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"The Bankers Daughter"

      by A. G. Thomas

      (M+f group inter oral anal exhib)

As Gloria Kennedy stepped from the shower she looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. Her seventeenth birthday was tomorrow, just two weeks before graduation, and she could hardly wait. Her father was buying her a new car to celebrate both occasions. Wrapping a towel around her long blond hair she walked to her bed as thoughts of last night's date with the team's quarterback brought another smile to her beautiful face. Her hands moved to her pert young breasts and lightly glided over them as she thought back to last night. Gloria liked teasing the boys in her High School and of course with the miniskirts she wore accenting her figure they were given an eyeful, and she did little to hide her charms or long shapely legs. All of the boys wanted to date her including the nerds. Who could blame them, she was not only beautiful, but her father was one of the richest men in town. Her left hand glided down over her flat stomach as the fingers of her other hand gently rolled and pinched the nipples of her breasts. Smiling again she thought about how hot and horny she had made Ronnie last night. She had worked the poor boy into a sexual frenzy as they had made out in his car. But just like all the others before him, she would not let him fuck her. Instead she had crawled between his legs as he had pulled his pants down and then while looking into his eyes she had sucked his cock. She loved the power she held over the boys, making them want her so bad and then not letting them fuck her. She had been doing that for three years now, teasing them and then just sucking their dicks.

As with the first boy she found it easy, and if the truth be known, she secretly looked forward to having her lips slide along the hard pulsing length of a boys cock. The blood rushing through the veins of their cocks making them pulsate and throb thrilled her and the feel of their cocks sliding into her mouth as her tongue worked over the head and along the length made her taste buds go crazy. Moaning softly she fell across her bed as her left hand slid down between her open legs. Her fingers slid over her swollen cunt lips as she remembered how nice it had felt as her lips had traveled the length of his cock until the hair around its base tickled her lips and her hands had reached under him and grasped his buttocks. Remembering how good it had felt as Ronnie's cock had slid into her throat her hips lifted from the bed as two of her fingers sank between her swollen cunt lips. And then in a dream-like state her fingers worked in and out just like Ronnie's cock had worked in and out of her throat last night. With a guttural cry of ecstasy her fingers moved from her bucking hips and slipped into her mouth. Her lips closed tightly around her fingers and sucked as the memory of how sweet Ronnie's cock had tasted as his cum had erupted from his balls, up through his cock and into her throat, until she had gotten the last drop. And then how she had licked his cock clean as he moaned out his satisfaction. Yes Gloria Kennedy, 16 year old cheer leading captain loved sucking cock, but most of all she loved the taste of cum, and all the guys on the team knew it.

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As she went to her classes that day she made sure all her friends were coming to her birthday party. Going over her list in her mind she found that she had invited more girls than boys, so more as a joke then anything else, she decided to invite three of the nerds from her science class to her party to even things out. She wanted a lot of people at her party so she could show off her new Jaguar convertible that was being delivered the afternoon of her birthday. Gloria knew that her life was going to change once she got her own car, but little did she guess how much.

Looking in her mirror Saturday morning Gloria wasn't smiling. She was wondering about which miniskirt to wear and then she remembered a dress her mother had worn the week before at a fund raising party. Looking through her mothers closet, she was just about to give up when she saw a couple of boxes on the shelf. Reaching up, she removed them and set them on the bed. The largest one contained the dress she was looking for. A full length shimmering silk gown in black with the right side slit to mid thigh. The small one had nothing but a garter belt and stockings, no bra, no panties, just a garter belt and stockings. Giggling, she now realized why all the men had thought her mother was so sexy, she had been almost naked under the dress that had hugged and highlighted every curve of her body, a body that matched her daughters. Searching in the closet again Gloria found the three inch high heels that matched the dress.

She could picture all the boys staring at her body as their girlfriends tried to control them. And she would be the only one who knew that under the dress she would be almost naked. As Gloria put on the garter belt and stockings her mind drifted back to all the sessions in cars with different boys, and how a few times she had almost let one or another crawl between her legs and fuck her. But after sucking the first couple of boys off, it was almost as if the boys preferred to have their cocks sucked by the pretty rich girl. She didn't know that the boys talked about how good she sucked cock. They knew that going out with her was a sure blow job, and a damn good one at that. As she slipped the dress on and smoothed it over her hips she wondered if the boys would find her sexy. Looking in her mirror she knew a boy would have to be blind to think otherwise. Maybe tonight she would finally let Ronnie or one of the other football players fuck her. Suddenly the door bell rang, looking at the clock she saw it was only 4:00, her friends couldn't be here already. And then she remembered that her car was coming. Running down the stairs toward the door she stopped and put on the high heels. and then opening the door she looked out at a man's back, and past him in the driveway was her Jaguar. As the man turned his mouth flew open and he dropped the keys. Stammering as he told her he was here to deliver her car he tried to turn his eyes away but couldn't. He knew she was only 17, but damn she looked even sexier than when she had came into the showroom wearing a miniskirt. As they looked at each other, Gloria's eyes moved to his groin. She almost laughed as she saw the bulge in his pants. Turning, he tried to hide his hard-on as he handed her the keys. Gloria knew that if she could do that to a grown man then a boy her age would be like putty for her.

At 6:00 her friends started showing up and after looking over her car they went through the house out to the pool and started partying. By 7:00 everyone had shown up, even the 3 nerds from her science class. Everyone started drinking and having a good time except the nerds who stayed by themselves and just watched everyone. All the other boys tried to hang around Gloria, but the girls pulled them away and before long most of them were paired off and making out. By 3:00 in the morning everyone had left or so she thought until she went into the living room and saw the three nerds. She had been drinking a lot, so when one of them asked if they could take a picture of her in her new car she showed them her father's cameras. As she climbed behind the wheel Paul got in on the other side and put his arm around her just as Fred snapped a picture. Gloria started to protest, but then thought she might as well go along with it, after all it would be a thrill for them. As one after the other had his picture taken with her she was given more to drink. She felt light headed from all the drinks, her body felt like it was floating and a warm glow began to spread throughout her body. Turning her head she found herself looking into John's smiling face. As he put his arm around her, he pulled her closer and kissed her, just as Paul snapped a picture. With dulled senses she felt his tongue slip into her mouth as his lips pressed against hers. She felt hands at her breasts crudely pinching her nipples. Her legs opened as if they had a mind of their own, exposing her hot pussy to the cool morning air, but did little to still the heat in her loins. Dimly she heard a voice say something about aphrodisiac working and then hands pulled her from the car.

Gloria felt herself being led back to the house and then she was left to stand in the middle of the living room dumbly watching as the boys set up her fathers video recorders. Looking around she saw John talking on the phone and without thinking walked toward him. Pulling her close as he laughed into the phone, John told her that Bill wanted to talk to her. She giggled as she took the phone and half heartily slapped at his hands as he tried to unzip her dress. "Hellllooooo Bill. It's my Birthday and we're having a party.. Noooooo just the nerds. You can come too if you want, and bring the other nerds. The more the merrier. John is being naughty. He just took his cock out. What? Yes, they're taking pictures." John took her hand and placed it on his cock as the voice droning in her ear asked her what she was doing, without thinking her fingers closed around the pulsing hardness and lightly squeezed. Her hand moved up and down its length caressing it as she watched it swell. Dropping the phone she moaned softly and licked her lips. Without realizing how she had gotten on her knees she found herself looking directly at John's hard throbbing cock. As he leaned forward and began to rub the tip of his hard cock softly back and forth over her lips Her tongue flicked out and swiped across the head of his cock licking away a drop of pre cum. Looking up into his eyes Gloria saw something she had never thought she would see from a nerd...lust. "Bill don't worry about the pictures, this stuck up rich bitch drank so much of our joy juice we can do whatever we want with her. I guess what the jocks say is true, cause she hasn't let go of my cock yet and I don't think she wants to. Ooohhh yeaaaaaa, damn Bill this rich bitch is gobbling my dick like a lollipop. I'm going to hang up now so we can do this slut and get those pictures." With the blood pounding in her ears she couldn't make out everything John was saying, nor did she notice that Paul and Fred each held a camera and were snapping pictures of her holding onto John's cock while she knelt at his feet. His cock slipped over her teeth as her tongue licked along the bottom. As the head of John's cock slipped between her lips she opened her mouth and pulled his cock into her mouth. Moaning softly as her lips slide down the length of his cock her mind raced with the thrill of satisfying another boy. As she sucked hungrily on his cock she could hardly wait until he filled her mouth and throat with his thick, creamy sperm.

Her lips and tongue continued to work on his cock as he smiled down at her, brushing her hair away from her face and then patting her on top of the head. She liked sucking cocks and even though she would never do this to a nerd something had dulled her mind and turned her body into a quivering mass of excitement and sexual longing. Deep down she knew it wasn't right, but her lips felt so tingly and her tongue could taste the flavor so well, it was as if her taste senses had been magnified. Her hands grabbed his buttocks and pulled him closer to her face until she had all six inches or so inside her mouth. As her mouth worked on his cock she could sense that he was getting ready to shot his cum down her throat, but this only made her lips and tongue work harder. She needed this cock between her lips, as well as the cum it would soon shoot down her throat. Gloria felt his cock swell and the blood pound through the veins, and she knew it would be just a matter of seconds before he would give her what she longed for. Suddenly the cock was pulled from her sucking mouth and try as she might, she could not reach it to put it back into the warm wet cavern of her mouth. Faintly she heard laughter as she looked around in confusion while reaching for the cock she had been sucking so passionately. What was happening, he had pulled his cock from her mouth and they were laughing at her as she tried to reach for it. No one had ever done that before, hadn't she been doing it right? She felt herself being pulled to her feet, hands roamed over her body and sent waves of pleasure up her spine. Someone's lips were pressed against hers and a tongue probed into her mouth. She felt another body behind her grinding against her ass as another mouth kissed her neck and then nibbled on her ear. The hot sensation was still building between her legs and spreading throughout her body, and she shook with excitement. The lips and hands exploring her body fanned the flames higher until she thought she was melting, her young perfect body seemed to vibrate as the two boys she was sandwiched between brought her to the boiling point.

Voices whispered to her through her numbed mind as the hot flames of arousal that was centered between her legs raged hotter. Gloria wanted to rip off her dress and spread her legs for these boys more then she had ever wanted with any boy before. Hands, lips and tongues were doing things to her as never before. She didn't understand how these nerds could bring her whole body to a boiling point when no other boy had. Moaning into the lips that were pressed against hers, her lithe body squirmed between the two boys as visions of her with her legs spread wide as each of them fucked her floated dreamily through her fogged brain. The voices were louder now and she could understand more of what they were saying, and with no resistance she began to remove her dress as they told her to. The hands and lips had left her, but somehow she knew they would be back as soon as she was undressed. Slowly she swayed to music that only she could hear as her dress dropped slowly to the floor around her feet and now she stood naked except for her garter belt, stockings and high heel shoes.



She felt the two boys sandwich her between them again as lips kissed her breasts and teeth nibbled softly on her nipples. Other lips kissed her neck and ears as hands explored every curve and swell of her body. She trembled like a tuning fork. She felt herself being picked up and carried. Looking up through half closed, lust fogged eyes she saw Paul's smiling face, and behind him John. Turning her head slightly she saw Fred with a camera, and as the flash went off she closed her eyes again. Her mind raced trying to understand what was happening, but it was surrounded by a thick fog. As they placed her on the couch she no longer cared or thought of these boys as nerds or of them taking pictures. With deep guttural moans of pleasure her body arched from the couch to met the hands that had once again began to caress and fondle every inch of her lithe figure. As a hand slid over her stomach and then downward her legs parted. Fingers rubbed over her hot swollen pussy lips sending a wave of pleasure up her spine.

Gloria felt the cushions sink as someone climbed between her legs and then hands pulled her legs further apart. Through half closed eyes she looked down her body and saw Paul lower his head between her legs and then she felt his face against her pussy. It felt like an electric shock flowing through her body as his tongue licked over the sizzling lips of her pussy and probed through the light fleecy curls of her pubic hair. No one had ever done this to her before. As his tongue made a deep stabbing probe up between the ragged pink folds of her vagina to the nerve jammed pearl of her clitoris she cried out excitedly and grabbed his head twisting her fingers in his hair. Naked lurid sensations whispered to her from the naked heat of her loins as her hips and pelvis ground against the boys face without being aware of it in a timeless dance of female arousal she wriggled her hips seductively. Moaning tremulously, she splayed her legs lewdly throwing one leg over the back of the couch allowing Paul's tongue full unobstructed access to her burning cunt. Gloria had forgotten about the other two boys, for nothing mattered to her now but the pleasurable sensations of ecstasy that rippled up from her crotch as Paul's tongue hungrily swiped again and again through the pink, clinging heat of her pussy. Hands moved up over her belly, up to the jiggling flesh of her soft breasts, groping crudely, squeezing the tender flesh before pinching her lust hardened nipples. As she groaned her naked approval other fingers twisted in her hair turning her head, and then the familiar taste of a cock brushed over her lips.

"Lick it baby...nibble on my cock. Show us how much you like sucking cock." As fingers twisted cruelly in her hair lifting her head slightly, her lips parted and her tongue slipped out over her bottom teeth to swipe hotly over the knobby purple head that had popped from its uncircumcised sheath. Her pelvis continued to gyrate against the tongue probing her cunt as she hungrily licked on the hardening erection. She continued to lick his prick until a tiny drop of semen oozed from the tip and then she licked that away as well. His fingers tightened in her hair as he lifted her head higher. She tried to cry out as the fingers twisted cruelly in her hair, but her scream was muffled as his cock crammed into her mouth till it pressed chokingly against the entrance of her throat. Laughing at her helplessness as he shoved his long thick erection over her trembling tongue, his hips began bucking back and forth. Nakedly ashamed and humiliated at her arousal as well as by the lewd slurping noises the boy between her legs made as his mouth and tongue licked her pussy she grasped for some sense of understanding and control. But it was pointless and she surrendered to the wonderful feeling flowing through her body. As she twisted in excitement between the two boys her lithe young body felt like every nerve was exposed and the only sound that came to her was the tongue lapping her pussy, but this only excited her more, making her suck hungrily on the cock fucking into her throat causing waves of pleasure she had never felt before throughout her young body. The moist lips of her eager, ravenous cunt blossomed open and the first orgasm of her young life racked her body making her shudder convulsively, her arms encircled Johns hips pulling his cock further into her throat as she sucked and slurped wantonly on his thick erection. Her eyes were closed as she rode ecstatically upon the cresting wave of mind numbing pleasure and her hips bucked uncontrollably against Paul's face.

Gasping and snorting for air around the thick throbbing length of Johns cock a raising whine of passion burst from deep in her ravaged throat, only to be cut short as the bulbous, lust heated knob of his cock began to spurt his gushing semen into her mouth and throat in a torrent of viscous relief. Shuddering as every ounce of his heavy cream drained into the beautiful girls throat he moaned in pleasure, and then he withdrew his limp cock from her still sucking mouth. A string of cum joined his cock to her lips and then was broken as his cock pulled free leaving a smear of semen on her cheeks and chin as a sort of reminder. As John and Paul stepped away from her trembling body she felt the cushions sink again as Fred climbed between her widely splayed legs. She stared wide eyed at his huge black cock as he lowered his dark body to hers, and then she felt his cock push against her still throbbing hot wet pussy. With a bone jarring lunge that ripped a scream from her throat he sank five inches of his cock into her virgin pussy tearing her hymen. Slowly he began working his hips up and down, each forward thrust sinking a little more of his cock between the nerve heightened lips of her cunt until he had all eight inches of his black cock buried in the hot clinging tunnel of her cunt. Tears of pain and hurt welled up in her eyes as her scream vibrated in the ears of the three boys.

She had never dreamed that her virginity would be taken by a black boy. A faint cry of beseechment rose up from the crumbled ruins of her decency and self respect. But there was no mercy as the huge cock ripped her virginity away and his hands grabbed the soft cheeks of her small firm ass and pulled her roughly against his lunging body. She shuddered convulsively and moaned with the shame of her disgrace but no one heard her moans as Fred's thick lips covered hers and his tongue slid deep into her mouth. Gloria did not know that the two video cameras that had been set up earlier had been going the whole time and had captured her with Paul and John, and were now recording her every move as a black boy fucked her. Her body, at first stiff and unresponsive, began to slowly relax as the mind deadening pain of having her virginity ripped away so suddenly and violently loosened its hold. Her nostrils flared in bestial fashion as her hips slowly pushed back against his deep thrusting young erection, rotating in a sensuous dance of arousal as her legs encircled his waist. Gloria had no semblance of rational thought left now as her wriggling pale body writhed under the black boy. Her cunt encased his rigidity like a warm glove soaked in oil, squeezing the full length of his love muscle with incredible strength, milking the seething heat of his sperm up from the sanctuary of his desire swollen balls. As he fucked her with deep, cruel thrust her curvaceous nakedness quivered and squirmed under him. Her skin tingled and was misted as if by a fine rain, for the anguished plea born out of pain and despair were gone and in their place the plaintive moan of a woman lost in her own wanton passion.

Gloria's back arched from the couch as she thrust forcefully up to met the hard deep thrusting cock, her mind whirling in unaccustomed dizzying passion. She heard Paul and John laughing about what a cock hungry cunt she was and then joke about how she was going crazy for Fred's cock and her cheeks flushed with shame. But she couldn't help herself or the way her body was responding to what she now felt was the most glorious feeling ever, and she no longer cared as the hungry passion ate away hurtfully at her insides. Not a moment for self appraisal could be spared, whatever happened, she knew she had to have his whole, thick, creamy load or die. She lifted her head and shook it wildly from side to side, hissing savagely through her teeth. "Mmmmmmm, YEESSS. Fuck meeee, fuck me with that big dick. Ooohhhhh God, soooo goood. Fuck me." With one last, deep, hurtful thrust Fred's balls emptied their hot seething creamy load, ricocheting forcefully off the tight clinging walls of her cunt. As Fred crawled from between her now widely splayed legs Gloria's still twitching body was not given a moments rest. John now crawled on top of her and plunged his cock into her cum flooded cunt and began working madly in and out. Her hips bounced widely meeting each deep thrust of this new cock, her mind was now one gigantic burst of blinding light as she bucked furiously against the second boy as climax after climax traveled from her cock stuffed cunt up along her spine to the base of her brain. " Fuck me...Ooohhh God fuck me, fill my cunt with your cum ...all your cocks. Soooo gooood...Ooohhhhhhhh Gggoooddd Fuuuccckkk meee" Before dawn each of the three boys fucked her wildly bucking body and every movement was captured on film. The two video cameras and 35 mm's finally ran out of film, but by then each boy had fucked her and she had also sucked and licked their cum covered cocks clean.

She slept the sleep of the dead for the next 12 hours and then finally awoke late that evening to take a shower, letting the pulsing jet of spray wash away the dried cum and tiredness from her body. As she finished her shower and put her negligee on the door bell rang. Throwing her robe on to cover her almost naked body she went to the door and noticed a envelope sliding through the mail slot. Opening the envelope and pulling out the contents she almost fainted. Sinking slowly to the floor she looked at one after the other of the pictures as her heart sank. She had thought vaguely that they had taken pictures, and now she knew for sure. If they showed these pictures around school she would never be able to show her face again, and then she saw the note. "Gloria, how do you like the pictures? It seems that you just couldn't get enough cock even though there were three of them, ha - ha - ha. So if you don't want these, as well as many more to turn up at school meet me at 1539 Wabash at 11:00 P.M. tonight. And Gloria, don't bother changing, I'm sure that whatever your wearing will be just fine.... Until 11:00 " With tears in her eyes she read the note again. She had no choice, she would have to go. Maybe she could get the pictures back. Maybe whoever wrote the note felt sorry for her and wanted to help her. She had to take the chance, there was nothing else she could do.

Looking at her watch she noticed that it was 10:32, and without thinking of how she was dressed she grabbed up her keys and ran from the house. As she pulled up to the almost dark house she looked at her watch again 10:55. She had made it. It was then that she noticed that she was wearing her flimsy negligee. She climbed from the car just as the front door opened. On wooden legs she walked toward the dark figure highlighted in the doorway, and as she stepped beside him he reached out and pulled the robe from her body. Putting his arms around her he led her to the dimly lit living room and toward a computer set up in one corner. Setting her in front of the machine his arms encircled her unresisting body as he pushed several buttons without a word. As he leaned over her he began whispering in her ear. "In case you've forgotten slut, my name is Bill. Now I'm going to show you something that I thought of just for you. Something that is yours alone, a place where your pictures can be posted for anyone to see,and besides, I can make a lot of money this way. But then I don't think you have any choice, unless you want your parents to see what their little girl does with her school chums. I haven't been able to get all of the pictures up yet but I think you'll like what I've done so far. Of course I'll have to update your web site from time to time, I think the ones of you fucking will get a lot of attention."

As she stared at the monitor he pushed another key and she found herself staring at a picture of her standing between Fred and Paul as they kissed and fondled her half-naked body. In horror and disbelief she watched as picture after picture flashed before her eyes, pictures of her sucking each boys cock and of her with Paul's head between her widely splayed legs as she sucked on John's cock. Each picture was different, she didn't know how many she was forced to look at before Bill shut off the machine. As she continued to stare at the dark screen she felt the boys hands slip into her negligee and begin kneading her firm young breasts, lightly pinching her nipples as his lips kissed her neck and ears. Despite her horror and revulsion at having to look at pictures of herself being used by 3 boys his hands and lips excited her and her breath came in gasps. Her body began to squirm as his lips met hers and his tongue slid into her mouth. As suddenly as it had started the boy stopped and stepped away. "Yes, I think you'll do just what we tell you to because you won't want your parents seeing what a cock-hungry slut their sweet little girl is. So from now on whenever what your friends call "Nerds", want a piece of ass you'll spread your legs." Twisting her arm cruelly he pulled her from the chair to fall to her knees. He looked down at her and laughed as he unzipped his pants. "Take my cock out and suck it bitch, suck my cock and make me cum in your mouth while I tell you how and what you're going to do."



As her fingers pulled his cock free of its confinement she opened her lips and pulled the boys cock into her mouth and began sucking his limp organ to hardness. He told her vividly how she was now the plaything of any nerd who wanted her and how she would fuck and suck each of their cock's whenever and wherever any of them wanted her to. Despite her dread, his words excited her and pictures of these boys using her lithe perfect body anyway they wanted to flashed before her eyes sending tremors up and down her spine. His now bone hard cock slithered into her throat and his hips rocked back and forth as his words continued to assail her ears. He told her how they would take many more pictures of her, and how they would be posted on the Internet for thousands of strangers to look at. Her arms encircled the boys hips pulling his cock deeper into her throat as her tongue worked feverishly along the underside of his burgeoning hunk of flesh, and then just as his cock exploded with what seemed to be a gallon of cum he told her they were selling copies of the video of her being fucked by his three friends. His hips slowly ground to a halt as with a deep sigh of satisfaction he withdrew his half hard cock from her mouth and painted her lips with the last few drops of his cum. Turning slightly he picked up a leather dog collar. "Since you're a bitch you need to look like one, so we have a nice leather collar for you, just like a female dog. And just like a female dog you'll fuck without thinking. And don't forget bitch, you're not to wear anything under your miniskirts because you just might have to spread those long legs on a moments notice, and we wouldn't want to have anything in the way of a nice hard cock, would we. And if you disappoint me or any of the other guys I'll not only flood the school with pictures of you, I'll also make sure that your parents get the pictures and the video tape. Now get your ass out of here."

Driving home she tried to think of a way out of her nightmare but try as she might she could think of nothing and she saw little hope of getting out from under these seven boys grasp. They had her just where they wanted her, the most popular girl in school under their control. With pictures and a video tape that they could show everybody in school as well as her parents, she could see no way out, and nothing to do other then to do whatever they told her. Bill had already posted pictures of her on the Internet for a million sex crazed strangers to gawk at, and she couldn't forget the video that these same sex fiends could buy showing her begging like a whore for one hard cock after another. Absently her hand reached for the dog collar around her neck as she thought of running away from home. But where would she go, and how would she get money to live on. And then pictures of her in a dark alley with some bum between her legs shoving his dirty unwashed cock deep into her cunt while more bums stood around her bucking form waiting their turn flashed in front of her eyes as real as if it was happening. Shuddering, she knew, or at least hoped that these seven boys were less evil then what she had just pictured happening to her if she tried to get away.

The next morning as she pulled into the school parking lot Paul walked up to her car and leaned in the window. His hand slid over her leg and then under her miniskirt until his fingers brushed over her naked crotch. As his fingers lightly brushed over the lips of her cunt he smiled at her, and then one of his fingers pushed into her cunt and began a sawing motion. The passenger door opened causing her to jump and in panic she pushed at the hand between her legs. "Don't worry bitch. It's just Jimmy, I told him the prettiest, most popular girl in school would love to suck his cock before classes start, but he doesn't believe me, so why don't you just tell him how much you'd love to suck him off while you take his cock out." As Paul removed his finger from her cunt Gloria turned to look at the pimply faced boy beside her. As she unzipped his pants she looked into the boys face and smiled as she told him how much she would love to suck his cock. Lowering her head to the boys soft cock, she opened her mouth and sucked him in until her lips were around the base. Softly drawing a suction as her tongue swiped along his hardening cock her teeth brushed over the tip and without warning his cock began spurting wildly like an unmanned fire hose. Swallowing so that none of his cum spilled from her lips she felt like laughing as she felt the boys fingers twist in her hair and his hips bucked from the car seat as his gasping voice moaned out his sexual satisfaction. With a last swipe of her tongue his spent cock slipped from her mouth. As she sat up licking her lips Paul handed her some lipstick telling her that from now on she was to wear dark red lipstick, and then she was alone.

Gloria expected to be met each morning by one of the other nerds but this never happened and by Friday she wondered what these boys wanted her to do. As she went to her last class of the week, chemistry, the three nerds somehow managed to all be with her as the class project assignments were given. Paul, Fred and Tyrone were all top students in chemistry and she had little fear of flunking this class with their help. As the three boys gathered around her in the back of the classroom Tyrone began running his hands over her firm ass while he whispered into her ear. "Fred and Paul tell me that you're one hot cock loving bitch and that you don't even wear panties because you don't want anything to get in the way when you want to fuck. Is that true bitch?"

As she looked into his dark smiling face one of his hands slid up her thigh and under her miniskirt. Fred and Paul blocked the view of the other students as much as possible as his hands grabbed her hips and his knees forced their way between her legs spreading them apart. Gloria felt the back of her miniskirt being raised and began to twist away but then a voice hissed in her ear. "Don't even think of fighting, you fucking slut." Trembling like a leaf she heard Tyrone's zipper being pulled down, and to her it sounded so loud that surely everyone in class could hear it. She felt his cock slide along her inner thigh and then upward until it brushed across her pussy lips. Biting her lip she felt the huge head of his cock spread her pussy lips apart as it began tunneling inward. As more of his cock slowly slipped into her cunt he spread her legs wider forcing her to lean over the table more. His hips pushed forward sinking more and more of his cock deep into her cunt until she felt the kinky hair around his loins against the inside of her thighs, and then he stopped, only his cock twitched as he stood pressed against her ass. With his cock buried fully into her near virgin cunt, she felt as if a baseball bat had been shoved between her legs. As his cock continued to twitch inside her, the walls of her widely splayed cunt rippled, seeming to massage the huge full length of his horse size cock like an oil soaked glove.

Slowly, ever so slowly he pulled backwards until only the head of his monstrous cock remained between her cunt lips. As tears misted her eyes, she bit her lip to keep from screaming. She heard his voice in her ear as his cock slithered slowly forward once more. "You've got the tightest cunt I've ever fucked, bitch. Having my big cock buried deep in that hot pussy of yours sure does feel good. Now I'm just going to go nice and slow and enjoy the feel of your cunt as it milks my cock. Oh yea, I'm really going to enjoy this fuck bitch, but don't worry I'm sure you'll love it too cause ol' Tyrone's cock always makes the girls happy, especially little white girls." With the huge cock slowly working in and out of her tight cunt Gloria's body began to grow hot with desire and the need for satisfaction that she had felt only a week ago when she had lost her virginity to Tyrone's three friends. Her hips began to slowly move in response to the sexual pleasure that the huge cock was giving her, despite the fact that there were students only a few feet from her, or that if they looked they would see that she was wantonly being fucked by a black boy. Gloria's hips began to move backward to met the thrust of the bone hard cock as it slithered forward to fill the inner most reaches of her hot wet cunt, and soft pleading moans of pleasure and longing issued from her half open mouth. Lowering her head to the table as she covered her mouth with her hand Gloria began humping wildly back at the invading monster. Long minutes went by as the huge cock slithered between her pussy lips sending hot wanton flashes through her young white body. The whispers of the other two boys sounded like trumpet blast in her ears as they called her a cock hungry slut and boasted of making her their cum bucket to fuck whenever and wherever they wanted.

Suddenly Tyrone's cock seemed to swell as it twitched uncontrollably and then to her surprise and disappointment, she felt his cum began to fill her womb in an unending flood that blasted against the walls of her cunt and filled her to overflowing. The smell of his cum hung heavy in the air, at least to her, and then she felt his cock withdraw, cum dribbled from between her pussy lips and down her inner thighs. Her legs almost buckled as his large thick cock withdrew and unashamedly she reached back to grasp his cock as her mind screamed for sexual release but it was not to be. Tyrone had used her for his own satisfaction and nothing more, he cared little if she was satisfied. She was nothing to them but a slut, a pretty girl that they could use to relieve their pent up sexual drive. A pretty, rich girl that they had made into their sex slave to use at anytime and wherever they desired, and Tyrone and the others had just proved it.

As the class ended Gloria hung back until she was alone, she didn't want her classmates seeing the cum smearing her thighs or her disheveled appearance. The lot was almost empty when she neared her car but as she opened the door she noticed Tyrone and Paul sitting inside waiting for her. "Get your ass in here bitch, you've got some unfinished business to take care of ..... My cock needs cleaning and I want to see those pretty red lips of yours around this joy stick of mine. Paul here brought his camera so he could get some pictures of you sucking on my cock like a lollipop so you better get busy. Show my how much you liked having this big cock of mine fuck you in class."

With a feeling of total defeat she slide across the seat and unzipped Tyrone's pants. As she pulled his still wet cock free and lowered her head Paul began snapping pictures. From that day on she was never alone. Two or more of the boys would fuck her or have their cocks sucked either at school or when she was called to one of their homes. Sometimes they would slip an aphrodisiac they had made in chemistry class to her, and take pictures as she fucked boy after boy in a drug-induced state of sexual depravity. She was their fuck toy and with each act of depravity they heaped on her the web site Bill had created grew. It was as if they were trying to punish her or their combined minds had slid into a sick depravity because soon the pictures were not only on the Internet but sold on the street.

They thought about giving her doses of aphrodisiac mixed with cocaine to highlight her sexual drive while at the same time deadening all feeling in her body. But found it unnecessary since Gloria was now so well trained that she would fuck or suck any of them whenever they told her to no matter where she was. One afternoon she had been led to the football field and the storage locker for a quick fuck and suck by two of the boys, but that quickly changed when Fred and Tyrone walked in. They began laughing and joking about how much she had changed from the stuck up rich bitch into a common whore. As they watched her take the two white boys cocks into her mouth and cunt Fred stepped up to the widely humping trio. "Paul, turn the fucking slut over so she'll be on top, Tyrone and me want to see her tight little ass bounce while you fuck her. And besides, ain't no one fucked her in the ass yet, have they? I think it's about time we broke her in proper. Don't you, Tyrone? Don't you think that little ass of hers needs a workout? I'll bet that ass hole of hers is so tight you won't get that dick of yours in." As Tyrone and Fred removed their clothes, Paul rolled her over and managed to get her on top. John's cock slipped from her lips momentarily but she grabbed for it stuffing it back into her mouth. It seemed to be the extra bit of stimulation John needed, for no sooner had her tongue worked once around the bulbous, lust heated knob of his cock when his gushing semen began to spurt into her mouth and throat in a torrent of viscous relief. As the soft cock fell from her cum coated lips Gloria's eyes opened just in time to see Fred step in front of her with his cock in his hand. Without thinking her small white fingers reached out and closed around the hard black cock pointed at her face, caressing it as she craned forward soulfully moaning her desire at having another cock to suck " Unngghh! Goddd, YEEESSS ! Ooohhh, yesss." Her tongue flicked out and lovingly licked the head of Fred's cock and then down along its length before drawing the hard black instrument of desire into her mouth. As her lips closed around the cock all thoughts of her past life before the nerds had taken control of her vanished and in the vacuum that was left new thoughts rushed in to fill the void. Thoughts of pleasing these seven boys became her only desire, her only reason for living. To have them use her body in any way they wished and for them to give her their lovely cocks to suck and to fill her cunt with their hard throbbing hunks of male flesh. She no longer cared if the students at school, the teachers, or even her parents knew that she was the sex toy of these boys. Her only desire was to please them in any way she could.



Gloria shook and convulsed in spasms of ecstasy as the two boys shoved their cocks into her mouth and cunt. Her beautiful petite body bounced first one way and then the other as she sought to have their cocks stuffed fully into her. As her loins ground against Paul's, her arms reached out and closed around Fred's hips pulling him toward her until her nose was pressed against his stomach and the kinky hair surrounding his cock pressed against her lips. She now had both cocks buried fully into her mouth and cunt and with that revelation, waves of pleasure shot up her spine. Suddenly she felt hands prying the cheeky half moons of her ass apart. Her eyelids fluttered confusedly as voices she couldn't understand whispered softly at her mind, and even if she had heard, it was doubtful if she would have understood what was in store for her. It was something she had never heard in her innocent past, much less imagined might happen to her. As Tyrone's huge meaty erection pressed against her anus lips, Gloria began to squirm as she clenched her ass cheeks tight. But Tyrone continued to push forward with almost inhuman strength until the huge bulbous head of his cock sank into her rectum. As the searing pain rocked her brain Gloria's mouth dropped open and a gargled plea escaped from around the cock still stuffed fully between her lips. " Aaarrrghhh, Goddd, nooo Pleasssee not're too biggg.... Aaawww Godddd nooo!"

Writhing hysterically as the cock bored relentlessly up her nether passage her voice cracked and then faded to a gurgling cry of abandoned ravishment. Tyrone's eyes widened as he looked down at the inviting spectacle of this beautiful white girl's naked ass, her cheeks spread obscenely to either side of his immense black erection, and her anus lips ovaled incredibly as they stretched around the thick, blood engorged hardness of his cock. "Ooh God this bitch is burning the skin off my dick, she's so tight. Hold the little slut tight guys cause I need a little wetting'." As he pulled his prick suddenly from her rectum Gloria groaned with relief, though she knew it would be short lived. Turning her head she instantly regretted it, for Tyrone held his massive cock in both hands as a mouthful of spittle fell from his lips to land dead on, wetting his cock with a disgusting sheen. Fingers curled in her hair twisting her head around, and she sensed rather then saw Tyrone spread the spit over the head of his prick and onto the quivering lips of her anus.

"That ought to do it boys, hold the bitch cause this black boy is going to get me some brown sugar. Yes sir, I'm going to stuff her cute little white ass full of black meat. She's going to love this so much that we won't be able to give her enough cock from now on." Her cheeks flushed with hurt and shame from his hurtful words and silently she prayed that he was wrong, that his ravishment of her ass would not be something she craved as she now did a cock deep in her cunt. Unceremoniously he shoved his cock back between her buttocks cheeks; it took only two bone jarring thrust for him to sink it deeply into the heat of her rectum. With a scream of agony she choked on the cock in her mouth as the horse sized cock slipped obscenely into her ass hole until his cum-filled bloated balls smacked against her cock stuffed cunt lips. Spittle fell from her cock-stuffed mouth as the intense pain bloated out all other sensations and an almost inhuman wail escaped her throat. Paul held still as Tyrone's huge cock thrust in and out of her rectum, with only a thin layer of skin separating the two cock's Paul wondered how she could take it without being split in two. Despite her wails of pain and his disbelief at her being able to take both cocks at the same time his cock began to move relentlessly, stuffing her cunt simultaneously with the one plugging her ass hole.

Somehow the three boys set up a rhythm as their cock's stuffed every opening of her young body. As the minutes slipped by the three cocks continued to bore relentlessly into her and despite the intense pain of having a huge cock imbedded in the nether sheath of her rectum she began to respond to the multiple penetration. Slowly, every so slowly the pain lessened, her small white body began moving between the three lunging boys surrounding her. Her nerve endings tingled and the realization that almost two feet of hard throbbing male cock was stuffed into her three orifices sent her addled mind soaring heavenward. Pain vanished, and in its place came an animal like need to satisfy the needs of the three cocks pounding into her every opening. Like a bitch in heat surrendering to a stud the unmistakable whisperings of her own lascivious passion burst forth. Her wails of pain and anguish now became plaintive moans of wanton passion. Her buttocks began a slow sensuous movement as her virginal ass hole quivered and contracted lewdly around the huge black cock stuffed deeply in her rectum. As her slender, small naked body moved ecstatically between the three cocks her mind screamed out her wanton lust.

You like it Gloria! Tyrone was right, you like having your ass, mouth and cunt stuffed with their hard cocks. You're nothing but a cock hungry slut and you love it! You love being used like a bitch in heat and you can't get enough of their hard beautiful cocks. Ooohhh Goddddd you love their cocks and you don't care when or where they fuck you. You're nothing but a cock hungry bitch and you'd fuck the whole school if they told you to.

Her eyelids trembled and fluttered and an almost inhuman groan wafted up from her lungs as the three cocks sadistically impaled her in a lurid tableau of wanton trollopism. She was out of her head from the almost vicious cock thrust that seemed to bore into her very soul. Her breath hissed through lust-flared nostrils. Breathing deeply she realized she was actually smelling the lascivious scent of their lovemaking as her petite, curvaceous nakedness quivered and squirmed under the cruel, sadistic thrust of the three cocks.

"Ooohhh, yesss! Unngghh, Goddd YEEESSS! Fuck meeee! Gloria breathed around the pungent hardness of Fred's cock just as it flooded her mouth and throat with his gushing semen. Cum flowed from her nostrils as she tried to swallow the tremendous load of thick cream. She was choking but she continued to suck passionately on the cock as load after load of thick pungent sperm flooded her mouth and throat. She had to please these boys in the only way she knew how or die in the attempt. Her arms encircled Fred's hips and her small white hands grasped his dark buttocks pulling him back into her still sucking mouth as he tried to withdraw his almost spent cock. Sucking the last few drops of cum from his now soft cock she felt the flowering urgency of her pussy as it opened around Paul's bone hard erection and then tighten again with the strength of a glove-clad fist. Paul groaned as if in tremendous pain and began a spurting flood of ejaculation that filled her with deep, ricocheting rivulets of cum until her belly sloshed with his hot, creamy load. As the rising heat of her lust and ecstasy surged into a holocaust that felt like a flame thrower scorching her wildly bucking body, she gasped for air and pushed backwards at the last of her ravishers. She needed the hot thick juices of the cock plugging her ass as much if not more than the two that she had just satisfied. And then in unaccustomed, dizzying passion her mind whirled with lewd and salacious visions of her laying naked surrounded by cocks. As cock after hard cock plunged into her pussy, mouth and ass hole she screamed for more, until she lay in a pool of their cum, but no matter how many cocks emptied their cum there were always more to take their place. In her dream-like state Gloria rocked back against the deep thrusting cock plugging her rectum while rasping out her need for more. She ground her hips back wantonly against the last of her ravishers as her face flushed with shame. The laughter and taunting words of the boys she had just satisfied meant nothing as the hungry passions that ate away at her insides spared not a moment for self appraisal. Her depraved visions of being fucked again and again flashed like a kaleidoscope before her and she knew that whatever happened she had to have this third cock. She had to have his whole, thick, creamy load up her ass hole or die.

Gloria pushed back with inhuman strength, skewing herself so painfully on the thick, meaty hardness of Tyrone's cock that she gasped and groaned with each impaling thrust. Her squirming, clinging ass hole gripped him with the strength of a woman possessed by the devil himself. As the enormous cock tunneled up and down her rectal orifice she groaned incessantly. " Yesss, Ooohhh YEEESSS. Fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep. Unngghh Goddd harder, harder. Fuck me harder with your beautiful black dick. Fuccckkk meee." As her raspy voice gargled out her need her body shook spasmodically as from a high fever and then she lost complete control as Tyrone's cock shuddered, erupting like a volcano sending his hot thick sperm up her rectum and deep into her bowels, spurting again and again until his balls emptied. Gloria collapsed to the floor as his cock slipped flaccidly from her still clinging ass hole with a lewd slurping noise. With heaving chest she gulped in air trying to breathe. She heard the boys talking as somehow she managed to pull herself up. Her thighs quivered as she swayed unsteadily in front of them, her legs and face smeared obscenely with the lurid dribbling of their sperm. As she dressed someone snapped a leash to her collar and then without allowing her to wipe the cum from her face and thighs she was led from the shed. She knew that after this wanton threesome that her life would no longer be the same These boys had turned her into a slut, a cock hungry tramp on who they could satisfy their every depraved desire and leading her from the shack in her disheveled state was just another way to prove it. As the days turned into weeks their depravity grew and they dropped all pretense of hiding the fact that this once stuck up rich girl had now become their sex toy. But what had happened to this point was nothing compared to what the sick twisted mind of Tyrone was about to conceive.

Gloria tried to cling to some measure of self respect, but it was growing harder and more difficult as their depravity grew until the final week of school. As the week drew to a close several boys, mostly members of the football team were told to be at her house for a special graduation party on Saturday at 9:00 P.M. Tyrone knew that she would never willingly go along with what he had planned, no matter how much they had fucked her and made her perform sick and twisted acts of sex. It was his twisted mind that had been behind most of her humiliation but Saturday would be his final sick way to humiliate her. Only Fred knew what Tyrone had planned, and even though he wasn't crazy about white people he had grown fond of Gloria and her body. Tyrone had started thinking about how to get back at her father while fucking her in Chemistry class and this graduation party would be just the thing. He would teach that rich fucking banker not to repossess someone's house or treat them like animals, and having his daughter fuck a couple of dogs this Saturday would show him not to fuck with black folk. Early Saturday morning Tyrone showed up at Gloria's house, telling her parents that Gloria had asked him to take her shopping for a special outfit for the graduation party. The shocked look on their faces boosted his ego and made his plan all the more satisfying. With his arm around her slim waist he led her toward his car, and then smiling broadly he turned and waved at her parents as they stood on the front porch in disbelief. Pulling away from her house his hand slid up her leg and then under her miniskirt. "I've got a couple of guys that want to met you 'cause I've been bragging about what a cute little white girl you were and how you just loved to fuck. We both know how much that's true, but what I think you really like is having a hard black cock, so why don't you relax and scoot over here close to me and we'll enjoy the ride to my friends."



As she scooted across the seat his fingers made contact with her pussy lips and despite her dread a tingling thrill raced up her spine. Her miniskirt was now around her waist and anyone driving along side could see her pussy as his dark fingers wormed between her satin white thighs. She paid little attention to where they were going until he suddenly pulled to the curb and then she looked at her surroundings. They were in a run down section with only a few people about but as he pulled her from the car they were met by three large black men. Leading her into a burned out building and then into a room where only a bed with a worn mattress lay, one of the men pulled her to the mattress and began groping her. She felt her blouse being opened and teeth bite her nipple just as another man slipped beside her and began kissing her neck and ear. She felt someone's hand being shoved between her legs spreading them apart, and then fingers pinch her pussy lips before slipping into her cunt. She groaned with shame into the mouth of the man now kissing her as the fingers working in and out of her cunt as well as the teeth biting her nipple began to arouse her. Her hips began to move slowly in a timeless dance of arousal as the two men kissed and fondled her body and dimly she heard Tyrone voice, "Didn't I tell you I had a nice little white girl that liked black meat. She ain't been here five minutes and her cunt's sopping wet already. Don't bother taking her clothes off. Just get busy. You can fuck any hole you want but your $50 bucks ain't for all afternoon. I got to get her back home to her rich daddy."

Gloria's mind lost touch with reality as they were joined by the third man and in her befuddled state it seemed they were climbing over her small lithe body almost like an octopus hugged it's prey. She felt their excitement as they pushed her onto her back spreading her legs and then one of the men climbed atop her as the other two spread her legs even further and at almost right angles. As he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free it waved before her like a large snake of some Bombay snake charmer. As he knelt between her widely splayed legs stroking it she couldn't take her eyes from the thick dark hunk of meat that looked to be a foot long and about as big around as her wrist and with fascination she watched as time and again the bulblish red head of his cock popped from the skin covering it. With a huge rotten-tooth grin he crawled forward and then pressed it against her pussy lips. Grasping her hips he raised her lower body from the mattress while at the same time pushing forward and with some difficulty slipped the large fat knob between her dry pussy lips.

Her cries fell on deaf ears as the huge dark cock pushed her cuntial walls apart as with slow deliberate movements inch upon inch bored between her legs and into her belly. The laughter and shouts of encouragement from the other men as the horse size cock began to disappear into her white body drowned her whimpering cries and because of the encouragement of the others the muscular Negro was soon pounding into her cunt with such force that her head banged against the wall. Her mouth hung open as cries of pain issued from her lungs but no one seemed to notice or care about her plight. Someone's fingers twisted into her blond trusses lifting her head from the mattress and rubbed his cock over her face leaving a trail of pungent slime across her lips and cheeks. Her tortured mind tried to find something to cling to as the man now laying atop her humped madly into her cunt. Her screams were cut short as the cock that had been rubbing across her pretty young face slipped into her mouth and plowed into her throat in one savage thrust. The man grunted in satisfaction as her lips slid up the length of his dark shaft and though he wasn't as big as the one stretching her young cunt he had almost 10 inches of cock any man would be proud of. She shook her head feebly in protest as the cock slid in and out of her throat but it did no good. It was as if the man was trying to choke her.

Her ears pounded with the blood pumping through her veins and though she tried to shut her eyes to blot out the sight of the fat dark body and wispy hairs surrounding the dark cock slipping between her lips she could not. With tear-stained eyes she looked at Tyrone for help, but he only laughed at her plight and then he leaned forward till his face was only inches from her cock stuffed face and with cold malice informed her that these cocks were only the beginning. "Do you want to know what I've got planned for you tonight slut? Do you? Tonight I'm going to tie your parents to a couple of nice comfortable chairs and then in front of them and all the members of the football team and anybody else that stops by your going to put on a show that would make a Tijuana whore proud. Your going to take on a couple of Great Danes and then anybody and everybody that wants to fuck your filthy ass or simply get a blow job. After tonight your parents and everyone will know your just a white trash slut that will fuck and suck anything with a dick."

The perverse acts she had been made to endure this past school year at the hands of Tyrone and the others paled in comparison to what he was telling her now and to her shame as the words tumbled from his mouth it sparked something in her sending a shudder of wantonness and excitement racing up her spine. Without realizing it her body had begun moving against the large Negro between her legs and though it had felt at first like someone was shoving his whole arm into her cunt her slim white legs wrapped around his muscular thighs allowing her to buck upward from the filthy dank mattress to meet his deep grinding lunges. If what Tyrone described was to be her fate she would show him as well as these men that she was the best piece of ass they would ever get. Her jaws seemed to dislocate as she fixed her gaze on the throbbing monster pushing into her face and then his dark stomach blotted out all light as her lips mashed against his pubic hair and his cum heavy balls smacked her chin. Suddenly the cock between her lips erupted filling her throat to overflowing and try as she might to swallow the tremendous offering, cum flowed from her cock stuffed lips and nose, making it difficult to breathe. Her mind clouded and silently screamed in panic. She couldn't breathe, her limbs felt heavy as she thought of her parents and what they would think when the cops told them of her death in a burned out deserted building in the slum part of town. With a last feeble twitch her body quit moving just as the cock in her throat withdrew and shot a last final huge glob of sperm over her face and hair. Almost simultaneously the man pounding into her cunt suddenly shuddered and his cock seemed to grow twice as large, and as if from a great distance she felt the cock twitch and begin shooting huge amounts of sperm deep into her belly.

When she didn't move, Tyrone panicked thinking that the men had killed her, and as he tried to shove them away from her limp body, one of the men stabbed him. Suddenly her chest heaved as her lungs began drawing in air and her body arched from the filthy mattress becoming almost rigid as her lungs filled with air. Slowly her vision cleared and the pounding in her ears lessened and she began to hear voices. With a great effort she rolled to her side, trying to concentrate on the voices. Through slitted eyes she saw the two men who had just used her standing over a crumpled form on the floor and then one of them kicked at it and laughed. With a raspy whisper she called Tyrone's name but was only greeted with silence and then the men turned to look at her. "That black boy be dead girlie, you won't be gett'n any dark meat from him no more, but don't you worry none cause we won't let a good looking white girl like you do without. There be lots of brothers pay good money to fuck a young white girl like you, and we going to make sure you get plenty of black cock. But right now ol' Timmy ain't had a crack at you yet and he be wanting some of that sweet white meat real bad. Course he's kind of big and a little girl like you might have trouble but you rode my 12 inches so I'm sure you'll manage. Come here boy and show this little white girl what you got for her."

Gloria couldn't believe what she had just heard, she was still gasping for air and trying to control her fear as the largest, blackest Negro she had ever seen stepped from the shadows to the bed and began taking off his clothes. "Oh God! what was happening? Tyrone had brought her here and sold her to these men and they had killed him. They had almost killed her too, but she was still alive and they were talking about bringing more of their kind up here to fuck her for money, but first they were giving her to this brute of a man." With horrified eyes she watched as Timmy removed his clothes exposing his coal black body to her. Panic set in and her mind raced with fear as the man told how she would stand on some street corner and service every black man that had a couple of dollars. In spite of her fear at the situation she was in and the words about her life as a street walker her eyes could not move from the almost blue black body of the man standing before her. As her eyes slowly dropped to his groin a gurgling moan escaped from her lips when her eyes locked onto the hunk of flesh between his legs. She didn't think it was possible for a man to have such a large cock, it was bigger around then her fist and at least 15 inches long. "You hear that Timmy? This little white girl be liking that hunk of meat. Well girlie, he ain't even hard yet, so why don't you just get busy with your hands and mouth and get Timmy hard so he can show you how big it gets. I want to see him shove that tool of his up your ass before we dump your boyfriends body."

As Timmy reached out and pushed the remnants of her blouse from her shoulders and then fondled her breasts a shiver raced up her back and to their surprise as well as hers she didn't cringe away but instead moaned softly as he rolled her nipple between his large fingers. Instinctively her small hands reached up and pressed his dark hand tighter to her breasts and when his fingers tightened upon her nipple pinching it savagely she moaned louder and almost in a whisper told them that her father was rich and that he would pay them anything they asked if they would just let her go. But they just laughed saying that a cock hungry white girl like her was worth more to them on her back then any promise of money. Numbly she obeyed as they instructed her to remove the last of her clothes and then before she realized it she was on her knees beside the bed with Timmy standing over her. Again she obeyed as they told her to grasp the huge cock paying it homage as it danced and twitched only inches from her face. Her fingers closed around the ebony shaft but it was so large that she couldn't encompass it. Her body trembled in fright as the cock began to harden and stand almost straight out brushing across her face leaving a trail of pre cum in its wake. The fingers that had been almost tenderly tweaking her nipples suddenly tightened causing her to open her mouth to scream in pain but the scream was silenced as the large 15 inch ebony cock pressed against her lips. Twisting his fingers into her blonde curls Timmy held her tightly as he pushed his hips forward and then to the surprise of everyone the head of his cock slipped past her lips to enter the warm wet cavity of her mouth. Her lips were stretched tightly around the crown of his cock and her jaws looked as if they were dislocated. With pleading eyes she looked up into Timmy's face for some measure of sympathy but all she saw was spittle as it drooled from his slack lips. As she tried to breathe through her nose the stench of his unwashed body made her head reel, but breathe she must or she would choke.

The blood vessels along the underside of Timmy's cock swelled pumping more blood into his cock making it harder and as he looked down at the small white girl kneeling at his feet. Timmy marveled when her tightly clasping lips slipped over the crown of his dick. Her lips curled inward as the head and then the first two and then three inches of his dark ebony shaft entered her mouth, only one other woman had been able to take three or four inches of his cock in her mouth and she wasn't anything like this pretty little white girl. Looking at her pretty white face with her lips clasped tightly like a rubber band around the shaft of his dark cock his simple mind told him to treasure this moment and with slow even movements he pumped his hips savoring the feel of her crisp teeth scraping along the shaft of his cock each time he withdrew two or three inches from her mouth. Her eyes had been held by the almost vacant stare of this simple Negro as he pumped his ebony staff of life into her mouth and now all fight left her as she accepted the fact that these men would never let her go, she would never see her parents again, these men had killed the only one who knew where she was as well as her only hope of escape. And if they did as they had told her they would do they as well as many other black men would use her tender young body day after day as she lay on this filthy mattress amid squalor. As the minutes slipped by with Timmy slowly pumping his ebony shaft into her mouth to her it seemed an eternity and then finally his cock was pulled from her mouth glistening with her saliva her lungs filled with much needed air. Without being told she rose to her feet and then climbed onto the filthy cum stained mattress to kneel on hands and knees waiting for Timmy to join her. As Timmy climbed onto the mattress behind her his hand caressed the small of her back and she obediently spread her legs raising her ass into the air. Her mind drifted the 25 or so miles across town to her home and parents but it might as well have been a million.

- The End -

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