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"Angela and Mother - Angela's Story" - part 3 of 3

      by A. G. Thomas

      (FF voy M+F oral)

As Jeannie helped me bathe, the hot water as well as her tender touch helped ease the soreness from my tired body. I don't know when or even why she took me under her wing but I was grateful. Her brother Melcolm was the leader of the Kingsmen but she was as different from him as night is from day, and in answer to my softly whispered question she told me I had been with the Kingsmen for almost two weeks.

With a gentle smile playing across her delicate lips her hands glided over my body touching every curve and swell, magically easing my sore and cramped muscles and I sank deeper into the hot water feeling protected and safe. A warm glow surrounded me as her hand touched my thigh and my legs parted allowing her long gentle fingers to slip between my legs to rest almost feather-like on my pussy. A whispered sigh came from my lips as her other hand lightly caressed my cheek turning my face to hers as she knelt beside the tub and then she leaned forward placing her lips to mine.

A feeling I hadn't felt for weeks raced through me and my abdomen twitched nervously when her fingers softly played across my pussy as her tongue slipped into my mouth in a tender kiss. A shocked but pleasant feeling rippled up my spine and my body shivered slightly as her tongue probed my mouth and then her fingers slipped between my pussy lips and I moaned softly into her mouth as my own tongue sought hers. For what seemed an eternity our lips melted together in the most passionate tender kiss I had ever experienced and then without a word she helped me from the tub and together we sank to the bath room floor locked in an embrace.

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With my eyes tightly closed and a feeling of utter bliss sweeping over me I lay back breathing heavily as her soft tender lips played over my neck and ears. Her melodious voice whispered reassuring words of love and tenderness as her lips lightly glided like a feather over my hot flesh. Despite the warm feeling she was awakening in me my mind rebelled. This wasn't right, women didn't do things like this to each other, but then her lips closed over my nipple tenderly sucking it into her mouth and I surrendered to the glorious feeling.

Leaving my aching nipple her lips played over my quivering abdomen and across my thighs, and with just a feather-like touch of her hand to my inner thigh, my legs parted willingly to let her lips and tongue play over them before her tongue swiped along my pussy. As her tongue continued to lick over my throbbing pussy lips her hands softly slipped under my buttocks gently squeezing them and with only the slightest hint of pressure on her part my lower body rose several inches from the floor pushing my pelvis into her face and my legs parted wider to allow her greater access to my cunt.

A choking sob of passion slipped from my throat as Jeannie's lips touched my pussy and her tongue probed into my cunt. For long minutes her lips and tongue played over and in my inflamed pussy before gliding upwards to make contact with my clit. To keep from screaming in rapture and alerting the thirty-odd Negros just beyond the door of what was happening, I bit my lip. My hips began to move of their own volition in a timeless dance of arousal against the face of the Negress between my widely splayed legs. With heaving chest and gasping breath my eyes opened to look down between my heaving breasts, past my quivering abdomen to Jeannie's head. Raising my hands to her long black hair I was surprised at its texture and softness.

The gang members whose hair I had touched as they had pushed their faces between my legs to tongue my pussy had been stiff and wiry. In a state of rapture my pelvis pushed against Jeannie's face as her tongue sent my mind reeling and my fingers entwined in her soft tresses pulling her tighter to my spasmodic cunt. Remembrances of the gang members who had crudely tongued my pussy and then laughingly boasted of eating out the white slut played before me. Not even the five or six gang members who had aroused something in me out of the twenty or so who had shoved their kinky heads between my legs had come close to awakening in me the feeling of ecstasy I was now feeling. The gang members thick lips and crude attempts to arouse me were but a precursor to what Jeannie was doing to my body and despite my effort's to remain silent my gasping whimpers grew and when her small white teeth scraped along my throbbing distended clit, I screamed joyously in total rapture.

My pussy flowered open as I climaxed, wetting Jeannie's lips and as my back arched from the floor my legs wrapped around her upper torso, locking her tightly between my quivering thighs. With my mind soaring skyward and my body shuddering as if from some tropical fever I dimly heard voices spaced with laughter. Not until my body stopped quivering and my hips stopped their dance of unashamed arousal was I aware that several of the gang members had crowded into the bathroom. As my buttocks slapped one last time against the tile floor Jeannie was pulled roughly from between my legs leaving me with a feeling of emptiness.

Reaching out, seeking to pull her back between my thighs my hands instead gripped someone's pants leg and as my mind tried desperately to understand what was happening my eyes slowly focused. Looking about I saw at least eight of the Kingsmen grinning like black demons and as I tried to raise from the cool tile floor, Melcolm's Lieutenant, Thurmond, who was holding Jeannie, placed his foot against my chest, holding me down. "Well, well, lookie here, it seems our little honky ain't just a cock hungry slut but a lesbian as well." The sound of zippers being pulled down was almost deafening and as I looked pleadingly at Jeannie to stop what I knew was about to happen she hung her head and turned away but not before I saw a tear came to her eye.

Her silence was like a knife to my heart as they swarmed over me roughly yanking my legs apart and before one of them fell between my legs and another pushed his dick against my lips I saw the Negress roughly shoved from the bathroom. I couldn't even began to guess how many times they used me or if other gang members joined in as I lay on the cold tile floor of the bathroom, for time seemed to stand still and there seemed to be a never ending line of them eager to push their hard black cocks into either my pussy or mouth but more often than not, both.

I felt betrayed by Jeannie, almost as much as when Mike and John had let Melcolm and his gang bangers lead me naked from that filthy skid row bar. The same bar where a week or so earlier my mother had been gang fucked by more than fifteen filthy men, and I in child-like naivety had allowed myself to fulfill the same two men's lustful fantasy. I had even dressed for the part by wearing a translucent blouse and pleated micro mini with 4 inch heels, and nothing else but a garter belt and stockings. Dressed as I was and acting the way I had, it was little wonder that the twenty odd patrons who were drunks, vagrants and blacks had used me wantonly for their depraved sexual gratification. These memories as well as others tweaked my mind as cum from a multitude of cocks flooded my body and then finally it was over. As the last Kingsmen pulled his spent black cock from between my lips leaving us joined momentarily with a thin string of cum I curled into a fetal position and closed my eyes, thinking of happier times.

As darkness fell I roused myself to stand on shaky legs and as I stood under the shower scrubbing the cum from my body my skin turned beet red as I tried to rid myself of the dirty feeling I felt. In the darkness I stumbled to the bed occupied by Melcolm and Thurmond. Slipping between the sheets I crawled between their dark bodies knowing that in the morning the day would start just as all the others had with one or both of them using me before turning me over to the other members of the gang. As I lay there hardly breathing Thurmond turned toward me fondling my breast and playfully rolling a nipple between his thick stubby fingers and thumb. Putting his face to my neck he licked along my cheek nuzzling my neck before pushing his tongue into my ear.

Tenderly, almost lovingly, he kissed and nibbled on my ear lobe before placing a hand atop my head pushing down slightly as he whispered he wanted a blow job. Obediently my head slipped under the covers to his chest taking each of his small crinkly nipples between my lips sucking them to hardness. As my lips suckled his nipples I felt more than heard a fluttering rumble in his chest and I knew the touch of my lips were working their magic. My hand fell to his groin and my fingers played feather-like over the growing hardness of his thick cock as my tongue licked from his chest down and over his abdomen until my face was just a mare inch from his hardening erection. At more than 2 inches thick my small fingers couldn't quite circle his ebony dick so, in order to please him, I had learned to squeeze and massage his torrid hardness like a farmer who was milking a cow. With his fingers entwined lightly in my reddish blond hair my lips kissed up along the pulsing dark length until my tongue licked over the tip and then my lips parted allowing the knob of his thick ebony dick to slip into my mouth.



Like a European Princess before her Moorish captor who had spirited from her home and then bent her to his desires my lips and fingers paid homage to this Nubian warrior. With my lips stretched tightly around his throbbing thickness I gave silent thanks that his cock wasn't as large as the black wino whose dick had been the first of many I had sucked that night a lifetime ago. With one hand cupping Thurmond's buttocks and my other playing with his testicles I purred softly as with each slow bob of my head my lips slid further down the length of his ebony tool.

His fingers tightened in my hair letting me know to hold still and then his hips began a slow humping movement as he began to fuck my face until all 8 fat inches of black cock was lodged in my throat. Back and forth his hips moved almost withdrawing and then tumbling back into my throat as my lips and throat worked to bring him pleasure. I thought back to the bar and the Negro who before shoving his cock into my mouth and later my anus had teased me with stories of my mother begging to be fucked by his 12 inch cock. As my lips mashed into the kinky hairs surrounding Thurmond's cock each time he pumped forward my throat muscles tightly gripped his thick eight inches in a milking action.

Memories of what happened the first few minutes in that skid row bar rushed at me like oncoming headlights. I saw myself opening the door and stepping into the bar and though I had never been in a place like that it somehow seemed familiar. Mike and John had frightened me when they had threatened to leave me alone and naked if I didn't enter the bar but now that I was inside it somehow didn't seem as horrible as I had imagined. Slipping onto a bar stool I looked around and then it dawned on me why everything seem familiar, it was like the fantasy, the darkness, the smell, even the pleated micro mini I was wearing. As the bartender stepped before me I don't know why I repeated what John had told me to tell him but I did. He smiled, nodded knowingly, then handed me a beer telling me to enjoy myself. As I drank the odd tasting warm beer while waiting for John and Mike my nervousness had begun to slip away. Finishing my beer I was handed another as he made crude, almost childish, remarks. I guess it was his way of hitting on me. Looking toward the door absently wondering where Mike and John were, a tranquil feeling and lightness began to flow over me and then I forgot all about Mike and John as my attention shifted back to the bartender. I don't remember when or even doing it but I'd unbuttoned my blouse and then tied it just beneath my breasts. Leaning forward over the bar to give the bartender a better view of my tits I began to flirt with him, running my fingers over his arm and touching his hand as I giggled at his jokes and flirtatious remarks.

A mildly irritating, yet warm pleasant feeling had flowed outward from between my legs as I flirted with him. When he offered me another beer and said he had to check on something, I accepted, blowing him a kiss, telling him to hurry back. I don't know what came over me at that moment, but before he turned away I winked at him and then, bringing the bottle to my lips, I opened my mouth, letting almost the whole neck of the bottle slide into my mouth before slowly pulling it out. I did this several times as he stood frozen staring at me with what I thought was lust in his eyes. I was teasing him, mouthing that beer bottle as if I were sucking a cock, and when I finally drank deeply of the odd tasting warm beer my eyes fell to his crotch and I almost choked on the beer realizing I had given him a raging hard on. As I drank deeply of the third beer the feeling between my legs built to a roaring inferno and unable or unwilling to help myself, I had done as the girl in the fantasy John and Mike so often told me.

I turned looking into the dark shadows of the bar beyond the brightly lit area where I was sitting, and then smiling seductively I slowly and expansively crossed my legs allowing my pleated micro mini to rise, making the unseen strangers in the shadows aware that beneath the skimpy skirt I was unashamedly naked. Uncrossing my legs just as seductively I then placed my feet on the rung of the stool letting my legs part and then in public, in front of I knew not how many strange men I began playing with my pussy.

With soft purring sounds coming from my throat I watched through lust-filled eyes what appeared to be at least thirty figures emerge from the shadows. With my fingers now pushing between my pussy lips a shiver of excitement raced up my spine and my body quivered excitedly as a fleeting thought of whether I would be able to fuck all these men flashed before me and then was forgotten. Suddenly everything went dark and as I blinked repeatedly trying to regain my sight it dawned on me that a smelly unshaven coal black negro had stepped from the shadows to stand between my widely splayed legs whispering of fucking my mother with his foot long cock. And then with promises of ecstasy from his large cock and the twenty or so others eager to fuck my tender white body he had mashed his thick lips to mine pushing his tongue between my parted lips to duel with my own.

Goose bumps prickled my flesh and a shudder of near rapture raced up my spine from the memory and then suddenly I was brought back to the present as Thurmond's cock began to jerk convulsively. With knowledge born of practice I tightened my lips ever tighter around the base of his cock drawing a suction as his bone hard erection slipped easily into my throat. With my small hands tightly gripping his buttocks as my lips clamped around the base of his pumping cock I plunged a finger into his rectum causing him to lunge forward against my face mashing my nose against his sweaty belly as his testicles slapped into my chin. From my position under the covers I heard his muffled sigh of satisfied relief and with my lips clamped tightly around the base of his ebony cock I felt his cum rush from his testicles up through the jerking length of his dick to flood my mouth and throat. With my throat muscles tightly gripping his rampant hardness and my small white fingers now rolling his golf ball size testicles I drew a suction as if drinking through a straw greedily draining his nut sack of its hot globular sperm.

As his dick shriveled and slipped from my mouth, he pulled me up his body to lightly touch my cheek and cum stained lips telling me I was a great cock sucker and it was at rare moments like this that I felt loved and wanted and would humble myself in any way I could to please him further. This same feeling of bliss and contentment I had felt momentarily with other members of the gang, but then just as suddenly that magic would fade as which ever one I had sought so eagerly to please would laughingly call me a white trash slut then push me toward the others saying I was only good for servicing as many of them as wanted to fuck me. But now cradled in Thurmond's arms I sighed contentedly knowing that I had pleased him and that I would at least for a while be with only one man.

As I lay snuggled against Thurmond, listening to his steady breathing, I wondered what was wrong with me. I had unashamedly allowed myself to be used. I had dressed to fit Mike and John's fantasy, and without a word had left my home and parents to meet Mike and John, knowing in my soul that they would have me gang fucked in some skid row bar like they had my mother. But still I had gone to met them, and if the truth be known I had secretly looked forward to having my young body ravaged. Some of the memories of that night, of what I had done, or let be done to me were vague, but one thing was clear, I had derived unspeakable joy knowing that my young body had given all those men pleasure.

As my eyes closed a memory of something I had envisioned as I had been fucked repeatedly that night in the bar, or perhaps it was a vision of what was to come. I didn't know, but I saw myself wandering the back streets and alleys of skid row dressed in the skimpiest of skirts, seeking the company of grizzled, forgotten men so that they might satisfy their sexual desires and depravities on my young delicate body. A kaleidoscopic image of me lying in some dark alley with invitingly opened legs writhing in depravity and wanton lust as a multitude of stubble bearded smelly forgotten men vented their sexual hunger on my tender young body one after the other repeatedly played before my eyes. My breathing quickened at the sordid vision and then steadied as I remembered the ending of that fateful night.

I was having difficulty standing because, exhausted as I was, my legs buckled several times and two beefy negros had to hold me upright while another slipped my torn blouse about my shoulders. Without buttons the blouse hardly hid my breasts and though it fell to my hips I might as well have been naked for all the skin it covered. A couple of them laughed at my near nakedness saying I looked sexy for a tramp as the others talked amongst themselves saying that I was one white girl that wouldn't be visiting bars or fucking winos to please a boyfriend. With an uncomprehending look I had gazed stupidly into their black faces as they told me I was the property of the Kingsmen and as their bitch I would service the gang. John and Mike hadn't told me and as the black youths led me toward the door I had spotted them. Staring at them with a questioning look in my eyes, I remember Melcolm walking up to John and Mike with a shit eating grin on his dark face, telling them he would see to it that I got all the cock I would ever want.

Then with his arm about my shoulders and his cronies about us leading the way, they had shoved Mike and John aside. I remember thinking again that maybe this was a part of their fantasy as Melcolm winked at Mike in passing and then in a voice barely heard said that with thirty seven brothers in his gang I was one lucky white girl to have a bunch of niggers who were more than willing to stuff my snatch with dark meat. So with a twinkle in my eyes and a smile creasing my lips I had willingly let the Kingsmen lead me from the bar thinking that John and Mike would come for me later. And then I drifted to sleep wondering if later would ever come. Suddenly I heard shouting and what sounded like gun fire and then I was thrown to the floor as Melcolm and Thurmond jumped from the bed. Shouts of police and the pounding of running feet filled my ears along with burst of gun fire and I heard myself screaming for them not to shoot me.

Quiet, deathly quiet. The only sound I could hear was the frenzied pounding of my heart and every so often my frightened ragged breathing. And then a hand touched my shoulder as a soft voice spoke my name, telling me not to be frightened anymore and that I was going home. Pulling a blanket from the overturned bed he draped it about my naked body as with a reassuring soft voice he repeatedly told me I was going home to my parents. Then he led me from the building where I had been held captive in for almost two weeks. As he helped me into his car I asked a million questions but his only answer was a repeated assurance that I was going home and that my parents loved me dearly and were waiting for me.

Before I knew it I was being swept up in my parents loving arms and hugged tightly. With father still hugging me, mother turned toward the man who'd brought me home and as they talked in hushed tones I remember crying and blubbering about Mike, John and the others as my father softly whispered everything would be alright. Through my tears I saw mother smile broadly as she handed the man a large packet, then with a whoop of joy her arms encircled father and I. With a huge smile he whispered no one would ever bother me again. I didn't fully understand but I felt safe, safer than I had in a long time and then with both their arms about me they led me into our home. The next day on the front page of the paper was a story along with pictures of the interior of a building I knew all too well.

It seemed, at least to the authorities and the reporter covering the story, that a possible drug war between rival gangs, one black the other white, had erupted. They had no way to determine how many were involved in the shootout but amongst the almost two dozen names of the dead they had identified were three I knew all too well, Melcolm, Mike and John.

- The End -

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