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"Angela and Mother - Elizabeth's Story" - part 2 of 3

      by A. G. Thomas

      (M+F interr oral anal)

With the thought that nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see these two young thieves and rapists dead running through my head, it was all I could do to restrain myself as I listened to John and Mike's smug ranting. Yet a part of me, may God forgive me, wished I had been there to witness my daughter's debasement in the very same skid row bar where I had been gang fucked. I could vividly see her 34x21x33 body and angelic good looks surrounded by a halo of reddish blond hair as she was being used repeatedly by almost two dozen wino's and black gang members. Heaven help me as I sat like a stone idol benignly smiling while listening to their story. I had an orgasm visualizing my daughter's gang fuck.

Since the day my daughter vanished I knew somehow that they had something to do with it, so I hired a private investigator telling him to turn the city upside down thinking/hoping she might be with them. A week of searching, of looking in every nook and cranny and hell hole in this town but finally they were dragged before me. It was then that I learned everything except where my little girl was. I learned that before her disappearance they had not only been fucking but also calling her daily, taunting her with vivid descriptions of debauchery and degradation and teasing her with the prospect that she would be used not only by the same skid row winos that had fucked her mother but by a gang of black street punks as well.

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Teasing, yet vivid descriptions along with pictures of me in a skid row bar simultaneously being taken by smelly bums and drunks before finally fucking myself with a whisky bottle while sucking a negro's almost foot long cock had the effect on Angela they hoped for. They took delight in telling me of her arousal as they showed her my pictures while vividly describing my surrender to drunks and bums.

As they told Angela the story of my gang fuck they would tell her to imagine that instead of her mother it was her that was being used and that instead of pictures of her mother she was viewing they were pictures of her. They did this while visiting her, but after leaving they often had her call and while talking to her they would have her finger herself as they taunted her that instead of her mother it was her that was being used again and again, and as I listened to their words I could only imagine the effect they had on my daughter.

"Are you fingering yourself Angela? Ahhhh that feels good doesn't it? That's it. That's our girl. Work that pussy. Now picture yourself dressed in a skimpy micro mini and a frilly see through blouse sitting in a dark skid row bar sipping beer surrounded by men. Can you see yourself girl? Now imagine that as your fingers close around the bottle and you bring it to your full red lips you discover instead a hard pulsing cock and as your lips purse against the crown a tingling sensation flutters through your lithe body in eager anticipation of what is to come.

Your long beautiful legs which have been crossed slowly part as you turn to look into the dark interior of the filthy bar. You stare into the shadows hoping, seeking the very same men who so thoroughly used your mother, a silent prayer of longing and hunger comes to your trembling lips that they will use your young tender body to satisfy themselves just as they did when they took your mother.

You place your feet to the rungs of the stool causing your short pleated skirt to raise as your legs part in clear invitation. From the inky shadows beyond the brightly lit bar barely heard whispered voices mixed with heavy breathing comes to you, you can't see anyone but you know they're there. The air with it's strange unfamiliar smells is heavy, unmoving, making it hard to breath and your breath comes in gasps causing your breasts to heave from the effort. Your nipples unhampered by a bra tingle and stiffen as your thin translucent silk blouse rubs against them with each effort to breathe. With parted legs you sit staring into the dark shadows waiting for the untold number of men that you know are there to make themselves known but nothing happens. Was it your imagination, your wishful thinking that they were there?

Your hand falls to your lap slipping beneath the hem of your pleated micro mini. As your fingers dance lightly against your moist pussy lips the thought that maybe they are undecided comes to you and you shiver with excitement and wanton lust at their child like hesitation. A soft beckoning moan escapes your full red lips as your fingers flutter feather like through the soft reddish blond hair surrounding your cunt before two of them slip between your pussy lips and then suddenly from the deep shadows the figures of the men you knew all along were there begin to take form. Your vision blurs as more and more men appear until to your lust clouded sight the bar seems filled to over flowing.

The air is heavy with expectation and excitement as the crowd of dirty vagrants accept the offering of your tender young body to use how ever they wish for their own selfish depraved gratification.

Just as the first man steps within arms length you notice that mixed in with the smelly unshaven winos there are also several black youths. The musky odor of the multitude of unwashed bodies makes your nostrils flare as they crowd around you and then one of them steps between your parted legs placing his dirty hands on your thighs sending a shiver racing up your spine, visibly shaking you with excitement. Your eyes are drawn to his weathered beard stubble face. Noticing the smirk upon his thin lips as his hands slide up your inner thighs and then you feel his fingers probing your moistened pussy lips. You feel the buttons of your blouse part, exposing your heaving breasts to the greedy eyes of the untold number of strange men and boys.

Hands reach out to cup and squeeze your heaving breasts as you continue to look into the man's face whose fingers have now entered your pussy and then without warning mouths close over your lust hardened nipples, nibbling, sucking them till you feel as if they would burst and you scream in both rapture and pain. At the same time the fingers withdraw from between your quivering pussy only to be presented to your full red lips which willingly part to take them into the warm wet cavern of your mouth. The excited voices of the men sound like the buzzing of a thousand bees to your ears and suddenly another feeling emerges.

Fear, fear that no matter what you do, that no matter how often or in what way you willingly let them use you that you won't satisfy these forgotten members of society as your mother did. But then a smile crosses your lips as one of your small hands reach up to hold, caresses the dirty hand of the man whose fingers fresh from your cunt you still lovingly suck while the other falls to his crotch helping him remove the cock he has tried to free for the past several minutes. An inner calm spreads through you as from the corners of your eyes you see others exposing themselves in eager anticipation of what's to come and with a certainty born of a million women who have gone before you, you know that these men, these scruffy dregs of society as well as the black youths among them will be pleased and satisfied with your body."

It was at that point, or so I was told, that they would hang up but then minutes or hours later they would call back either to repeat the scenario they had described or to carry the torrid scenario even further without considering the possible dark sinister conclusion. As the investigator questioned them and I sat stone faced listening to their bragging babble we learned that this had been repeated daily for almost two weeks both on the phone and during the afternoons that they spent with her when she was supposed to be either shopping or at the beautician. And then the day she disappeared they took her to a small exclusive shop called "Bedford Fair" a place very much like Victoria's Secret, and it was there that she was made to purchase and wear the very same hip hugger leather pleated micro mini they had so often teased her she would be wearing when she was gang fucked. Instructing her to pay the clerk extra money to destroy her old clothes including her under garments they then went to the Raspberry Club to show her off.

They told us how when she entered the club dressed in her pleated micro mini and translucent blouse with stockings and 4 inch heels the looks of lust she received from the men almost made John and Mike laugh, but that the funniest looks came from the women. Half of which looked as if they, like the men wanted to get her in bed while the other half looked as if they could kill her. Throughout dinner they had teased her with much of the same kind of talk and they could plainly see that in spite of their surroundings she was becoming flustered. Mike was almost bragging as he told how he had placed his hand to her thigh hiking her pleated skirt almost to her waist so that anyone wishing to look could see that beneath the skimpy skirt she had only a garter belt. After making her pay the bill as well as leave a large tip for their dinner they led her to their car telling her it was time and then drove toward skid row and the bar where I had two weeks earlier been gang fucked by it's patrons.

We learned from the smirking pair that as Mike drove John made out with her, kissing her lips, neck and ears as he felt of her breasts and thighs. This was getting her so excited and aroused that even if she had thought of protesting by the time they reached their destination and Mike pulled to the curb it was too late. As they started to exit and she noticed for the first time the awful condition of the neighborhood and that she was actually where they had so often told her they would take her she began to protest, but with both of them sandwiching her between them kissing and feeling of her and again vividly describing the scenario she was about to take part in they promised her that they wouldn't let things go beyond what she really wanted while telling her that if her mother could satisfy a dozen or so skid row wino's then she could too.

With words of her being younger as well as prettier than me they both kissed her neck and ears while whispering that she would have them eating her snatch in order to fuck her. With whispered words reminding her of the scenario they had so vividly described over the past few weeks and at the restaurant they guided her to the entrance of the bar telling her to enter first.

She was told to tell the bartender that she was Elizabeth's daughter and though she was sorry her mother couldn't be here she hoped that the patrons of his establishment would treat her in much the same fashion as they had her mother. It was at this part of their story that my heart burst with pride for my daughter because they told us that despite what they had done to her mentally and physically she hung back crying and begging them to take her home, pleading with them that she couldn't and wouldn't go through with their sick plan, but instead of letting her go they threatened her saying that if she didn't enter the bar they would strip her naked and drive away, leaving her to the whim of anybody and everybody that found her.

Suffice it to say that it was at this moment in their story that I swore to avenge my daughter, I would see to it that they paid dearly and if it meant going to prison for what I planned to have done to them then so be it. But now I'll continue with my narration because however I try to describe what happened that afternoon, it would not be the same as hearing it from the two that perpetrated the event. So instead I'll let you read the transcript of the recording as Mike and John in their own words boastfully told my investigator and I what my daughter went through!

After threatening her with being stripped naked and leaving her to fend for herself we pushed her through the door and then as we waited for the bartender we smoked a couple of joints. Maybe a half hour went by when with a shit eating grin the bartender opened the door ushering us inside as with excited glee and a slap on our backs he locked the door behind us. To our surprise but pleasure he shoved a large sum of money in our hands saying that Angela was even prettier than her picture and that every cent he had given us earlier as well as what he was giving us now was money well spent.



Looking into the dim interior I couldn't help but compare the feeling permeating the bar to the vivid fantasy we had told Angela over the phone or while we were taking turns fucking her during the afternoons when she was supposed to be shopping or somewhere else. As we looked toward the bar and Angela, she turned to face the dark interior letting her hand fall to her lap before raising her feet to the rungs of the stool and letting her long shapely legs slowly part.

Unbelievably what happened next was very much as we had often told her she would do, in semi-disbelief we watched her hand slip beneath the hem of her skimpy pleated skirt and then lightly glide up her inner thigh before rubbing over her pussy. Watching her lightly caress her snatch while a come hither smile lit her face as she gazed into the darkness beyond the brightly lit bar I noticed something different.

Her blouse had been undone, gathered and then tied just beneath her breasts, leaving her midriff exposed making her look even sexier and even more like a cheap slut willing and eager to take on a barroom full of strange men. Drawing our attention from what was taking place at the bar the bartender pointed to a couple of video cameras just outside of Angela's vision and the bright glare of the bar.

Excitedly he whispered that his cousin was in the porno business so not only the video but the sound as well would be of high quality. Grinning broadly he told us he'd put a large dose of aphrodisiac in her beer cause even though we'd told him she was hot to trot and she had even told him upon entering the bar that she wanted to experience the same thing as her mother had he hadn't wanted to leave anything to chance and that from the way she was acting it was already starting to work.

When we started to protest he said why the fuck should we care that she was being video taped or that he slipped her something to make sure she cooperated. We were being paid handsomely for her services, besides in a couple more minutes she wouldn't give a damn about cameras or anything else. Stifling a giggle he told us the fucking cunt would be so horny she'd probably take on everybody twice an for us to shut up and watch cause he expected a hell of a show from her with the 15 or so men he'd gotten after we'd called saying we were on the way. "That's why the bar is so well lit. and where the extra money came from I just gave you, besides guys in another minute or two that cunt's going to be climbing the walls if she doesn't get a cock in her and when the real action starts the cameras will get right in the center of things making sure they get everything."

As we talked in hushed whispers about 20 unshaven filthy vagrants along with about a half dozen black youths emerged from the shadows, and all eyes including ours were watching her as her fingers glided through the sparse wispy curls of reddish hair surrounding her cunt lightly teasing her pussy lips. The huge black that had fucked you in the ass strode forward until he was between your daughters parted legs and then placing his dark hands on her thighs he ran his hand up her thighs pushing her skimpy skirt about her waist clearly exposing her glistening cunt to the greedy stares of the horny onlookers as well as the video cameras that were now in plain view.

Other hands were groping her breasts and trying to untie her blouse as the negro who'd so thoroughly fucked you and had you begging for his cock looked into her eyes and I saw his lips move as he said something but I was too far away to hear. I couldn't believe it, the scene playing out before me was almost exactly as John and I had so teasingly described to your daughter over the past few weeks. Hands pulled her frilly blouse apart exposing her heaving pert breasts to their greedy eyes, and then mouths closed over her lust aroused nipples sucking and nibbling on them as the huge black grinning like a Cheshire cat pushed two fingers into her cunt.

Working my way closer without getting into the picture I was maybe fifteen or twenty feet away when she suddenly threw her head back giving a whimpering plea for the huge negro fingering her snatch to fuck her. From my vantage point I could see and hear every thing and when in answer to her plea to be fucked he instead continued to finger her snatch I was dumb founded. I would have thrown your daughter to the floor and fucked her brains out, but that big nigger had something else planned because as he crammed a third finger into her cunt he lowered his beard stubble face to hers mashing his thick lips to hers kissing her deeply. Breaking the kiss after a few minutes but still slowly working his three fingers between her pussy lips he told her that he and a dozen others had fucked her mother and that now it was her turn to satisfy them. "After all, like mother, like daughter." And then he withdrew his glistening fingers from her sopping pussy, placing them to her slack red lips.

I damn near shot my wad when her tongue flicked out to lick over each of his fingers before sucking all three into her mouth. Her small white hands gripped his dark wrist holding his hand before her face as she licked and sucked while moaning softly and her ass moved in tight nervous circles atop the bar stool as she ground her pussy against his leg like you see a horny dog do. Pulling his fingers from her mouth with a shit eating grin plastered on his face he told her to get on her knees and when she obediently slid from the bar stool he didn't even have to tell her to reach up to unzip his pants and free his cock.

As she worked feverishly at his pants he told her she was just like her mother, a cock hungry piece of white trash. I couldn't believe what was happening, I mean holy shit, we had thought she'd gotten worked up when we'd vividly described the gang fuck fantasy, but this, this was far more perverted than anything we could have envisioned. She was responding to these filthy drunks from the start, and I don't think it was solely because of the aphrodisiac the bartender slipped her. With meowing purrs of arousal her fingers touched and then slowly freed his semi-hard thick cock from confinement, but before she could open her lips and take him into the warm wet confines of her mouth he put a hand under her chin turning her face slightly to look directly at one of the video cameras.

"You be on camera white girl. So you do this nigger good, suck my chocolate stick better than you momma did else you not be getting any more cock." Dropping his hand from her chin he stepped back slightly, his cock hanging from his pants just out of her reach. You could have heard a pin drop it was so quiet as he stood there unmoving with a shit eating knowing smile. As he had let her chin loose she had continued to stare into the video camera momentarily but as he had stepped back her face had turned and her eyes had locked onto his dangling cock as if drawn by a magnet. Her body shivered and a glazed look came to her eyes as he told her that if she sucked his dick real good and swallowed his cum he'd let the 20 or so men waiting to fuck her have a go at her.

After only the slightest pause, she crawled forward on her knees and upon reaching him she opened her mouth and turned her face slightly upwards and sideways taking the uncircumcised knob between her lips. As her lips closed about the thick knob of his shaft he teased her with promises that soon every man in the bar would be shoving their cock's into every hole of her fucking body filling her with cum. "Oh yea white girl, we be going to pleasure you with cock, pleasure you like we did your mother weeks ago. You be ours to use how ever we want slut, we going to use your white body good, so good that you be coming back for more. That do be what you want isn't it, honky? You want us using that fine white body of yours for our pleasure."

The second her lips encircled his cock the collective sighs of maybe thirty men as they exhaled from holding their breaths could be heard. The sight of Angela kneeling before that big buck with her blouse open hanging loosely about her and her short pleated skirt above her ass with her face slightly up and sideways was a sight to behold, and then she straightened slightly placing her hands on his calf's and began to slowly bob her head up and down as she tried to take more of his cock into her mouth.

No one thought to remove her clothes. There wasn't any need. Her blouse was hanging loosely open and her short skirt was about her waist exposing all her charms to their administrations whenever they choose. I guess the old saying that a woman is sexier wearing something even if only an ankle bracelet then nothing at all sure applied here because Angela looked sexier than I'd ever seen her.

Moving around behind the video camera so I could get a better look at her face as she sucked that niggers cock I saw her eyes mist and her throat jerk in a gag reflex as about half of his almost wrist thick foot long dark cock speared into her pretty white face and without thinking I whipped out my cock and began to slowly stroke it in time to the movement of her head as it bobbed up and down. But I wasn't the only one because I heard several deep sighs and when I tore my eyes away from the torrid scene taking place before me I noticed almost everybody had their cocks out and was beating them.

Turning back to Angela's kneeling form just as her small white hands tightly gripped his waist I saw her neck swell and I knew she had taken him into her throat and when I looked at her face it was confirmed because her lips were almost touching his zipper and the hair that was visible through the opening of his pants.

Up until that moment he hadn't touched her, everything and all the effort had been hers but now he placed his large hands about her head running his fingers into her red hair holding her head steady as he began humping slowly back and forth. The sheen on his cock from her administrations made his dick even blacker if that's possible, and within moments he was withdrawing almost his whole cock from her sucking mouth and throat before letting it tumble back into the clinging tightness of her throat.

"She be ready boys, Oh yea, this white whore be ready for our cocks and a dozen more if they was here. One you boys get under this whore and do her cunt while she finish me off and then we do her good, we do her like her momma. Have her begging for cock." Before anyone could move I pushed my way to the front and crawled between her legs gripping her small waist tightly as I pushed my dick into her cunt and then I just lay there not moving as she humped up and down moving between my cock one second and the cock in her throat the next. God it was absolutely glorious. She had never fucked John and I like that before. Maybe it was the sight of her face pressed into his groin as that huge black cock fucked her face one second and then her splayed buttocks hitting my thighs as her cunt took me completely the next. I don't know, but whatever it was it was fantastic.

Reaching up I mauled her small firm titties bringing a choked moan of pleasure from her cock stuffed throat as I pinched and pulled her nipples as if to tear them from her tits. The harder I pinched and pulled the louder her moans became and then a sputtering choking gurgle came from deep in her chest. Her body convulsed and shuddered like someone having a fit and her ass ground into my thighs and her knees tightened against my hips as her cunt muscles gripped and massaged my cock like a farmers fingers massage a cows tit as he milks her. Looking up I saw cum flowing from her nostrils and from between her pursed lips and the torrid hardness of black cock between them and as the drops of cum splattered on my face my nuts felt like they exploded and I humped from the floor raising her almost two feet as I flooded her poker hot cunt to overflowing.

As the nigger stepped back pulling his now flaccid dick from her still sucking mouth I crawled from beneath her, but if you thought they were going to give her a moments rest your wrong. As I stumbled backwards into the crowd Angela slowly climbed to her feet to stand on shaking legs looking into the crowd of men standing dumbfounded from what they had just witnessed, and then her eyes glazed slightly as they centered on one of the video camera's.



Suddenly another big though younger buck pushed his way through the winos taking her into his arms running his hands over her slim body as he mashed his lips to hers kissing her hard and deep as he plunged his thick tongue into her mouth before telling her he was going to fuck her brains out. Her blouse had fallen from one shoulder and she was breathing heavily as he released her and stepped back to undo his pants and drop them to the floor about his ankles, a collective gasp came from the crowd at the sight of his cock. Not so much for it's length even though it looked to be just as long as the cock she had just been throat fucked with but because if anything it was fatter.

Reaching out, he lifted her as if she were a feather and then with his hands tightly gripping her ass cheeks beneath her pleated micro mini he leaned into her centering his black hardness against her glistening cunt as her legs instinctively locked about his hips for support. The tip of his monstrous cock pushed against her pussy lips slowly spreading them apart and then with a swiveling motion of his hips the bulbous engorged knob slipped into her. A combination groan of pain and sigh of pleasure escaped her throat as his cock continued to bore relentlessly deeper.

Her curvaceous white legs locked tighter about his dark hips and for long heart stopping minutes as he held her suspended in space he ground his loins savagely to hers. Her upper torso arched backwards bending almost double as her small hands gripped his muscular arms while her head hung almost to the floor causing her long red hair to brush across the dirty floor as her head twisted from side to side in the throes of ecstasy. With chest heaving from the pounding the Negro was giving her cunt her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water trying to breathe.

As his wrist thick black instrument bored relentlessly deeper her breasts and nipples presented a perfect target for the horny vagrants pressing in on all sides. Mouths descended on her heaving bosom, some leaving teeth marks and hickeys while others nibbled and chewed on her lust hardened nipples causing them to swell and harden even more. Spittle drooled from the Negro's mouth dripping on her flat stomach and as each drop splattered against her naked flesh like scalding water her abdomen undulated. Wheezing gasps of wanton pleasure came from Angela's slack lips as teeth ravaged her heaving breast and the thick tumultuous black cock slipped ever deeper.

And then with disbelieving eyes I saw his testicle sack hit her upturned ass and his kinky groin hairs mash against her splayed cunt lips as all 10 plus thick inches of ebony cock disappeared inside her tight cunt. Sinking to his knees as her snatch gripped his black hardness like a rubber band he slowly fell backwards until she was atop him and then in a ragged voice he told the onlookers that she was burning his cock. "She be tight fella's, she be real tight. There be lots a good fucking from this whore before her hole be stretched. Oh yea lots a fucking. Check her bung hole. I bet that be tight too. Do her boys, do her good. Show this piece of white trash what it means to be our plaything and pleasure us."

His large dark hands pulled at her buttocks splaying her ass cheeks apart exposing the tight crinkly ring of her anus and then someone stepped behind her pulling his cock from his pants placing the crusty head of his unwashed filthy cock into the crack of her ass. Placing a dirty hand at her small waist and the other against her shoulders he pushed her upper body into the negro beneath her while with the hand tightly gripping her waist he raised her ass higher guiding his hard organ through her splayed ass cheeks before centering it against her puckered anus ring.

Jackknifed, with her small titties pressed into the negro's face below her it was inevitable that he capture a nipple between his teeth causing whimpering pleas which were all too suddenly cut short as a third man twisted his fingers in her hair lifting her upper body into an unnatural position, forcing her face to his crotch and savagely shoving his cock between her lips. Without lubrication the man behind her had difficulty but as he continued to push forward the head of his cock slowly pushed her sphincter apart allowing the tip of his cock to enter.

Pulling back, and with a disgusting sound from his throat, a glob of mucus fell from his lips to land directly on his unwashed dick. Laughing sadistically he rubbed the yellowish thick liquid over the head of his cock and then pushed it against her anus. As the Negro below her and the one at her face rocked her up and back the man behind her lunged forward sinking at least three inches of hard meat into her tight brown hole. Her body shuddered uncontrollably and a muffled gurgling scream issued from her cock stuffed throat as a dozen voices encouraged the men to shove their cocks to the fucking slut. At first each man only thought of how much cock he could shove into whatever hole he was fucking, giving little thought to Angela or the pain and humiliation she might be suffering.

But slowly, every so slowly they began to work in unison and before long they were buffeting her curvaceous body between them in rhythmic mind altering sexual depravity. Almost in unison their cocks sent their warm milkish sperm into her orifices flooding her cavities before dribbling from around their softening cock's as they withdrew. In response her body quivered uncontrollably in orgasmic pleasure and as the spent cock's withdrew leaving dribbling stringy cum behind she raised her beautiful face to the crowd of vagrants and negros begging them to fuck her.

As the crowd fell upon her, hands pulled at her blouse and skimpy pleated skirt pulling them from her body leaving her with just her garter belt and stockings as well as her 4 inch heels. Picking her up, they threw her face down across a table that had been dragged into the glare of the lights and then roughly pulled her legs apart taking her one after the other from behind. As each cock used her, most in her ass but some in her cunt she thrust backwards with animalistic savagery screaming at them to fuck her. With men jostling each other to be the next to shove his cock into either her rectum or snatch laughing remarks about pretty soon they'd have to tie a 2x4 to their ass to keep from falling in could be heard.

Indeed her ass hole, which had once been so tight you could hardly get your dick in was now after at least a dozen cocks of assorted sizes and shapes a stretched, gaping hole the size of a silver dollar. Cum flowed from her almost like water coating her quivering inner thighs and running down her legs. After ten maybe fifteen poked her poop shoot the next in line became dissatisfied with the looseness and sloppiness of her bung hole so they flipped her onto back across the small table leaving her lower body and head dangling over its edge. As two men stepped forward shoving their lust enlarged cocks into her mouth and cunt at the same time two others lowered their faces to her heaving breasts and like hungry animals chewed and bit her swollen nipples.

Angela was like a mindless sex machine, slavishly accepting each new cock no matter into which orifice the owner chose to use. She was on a constant high, like a dope addict she was blissfully soaring in a make believe world of her own. Lost were her loving parents and rich protected life, they were but a dim memory. In her new world only the many cocks eagerly waiting to use her for their sexual gratification mattered. Her nostrils flared taking in the heady aroma of cum and unwashed bodies sending her mind ever higher as she dreamed of other days and other bars surrounded by drunks and other lowlifes. Visions of her wondering the back streets and alley's of skid row dressed in the skimpiest of skirts seeking the company of grizzled forgotten men so that they might satisfy their sexual desires and depravity's on her young delicate body brought choking gasp of wanton lust from her cock stuffed throat.

A kaleidoscope image of her with invitingly opened legs lying in some dark alley writhing in depravity and wanton lust as a multitude of stubble bearded forgotten men vented their sexual hunger on her tender young body one after the other repeatedly played before her eyes. With her body shivering in orgasmic delight it seemed to her addled brain that she would never get enough cock, that soon these smelly vagrants and Negros using her would spend themselves leaving her unsatisfied and wanting. Of course I knew nothing of what was going on in her sex drugged brain but from the way her body responded to the sadistic multiple assaults upon her I envisioned these things as I witnessed her writhing, bucking body as she slide deeper into depravity.

And then it was over. At least thirty men had sought sexual gratification from her small petite body pushing their cocks in one hole or another, and maybe a dozen of them twice, so as the last of the men pulled his cum drained cock from her she slid limply from the table to lay in a crumbled heap on the filthy floor gasping like a fish out of water. And then something that John and I, the bartender or the guys that had filmed her gang fuck couldn't have foreseen happened. As we stepped forward to collect Angela's limp form the half dozen black gang members gathered about her blocking our way and we could only watch stupidly as they lifted her to her feet.

We could see that she was having difficulty standing as her legs buckled several times as two of them held her upright while another slipped her torn blouse about her shoulders. Without buttons the blouse hardly hid her breasts and though it fell to her hips she might as well have been naked for all the skin it covered. A couple of them laughed at her near nakedness saying she sure looked sexy as the others talked amongst themselves saying that she was one white girl that wouldn't be visiting bars or fucking winos to please her boyfriend.

With an uncomprehending look she gazed askance into their black faces as they told her she was the property of the Kingsmen and as their bitch she would get plenty of cock. John and I stepped forward thinking to somehow get her away from them and as we did Angela turned to look at us with a questioning look in her eyes. As they gathered about her and began to led her away their leader looked at us with a shit eating grin on his dark face telling us he would see to it that she got all the cock she wanted. Then with his arm about her shoulders and his cronies about them they shoved us aside.

I could've swore I saw a smile crease Angela's lips and her eyes twinkle as he told her she was one lucky white girl because as the slut of the Kingsmen she would never want for cock. Not only would she service the thirty odd gang members, but also the drug dealers and gun runners they dealt with and anybody else they could think of, and then they were gone.

That's how the transcript as mostly told by Mike with vigorous nods along with interspersed statements of clarity by John's end. Now you know what they did to my precious little girl and though I know killing her was the furthest thing from the gang members minds as they led her drugged naked body from the bar I can't help but worry. From the last paragraph of the statement by the two depraved individuals that had planned my daughters debasement where they stated what the gang leader said to my daughter about how not only the gang members but many others besides would use her maybe death would have been better.

It's been almost another week now and as I wait for the phone to ring letting me know whether my daughter is alive or dead the promise I made to myself concerning Mike and John's future makes me smile. I think they suspect something, maybe it was the cold smile I gave them, but what ever it was they must think that because they offered to help find her that I will let them go, that I won't do anything. But they're wrong. The mercenaries I'd hired and who are even now going in to rescue my little girl will see to it that the promise I'd made to myself is carried out. Oh yes I plan on seeing to it that Mike and John regret ever being born.

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