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"Angela and Mother" - part 1 of 3

      by A. G. Thomas

      (M+Ff rape oral anal group)

A lousy $78. That's all this mugging had netted. John and I weren't overly thrilled. You'd have thought that rich people would've had more money on them when they were out on the town. Looking at the three of them I couldn't help but notice the figures of the two women despite the heavy mink coats they were wearing. The old lady, pushing 40, I guess, definitely had a figure because her mink had opened showing off her curves, even her face was pretty damn good for someone her age.

Looking through the old man's wallet I palmed the credit cards thinking I might be able to buy something totally worthless but expensive before he called them in as stolen. Throwing the wallet at his feet, he bent to recover it and then I saw his watch. A beauty and expensive from what I could see and as I grabbed his arm and ripped it from his wrist all hell broke loose.

You know how in a crisis time seems to almost stop and you can see every little detail, things you might not notice normally but for some reason at that moment they burn into your brain and even years later you can recall what happened. Well that's exactly how it was because as the daughter's scream rent the chill winter air of that dark alley the old guy pivoted like a ballet dancer and lunged at John. John had backed the daughter against the building and had opened her mink, thinking he'd grab a quick feel. The old man, screaming obscenities, grabbed John's arm trying to pull him from his daughter, but in so doing he had literally ripped the upper half of his daughter's dress from her body exposing her breasts. The daintiest frilly bra I had ever seen stood out like a beacon in that dim light and her nipples could be plainly seen pushing at the thin translucent material.

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Every bit as quick as the old man had been, John twirled, pulling his gun from his waist band, and then, as if without thought and purely by instinct, he pushed it into the old guys stomach, pulling the trigger a couple of times. Blood went everywhere. The daughter, screaming hysterically, was weaving her arms about trying to brush the blood from her face and bosom and then her bra popped open as the dinky clasp between her breasts broke. As the old guy's body slumped to the snow covered pavement without a sound, John kicked him a couple of times screaming how the old fucker deserved what he got. "You stupid asshole. I just wanted a feel but now I'm going to fuck your little girl's brains out. Can you hear me shit head? I'm going to fuck your little girl's brains out!" The old guy never moved, never made a sound but with spittle coming from his mouth and a last kick to the guys head John yelled again. "What's that you said? Don't forget your wife? Well, don't you worry, old bean, she'll get hers as soon as I'm finished with your little darling." Turning, he grabbed the daughter while yelling at me over his shoulder to bring the old bitch cause we were going to have some fun.

The wife hadn't made a sound, not when her daughter was screaming and not even when her husband had been shot. She hadn't uttered a sound the whole time John had been kicking the old guy and ranting about fucking his wife and daughter, and she still hadn't uttered a sound after I'd grabbed her and started down the alley.

For a second I wondered what in the hell I was doing, but then I remembered the daughters tits and thought why the hell not. Sure it would be rape but John had probably killed their father and husband so how much more trouble could we get into. And besides, a quickie appealed to me right then what with everything that had just happened in the last minute or so. Sinking further into the shadows John pushed the girl to the dirty alley and began ripping what was left of her dress from her slim form. Within seconds the only thing covering her even partially was her mink coat and she was laying on it. Prying her legs apart he knelt between them and with one hand clamped around one of her breasts he undid his pants, pulling his cock free.

Falling atop her he pushed his hips forward and with a satisfied sigh sank his cock into her unprotected pussy. Like a deranged manic he lunged into her screaming for her to fuck him. Her only movement was to throw an arm across her face and whimper as he grabbed her hips moving her body against his as he pounded into her. In hardly any time at all it was over and as he emptied his sperm into her he threw his head back groaning almost painfully. Climbing to his feet, he turned from the ravaged girl. He was smiling broadly at the mother, commenting that her daughter sure had a tight cunt. With his cock still hanging from his open zipper he grabbed the mother with one hand while pushing me toward the still prone girl telling me to knock off a piece. Undoing my pants and pulling my cock free I fell between her still parted legs and as I pushed my lust hardened cock into her cum lubricated cunt I pulled her arm from her face and pushed my lips to hers plunging my tongue between her lips.

My hips were moving like a jack hammer as I pounded into her warm, soft, cum moistened cunt. With my mouth against hers my ragged breath went into her like I was giving her CPR and before I shot my wad I could have sworn that her body had began to respond to the fucking I was giving her. Rolling off her I looked toward John only to see the mother on her knees with Johns cock in her mouth. Climbing to my feet I walked toward them leaving the daughter laying in the filth and dirt of the ally where John and I had fucked her. With his hands lightly atop the mothers head John was telling her what a great cock sucker she was and how she could suck his partner off too as soon as he finished fucking her daughter. Pulling his dick from her mouth he motioned me to his side saying that the mothers name was Elizabeth and that while mother dearest was licking my dick clean he was going to knock off another piece from the daughter.

To my surprise and without me saying a word the mother shifted slightly on her knees reaching out and as I edged forward slightly her hand closed softly, almost lovingly around my almost limp cum smeared cock. With what I could have sworn was a smile she moved her head to my crotch and began licking along the cum smeared length of my spent cock before taking it into her mouth. As she worked on my cock I looked over my shoulder at John who was again between the daughters legs and my cock jumped with excitement both from the warm sucking feeling of Elizabeth's mouth and the scene I was witnessing. John had the daughter up on her hands and knees his one hand tightly gripping her shoulder pulling her backwards while his other dug into her slim waist and he was buffeting against her widely splayed upturned ass cheeks looking for all the world like a mongrel dog taking his bitch.

Turning back to the mother and her wonderful mouth, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and then heard excited voices as people gathered about the body of the old man who had somehow and unbelievingly crawled from the alley. Pulling her hands from around my ass and stumbling backwards ,I yelled to John and together we fled from the scene of the mugging and rape.

A few blocks away we ducked into a vacant building and began laughing as we excitedly recalled what had just happened and the close call at being discovered. Dividing the money and other shit we had gleaned that evening from the muggings we had done, John surprised me saying that he wouldn't mind getting another crack at those two rich bitches.

I didn't know at that time that he had taken the drivers license and house key from the daughters purse and that even as we sat there joking about how tight Angela's cunt was and how good the old lady sucked cock, John was making plans.

A few days later I got a call at work. It was John telling me to met him at 8:00 o'clock for a little fun and then he gave me an address. As I pulled to the curb I thought he had given me the wrong address, I was in one of the richest neighborhoods in the city and the house before me was one of the fanciest I had seen. Suddenly the passenger door opened and John slid in giggling about a repeat. Dumbfounded I listened as he told me about taking the daughters house keys and her drivers license and how for the last week he had been stalking Angela and Elizabeth.

"Listen Mike, wouldn't you like to get another piece of that rich bitch.? I know for a fact that the old lady is visiting her husband in the hospital and that Angela is all alone in that great big house. What say we pay her a visit? You know, keep her company while mommy is away?"

Fantasies of that night and how I'd thought she had started to respond to the fucking she was getting crept before me and before I knew it we were running from shadow to shadow making our way toward the almost dark house. Working our way around the house to the back door, John unlocked it and we slipped inside moving almost ghost-like toward the sound of the TV.



The flickering glow of its screen partially illuminated the living room as well as Angela as she lay sprawled on the couch. She was wearing a shear negligee, and even in the dim light of the TV, I had no trouble seeing the out line of her tits under the thin material. A thin almost nonexistent pair of panties covered her pubic mound and my dick sprang to attention. The remembrance of that night in the alley and how tight her cunt had felt even though I had gotten sloppy seconds leaped into my mind. I whispered to John that I wanted to go first. Without waiting for an answer I walked to the couch and before she had time to react, I clamped a hand across her mouth cutting off any sound she might have made.

"Hello sweetheart! Remember me? Well tonight we're going to finish what we started in that alley, only this time there ain't going to be anybody interrupting until we've had our fill of that tight cunt of yours. Do you understand, bitch?"

Removing my hand from her mouth, I stared coldly into her eyes. Her only reaction was to stare wide-eyed and frightened at me and then slowly shake her head yes. She simply lay there as John and I slipped the slinky negligee and skimpy panties from her body leaving her totally and wonderfully naked before us.

Slowly removing our clothes we then moved her legs apart, placing one leg across the back of the couch while letting the other foot fall to the floor. I climbed between her widely splayed legs, telling her to take my dick and guide it to her cunt. At first she hesitated, but when I hissed "Now!" she hurriedly placed her hand to my cock and with a soft whimper tightened her fingers around it, guiding me toward the promised land.

Lowering my face to hers and before plunging my tongue into her mouth I told her she would enjoy the next few hours and then feeling the head of my cock press against her pussy lips I lunged forward almost burying the full eight inches of my cock in her hot snatch. My hands closed over her tits as my mouth made contact with hers and then I began rutting like a wild beast. Breaking the kiss I pushed myself up while continuing to grope her breasts pinching and yanking on her nipples as if trying to tear them from her breasts. God she was tight and before I knew it, before I wanted it to happen, my cock erupted, sending my cum deep into her and then John was pulling me off laughing about now it was his turn to get sloppy seconds.

As he fucked Angela, I wondered into the kitchen looking for something to eat, but most of all to drink and as luck would have it I found a couple of six packs in the refrigerator. Walking back into the living room I saw that John was about to shoot his rocks so I pushed a cold bottle into the crack of his ass and he almost buried himself in her groin as he lunged away from the ice cold bottle. Moments later and looking almost like a whipped puppy except for the shit eating grin on his face he climbed from between her legs laughingly telling me he'd came so hard he thought he was pissing.

Standing above her as I drank my beer, I told her to clean herself and then walked away looking for anything of value. John, meanwhile, had found a camcorder and several tapes he thought might be skin flicks. He inserted one into the VCR just as she walked back into the room. As she sank to the couch the tape started playing, a blond was getting her brains humped out by one guy while a half dozen others stood around grinning and stroking their cocks. Before the tape played out the blond was fucked in a bunch of different positions but then for the finale she was sandwiched between three guys at the same time.

With Angela between us we guzzled beer, pinched and slobbered on her tits and finger-fucked her, whispering shit in her ear about getting gang fucked and how a hot cunt like her would probably get off servicing a bunch of horny studs like the bitch in the film, but before she went out and took on a bunch of strangers she needed a little more practice. Pushing her on to her back John crawled between her legs shoving his meat to her while I straddled her chest presenting my dick to her mouth as she stared at me through misted, frightened eyes.

When she didn't do anything, I twisted my fingers in her hair, pulling her head from the couch as she screamed in pain. I pushed my cock between her lips and into the warm wet cavern of her mouth. For the next few hours we drank beer and fucked Angela every way possible, including her asshole. When we were too tired to continue we crammed a beer bottle in her cunt, telling her to fuck herself.

She was like a robot, doing everything we said without the slightest hesitation. As I sat on the couch with her hunched before me fucking herself with a beer bottle, John started taking pictures. Standing, I gripped her chin, lifting her face toward my groin as, what I swear to God was, a lustful glaze lit her eyes and without a word from me she leaned forward, opening her mouth to take me inside and then her lips clasped tightly about my dick, slavishly sucking and nibbling on my cock as John snapped picture after picture.

When I finally shot my wad John shot several close ups of her face as she obediently swallowed my cum, commenting as he took the pictures that the guys would never believe this if he didn't have proof. As we dressed I told her that we'd be watching her from now on, even when she went shopping, that when she least expected it we'd let her see us and when she did she would know it was time to give up some more of that hot pussy and that if she told anyone about our fuck sessions I would see to it that her mother, not her, was gang fucked by a bunch of blacks and wino's.

For the next three weeks John and I toyed with Angela, every few days letting her see us and by doing so we fucked her in some of the damnedest places. A couple of times in vacant mall stores and once in the woods and the mall parking lot but mostly we'd have her take us home so we could video tape our fuck feast. John especially got off telling her that our friends wanted to see us poor boys fucking her rich ass and that maybe one day we'd bring a few of them with us.

Everything came to a screeching halt when on our umpteenth visit there were two squad cars parked in front of her house. I'll have to admit that I figured the cops would be beating down my door any second and hauling my ass off to jail. When no cops showed up at my or John's door after about a week we again stalked Angela noticing that she had begun wearing some really provocative clothes and that she was always glancing about as if looking for and expecting us to appear. As paranoid as we were we just knew she was being used as bait to capture us. Settling instead on the mother we began following her about noticing that she no longer went to the hospital and figured the old guy had bit the dust little thinking that he might be at home and well on the road to recovery.

Instead, in our anger at not being able to fuck Angela we decided to carry out the threat on Elizabeth. The threat we had voiced weeks earlier to Angela about having her mother gang fucked by blacks and wino's. After about two weeks of tracking her every move, our chance came on the day she was supposed to go to the hair dresser. As she pulled onto the nearly deserted lane leading out of her rich protected neighborhood we pulled in front of her, slamming on the breaks. Leaping from the car we yanked her door open, pulling her toward our car and then sped away.

She didn't recognize us at first. Frightened and with tears welling from her eyes she pleaded to be let go, saying that she wouldn't tell anyone. When we didn't say anything she started screaming. Slapping her, John yelled at her to shut her fucking mouth telling her that all it was good for was sucking cock. At those words, recognition dawned on her and as if she had been slapped with a two by four she stared panic stricken at us saying it had all been a horrible mistake, she had only done it in the hope it would keep us from raping her daughter. She began babbling at us that we hadn't killed her husband and that he was at home recovering and that all the police knew of that night was that we had stolen their money and shot her husband, they didn't even have a positive description, nor were they aware that Angela had been raped. With pleas to be let go she said if it was money we wanted her husband would pay whatever we wanted, but her ramblings fell on deaf ears Chuckling John asked if she hadn't noticed her daughters actions or style of clothes telling her that over the past few weeks we had been visiting Angela almost nightly and that she was becoming quite a little slut. At first Elizabeth didn't believe it but as we vividly described the interior of her home she began to understand we weren't lying, and when we described our visits and how her sweet little girl debased herself, her head slumped and she whispered that she would do anything if only we would let her daughter alone.



"First off bitch, I don't believe a word about your old man being at home and I damn sure don't believe you didn't tell the cops about your little girl being raped. So what I want to know is why those plain clothes have been hanging around your house. I'll bet your fucking daughter snitched and they're just waiting for us to pay a visit so they can pinch us. Well shit like that ain't going to happen and I warned your daughter about it. As for you doing anything just to keep us from your daughter, well we'll see if your a woman of your word."

As I drove John ordered her to remove her under garments and then leaned over and slit both sides of her skirt almost to the waist. He then cut the buttons from her blouse telling her to tie it like a halter just below her boobs and show plenty of skin. With me guiding the car into the downtown section she sat between us with John slobbering on her neck and ears whispering nasty shit to her about her getting her brains fucked by a bunch of guys while fingering her snatch. Her only response was a soft repeated "no".

When I finally pulled to the curb, we exited the car. She struggled slightly as she looked about with frightened eyes at the run down dirty buildings and filthy garbage littered street, but then, silently and without further protest, she allowed herself to be led away from the car and down the street. Her breasts provocatively exposed swayed slightly with each step she took, and her skirt slit up both sides almost to her waist swished about her long graceful legs exposing her thighs and giving a fleeting yet promising glimpse of her naked snatch. Turning onto a darkened side street we entered what can only be described as skid row and as I looked at Elizabeth to gauge her reaction she nervously bit her lip but held her head high and silently followed us knowing little of what was in store for her.

After passing several wino's slumped inside the doorways and against the fronts of several deserted buildings we stopped at a run down bar with boarded up windows. We had picked this particular bar earlier, making arrangements with the bartender by telling him that we knew a rich lady who was sexually unsatisfied with her husband, tired of her uppity friends and wanted a little excitement, and if the excitement came by associating with the lower class well so be it. With a promise of a show to rival a porn flick and after slipping him several bills it was understood that once we entered he would lock the door leaving us and the slumming rich woman alone with the vagrants and alcoholic patrons who frequently hung out inside the dark interior of his bar.

As we entered the dimly lit bar the smell of spilled beer and body odor assaulted our noses, but there was also something else, something I can only describe as excitement, eagerness, and yes, lust and perversion. I wondered if Elizabeth sensed it. Guiding her to the bar Elizabeth looked into the interior and a slight shiver ran up her spine as I helped her to a stool. At least a dozen faces stared back at her and several lewd comments reached our ears as John ordered drinks before leaning toward her whispering that he was going to see if she really would do anything to protect her daughter.

Telling her to cross her legs he adjusted her skirt to one side so that the vagrants and alcoholics saw a goodly amount of her shapely thigh as well as almost uncovering her naked pussy to their stares. He let his hand roam over her upper leg before sliding it beneath her skirt to her barely covered her treasure. She tried to push his hand from between her legs while pleading with him but he simply laughed at her and pinched her inner thigh telling her to spread 'em.

Slowly her legs parted as she continued to plead, but her words fell on deaf ears as John slid a finger and then another between her pussy lips telling her that before she walked out of the bar she was going to take on every drunk in the place. Turning her to face the patrons I gripped her right thigh pulling her legs even further apart so everyone could see that John was indeed fingering her snatch. Several men staggered closer and within minutes we were hemmed in, leaving little doubt in Elizabeth's mind that John and I would indeed let every smelly downtrodden man in the place use her.

Several hands reached for her pulling her from the bar stool and then she was hidden from our view for a second, her scream was cut short as someone's lips covered hers and then she and the crowd of bodies surrounding her sank to the filthy floor as a dozen hands began tearing at her clothes. Leaning against the bar John and I watched as she tried to escape the pawing hands but there were simply too many of them and as her legs were pulled apart what remained of her skirt parted leaving the excited men unhampered access. Her blouse had been ripped away and though she twisted about hands and then lips covered her tits and when she tried to beat at the men with her small fists her arms were pulled over her head making it impossible for her to fight.

Pulling a camera from my coat pocket I began snapping pictures as men tore at their filthy clothing and then the first of what was to be many men fell between her widely splayed legs pushing his dirty organ into her unprotected cunt. A cunt that until that afternoon had know only one man, her husband. As man after man fell between her legs to pound his filthy cock into her other men covered her heaving breasts with their lips and began to chew at her nipples as if trying to bite them off. Hands no longer held her arms and legs apart, she simply lay whimpering softly as the first few men wallowed above her working their hard dirty cocks between her legs. Cum oozed from her cunt to coat her thighs and then to pool beneath her ass as we watched the third, maybe the forth take her.

And then things changed, slowly almost inperceptivly she began to respond, as the next man pulled his pants down and fell between her legs they splayed apart forming an inviting vee. What had at first been choking sobs now turned to ragged gasp as her head flayed from side to side and when the wino fucking her lowered his unshaven dirty face to her tit and bit her nipple she gave a wail of intense pleasure. Teeth marks covered her breasts and neck as the derelicts excitement grew, making them appear like vampires feasting. Drops of blood oozed from her lust hardened nipples as different men bit and pawed at her naked helpless flesh and then unbelievably her body began to respond to her latest assailant, slowly at first and then faster her hips and pelvis moved and her legs, no longer under restraint, rose about the man's hips tightening about the man fucking her.

With a howl like a wounded animal he thrust his pelvis against hers several more times and then with a last deep lunge he shot his sperm into her to mix with the ones that had gone before. As he rolled from between her legs only to be replaced by another filthy smelly vagrant her legs encircled his hips also as her arms reaching out and grasped his shoulders pulling him to her. Together their hips began a slow suggestive dance of wanton lust but then her buttocks which until a moment ago had been pressed against the filthy floor as each man crawled atop her mashing her with his weight began to raise and fall higher and faster beating a rhythmic tattoo against the floor each time her ass cheeks slapped against the floor before humping back into the air. One of the men knelt at her head guiding his organ to her mouth and like that night in the alley so long ago a slight smile creased her lips as they parted and without a word being spoken she obediently and hungrily sucked his rampant hardness into her mouth.

As I snapped picture after picture of what had at first been the savage gang rape of this fine looking older women things changed. For as the bartender stepped beside us commenting on how he had told his customers to treat her no better than a cheap two bit whore, the willing surrender of this once proud rich woman became evident. "Well guys it took a few cock's to get that rich bitch going but she's really into it now. I told the boys she was slumming and wanted to be treated like a cheap whore and that they could be as rough as they wanted. And from the looks of it the rougher they are the more she gets turned on, but you guys ain't seen nothing yet. I figure that about the time old Bill there shots his load and climbs off they'll flip her onto her hands and knees and start taking her two or three at a time."

But he was wrong, though they did indeed turn her about raising her to her hands and knees three guys didn't step forward jostling for position, instead a barrel chested grizzled black that I hadn't noticed before stepped behind her roughly pulling her ass cheeks apart letting loose a glob of spit and rubbing it over her tightly puckered ass hole. As the black wino dropped his pants exposing a cock the size of which I had only read about in cheap sex novels.



Elizabeth glanced back over her shoulder and at the sight of the ten plus inches of almost wrist thick dark meat gave what could only be described as a wanton plea to be ravaged. With sadistic slowness the black rubbed his cock up and down the splayed crack of her ass teasing both her ass hole and cunt. It's hard thick blackness stood out in stark contrast against the paleness of her body, his chuckled mirth as he guided his lead pipe black hardness up through the crack of her ass while teasing her with the spoken promise of giving her his black cock silenced everyone in the bar. Centering his cock against her ass hole he twitched his hips causing his foreskin to peel back as the bulbous knob of his giant member slowly parted the puckered ring of her anus trying to enter virgin territory.

With her head flailing about and with wails of pain about him being too big the Negro ignored her as he again hunched forward, this time managing to push the thick knob of his dark cock into her ass. With her eyes scrunched shut and a look of pain and discomfort on her face as she twisted about her reddish blond hair billowed about her head and shoulders like a halo. In a vain effort to escape the relentless probing of the thick black cock she tried to crawl forward but the Negro reached out twisting his fingers cruelly in her tresses almost like a cowboy holding the reins of his horses bridle snapping her head up and back holding her in place, and then one of the men, his pants about his ankles shuffled in front of her pushing his smelly unwashed dick to her slack lips.

There was no tenderness or mercy given to Elizabeth as the two cock's began to pound into her, and indeed shouts for her to eat cock and drink cum babbled from several mouths while other voices encouraged the Negro to shove his horse cock in the fucking sluts ass. A dark hand closed around her slim waist gripping tightly as the fingers of his other hand remained twisted in her fine hair and a whoop like a cowboy gave while riding a bucking bronco burst from his thick lips as he began to hump forward slowly sinking inch after thick inch into her bowels.

Elizabeth's eyes rolled in her head until all you could see were the whites as indecipherable mumbled pleas issued from around the cock fucking her mouth and then the man before her leaned heavily forward pushing his groin against her pretty face slipping every inch of his smelly cock past her tonsils and into her throat. As the two vagrants, one black the other white, buffeted her petite body between them her breasts swayed provocatively beneath her and then two men crawled beneath her to close their teeth around her distended nipples biting and chewing. Shudders ran through her body as the two cocks and now the teeth and lips worked slavishly at her and within a few more short strokes the cock fucking into her ass buried itself allowing the man's heavy testicles to slap against her swollen cum leaking pussy.

The man fucking her throat gave a grunt holding her face tightly to his pelvis and then shuddered as he climaxed flooding her mouth and throat with rancid cum. As he pulled his limp dick from her throat hands guided and then pushed Elizabeth onto her back atop the Negro who without missing a stroke had managed to fall backwards pulling her with him while continuing to fuck up into her rectum. Other teeth closed around her nipples as her legs were pulled apart to fall limply to either side of the Negro below her. Fingers twisted into her hair turning her face sideways and another cock was pressed to her mouth as yet a third man fell between her legs sandwiching her between him and the Negro beneath her and in one savage rapid thrust sank his stiff pecker into her cunt. Her ass hole and cunt were filled with hard throbbing cock with only a thin membrane separating them as still another cock fucked unmercifully into her throat while teeth bit and chewed on her tits and nipples.

Turning my face from the simultaneous fucking of Elizabeth I looked at John. A glazed look was in his eyes and spittle dripped from the corner of his mouth and he was mumbling something over and over but I couldn't quite make it out. Turning back I snapped a couple more pictures just as the men almost as one shuddered their release, but they weren't through with her yet for as they pulled their cocks from her orifices others took their place, again and yet again.

Cum coated her thighs, stomach and ass as well as her chest and face almost making it appear as if she had bathed in thick sticky globs of sperm. And then it was over and as the men either fell exhausted around her or slumped into chairs she was left to lay on the floor amid the filth and cum of her ravishment. From the corner of my eye I noticed John pick up something and walk to Elizabeth, and then he knelt between her legs asking if she had gotten enough cock.

When she didn't answer he took the beer bottle he was holding and pushed the three inch circumference base against her red swollen cunt shoving it between her cunt lips until all but the neck disappeared inside her. As John stood up laughing the Negro who had first fucked her ass twisted his fingers in her cum matted red hair pulling her upper torso from the floor telling her that since she was going to fuck herself with a beer bottle she might as well suck cock too. With the suggestion that she suck his cock as she fucked herself with the beer bottle her mouth obediently opened accepting his crusty cum covered semi hard cock as one of her hands fell to her groin her fingers closing about the neck of the bottle slowly moving it in and out.

With the remnants of her blouse he wiped the drying sticky cum from her eyes telling her to look at him as she swallowed his cock. Opening her eyes she stared up into his unshaven dark face as he slowly fed her his almost foot long wrist thick dark member and laughingly told her how much he and his friends had enjoyed fucking her and how much they looked forward to the prospect of also doing her daughter. "You one fine piece of ass bitch, me and da boy's sure enjoyed pleasuring you but I hear tell you got's a daughter, a sweet young thing dat I'll bet be just like her mother, a white trash slut looking for some action she can't get with uppity rich folk. Well honky I think da next time you be out slumming in da ghetto you bring her with you, dat way me and the boys get double our pleasure. Ha, Ha, Ha, yea that be good, double our fun, double our pleasure. And since you be liking my big black dick so much I tell you what. next time besides me and da boys I get some other niggers, some darkies more an willing and eager as hell to feed you and dat sweet daughter of your'n some dark meat. You just come back anytime, I see to it you get plenty cock." Pulling his dick from her throat he shot blast after blast of cum over her face, laughing as she tried in vain to recapture his cock and drink his sperm.

I had witnessed something I had never thought I'd see. What we had planned as the cruel rape of a woman to teach her daughter a lesson had instead been her willing surrender to her attackers as they ravaged her body. The rougher and more savage they treated and used her the more she responded, but I had no idea that what John and I had planned as a one time deal to teach Angela and yes Elizabeth a lesson would lead to what would follow. With some effort we managed to dress her in what little remained of her clothes and left the bar with me wondering how to get her home without the cops catching us so her daughter could see the results of her betrayal Maybe it was fate, maybe luck but as we drove past her house we didn't see the cops and so with bold recklessness we pulled into the driveway and then guided the half naked cum covered Elizabeth into her home.

Angela was asleep on the couch where so many times over the last few weeks we had used her for our pleasure and would you believe it, she was wearing her usual skimpy negligee as if waiting for us. Looking down at Angela we let her mother slip to the floor beside the couch and then almost as one we descended upon the sleeping girl. With both of us still aroused from what we had witnessed in the bar we yanked her flimsy night gown from her body, and before she was fully awake we fell atop her shoving our cock's into her mouth and cunt like we had done untold times before.

Like animals we rutted into Angela and like her mother had in that filthy bar she responded thrusting her body upwards to met our savage thrust. Husky rumblings issued from her cock stuffed throat along with pleas for us to fuck her saying that it had been so long and she needed our cocks badly. For over an hour we switched places several times as we, like the vagrants and wino's who had used her mother, mauled, bit and used her repeatedly, savagely thrusting our cock's into her orifices while telling her how her mother had been used repeatedly by a dozen filthy bums in a skid row bar. Her response to our vivid description of her mothers rape surprised John and I. Instead of being repulsed as we thought she would by the vivid telling of her mother's gang fuck, Angela instead pleaded with us to use her like her mother had been used.

Pushing her from the couch to lay beside her mother we walked naked into the kitchen for our beer and upon returning found her cradling her mother whispering softly that John and Mike would never again let Elizabeth be used like that without her along. Choking on my beer I sputtered saying that what we had done to her mother was because she had informed the cops and that we had warned her what would happen if she did. To our surprise Angela told us the same story her mother had earlier that night and then to prove it she took us by the hand leading us upstairs and into her parents bedroom showing us her slumbering father. Back downstairs we helped Angela get her mother into the bathroom so she could bathe and treat Elizabeth's bites and bruises and then dressing we left promising to be back.

During the drive home I was surprised at John's moody behavior. Pressing him I found out that he had promised the bartender a repeat and had even hinted to the degenerate fucker that next time Elizabeth's daughter a sweet young thing of only nineteen with a body of a movie star would also be present. He had shown the bartender pictures of us fucking Angela promising him that like her mother his "customers" could do her however they wished cause like her mother she was just a cock hungry slut. They had sealed the deal with the bartender telling John that if he brought the young vixen he would see to it that several more "customers" were present and that even the local black gang that called this area their turf would be brought in to make sure that a sweet young thing like her was satisfied.

I couldn't believe it, he had agreed to something like that without talking to me and had even taken money from the bartender without my knowledge sealing the deal. Holding out the money he told me the guy had given him back the money we had given him as well as $600 more dollars. "What the fuck are you getting steamed about, these fucking bitches don't mean nothing to us anyway. We've had our fun and if selling them to a bunch of smelly wino's and blacks makes us some extra bread then why not. Besides you saw how Angela reacted when we told her how her mother had been gang fucked. Shit man she even begged us to use her the same fucking way. So unless your in love with the young cunt, we're going to dress her in one of her sexiest skimpy outfits and take her down to that bar sometime in the next few days."

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