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"A Mother's Love"

      by A. G. Thomas

      (mF incest oral anal mmmmmmFf bondage)

Mom died last year and I miss her, I miss her a lot for she was the only woman who I loved more then life itself. My wife of twenty some years misses her also and tells me so by gently hugging me and whispering softly into my ear of all the loving moments we three shared when ever she sees me stare into the distance with a smile tugging at the corners of my lips. Then enfolding me into her arms she tenderly, passionately kisses me and because she is so much like mom in so many ways for a fleeting moment it is my mother's lips I feel and her face that I see...

After the French lost at Dien Bien Phu my dad was one of the ones that served as an advisor in Viet Nam from 1958 till 1963. For five straight years my dad lived in the jungles training and fighting along side the people trying to keep the communist from taking over South Viet Nam. Mom later told me I was conceived the night before he left, a night of tenderness and passionate love making, a night when neither of them knew if he would ever come home and one that lived in her memory till she died.

His letters were few and far between and when Mom did get letters from him they were usually short and contained little more then the hardships he endured along with the names of friends of his that had either been killed or were missing in action. When he finally did come home in 1963 his family, mom and me, were like strangers to him, and though he treated us kindly it was still stressful and I would cry a lot. It was at those times that mom would tell me that even though my dad loved me he found it hard to show affection to a son he had never known and a wife who he had not seen in years. It was also about that time that mom started drinking and I didn't find out until later that it was because of dad's inability to show affection to the people that loved him the most. I guess he'd just seen to many people that he'd lived and fought alongside of killed, and he was afraid that if he showed any love and affection to mom and me something horrible would happen to us.

Life can be funny that way because in trying to protect us dad was making things harder without realizing it, but even through all the inner turmoil he was going through dad never lashed out at mom or me. Still though the mental anguish mom endured must have been tremendous to make her turn to the bottle. And then one day in 1965 hardly a year after he'd stepped back into our lives he never returned from Fort Dix, and it wasn't until 3 days later when mom was talking to the wife of the supply sergeant that we learned that dad along with several other veterans had shipped out to Nam again. Mom became even more depressed and it wasn't until after several visits to the base Doctor that she was able to cope.

Our lives pretty much slipped back to the way they were before dad appeared for a short time but then one day in 1969 when I got home from school mom was sitting on the kitchen floor crying. Broken dishes as well as pots and pans were laying all over the floor and I was scared because I thought she had hurt herself but then she grabbed me hugging me so hard that I really did become frightened. In between sobs mom told me that my dad was missing in action and though I really didn't understand what that meant I cried like a baby. Through all her troubles mom took care of me, protecting and sheltering me from the cruel things that were said about my dad and the other men serving in Viet Nam, but 1970 was an especially bad year for mom because that's when we learned that dad had been listed as killed in action. There was one bright spot at least for me though, because even when I got into trouble at school for fighting boy's that said my dad deserved to be killed mom told me she was proud of me, and as she pulled my young eleven year old body to her lap and rocked me as if I were a baby I swore to her that I would be her man and that I would never leave her like my dad had done, and here begins the story.

Mom made our home happy again and over the next few years she hugged and kissed me a lot telling me that she loved her little man and my heart would swell with pride and love for her as I threw my little arms around her and kissed her back. About the time I started noticing girls in 1973 my friends and I would talk about some really pretty girl that we knew or had seen, saying how big her titties were and how well her body was shaped and even though none of us had even kissed a girl let alone slept with one there was a lot of bravado about how we would like to fuck her. And then one day one of the guys snuck a couple of his dads girlie magazines out and we spent the afternoon looking at naked women. I couldn't help but compare them to my Mom as I looked at the pictures, to me none of them looked anywhere near as pretty or had a figure like hers.

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You see, mom worked out at least three times a week and though she was 32 years old, her slim girlish figure and beautiful face made the women in the magazine look ugly by comparison. Until that moment I had never really compared her to anyone else, she was mom, always there, always caring and to my eyes the most beautiful and loving mother in the world, but at that moment as her pretty face danced in my minds eye I began comparing her to other mothers as well as to the women in the magazine. As the vision of her lightly freckled smiling face surrounded by her long reddish blond hair and her trim figure danced before me I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there wasn't another woman on the face of the earth that could hold a candle to her and that if I lived to be a hundred I would never met another like her. Moms tits were what us boys called a mouth full, but to me they were more appealing then the big hooters the women in the magazine had, and when combined with her narrow waist which flared out to hips and buttocks that I unquestionably knew to be perfectly proportioned there was just no reason to wish differently. And as I pictured Mom's curvaceous figure, I felt my dick get so hard that my balls hurt, perhaps the best way to describe her would be to say she rivaled the Vargas girls.

I began sneaking peeks at mom when ever I could, not only trying to see up her miniskirts without her noticing but also watching her through cracks in doors as she either showered or dressed. Sometimes I would even force myself to stay awake and then sneak into her room, where through the dim light coming from the window I would stand beside her bed and just gaze at her for what seemed like hours. The mornings following these late night excursions were always trying on me because of lack of sleep but now that I think back on those days mom was always fresh and vibrant and fussed over me a little more then usual before sending me off to school. When I returned home, looking even more haggard mom was always there to greet me, for you see mom never worked, never had to, because dad had left her a great deal of money through insurance and investments and though we were not what people called rich we never hurt for anything, so like I said Mom was always at home. On those especially trying days when she welcomed me home it was always with a warm smile and a longer then usual hug and kiss as well as a snack while telling me her little man needed to keep up his strength. I didn't understand what she meant at the time but I gloried in the extra attention I received.

I had always hugged and kissed Mom before and after school but more and more often I was holding my lips against hers longer then what most people consider proper for a boy and his mother and at the same time I would rub my young body against hers as I told her I loved her. I was walking around with a hard on almost all the time and a couple of times as I held her close and kissed her mom would pull back, gently holding me at arms length while looking at me kind of funny and it was at times like that, that I was afraid she suspected me of having carnal thoughts, but never the less the very next time I kissed her I would do the same thing without even thinking about it for my actions in response to the closeness of her body were like second nature to a horny love sick 15 year old. A couple of months after I had started all this I asked her why she had never gone out with anybody in all the time my dad had been away and a small tear slid down her cheek as she told me that she still loved my dad, and then tussling my hair playfully she said there was no reason to ever go out because she already had a man at home that loved her and who she deeply loved. That was it, I was utterly and hopelessly in love more so then ever before and not even God himself could have stopped what happened that Saturday morning.

When mom came into my room to wake me as usual that Saturday morning I pretended to be asleep though in truth my eyes were mere slits and I could see her every movement. As she leaned over me lightly shaking my shoulder and saying get up sleepy head the fresh washed scent of her body as well as her perfume was intoxicating. It took all the will power I had to stop myself from reaching out and grab her as she reached for and then pulled my covers off. Her gasp as she uncovered my naked body and viewed my 5 inch prick pointing straight at the ceiling was like music to my ears. My young mind flashed with a madrid of thoughts trying to decipher the meaning of her gasp. Was it shock or surprise that her little man had a hard on, or was it excitement and arousal at the sight of a mans organ for the first time in years. I honestly expected her to throw the covers back over me and rush from my room but instead and to my delight she stood there looking at my boner. I won't pretend to know what mom was thinking that first time as she stared at my dick but I knew what I was thinking and while still pretending to be asleep I stretched lazily while at the same time putting my hand around my dick murmuring under my breath that I'd like to fuck her.

Mom bent down to hear what I was mumbling and as her hair brushed my face I whispered that I loved her and then I threw my arms around her neck pulling her atop me kissing her deeply, even pushing my tongue into her mouth like I had heard older boys say that girls liked. At first she didn't do anything, just lay there atop me limp but then she tried to untangle my arms and rise from the bed. My hand touched her breast and without thinking or really knowing why I tenderly squeezed her breast and then took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and rolled it between them. Pulling away from me she just sat on the edge of my bed with her back to me, her shoulders shaking slightly, and as I tried to hug her she brushed my hands away sobbing don't. As I lay there naked with her sitting fully clothed on my bed I told her I was sorry but that I loved her so much it hurt and then I rolled over and began crying myself. I felt her move and then her hand brushed my face gently and I stopped crying as I heard her whisper she loved me too.

As I turned back to her I saw that when she had shifted about she had without thinking raised her right leg to the bed bending it at the knee which naturally spread her legs far apart there by giving me an unhampered view of her panties, and my cock felt like it grew another inch and got twice as hard. I don't think mom was even aware that her skirt was almost around her waist exposing her panties to my young eager eyes as her hand lightly glided over my face brushing away my tears, but I was, and then softly repeating she loved her little man she bent forward pressing her lips to mine pushing her tongue into my mouth. My heart was beating so fast and loud that I thought it would burst from my chest as our tongues entwined and then her fingers raked softly over my chest and belly before closing around my throbbing dick. As our lips mashed against each other and her fingers tightened and then slowly began to stroke my dick I moaned softly into moms mouth feeling for all the world as if I had died and gone to heaven and if possible my young heart was filled with even more love for her. Finely she broke the kiss but she still continued to stroke my dick and then her beautiful sweet lips were tickling my ear and she was whispering that it had been so long and for her little man to go slow. Now telling a young 15 year old sex crazed boy in love to go slow or to be gentle is like asking water to flow up hill, but I tried, God knows I tried. Pulling her on top of me I began fondling her breast and then I pulled her face to mine and as I kissed her deeply I breathed into her mouth that I loved her over and over. Her fingernails raked over my heaving chest, scraping my nipples sending electric shocks up my body and then she pulled away from me and stood for a minute looking down at me with a funny look on her beautiful face. Then with an almost imperceptible shrug of her shoulders she began removing her clothes and as I watched her undress my small heart beat like a bass drum in my chest. When she slid her panties down her long legs and then laid down beside me I just knew I had died and that I was indeed in heaven. As I crawled atop her she looked deep into my eyes and again whispered for me to go slow as she reached between us and guided my dick to her pussy whispering repeatedly that she loved her little man.



I'm not going to lie and tell you that it was the greatest sex ever etc; etc; because as my lips met hers and my tongue slipped into her mouth in conjunction with my dick entering the moist tight tunnel of moms pussy I exploded so hard that to me it felt like I was pissing. For a horrible heart rending moment I thought I had, I mean my cum just came out in a solid stream and it seemed as if it would never end. As she held my small quivering body tight I started crying telling her I was sorry but she just whispered that it was all right and that the next time would be better. As always mom was right, because after resting for about a half an hour with her arms around me kissing my lips, neck and ears my cock got hard again and this time as I entered her we worked together almost in slow motion. To me it was pure heaven as I listened to her soft voice and her gasping breath and somehow I knew to let mom control everything, and this time it was the best sex ever, though to be honest in the months and years that followed, sex with mom was always great but still the first time is always the best. From that day on Mom and I slept together and when we made love it was gentle and tender because it was love, not just sex. Now being 15 years old and horny as I don't know what meant that mom and I were making love two sometimes three times a day and she would tease me about wearing her out but she never refused her little man for she dearly loved me. Maybe two, three months into our affair she showed me a catalog from some women's specialty shop asking me if I thought any of the outfits would look good on her or would they make her look like a cheap hussy. Instead of answering I just grinned like an idiot as my eyes flashed over page after page, envisioning as I did so her dressed in much the same manner as the models. Then with childish enthusiasm my fingers stabbed at maybe two dozen models wearing scanty lingerie and sexy dresses as mom's tinkling laughter tickled my ears. Later, after again making love as she lay curled in my arms her hand slowly squeezing, stroking my soft cock while nibbling on my ear and whispering she loved me I again looked at the catalog realizing as I did so that the lingerie I liked the most were the bralette sets with the hipster boy briefs instead of the thong style that most boys my age liked. To my mind it made a woman sexier, more alluring and enticing then a mere strip of cloth between her legs which left little or nothing to the imagination. Taking a pencil I circled several I liked along with a few thigh high stockings I thought might look good with them and then just before throwing the magazine aside and again climbing atop mom because like always she had again aroused me with her caresses and soft warm mouth I circled several lace trim chemise I liked.

It was maybe a week later that mom surprised me by wearing one of the chemise that I had chosen and had since forgotten about, and though I was tired from a hectic day at school I couldn't keep my hands off her and when she finely let me undress her my young heart almost stopped beating because beneath the sheer chemise I had just removed she was wearing hipster boy briefs with matching bra along with back seam scallop lace-top thigh high stockings. From then on to my immense pleasure that's how mom dressed, even when we were out together in public, though when that happened she was careful to chose an outfit that though still highly arousing wasn't as sheer as some of the outfits she wore when we were alone together. After supper while I did my home work mom would most often slip into a sheer fly-away gown discarding the g string that most often accompanied it in favor of pair of her skimpiest hipster boy leg style panties. Then sitting next to me she would nibble on my ear whispering softly she needed her little man while at the same time lightly scraping her long painted finger nails along my thigh and over my crotch. I honestly don't know how I ever managed to pass but I did. I found her style of dress as well as her actions so provocative that I literally trembled each night as I slowly inch by inch wormed her skimpy panties from her hips and down her long graceful legs. The only thing that stayed constant no matter what she wore were her thigh high back seam stockings and I'm sure the reason for that was because she knew I thought she looked extremely sexy wearing them as well as how much I loved the feel of them against my skin when she wrapped her long slender legs about me. It was about then that Mom taught my how to make love to a woman using my tongue, telling me that women liked their lovers who could pleasure them as much with his tongue as with his cock. Always eager to please her I was never the less somewhat reluctant for the thought of sticking my tongue where my dick went was alien to me. But from the first moment my lips touched her inner thighs and then slowly worked up between her legs to the treasure she possessed, her quivering body and excited moans let me know that this act was indeed one that she received great enjoyment and pleasure from. The heady scent emitting from her almost made me swoon, not in repulsion but in arousal, and a mad desire to please and pleasure her like never before overcame me. As my tongue tentatively touched and then licked up over her quivering pussy lips I silently vowed to give her as much pleasure if not more then she gave me whenever she took my dick into her mouth sucking me to ejaculation.

My ears filled with the sound of a million buzzing of bees so even if she had been telling me what to do I wouldn't have heard her. My tongue licked and poked at her quivering pussy as my hands slide beneath her slowly squirming buttocks. As my hands caressed then tenderly squeezed and massaged her ass cheeks I began raising her slightly while at the same time drawing my knees beneath me. With me now kneeling between her widely splayed legs and her slowly jerking loins almost two feet in the air supported only by my hands my nose and tongue pressed against and into her. Moisture tickled my tongue and as if seeking its source without my willing it my tongue wormed into her opened pussy as if it were my dick. I felt her fingers twist into my hair pulling, yanking but I felt no pain. Her jiggling hips danced and ground into my face faster as if wanting me, willing me, to bury my whole head inside her. But instead and as if it had grown a brain of its own my tongue poked upward finding then stabbing at a hard nub that seemed to be vibrating like a tuning fork. Faster my tongue worked as my lips pressed tight to her pussy sucking drawing the little vibrating nub against my teeth. Scrapping, lashing, sucking, then just as my mouth was overwhelmed by a pleasant tasting fluid her scream burst against my ears and in panic I dropped her madly squirming body. Her fingers which were still tightly gripping my hair pulled my face downward and tighter to her madly gyrating loins while thoughts that I'd hurt her raced through my brain. Her scream faded then turned to garbled moans of pleasure as her spasmodic jerking body settled to a steady shuddering tremor. Her fingers relaxed then slipped around my head pulling me and without resistance I let her pull me up over her graceful body until I was looking down into her misting eyes. Before I could tell her I was sorry, tell her that I hadn't meant to hurt her she brought her lips to mine kissing me deeply while moaning into my mouth she loved me. From that moment I knew that I had given her pleasure not hurt and though I still desired and enjoyed the feel of her warm mouth and beautiful lips around my dick it was secondary to my desire to pleasure her. From then on whenever I'd slide her skimpy hipster boy leg panties from her curvaceous hips I would kiss and impishly nibble my way back up her long graceful legs until my face was once again against her pussy. Then accompanied by her whimpering joy of pleasure and with her body quivering like Jell-O I would tongue and lick her till reaching the pinnacle of arousal her juices flowed like sweet nectar into my mouth.

By the time I hit 17 my friends started bragging about fucking this girl or that girl, but I kept quite and just listened even though I wanted to shout out my love for Mom. Donald though always had to go everybody one better and he began bragging about fucking his older sister. For several weeks Donald took a lot of ribbing about fucking his sister, you know, things like him being full of shit and stuff like that especially when he told us that his sister was so cock hungry she'd fuck all six of us if he told her to. After listening to his drivel and getting sick of his bragging we finely decided to go over to Donald's house the next day so as to prove him wrong and to finally shut him up. Instead were surprised when in answer to his yell for Barb to get her skanky ass into the living room and entertain his guest his sister sheepishly walked into the room. Now his sister Barbara was almost a year older then me and quite pretty compared to a lot of other girls I knew and I'll have to admit that I'd had a crush on her before mom and me became involved. In fact I still felt something toward her but I hadn't tried so hard to get in her pants over the last year like I had before. In the past whenever I'd gone to Donald's house I was always trying to get close to her and whenever we thought no one was around she'd let me kiss her as well as feel her tits. Barb's tits weren't big, they were about the size of small oranges (just slightly smaller then moms) but like mom's they were firm and her figure was pretty good too and she really looked hot in her little micro mini's. As we all plopped down either on the furniture or on the floor Donald patted his lap and without a word she walked to him and sat down and in less time then it takes to tell she was kissing him. Breaking the kiss he whispered something into her ear and when he did her eyes darted over us and for a second she looked like a deer caught in the spotlight of a poacher, but I dismissed it even when she looked at me directly. Causally he began fondling her cute little breast as he whispered to her then he stuck his tongue into her ear and even nibbled on her ear lobe for a moment. Again he kissed her, and when he did she moaned softly and squirmed in his lap like her perky little butt was on fire, and though I don't know about the rest of the guys it looked to me like she was getting all hot and bothered. I guess we were all dumbfounded, I know I was because as they sat swapping spit we just sat there open mouthed without saying a word, but I remember thinking to myself that it should be me with my tongue down her throat. One of his hands slipped beneath her short skirt and as it did her legs parted allowing him freedom of movement and we could all see that she wasn't wearing any panties. Breaking the kiss but still continuing to finger her he laughingly asked if we thought his sister was hot. But before we could utter a reply he looked into her eyes asking if she was eager to start entertaining and even as she nodded he pulled her face to his hissing you better not embarrass me slut. If I hadn't of been sitting so close I wouldn't have heard what he'd said but as I looked at him quizzically he just snickered then turned toward the others.

"How 'bout it guys, any of you want to fuck this skanky whore cause if your game I'm sure sis here would be more 'en happy to oblige. ----- Wouldn't you cunt? -- Yea I thought so ----- Well --- what do you say guys, do you want to dip your wicks or not, she's horny as hell, and it ain't every day you run across a bitch that's so cock hungry she'd take on all seven of you sorry asses without blinking an eye." Pushing her from his lap he told her she knew what to do and a minute later accompanied by some raunchy music along with excited shouts from quite a few of the guys she slowly did a little dance while removing her clothes. As her skirt slid from her hips she stepped in front of us asking if we would please fuck her. Now if you want to see something funny, you should see a bunch of horny, eager 15 to 17 year olds trying to shed their clothes so as to get to a pretty girl who had just asked to be fucked. In spite of all the bragging everyone did I was pretty sure that other then Donald and me none of the guys had ever fucked a girl before and I was right because even though they were all eager to fuck Barbara none of them wanted to have at her while the others watched. Not that I blamed them cause the way we always joked on each other they were probably afraid they'd be made fun of. I wasn't crazy about the idea either but that sick fucker Donald said unless we fucked his sister where everyone could watch we could just forget it and beat our meat. I knew then that the reason wasn't to poke fun at the guys, even though he would, it was to humiliate his sister and I guess me too in a way because he knew we liked each other. As we stood there, most of the guys fidgeting, wanting to fuck Barb but yet afraid, she reached out taking my hand, then with head bowed and with Donald's remark of "Ahhhh, -- ain't that sweet --- the fucking slut picked her boyfriend to pound her horny little pussy first" echoing in the silent room we walked to the couch. I wasn't sure what he meant by it and I really didn't give it much thought at the time, but later when I found out, let's just say that Donald paid a heavy price. But a lot happened before then that if I'd of been thinking with my brain instead of my dick it could have been prevented. As each of the others in turn took their place between her legs Donald kept mouthing off, most of it directed at Barb telling her shit like fuck that dick whore, fuck it good, show the guys how much you get off on cock, that's it, that's what I want to see, oh yea --- move that ass you cock hungry slut, whooehhhhh, look at the bitch go fellows, she sure likes having that snatch pounded don't she, that's it sis, that's what your brother wants to see, fuck that cock slut, fuck it. But all his attention wasn't on his sister, because when three of the guys shot their wads just as their dick's touched her cunt he smacked their asses calling them whooshes laughing uproariously.



As the weeks went by a couple of things happened. Unlike the first time when we'd gang fucked Donald's sister and all the guys had been shy about doing her in front of the others they now went at her like their asses were on fire while Barb's response to their eagerly thrusting cock's instead of being wooden and directed almost every step of the way by her brother, were now more natural. In fact by the third visit she was the one telling us to fuck her. She'd taunt the guys, telling them she could hardly feel their little boy peckers while at the same time urging them to fuck her harder, faster, pleading with them to shove their cock's into her mouth and pussy and fill her with cum. Some of the guys got pissed about her references as to the size of their cock's and got a little rough and when I started to intervene her brother grabbed me saying it was none of my business how they treated the fucking slut, besides the bitch liked it rough. Then as if to prove his point he leaned over her trembling body asking her if it wasn't so and when she'd moaned "Yes Donald" that was like a green light for the guys to do whatever they wanted to her from then on. It wasn't long after that before the guys were seeing just how much pain and humiliation they could inflict on her before Donald said something, but he never did. At first what the guys did to Barbara sickened me, their sadistic behavior egged on by a smiling Donald while he filmed whatever new abuse they could heap on her seemed to know no bounds. Twice a month Donald would gather the guys together for a visit to his house so they could, as he put it, fuck his whore of a sister silly, and even though everyone had vowed to keep their mouths shut I was seeing new faces amongst the guys after the fifth semi monthly visit to Donald's house. The verbal abuse heaped on her was second nature and only a back drop as the ever growing number of guys shoved their cock's into her. The use of her ass hole and even the double and triple penetrations of his sisters body was encouraged by a grinning Donald. That sick fucker ate it up, smiling the whole time while taking pictures of every sexual act she was made to perform. Ranting as he did so that if she didn't fuck faster or suck that dick better and swallow every bit of spunk he was going to post the pictures on the schools bulletin board so everyone would know what a trashy slut she was. After each visit as Barb lay silent and unmoving with cum leaking from every orifice, he'd pat and rub her head like she was a dog telling her what a good little slut she'd been reiterating what he'd especially liked about her performance that week while at the same time telling her if she didn't do better next time she'd regret it.

I had never imagined that the girl I'd had a crush on and once thought of asking to be my girlfriend would let the guys use her as they were, but she did. I wanted to stay away, to pretend that the girl I'd liked a great deal wasn't doing the things she was doing but I couldn't stay away nor could I not pretend she wasn't fucking all my friends. I'm ashamed to admit it but once maybe twice as I watched her undulate beneath the now better then a dozen guys like a nymphomaniac I got caught up in abusing her myself. I don't know if it was because of the sexual frenzy of the moment or whether I was trying to punish her and in a way punish myself for somehow, someway betraying her to the extent that she would willingly let her body be used as it was. I was beginning to think I was as sick as that fucker Donald. It came to a head when mom found the picture of me fucking Barbara, a picture that I should have destroyed but for some reason that I can't explain I kept. I don't know what came over me but when mom screamed at me and pushed the picture in my face wanting to know who the little slut was I blurted out she was just jealous because she didn't have me all to herself. Then I did something even more stupid, I screamed at her that maybe if all my friends fucked her like they fucked Barbara I wouldn't have to listen to her jealous whimpering. Mom reeled back as if I had struck her and I was so stupid at that moment in time that the hurt in mom's eyes didn't register, but when for the first time in my life mom slapped me and then called me a dirty little boy instead of her little man my world started to crumble about me. As I reached for her stuttering I was sorry she backed away, then my world completely imploded as with tears streaming down her cheeks she turned her back to me and ran from the room. For three days she stayed in her room with me talking to a closed and locked door repeatedly saying I was sorry and begging forgiveness. It was like a sword had been plunged into my heart as I listened to her sobbing and I wished with all my heart that my stupidly spoken words had never been uttered. When she finely come out I was overjoyed but when I went to hug her she twisted away murmuring for me not to touch her. Our home once filled with gaiety and laughter became like a tomb. She hardly spoke, but when she did it was only to ask if I was hungry or did I have clean clothes to wear. She no longer called me her little man or kissed me and I felt like a lost soul doomed to wonder the earth invisible to all.

I began staying away from my friends but most especially Barbara, I just couldn't deal with being around her because in my hurt and pain I blamed her for my troubles. I was totally confused, on the one hand I had been shut out of the life of the woman I loved most in the world and on the other the girl I'd once thought of asking to be my girlfriend was the gangs slut. One was untouchable the other was fucking my friends. I'll have to admit though that my first reaction when mom shut me out was to turn to Barbara, but I hadn't, instead, like I said I ignored her. I even slammed the door in her face one day when she came to the house crying, pleading with me to help her, because I selfishly thought that what ever her problem was it couldn't possible be as bad as mine. Then one Wednesday almost three months after Mom had found the picture she came into my room and after shutting off the blaring stereo said we had to talk. I burst into tears repeatedly sobbing it was her that I loved and that Barbara meant nothing to me, that I had only fucked her because of my friends. As mom held me in her arms slowly rocking back and forth I poured my heart out, telling her everything, from my initial crush on Barbara along with still feeling something for her despite the fact she was fucking her brother and all my friends. To my relief mom kissed me tenderly and then ever more passionately. As she held me in her arms she whispered that she loved and forgave her little man. Then smiling at me she kidded me about being in love.

When I admitted I was deeply, madly forever in love she laughingly replied not me silly, Barbara, then she again kissed me and when she did the confusion that had surged through me concerning her remark about Barbara vanished and I forgot about everyone in the world, thinking selfishly that I would be satisfied and live in eternal bliss if I had no other woman then my mom for the rest of my life. But even as those thoughts echoed through my mind Barbara's face flashed before me and her lips moved as if saying she loved me. For long moments mom and I kissed and hugged each other, then without realizing when or how it happened we were naked and laying together. For what seemed like hours our bodies melted together as mom repeatedly whispered she loved me and never wanted to lose me, while I with gasping breath vowed I would always love her and never leave her. Later as we lay in each others arms she told me it wasn't right to shut my friends out just because we'd had a lovers quarrel. And then she surprised me even more telling me that maybe I should try to see Barbara when her brother wasn't around, in fact I should bring her to the house because she wanted to met her. When I protested she put her finger to my lips telling me to shush, that mother always knew what was best. Totally confused about what she'd said concerning Barbara I just lay there stunned as mom whispered that she had a feeling that Barbara needed my help and then she made me promise to somehow get her away from her brother and bring her to our house. Mom had never really asked anything of me before but now as I looked into her twinkling violet eyes I knew that somehow, someway I would do what she asked of me. As luck would have it the next day was the day everyone usually gathered at Donald's house, not to see him but to fuck Barbara. When I showed up everybody greeted me as if I had never been absent and though Barb looked upset with me, probably for slamming the door in her face she let me go first saying she had missed me. I honestly think I pissed Donald as well as several others off that day because I made love to Barb. Not sex where you rut like a wild animal as was often the case whenever one of the guys fucked her, but love, slow, tender caring love, and when I finished I kissed her like I meant it which I did. As someone pulled on my arm telling me it was his turn to fuck the whore I shoved him away. Then looking into her eyes which were misting I leaned down to again kiss her and as our lips met she whispered she loved me.

At home things were even more fantastic then before if that was possible. Mom was again wearing the scanty clothing she had bought just for me and like always she was fawning over me while I in turn would chase her around the house until she finely let me catch her. I was truly happy, I would make love to mom before going to school as well as after returning home then again after supper and again before we went to sleep that evening. Each day was like the last except mom was growing ever more persistent in my bringing Barbara to the house until finely the day before we usually gathered at Donald's house I told her I would see what I could do. As I entered school Steven raced up wanting to know if I was going to be at Donald's house tomorrow but even before I answered he excitedly told me that unless I just wanted to watch I might as well stay home because none of the usual group was going to get a crack at Barb. When I asked what he meant he almost pissed himself in his excitement as he told me it had been Donald that had been bringing in the other guys but that tomorrow was going to be an all out fuck feast. Grabbing his collar and pulling him close I hissed for him to explain himself and I must have looked like I was going to beat him to a pulp because he whimpered that Donald had shown the Captain of the football team several pictures of Barbara being fucked by the guys in an attempt to get him to, as he said, join the fun. When he stopped to catch his breath I shook him and when he continued I found out that the sick fucker had bragged to the team captain that his sister was such a cock hungry slut she'd take on the whole football team if he told her to. One thing had led to another and then Donald did something really stupid trying to convince the guy to fuck his sister. He told the guy that Barb was such a slut that she would not only fuck everyone on the first string of the team but the second string as well. When the team captain had laughed at him saying that no matter how big a slut Donald claimed his sister was there was no fucking way she would take on thirty or so guys, besides most of them were black. Donald backed into a corner and never knowing when to shut up had told the guy his sister had been wanting to fuck a negro so what difference did it make if it was one or a couple of dozen that pounded her snatch. The Captain seeing how serious he was said he'd get the guys together and be at Donald's house around 7:00 but that if his sister didn't put out like he said she would he'd be sorry.



Dropping Steve like a soiled rag I rushed into school noticing as I did Barbara about to enter her first class. Grabbing her arm I said we had to talk. As I held her arm a frightened look washed over her face and she started to pull away. At first I thought I had scared her but then glancing over my shoulder I saw Donald and without thinking I pushed Barb into a corner covering her body with mine and kissed her. As Donald passed he hooted way to go Richard if sis knew what a cox man you were she'd of never written in her diary how much she loved you. As he passed she whimpered for me to let her go, that Donald would be mad at her if she was alone with me but instead I literally dragged her down the hall and out of the school. As I drove home I asked why she had turned from the sweet girl I'd liked to one that fucked everybody and his brother but she only sobbed while cringing against the door looking almost as frightened of me as she had her brother. And I guess she had I right to because I knew I was sending out angry vibes. Pulling into my driveway she whimpered if Donald found out I took her from school he'd make things even worse for her and I screamed worse, worse then what, worse then pimping you to the whole God damn football team. For a second she just looked at me as every painful emotion known to man flashed across her face and then she fell totally apart, and try as I might I couldn't get her out of the car.

Rushing into the house I screamed for mom but she was already coming from the kitchen because she'd seen me pull up while doing the dishes. After assurances that I was ok I stuttered that I had Barb out in the car but that I couldn't get her to come in, she told me to stay where I was and rushed from the house. While I watched through the front window she opened Barbara's door and with soft words and while hugging her close she got her from the car and into the house. Over the next several hours as Barb sat between us sobbing we learned that Donald had gotten her diary and learned of her fantasy about making love to me each time we had kissed and I had felt of her breast. He had told her that the only way he wouldn't show their parents her diary was that if she would suck him off and let him fuck her, she had foolishly agreed, only to find out later that he had taped it. He had edited out most of his words, the ones where he'd told her what to do and how to respond while leaving in hers thereby making it look as if it had been all her idea. Now with even more over her head and with the knowledge that if her parents saw the tape they would never believe her, she had no choice but to do what Donald said no matter how much she hated it. One of the things he most often did was have her perform oral sex while their parents were in the next room and could quite possibly walk in at any moment. Their parents weren't often at home but when they were Donald had taken perverse pleasure in having her perform thus. She told us that every night she'd go to his room and that he'd make her do disgusting things, only allowing her to go back to her own room the next morning when it got light. She sobbed that she'd wanted to tell me, but had been afraid of what he would do to her. It took a while for her to talk about the first time we'd all fucked her. Donald had later hurt her while screaming at her that if she ever picked me to go first again he'd show the tape to their parents. But instead of relenting she continued to pick me first, willing to endure Donald's wrath afterwards because she loved me. To try to make it easier on herself she had obeyed Donald by talking dirty and encouraging the boys to fuck her but even that had turned against her because of the things they made her do. As she sobbed her heart out I wanted to rush from the house and beat Donald to within an inch of his life but mom stopped me, telling me we had to help Barb first. When Barb finely finished mom was no longer holding her instead she was cradled in my arms. For several minutes mom and I sat in silence with Barb tightly pressed against me whimpering over and over she loved me and she was sorry she was such a whore, then mom asked me to repeat what Steven had told me. As I repeated what Steve had told me Barb began bawling hysterically and clutching me so tightly it hurt but I endured the pain knowing what mom had in mind.

As I finished the phone rang, it was Donald wanting to speak to me. With some effort I managed to get Barb to release me then touching her lips with my finger to let her know I expected her to be quite I took the phone from mom. "Yo man what's up ----- No I ain't seen the whore since day before yesterday what'd you do buddy lose her ----- Sure, sure I'll call you but what makes you think she'd come to my house ------ Bullshit shit man I ain't had feelings for your sister since she started putting out for everyone and his brother ------ She's probably holed up somewhere with a couple dozen guys getting her brains fucked out, but I'll tell you what if I see the bitch I'll tell her your looking for her." Hanging the phone up I started dancing around but Barbara's sobbing stopped me and when I looked at Barb wrapped in moms arms I said what'd I do. "She thinks you hate her son, she thinks you think it was all her idea to have those boys use her like they did." Leading her from the room she guided Barb upstairs telling me I was sleeping alone tonight, when I childishly protested mom smiled telling me it wouldn't hurt for me to sleep by myself one night. Besides we had to think of Barb and how to keep her away from her brother at least for a little while. The next day with mom hovering over Barb like a mother hen I went to school as if nothing had happened. Twice Donald confronted me about Barb but both times I pushed him away, the last time telling him I would bash his fucking skull in if he asked me one more time about his sister. The house was strangely quite when I arrived home but as I walked upstairs I heard moaning coming from moms room. Not knowing what to expect but somehow expecting the worse I took the stairs two at a time then throwing open moms door I just stood there with my jaw hanging to the floor. There on the bed locked in passionate embrace was mom and Barb. Standing there I watched as mom kissed every inch of Barbs pretty face then her throat and finally her perky little titties. Slowly lowering Barb to the bed she sucked and nipped her nipples before running her lips down over her quivering abdomen to her pussy and before Barb's legs trapped moms head I saw the twinkling in her eye which let me know that even if Barbara wasn't aware of my presence she was.

Slowly I walked to the bed and as I did I removed my clothes. As I sat on the edge of the bed listening to Barb's moans of pleasure I reached out lightly tracing the swell of her breast before rolling each of her stiffened nipples in turn between my thumb and forefinger. At first she moaned softly even more pleasurably but then she jerked bolt upright and her eyes flew open to stare into my smiling face. After but a heart beats pause and with her eyes as big as saucers she tried to push mom from between her legs while at the same time trying to pull the covers over her to hide her body. Mom though continued to lash at her pussy and despite Barb's shock at seeing me sitting on the bed naked she couldn't keep her body from responding to moms caress and she again sank back to the bed. Barb's eyes were scrunched tight and she was whimpering repeatedly in between gasp that I was there, pleading with mom to stop, but yet not wanting her to. Bending down my lips covered hers silencing her weak protest. Kissing her eyes, ears, nose and throat before again pressing my lips to hers her rapid breathing of arousal made my dick even harder then before. When our lips again met Barb's tongue darted from between her lips in response to my probing and dueled with mine. For long minutes I kissed her as my hand slowly traced over her breast, rolling, lightly pinching each nipple in turn before moving down over her quivering abdomen to toy with her belly button. Slowly I moved onto the bed moving my lips from hers as I did so and then my lips traced down over her throat down to her breast sucking and nibbling on her nipples. Barb's moans of pure pleasure as both moms and my lips worked on her body were music to my ears. Downward my lips moved, down to her belly button where I teasingly stabbed at her before moving even lower. Barb's hands waved about first touching moms head and then mine as if undecided where they should be and then they dropped to her side and she moaned loudly pushing her body into the air. Mom's lips left Barb's pussy just as my face brushed hers and then as my lips touched Barb's pussy moms traveled upward almost along the same path mine had traveled as I had worked down. A tender kiss between Barb and mom and then moms lips traveled slowly downward again. Over and over mom and I took turns between Barbara's lips and pussy driving her higher and higher until finely she could take no more and with her body shuddering in rapturous enjoyment she gabbed both our heads pressing our faces to her body.

As Barb slowly came down from her high mom and I sat beside her kissing and fondling each other and then together we sank down laying beside her still quivering form. As my dick slipped into moms pussy and her moan of pleasure filled the room I felt Barb turn, raise slightly and then her face pushed between moms and mine and she began kissing mom passionately. But all her attention wasn't devoted to mom because she would kiss me also and when finally mom and I climaxed together Barb encircled her arms around us holding us as if she were afraid we would disappear. Finally mom slipped from beneath me and climbed from the bed saying it was time to let the love birds have a moment to themselves and after slipping into one of her fly aways said she was going to fix supper. For the next half hour or so Barb and I along with a lot of kissing as well as touching and feeling made slow, tender, passionate love stopping only when mom again entered the room to tell us supper was ready. As I dressed and waited for Barb to dress moms eye caught mine and she winked as she said they'd be down in a minute. Not understanding but knowing that mom always knew what was best I walked downstairs and into the kitchen and because I was so hungry I started right in. About the third mouthful and as I was washing it down with my milk I almost choked to death because there in front of me was not one, but two beautiful women dressed every bit the way I always liked mom to dress after supper. Ultra sheer fly away gown with skimpy boy leg panties and thigh high back seam lace top stockings. I had not realized until that moment just how close Barb's and moms figures matched. From what to my eyes had always been the perfect proportion of moms graceful curves to her height Barb was almost identical except that her breast were slightly smaller, but which I somehow knew as she grew older would be just as moms were. As I looked at both their smiling faces and heard them say "Isn't this how you like your women" I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was the luckiest man/boy alive.

Donald, well he got the crap kicked out of him and spent a couple of days in the hospital. The tape, was destroyed along with and I'm pretty sure every picture. Barbara, well she graduated two months later while I had to wait another year. She took a job a hundred or so miles away and was gone for awhile but she came home every weekend as well as every holiday. I believe she thought that if I had two beautiful sexy women around all the time, I'd wear myself to a frazzle. She would have been right, but it was a frazzle I would have welcomed and enjoyed tremendously. Two weeks after I graduated Barb and I were married and for more then twenty happy glorious years we shared our love and our lives with mom and if it hadn't of been for a drunk driver running a red light we still would be.

- The End -

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