you dressed in that pleated skirt like some school girl all bubbling with excitement they'd love you too. Show me what you have under that sweater you sexy white bitch." Pulling my sweater off I told him I only had my tits under the sweater and nothing else, and then I asked if he would like to suck them. As he went back to sucking my tits his hand once more slipped under my pleated miniskirt but this time he pushed two fingers into my wet cunt. As I stood there with his fingers sawing in and out of my cunt while he sucked my tits, my knees began to feel like rubber and I began slowly sinking to the floor. As his fingers pulled from my cunt and his mouth left my tits my knees hit the floor.

"Well Mrs. Kelly I've fingered your wet cunt and sucked on those nice firm tits of yours so I guess it's time for you to suck on something firm of mine. Why don't you undo my pants and see the nice black cock you can suck on. I think I'd like to see your pretty red lips around my cock and shoot my cum down your throat." As my fingers worked at his belt and undid his pants I wondered how large his dick was and if he would like the way I sucked it. As I pulled his pants and shorts down around his feet and then off, he raised my face to his crotch and to a dick that was thicker then Mr. Snyder's but only an inch or two bigger. As my small white fingers began working up and down its length I lowered my face and opened my mouth and began sucking on the tip of his cock. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my reflection in the large wall mirror kneeling before a black man with his dick between my lips, the sight of his large black dick pushing into my white face was intoxicating, and I began working him deeper into my mouth. My cunt felt like it was on fire and I began rubbing my legs together as I swallowed more of his cock. "Oh yea white girl, your mouth feels so good. I ain't never had my cock sucked so good before. Suck it Brenda, suck it down your throat and swallow my cum. Look at me as you suck my black cock down your throat so I can see how much you like sucking this black mans cock. Look at me Mrs. Kelly."



Looking up into his eyes I continued sliding my lips up and down his dick. Purring deep in my throat I worked more of him into my mouth as I swallowed my saliva, and then I felt him slide into my throat. As my lips encircled the base of his cock and his balls slapped my chin the hair around his crotch tickled my lips, and then he pulled all but the tip from my mouth. Time and again he worked his black cock deep into my throat sending small waves of pleasure sweeping over my body, I wanted him to fill my mouth and throat with his cum. With an animalistic grunt his fingers tightened in my hair holding my face tightly against his groin as he began shooting large globs of cum down my throat. Try as I might I still couldn't swallow it all, some of it leaked around his dick and my lips and slid down my chin.

As he pulled his half hard cock from my mouth a strand of his cum joined my lips to his cock which in my cock hunger and eagerness I lapped up. Pulling me up onto the bed he threw me onto my back pushing four of his fingers savagely into my cunt fucking me with his hand as if it were his cock. As I twisted and pumped my hips from the bed I grabbed his arm running my small white hands up and down it's ebony length as if it were a huge cock begging him to fuck his white cheerleader whore. I was swept along as wave after wave of a mind blowing climax shook my body. That night as his huge black body lay atop me with his hard thick black cock pounding into my cunt, his abusive language calling me a slut and a white trash whore excited me beyond belief. There was no love or tenderness only an animal like savagery as in between grunts he told me that from now on I was his white whore to do with as he pleased. I don't remember how many times he fucked me, all I remember was promising him that I was his before I fell asleep with his cock between my lips sucking on it like a new born baby sucks on a mothers tit.

On Saturday as he went out to get us breakfast I showered then cleaned the nights cum from my skirt, I had worn it the whole evening because he liked me wearing it as we fucked. As we ate he told me that I was his and that unless he gave me permission no one, not even my husband could have my cunt. I was to call him "MASTER" when ever and where ever I spoke to him lowering my head in subservience, and never to look into his eyes unless so directed. From this day on I was to do every thing he said no matter how degrading or perverted it might be, or I could go back to my wimpy ass husband and the old men on the school board. Hanging my head I listened to his haranguing, willingly accepting my fate as he stood up and walked toward me laughing. Grabbing my arm roughly, he threw me toward the bed calling me his white slut and taunting me about wanting his black cock. "Today Brenda were going to do something different. We both know you like having this black cock in your mouth and cunt, but now were going to see if you like having it shoved up you ass. Turn over and get on your hands and knees and wiggle that cute little white ass of yours and don't you move bitch, keep that cute ass of yours up. You're like a bitch in heat, you can't seem to get enough of this black cock so I'm going to fuck you just like a bitch gets fucked, in the ass."

And then he was on the bed spreading my legs as he crawled between them. Raising the back of my miniskirt to my waist he ran his hands over my ass cheeks before pulling them apart, then his fingers glided up and down my cunt lips and ass hole. As he pushed a finger into the tight crinkled hole of my ass I pulled forward. Twisting his fingers into my reddish blonde hair he yanked my head back so hard my back arched and my cry of pain rent the air. I began crying, begging him not to shove his black dick in my ass telling him that I wanted it in my cunt. I kept telling him that I had never let anyone fuck my ass. "Shut the fuck up bitch, I told you, your nothing but a white trash slut and I'm your "MASTER" who can and will do anything I want to." Pushing his finger back into my ass hole he began sawing back and forth before shoving in another finger and then a third, as he worked his fingers in and out it felt as if he were trying to shove his whole hand into my ass.

Squeezing my eyes tightly shut I tried to think of his dick, any dick in my cunt, and then my mind seemed to float from my body and I had the strangest feeling of floating toward the ceiling looking down at my small kneeling form with a huge black man behind me pushing his fingers into my ass. As I watched he pulled his fingers from my ass and brought them to his mouth spitting on them before pushing them back into my ass hole. His laughter echoed through the room as he told me to beg him to fuck my ass. "Beg me you fucking white slut, beg me to fuck your ass." But only garbled pleas of pain escaped my lips as he continued to pull my head cruelly back using my hair like a horses mane. His fingers slipped from my ass hole and I watched the head of his dick as it began pushing against my nether ring. I watched in fascination as the head of his dick stretched my ass and began pushing forward.

I heard myself scream and then saw my whole body began to shake as he pushed more and more of his large black unlubricated cock into my small white body. With cruel savage lunges he pounded into my ass, slipping deeper into me with each stroke until he had all ten or eleven inches inside my ass rocking me back and forth. Each time he drew back I could see the edges around my anus flair outward and then as he lunged forward they collapsed inward.

As I continued to watch, my cries of pain grew less and less until I was only moaning and then suddenly I felt myself falling back toward my body and the last thing I saw was my ass as it pushed back toward Hank and begin rotating in small circles. My eyes flew open and a hoarse sound escaped from my throat. I pushed back toward the large black cock buried in my ass rotating my buttocks in ever increasing circles. "Oh GOD!!! Fuck my white ass with your black cock. Fuck me you black son of a bitch. Fuck me with that big black cock and hurt me so good. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." With a strength I never knew I had I pushed back against the cock plowing into my ass each time it lunged forward. I felt more full of cock then I ever had and I loved it. I couldn't get enough. And then my mind began painting pictures of my students stripping and showing me their cocks as I knelt in front of my desk while one fucked my ass as another shoved his cock into my mouth. Cock for teacher, cock to fuck and cock to suck, so much better then an apple. "Fuck me you black son of a bitch. Fuck me or get someone who can. I need cock, cocks to fuck, cocks to suck. FUCK ME !!! Fuck my ass and fill me with cum." My body was on fire as I worked back against him and then I felt him begin to shudder and with a load moan he began shooting his cum deep into my ass. " No, not yet. Don't cum. Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop. Fuck me. Fuck me, you black son of a bitch, fuck me. FFFUUUUUCCCCCCKKK MMEEEEEEEEEEEEE."

As he collapsed over my kneeling body his weight pushed me prone. His cock was still buried deep in my ass and with no hope of relief from him my hand dove between my widely splayed legs rubbing furiously over my distended clit seeking some measure of release, I had been so close to a climax but my pleas and furious rubbing did little good. Lifting himself from my prone body his dick slipped free with an audible pop as his taunts of cock hunger assaulted my ears. "Does my little white whore want more cock shoved up her tight little ass hole? Does she want some more black meat so she can get off? Then I guess I'll have to call a couple of my bro's to satisfy your cock hunger, is that what you want?" Nodding my head I called him "MASTER" begging him to give me more cock, telling him I would even fuck his football team if he wanted me too. His laughter as well as his answer turned my cheeks red with shame as he told me that he was sure the team would love nothing better than to fuck me. He had even heard some of them say they would give anything to fuck me, and as cock hungry as I was I would probably like fucking the whole team. Looking at him as he began to put his clothes on I again begged him to fuck me but he just threw my sweater at me telling me to put it on unless I wanted to go out with my tits showing. As I slipped my sweater on he grabbed my arm pulling me toward the door telling me that he was going to make sure I got all the cocks I wanted.

- Continued in part two ... click here to continue -

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